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Dream / Letter / Newspaper / Book

Chapter VIII

–Going home–

Catherine Lestrange smiled at Harry while the two made the conjoined essay. He was really quite the gentleman, always ready to help everyone even if he couldn't.

She sighed while she saw him writing on the parchment. Who wouldn't want a husband like him? Maybe she could push a few strings with her father.


Harry looked up from the parchment and saw Catherine looking at him.

"Do I have anything on my face?"

She shook her face and lowered blushing. Harry shrugged; Catherine had probably spaced out.


Harry looked up and found dark eyes looking back. Harry frowned; Yuki was angry, even if he was hiding it with a smile in face, he turned to Catherine and smiled taking her hand and kissing the back of it.

"Would the lady mind if I steal Harry-kun? It's already been three hours and Helga-sensei is waiting for us."

She smiled back. "Of course not. We'll continue tomorrow." She looked at Harry as if to make sure and when he nodded, she nodded herself. "Tomorrow, same time. See you Harry, Japanese."

She picked her things and left. Only when she left did Harry look at his friend.

{What are you doing? Why do I need to see Helga-sensei?}

Yuki didn't answer, but his smile dropped and he packed Harry's things.

{Kinomoto Yukito!}

Yuki looked at Harry. {What happened at Salazar sensei's office?}

Harry frowned. {Nothing.} Harry eyes grew. {If you think that he tried…}

{I don't think Harry-kun, I know he didn't. I went to him when you passed by me without even seeing me.}

Harry stood, blushing. {Then why Helga-sensei?}

{What happened on Samhain?}

Harry tensed. Of course Salazar would have talked about it with Yuki. He should have prepared for this. But of course Harry had to be the Gryffindor that he was and forget it. {Don't wanna talk about it.}

Yuki nodded his acceptance, but Harry knew that he would not let the matter drop. They left the library and went to Helga's chamber.

{How old were you?}

Harry looked at Yuki frowning, asking him to elaborate.

{Your core is closed. I never really thought about it because you have magic, but I can't reach it and normally I feel cores so… how old were you?}

{A core can be closed?}

{Yes. It's normally when someone desire to close it, when the person hates its own magic, when thinks of the magic as…}

"A freak." Yuki nodded. Suddenly Harry knew when it was. {It was a long time ago.}

{Yes a long time in the future.}

Harry snickered. {Good point. I was six. I had just entered primary school to learn how to write and things like that.} Yuki nodded. {Understand that I had never left home before. At home I was the boy, never Harry. At school the teacher called me Harry or Potter and I didn't answer. My uncle was called and when he came back he was angry with me.} Harry made a face. "The freak doesn't even know his own name, how pathetic." He snorted, imitating Vernon's voice.

{He beat you, didn't he?}

Harry looked at Yuki as if he had forgotten that he was there, scared. {Promise that you won't do anything. It's nothing really. It's…}

{He beat you and called you freak all your life, but he still have your trust. Why is that?}

Harry stayed quiet while they walked. Yuki didn't press him. A few months ago the answer was easy; because he was family, but was that really his answer?

{He didn't beat me up, you know? He chastised me when I didn't do things right. He called me} "freak" {and my owl pigeon because I was a wizard. Had he knew that I had my core closed probably he would make a party. Uncle Vernon hated magic with a passion, but he was still my family. He could have put me in an orphanage, but he raised me. Was not the best way, but he did it. I… there is not any love between us, but we're family.}

{You are too pure Harry-kun.}

{I was called worse before.}

They stopped in front of Helga's chamber. Yuki put his hand on Harry's shoulder.

{Let me do the talking. She only need to know the date. The exact date.}

Harry nodded, closing his eyes, willing his face to stay expressionless. {Samhain '96.}

If harry had his eyes open, he would have seen the smug smirk on his friend' face. Yuki turned to the portrait, who opened, and entered, followed by Harry.

Harry sat on one of the couches, while Yuki talked with Helga. Taking Merlin that he had Yuki to tell Helga whatever was needed without telling too much.


"His core was closed? Poor lad. Why hadn't he done a check out at school at his first year?"

"I don't know my lady, but his family know that he's a wizard so it's possible that they didn't because…"

"They supposed that they wouldn't close the boy's core. Well I shouldn't have assumed that they did it. Samhain you said? Six years old am I right? I have to start the potion…" Helga sensei looked at Harry-kun on the couch. "He lives in a very difficult time. Things are so different from ours."

"He doesn't believe that what his family does to him is wrong, my lady."

"Of course not." She snapped and approached Harry-kun smiling at him. "Harry I will need a drop of your blood for the potion. It will take approximately a month to do. Do you understand?" Harry nodded and offered his finger. Helga picked a vial, cut the finger, let a drop fell on the vial and then close the wound. "And the potion will be painful, do you understand?"

"I understand Helga-sensei."

Yuki smirked. Was good to not be the only one speaking Japanese around. He would miss Harry-kun when he would leave, but he had to let him go. This was not Harry-kun's time.


{Why did you come to this time?}

Harry looked up from the lake to Yuki, standing by his side looking into the forest. It had been an hour since they were here, it was always like this. Every day Yuki meditated for a full hour, looking out without seeing anything, and then suddenly when the hour was up he would awake. Because he was so angry he had to meditate twice today.

{Salazar-sensei's heir sent me… on Salazar's portrait order.}

Yuki frowned, sitting. {Why would he send you?}

{There will be this portrait with…} harry bit his bottom lip. {With me and Salazar-sensei…}

{And why does sensei want to court you?}

{Besides me being a bearer?} Harry asked playfully.

Yuki smirked. {Besides that.}

{On the portrait I was pregnant… and his own heir wouldn't sent me for nothing.} Yuki eyes grew. {Yes, the baby must be Salazar.}

{What are you going to do?}

Harry shrugged. {Godric and Helga already should me to him, by accepting his court. I'm only still escaping because he's following the rules… kind of. He's not supposed to fuck me outside the marriage.}

{But you refused his courting… wait if sensei would only want you for the heir he would have force you to marry him long time ago and…}

Harry put his hand on his belly. {And I would be pregnant or at least I wouldn't be able to walk with the quantities of tries.}

Yuki laughed. {You really are from other time. No one is this time talk lo lightly about when two people are together.}

Harry smirked. {Two people together… like in a hug?}

{No, like in a bed!}

{A bed? Oh… you mean sleeping?}

Yuki sent a cold look at Harry. {When you are close to sensei and he…}

{Oh… you mean when fucks me against the wall, hard and rough.}

Yuki choked, blushing. {Very well, too much details.}

Harry snickered and the two stood and went inside for dinner.



Harry looked at Salazar. "What would you want now, sensei?"

"Follow me." Harry frowned but followed the man out of the great hall, he was still his professor after all. –Your core?–

Harry looked to the man at his side, who was looking back while they walked around the lake, into Hogsmead.

–Helga sensei said it would take a month to make the potion.– Salazar nodded and looked to the path again. "I'm sorry but… where are we going?"

"Slytherin manor. I'm going to side transport you…"

"Apparition. Side apparate."

Salazar nodded in a thankful manner. "Side apparate you to my house. I'm going to send you to the future for seven suns and seven nights."

Harry stopped looking at the older wizard who stopped to look at him.

"What? Why? What's the catch?"

"You miss your friends. I'm going to let you see them. And what do you mean with catch?"

Harry blushed lightly. "Catch it's when you do something expecting something back in return."

"There is no catch."

Harry glared at the wizard, but resumed his walking.

"I combined with Catherine Lestrange tomorrow after lunch to finish the combined essay."

"When I return I'll tell miss Lestrange that you had an emergency meeting with your family… what?" Salazar raised an eyebrow at the younger that was gaping at him.

"I'm going alone?"

Salazar smirked. "In seven suns I'll go fetch you. I'm certain that Voldemort is more than acceptable to take care of you while I'm gone."

Harry snorted "Not long ago he was trying to kill me, besides he's my archenemy. How can he keep an eye on me and still let me visit my friends?"

"I'm certain that my portraits already warned him about your incoming visit and that you will be well taken care of. Otherwise when I'll arrive he will hear."

Suddenly Harry had an image of Salazar sitting with snake face Voldemort on his lap, Voldemort bent with his pants down and Salazar slapping his butt.

Harry shook his head, blushing. Salazar sent him an amazed look.

"Is there something on your mind?"



Salazar contained his laugh. He had just saw an image of himself chastising Voldemort and that image had came obviously from his Harrison.

The boy was obviously embarrassed by his imagination.


"First side apparition?"

Harry merely groaned, falling on the floor on his knees with a hand on his belly and another on his head. He felt himself being picked up and then taken bridal style. Harry put his face on the other man's neck, whiling his headache to disappear.

He was laid on something soft, a bed. Harry half opened his eyes and looked at his courter.

"I'm going to send you now. You'll sleep in the future."

Harry closed his eyes again. And then he felt the feeling of being transported though a tube again. And he fell on the same bed that he was.

Harry groaned, picked the pillow and put it on his head. The pillow was taken from his face, he was forced to seat and a glass was put on his mouth.

"Drink, you'll feel better in the morning."

Harry opened his mouth and swallowed the potion, he was lowered on the bed again and felt the sleeping potion clicking in. He was obviously back, that voice was unrecognizable.


Voldemort looked at Harry drowsing out and snorted. He turned to a man at the end of the room.

–Watch over him and make sure he is well.–

The man nodded, looking at the boy and smiling.

–Do you have the potion?–

Voldemort rolled his eyes. –Yes, it's ready godfather.–

Voldemort left the master bedroom of Slytherin manor, leaving one hanyou to watch over his grandfather.



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