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Summary: At the start of fifth year Harry decides to go look for a solution to a dream that Voldemort was making him have, because of his curiosity he ends up on the past on Hogwarts' founders' time. Slash Lemon HP/Slytherin

Spoilers: if you haven't read the HP books, go read them!

Pairing/s: HP/Slytherin

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Warnings in this chapter: time-travel, slash

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Dreams / Letter / Newspaper



A fifteen year old teen with black messy hair, green eyes and a lightning scar on his forehead was trembling in agony on his bed. Since Lord Voldemort was back, Harry was having always the same dream.

Harry enters the chamber of secrets and looks at the face of Salazar Slytherin in front of him. Then look at one of the pillars, and approach, touch with a white wand on the pillar and then a door appears, he enters the door, going down some stairs, entering a library. At the end of the library was a huge portrait of Salazar Slytherin and a man, Harry approaches to look better but…

He wakes up. 'Very well then, it's only one way to find ought.' He stands and putting a night robe and the cloak he left the boys dormitory, no one was at the common room, or on the way down to the second floor, to the girls' bathroom.

–Open.– He enters the chambers, closing the entrance behind him with a quick: –Close.–

He run to the pillar and touch on the right stone with his wand, the door appear and Harry entered, going down the stairs to the library. He looked around until he saw the portrait behind a bed sheet. Harry approaches and took a deep breath grabbing the bed sheet and when he was going to take it out:

–I wouldn't do it, if I were you.–

Harry turn around immediately pointing his wand at Voldemort.

–Why? Is this a fake?–

–No.– Voldemort chuckled at Harry reaction to him. –Now I can see why. You wanna see it?–

He didn't give much solution, one move of his hand and the portrait was free, other movement and Harry was forced to turn around to the portrait. Salazar Slytherin was looking him back with an arm surrounding the waist of a pregnant man, Harry look at the other man and dropped on his knees. He could hear Voldemort behind him laughing.

–No… this is a lie…– Harry stands and points his wand at Voldemort. –Crucio. – Voldemort avoids the curse by a second. –This… that… is not a funny prank…– said continuing to send hexes at Voldemort; who was doing his best to avoid them.

–Where is it?– Voldemort asked between hexes. Behind Harry, the portraits answer. –On the box there!– with a quick spell Voldemort make a box appears in front of Harry.

–Open it, Potter!–

Harry looked at the box, stopping the hexes, this was getting too odd. He opened the box and the world around him started spinning. Harry closed his eyes and hugged his legs, bringing his knees to his chest.


The four Hogwarts founders were on the Great Hall discussing the next year when suddenly, from the ceiling, appeared some light that turned into a teen that fall from the ceiling. Rowena was the fastest and grabbed her wand pointing it at the boy making him lay down on the professors' table. Helga ran to him and put her hand on his forehead and the other on his wrist.

"He's fine, just asleep."

Three of them took a deep breath, except Salazar, that approached the poor lad and looked at his clothes.

"His from the future… he's a Gryffindor. Godric, he's all yours." And with that, Salazar left the room.

Godric laughs. "A Gryffindor, hmm? Well boy this is going to be a lot of fun." He points his wand to the teen. "Enervate."


Rowena was wrong, as usual. She had said three days ago that a true Slytherin student would come from the future during the follow week, well today appeared someone from the future… a GRYFFINDOR.

Salazar took a deep breath, going to his private quarters in the dungeons.

He helps himself to a drink and then he sat looking at the fireplace, where a green fire was playing.


Harry woke up and sat, looking around; he was in the Great Hall with Godric Gryffindor, Rowena Ravenclaw and Helga Huflepuff. "Am I asleep?"

Godric laughs: "I think not my boy. I just used enervate on you. Which year are you from?"


"Wow. Can I keep him?"

Rowena smiles at Harry. "Go down to the dungeons, the second door on the right, when you came from the Slytherin common room."

Harry stands, passed by a pouting Godric and went to the doors, when Rowena says: "The password to open it is in Parseltongue."

"Ok, thank you milady" and with that he left, but could still hear Helga say: "He's a gentlemen, I like him."

Harry went to the door mentioned; noticed that the castle was in great aspect, after all must have only been a few years.

On the door was a huge snake with green eyes like his, they looked at him.

–Open please.– the snake nodded her head and the door opened.

Harry took a deep breath and entered. On a couch was Salazar Slytherin with a glass (that Harry suspected had some alcohol drink, probably firewhiskey) looking at a green fire. He looked around and he only could say two worlds to describe Salazar: snob pureblood.

"What do you want, Gryffindor?" Gryffindor was said with so much resentment that Harry felt his heart collapse to his feet.

"Lady Ravenclaw said to come here."

"And you do everything that people tell you?"

"No sir. My professors used to say that if a rule is made they have to make sure that I don't hear it or I'll do anything to break it."

The man looks at Harry.

"How do you open the door?"

Harry looks at a portrait on top of the fireplace with a snake, and because it was looking back, as if waiting for his answer, it was easy to pass to Parseltongue again: –This way, sir.–

Salazar let the glass fall, standing.

–You speak.–

–So do you.–

–Are you… my heir?–

–No. Your heir attacked me when I was one year and passed some of his powers to me.–

–Why did he do it?–

–I don't know. He's also the one that sent me to this time… by your others…– 'and mine.'

–Good. Why are you looking at the snake?–

Harry looks again at Salazar.

–Because unlike you, I can't control this, I have to look at a living snake in other to speak it, or speak with another speaker.–

"Very well then… that's… acceptable."

Harry snorted "Acceptable? I have no idea why I'm here, I was sent away from my time, from my friends, by a man that is trying to kill me since I'm one year old, tree months ago he was trying to kill me, now he sent me to the past, showed me this fake portrait with you and I and…" Harry lost his voice. He had said too much.

"Portrait? Tell me more about that 'fake' portrait, boy."

"I have a name. It's Harry Potter."

"Well, Harrison, answer my question."

"It's just Harry." The look on Salazar' face was colder than Harry any time had seen on Voldemort, or Tom Riddle. "Fine… there was this huge portrait, in your chamber of the secrets, in the secret library, that it's you all snob, grabbing my waist with one harm, and I: pregnant."

"Pregnant? Are you sure?"

"I wasn't fat, it was a pregnancy belly."

Salazar wins a smug smile. –Oh, really?–

Harry felt a coldness go tough his whole body, from up to down. The door behind him closed, Harry looked at it feeling that something was wrong… very wrong.

Suddenly he was being pushed against the wall, Salazar with one hand on each Harry' arms.

"What…?" a mouth stole his one and all thoughts stops.

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His legs couldn't handle his body and he started to fall, if Salazar hadn't grabbed him he would have. Salazar grabbed him bridal stile and with a move of his hand, his pants and underwear were back on and went to a door, that opened alone, entering a huge bedroom; he put Harry down on the mattress and covered Harry, he undressed himself and then laid down next to Harry, hugging him by the waist, pushing Harry' back against his body.

And Harry remembered the lost face that the Harry from the portrait had look back at him and now he knew and felt why.

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