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So close…

Merlin could hear them trying to save Gwaine. He could hear the other knights come in. He could hear everything.

But all he could see was a stone ceiling, and all he could feel was cold. At least the cold was numbing the pain.

He was so close…

So close.

Gwaine wasn't quite so lucky. He had no way to numb the pain.

He didn't know quite how it had happened, if he had hit something when Morgana shoved them, or if she had done it purposefully.

All he knew was that it hurt like hell. Everyone else was trying to help, they really were. But you can't really help a lost cause, can you?

And as Gwaine slowly started to black out again, he heard a faint scream.

"Did you hear that?" Arthur asked, Gwaine forgotten.

The knights nodded.

Arthur walked forwards, holding a torch and sword in front of him.

He saw Merlin out of the corner of his eye, walked by, and then did a double-take.

He kneeled by Merlin, dropping the torch and sword.

"Are you alright?" Arthur asked.

Merlin tried to speak, but couldn't. He just raised his eyebrows, as to say 'Does it look like I'm alright?'.

"Yeah, that was a stupid question." Arthur said.

"We have to get him and Gwaine back to Camelot." Lancelot said.

Merlin shook his head violently.

"Merlin." Arthur said, "You think that you're going to come with me in this state?"

Merlin paused, then nodded.

"Well, you aren't."

Merlin gave Arthur a death glare.

Morgana was dreaming again.

She was dreaming of the Isle of the Blessed. She saw the veil close, and then heard a laugh, and a figure rising from the mist.

The first thing the figure said was 'Revenge'.

Morgana woke screaming.

Morgause. It had to be. Who else had died on the Isle of the Blessed?

Morgause wanted revenge on Morgana…

That was bad.

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