Chapter 17: Epilouge

Shelby POV

(3 Months Later)

Everything had settled down after the swap. Rachel and Finn got engaged, Puck and Sam spent the summer cleaning pools, Santana and Brittany spent all my money, and Kurt and Blaine grew closer. Now, Rachel, Puck, Quinn, Finn, and Santana were ll in New York, at universitys of their choice following their dreams.

School started 3 weeks ago. I think Sam, Britt and Kurt are going through a withdrawl from not seeing their siblings in a few weeks. It's different around here. I don't have to cook as much food, clean their rooms, or have to put up with their pointless teenage drama. Needless to say, I still missed them.

The episode of Wife Swap was going to air tonight, and I was sad that the kids wouldn't be here, but we were going to confrence call.

It was nearing 7 o'clock when Will and our three youngest sat down in the movie room to watch the episode. I got my iPhone out and called Rachel's phone hoping they didn't forget. It was a friday night afterall.

"Hey mom!" Rachel answered.

"Hey princess! You're on speaker." I said into the electronic.

"Hi everyone! You guys are on speaker as well."

"Are you guys ready to watch the episode?" Will asked.

Puck answered, "Oh shit, that's tonight?"

I sighed, I should have known they'd forget. "Yeah, Puck. I've only told you like 5 times in the last week dude." Sam replied.

"Crap, mama I'm so so so sorry." Santana whined.

"It's okay, you guys can watch us be on National TV for the first time ever and probably the only time ever one other time and not the premire." I said trying to guilt trip them.

"Mom, don't do this. We're sorry! It's just there was this awesome party in the Bronx tonight that we're all going to and we're gonna be really late as it is." Puck answered.

I was oblivious to what was going on upstairs, the door opening and closing. "I'm sorry! I was just really excited to get to talk to my kids for more than 5 minutes!" I laughed.

"Well, you know, Shelbs," Finn started. It sounded louder then it really should have been, but it was whatever. Until I heard the door open to the movie room and the "beep beep beep" of my iPhone dropping the call.

"SURPRISE!" My 3 and 2 adopted kids yelled running down the stairs of the our house. We all stood up and Rachel jumped on Sam and Santana on Brittany. I hugged Noah and everyone switched.

"I can't believe you guys are here!" I exclaimed.

"We wanted to surpise you, and there was no way that we would have missed this, especially with you guys." Rachel smiled.

"Look it's starting!" Brittany yelled.

We all squeezed onto the couch and tuned into the episode. I was happily content with my family, even the "adopted" ones. We worked, perfectly. We didn't need any crazy routines, insane amounts family time and ridiculous dress codes. My family was how i once dreamed it to be and that's all that mattered to me.

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