E/O Challenge: Bake

Word Count: A little over 100 (again, sorry! I shortened it out the best I could)

Summary: Wee!Chesters. Six year old Sammy and ten year old Dean attempt something for a special day...

John glared down at his ten and six year old sons as they looked nervously back up, covered from head to toe in flour. "What is this?" he asked.

Sammy sniffled and rubbed his toe around the crack on the floor. "We're sorry, Daddy..." he whispered.

Dean looked up at his father with a small smile. "We were just trying to make something."

John trembled with rage, but willed himself to stay calm. "Look," he growled."I don't know what crazy idea was running through your mind when you attempted it, but I expect this whole place to be spotless in the next twenty minutes, understand?"

"But Daddy!" Sammy cried and held up a plate with what little of the cake made it. "We baked you a cake for your birthday!"