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I was bored yesterday afternoon and decided to make a fic out of Kei's life, or what his life supposed to be like, I dunno. How he met his bestfriends Yuu and Mafuyu, his struggles to become both an uncle and a father at the same time with Mio and Mayu., how he dealt with all the creepy hauntings and happenings, and basically how he kept his family together under the circumstances. Okay, imma stop talking now. Shut up, my stupid self!

Didn't I ever mention how I continued this up till the wee hours of the morning? I hate you Fatal Frame. The series, though dying, is as addicting as it gets, even until now for me T_T

Okay, here goes.

Kei had decided to become a folklorist when he was ten, after a school trip to an ancient, Shinto Temple near a mountain.

He announced it to his sister during dinner when he came home, tired but giddy as he happily told her and her husband the tall, awesome-looking Torii Gates, intricately designed lanterns, hundreds of Japanese characters engraved on the wooden wall, shrine monks and shrine maidens who performed a beautiful dance in preparation of a ritual for harvest. It was what the tour guide told his class, and even if his classmates spent most of their time scaring each other out inside the temple than listening to his stories, Kei never for once left his side, asking him questions about the rituals, temples and mythologies which he enjoyed reading even SINCE he was a little boy. The man was a folklorist. Since that day, he aspired to be the same.

His sister and her husband, Misao a tall dark-haired man her sister married a year before and had strangely took up their surname and discarded his, shook their heads while smiling, probably thinking that he'd changed his mind tomorrow and decide to become a doctor, a policeman or even a teacher. Just last week, he was convinced that he will become a fireman when he grew up.

A year passed, Kei is in his fifth grade at elementary, his sister's womb swelled with a child, and summer change to autumn, then winter to spring, Kei's resolve to become a folklorist remained. If anything he became more resolute, borrowing books from library and reading folklore and urban legends till midnight that he often scared himself sick of what he read.

One night he was reading about Yotsuya Kaidan in his room when his nephew slash niece had finally decided to come out, after a week of being overdue. He and his brother-in-law quickly rushed her to the nearest hospital and waited nervously outside her room, with her husband pacing back and forth like a caged lion, and Kei getting sleepy watching him walk back and forth. He dimly wished for a boy because, well, who wouldn't want to wish for a boy? He can have someone to play baseball with during weekends, or an audience for his stories, or someone he can order around because his sister sure spent most of her time doing the same thing to him!

A nurse finally appeared, carrying a...PINK bundle in her arms. Oh no! Kei groaned before he could stop himself. Misao ecstatically took the baby in his arms as Kei stood up at the balls of his feet trying to see the baby. He proceeded to walk to the room but the nurse stopped him. "There's another more," she murmured gently.

Another more? Kei couldn't help but to punch the air excitedly. His classmate, Naoka had twins for siblings, one girl and one boy. He desperately wished it will be a boy this time. I mean, girls aren't good on anything, especially baseballs and flying kites.

After some time, the nurse quietly gestured at them to enter the room. Kei stood awkwardly beside his sister's bed, the room smelt strongly of antiseptic and cold metal that he felt suddenly sick, but he didn't dare run out of the room without being able to meet his nephew.

"Kei-kun" his sister smiled tiredly from the bed. "Have you met your nieces?"

Nieces? Oh no! She didn't mean...

A nurse suddenly appeared and laid down a bundle, a PINK bundle unto his sister's arms. Kei groaned.

Her sister and Misao was completely overjoyed, of course, not even caring that they didn't have a boy as a child. They were carrying the twins, careful not to mix them up. Kei had difficulty telling the difference between his nieces, and at a brief instant, he suddenly feared not being able to tell the difference even in the future. What a bad uncle he would be for them!

His sister suddenly turned to him. "What should we name them, Kei-kun?" she asked brightly.

"I dunno," Kei replied forlornly. He'd been hoping for a boy so much that he didn't even bother thinking for a name if it's going to be a girl. And two identical girls at that!

"I think I should name this one Mayu," his sister said dreamily. "It just feels right."

"It suits her," Misao agreed happily. He's far in too good spirits to even think how weird the name is, Kei thought, grimacing.

"And the younger one? Since they're twins, their names should sound alike. What about Maru?"




Gaaah! His sister and brother-in-law are terrible name-givers, he suddenly thanked the heavens that he wasn't born to them. "Mio" he muttered before he could stop himself. Both of them looked at him for a moment that his cheeks and ears began to redden. And then, his sister broke into a smile.

"Mio and Mayu," his sister murmured. "Yes, It fits them perfectly. Thank you, Kei-kun." She stopped and her smile widened into a beam. "...Uncle Kei."