This Story is Not Abandoned.

I probably should have posted this sometime in the last year but I've been a bit busy with some other stuff, mainly writing my own novel. I'm currently up to 60,000 words on it but it still needs some heavy editing.

Once it's finished (Finished, not published), I will get back to finishing all my FanFiction stories. Be prepared to wait another year though as I have to focus on things like school.

This fanfiction however will undergo a heavy rewrite; writing my own novel has made me realise how many cliches I've fallen prey to and just how appalling my writing was when I wrote this.

When I do eventually rewrite this story, an extra chapter will be added, letting you all know that the story has been updated.

If any of you are interested, here's the blurb and summary for my novel, with the working titles "Ray Rider: Ride to Freedom" or "The Life of a Thief".

On December 21st 2012, the world went dark for 24 hours. All forms of electricity failed, whether it was a computer containing the Nuclear launch codes or a childs Walkie Talkie. Planes fell, cars crashed and riots ensued. The total death due to this event (Dubbed Doomsday) is still unknown.

A year later, the mastermind behind this chaos, was apprehended by MI5 agents outside the Tower of London. However, instead of being thrown into the deepest, darkest cell they could find for him, he is instead brought in to recover a device that is capable of making Doomsday look like a small power outage.

What do you guys think? If it does get published, I'll do it under the name "Ashton Knight". If nay of you could recommend a good agent I'll be thankful.