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Merlin slipped in and out of consciousness. His dreams were filled with people calling 'Emrys' over and over.

And when he was awake, it was cold. So desperately cold. He couldn't stay awake for longer than a minute, but the cold followed him.

After a long while, he could stay awake. He slowly and shakily pulled himself to his feet, using the wall for support.

A burning torch was lying on the ground. He knelt, and put his hands in the warmth, which lasted all of 5 seconds before the flame sputtered and died.


"Arthur?" he called, "Gwaine? Anyone?"

No answer. Just dead silence.

Merlin started staggering away, leaning against the wall.

Finally, as he neared an alcove, he heard something move.

"Arthur?" he asked, just before a hand reached out of the alcove and dragged him in.

"Are you sure this is the best idea? He's alone and defenseless." Lancelot said.

"Yes, I thought of that. It was Elyan's idea, anyways. And it might work…" Arthur said.

They were outside, boiling water from a stream. They planned to dump it on Merlin, and hope it thawed him out.

"Besides," Arthur went on, "We should be at the Isle of the Blessed. But no, Merlin had to be a self sacrificing idiot…" He would have kept talking, but he had either gotten to angry, or too choked up. No one could really tell which.

"Has anyone thought that this could hurt him?" Gwaine asked.

"What?" Arthur asked.

"Oh, I don't know, pouring boiling water over him? Maybe that's it."

Arthur sighed. "I thought of that too. But what else are we going to do? Face it, he'll die no matter what."

"No," Lancelot said at once, "No, he's stronger than that."

"I hope so." Arthur said sadly.

Before the loud scream coming from within the castle.

Then silence.

"I told you so…" Lancelot said weakly.

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