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You Can Get Pregnant Doing Anal?

Naruto sighed as he sat on his bed and looked at the the magazine in his lap again. The cover girl had turned him on again when he passed the by the book store. He hated how Kakashi and Jiraya had turned him into a closet pervert. Using his head band as an ID, he had bought it and quickly looked through it contents. They all seemed to pale to the real thing though.

Oh, how he wished he could lose his virginity.

He knew he would never get Sakura on a date, much less have sex. Same as Ino. He didn't know that girl Tenten too well and Hinata was too shy to even think of that. Besides, he didn't want to have troubles with the Hyuuga clan.

The only way he could ever truly get near a girl was his Orioke no Jutsu.

That was only a low henge though. It would give him no satisfaction if none of the body parts were even solid. Kage Bushin no Jutsu may help, but the drawback wouldn't be good on his mind. He didn't want to feel the feeling of being penetrated.

"Kyuubi's chakra?" Yes, that could possibly work. Tsunade-baachan had planted seals all over his apartment so he could practice from time to time and keep sound from being heard. She knew he could use small amounts effectively. It also helped that when he used the Kyuubi's chakra, clone information never came back.

He might as well give it a try.

"Kage Bushin no Jutsu." A poof of smoke emitted in from of him and when it dispersed a clone came out. Already knowing his orders, the clone made an hand seal also.

"Orioke no Jutsu." Naruto stared at the gorgeous woman in front of him. She had golden yellow hair and bright blue eyes like him with whisker marks. She was about his height with an hour glass figure with creamy long legs and arms. Her C cup breast and ass were perfectly round. She had a female version of his clothes on. She had the black leaf head band around her neck and donned the same jacket with the zipper slightly open and the sleeves were shorter. She had a tattoo of the kanji Dattabayo on her leg.

"Hey boss, how are you going to put the Kyuubi chakra into me?" It disturbed Naruto that the clone was slightly eager. Every clone he made had a different personality, but he never met one that was truly eager to do a side task for him.

"When I use the Kyuubi's chakra, it automatically taints the body's chakra system. Once that happens, the dense chakra should help with your solid form and force your memories from entering mine. You're going to lose a lot of stamina faster though." Naruto made an ox hand seal and concentrated.

It didn't work for the first five minutes. Naruto couldn't seem to bring the chakra out. His concentration was wavering because he was getting irritated and horny. He could clearly see the frustration on the clones face. He was going to let go of the hand seal and quit, when something happened.

The clone's eyes fell into the back of his head. Curious as to what happened, Naruto was going to check to see what was wrong with the clone, but he saw his vision began to blur. He felt his body fall to floor a split second later.

"What happened?" Groaning, Naruto got up from the floor and looked around. They must of been out for a few hours, because the sun was gone. It was now night time with the stars scattered across the sky.

"It worked Naruto-sama." He turned around to see the clone looking at him with a pout on her face. "You had me waiting for a long time. I have been waiting for your cock for a very long time." She whispered into his ear making him shiver.

"Strip then." The clone, Naruko, grinned cheekily and started taking off her clothes until she was completely nude and laid on the bed. Naruto groped both of her breast, noting they were both squishy despite their firm appearance.

"OHHH, master. Suck on them please." The blond male took his hand off her right breast and licked her nipple once, and proceeded to suck on it. You could tell he was continuously getting aroused by her lustful moans and her calling his name.

He took his right hand again and proceeded to massage her breast while he kissed Naruko. He expected it to be full of lust, but it was more passionate than he thought.

He was knocked out of his thoughts when he felt the girl suck on his bottom lip. When he opened his mouth, she began to taste everything she could. His mouth tasted like miso ramen.

"Oh my. Master, I can feel your penis against my leg." He was painfuly aware of that. He could feel it trying to put a hole in the fabric.

"Why don't you help me with that?" She grinned again and took off his pants. Staring at his eight inch cock, she licked her lips and started licking it like a lolipop making slurping noises.

"Oh...that feels so good." This is the best feeling her ever had. Way better than using his hand. He started to move his hips in an upward motion.

"Mmmm!" The taste was absolutely fantastic! Naruko didn't mind that it was going far down her throat. Since the blonde hair boy, didn't know of them, she wasn't made with a gag reflex and hymen. Bobbing her head up and down faster, she aimed to make him cum.

Doing as she expected, he cummed in her mouth. Naruko tried to swallow it all, but some rolled down her chin and dripped on the bed. She got on all fours and pointed her ass at him encouragingly.

"Naruto-sama, please enter my slutty ass." He grinned and positioned his cock so it was aligned with her asshole. Taking a deep breath, he entered slowly.

"Oh Kami!" Naruto had to force him himself to stop half way. He could see the slight pain on her face. Her asshole was so tight and warm. It feel like it was going to take his cock off! It helped a little that his cock was covered in cum and saliva.

"Naruko-chan...Are you alright?" She looked over her shoulder and glared at him.

"I DON'T CARE, DATTEBAYO! JUST START POUNDING ME LIKE THE FUCKING SLUT I AM! MY ASS HOLE WANTS TO FILLED TO THE BRIM WITH YOUR BIG COCK!" Surprised by the desperation in her voice, he started to rocket in and out of her a fast pace.

"OH YES, OH YES, OH YES!" After about five minutes of listening to Naruko's screaming, Naruto pushed his cock as deep as he could in to Naruko one more time.



With a roar, Naruto poured bucket loads of cum into her ass making her eyes roll into the back of her head and pass out with some look on her face. Chuckling, he laid his head on her breast and fell asleep with happy thoughts.

Naruto woke up with his head still on Naruko's chest. He wondered why she didn't dispel. She opened one eye.

"I bet your wondering why I'm not dispelling, right?" He nodded. Smiling happily, she pecked him on the lips.

"When the Kyuubi's chakra flooded my system, he tried to force his soul into my body. Instead of doing that, he accidently sealed part of himself in me. When the Yondaime Hokage made the seal, he used the Shinigami, just like the old man did. No matter how much you try, the Shinigami's word is law." Naruto looked at her suspiciously.

"You knew this would happen from the start, didn't you." Naruko smiled.

"It's not like I gay or anything. I got the chance to live life now with my boyfriend. I'm happy." Naruto sighed

"Well that's good. It might be nice to keep you around. I'm happy if you're happy. But I don't think Sakura's going to take this well..." She gained a mischievous look in her eye.

"I doubt she'll hurt me. Who hits a pregnant woman anyway?" Naruto laughed nervously.

"Don't I have to, you know, put semen in your vagina." Naruko stared at him.

"Have you ever seen what the inside of a woman's body looks like?" He shook his head no. "You got everything that's important inside me right, because I was made to be an exact copy of you, but you have never seen the inside of a woman. When you cummed inside of me, I felt it enter my womb..." His pupils dilated as she giggled.


One side not is I got this idea from the story Experimental by Darktayle. I might even turn this into a side story. Next chapter is Ashikoki or footjob with Kushina Uzumaki!