He Looks Like Her Doctor

He looks like her Doctor, sounds like him, feels like him and they're so ingrained in each other that she utterly believes this is her Doctor, despite being told this Doctor is part human. She's so confused and a little lost and it occurs to her that this could be a dream. To get to be with her Doctor and still have her family, well that's just too impossible, too perfect and it can't be real. This has to be a dream. So she reaches out to touch him and he's real, he's actually there and not just an image and she can't quite believe it. She's standing there looking at him, touching him and her entire being insists that he is every inch her Doctor even when he's telling her that he's part human, part Donna. She frowns, knowing that if this is true then her Doctor still won't have her, maybe she and this Doctor can be happy but what about the other one? But as confused as she is she knows one thing is true, she never wants her Doctor to be alone, so she looks at the pinstriped Doctor and asks him to finish that sentence from so long ago, she asks to hear those three words in the hope that if what he says is true and he needs her and loves her then he'll choose her like he deserves. But it's the blue-suited Doctor that steps forward, whispering those three little magic words into her ear and it's him that she chooses, because he was the one that could tell her how he felt. So she kisses him, pouring herself into the moment, into loving him because she is sure that he is completely and utterly her Doctor. She chooses the Doctor that chose her, that chose the words over believing it doesn't need saying because it does need saying, it does when she's asked him to say it. It doesn't matter if it's written among the stars because she's fought hard for this and she deserves the words. So she chooses the blue-suited Doctor, who loves her and is giving the rest of his life to her, a Doctor who needs her now more than ever and takes her hand as the other leaves them.

Heart pounding and tears welling up she closes her eyes and asks the one thing she needs to know. "Will he be alright?"

A/N: This is a prologue type thing for the SwitchVerse set pre "Definition Of Impossible" - I.e. it's Rose's thoughts and feelings at Bad Wolf bay in Journey's End (from the point where she reaches out to touch the blue-suited Doctor's his chest) and then it ends at the point where "Definition Of Impossible" begins.

Also (at the risk of sounding rude) I don't want to hear about how you love the metacrisis or Rose or Ten or anything, I want to know what you think of the fic itself and my writing. (I also recommending reading the rest of the SwitchVerse - the couple of fics that are done of it - or at least "Definition Of Impossible" as that throws another angle onto this entirely, the angle i mean it to have.)