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Kushina Uzumaki always kept her desires to herself.

I moaned loudly as I masturbated using the panties of my daughter, Naruko. My eight inch long, one inch wide cock began to pulsate as I got closer to coming.

She didn't necessary remember how it happened, but one day she just woke up with it. While she did freak out that necessary moment, it wasn't really harmful.

I fingered my ass as I continued to fuck Naruko's imaginary pussy. I moaned as felt my cock twitch. A moment later, my load covered my entire hand and panties. I gave them a sniff and sighed happily.

I threw the panties in the washer and took off my clothes, which was also covered in cum. I put on some panties and put on an apron. I started to make some curry for later.

As I was cooking I got an idea. It was most likely illegal but who cares. I went upstairs and took a bunch of sleeping pills. Since Naruko is my daughter, she has some resistance to drugs. I crushed the pills and mixed it with the seasoning.

As Naruko continued to get older and older, Kushina began to find her daughter attractive.

I turned my attention to the door, as the girl of my current affection walked in walked in.

Right now, at the age sixteen, Naruko had become a bombshell. Her sunshine blond hair was tied into two small ponytails that draped over her shoulders. Her sapphire blue orbs shined brightly as they gazed upon Kushina. Naruko never had a round face like, but had a heart-shaped that complimented her hourglass figure. She couldn't help but shiver at Naruko's long, tan arms and legs. Her breast seemed to suffocate behind the black top and her shorts hugged her bottom. Kushina went to all her boxing tournaments.

"I'm home Kaa-chan!"

Her voice was music to her ears and cock. It took her all her willpower not to ravage the girl then and there.

My willpower began to crumble as the bombshell stretched, revealing a her toned stomach. I could hear my heart began to beat faster and faster as sweat fell into the cleavage of her D-cup breast. Naruko looked at my in worry and walked up to me, placing a hand on my forehead.

"Are you okay Kaa-chan? You're all red."

She could feel the blood running down to her cock.

"I'm fine Naruko-chan. How was school?" Naruko reached for some milk in the refrigerator, inadvertently showing her crack.

Her ass was perfect. That's the thing Kushina always dreamed of ramming since a few months ago.

"It was okay. I wish Iruka-sensei wouldn't yell so much. Hurts my ears."

Kushina always found it strange that her baby took up boxing AND shinobi training. Although, she thing Gai did something similar and made his own taijutsu.

"I'm sure he just wants you to succeed. You weren't always an easy child you know." The girl sighed at the memory.

"I was a little devil back then, huh?"

Just like she was back in the day.

"Have you found a boyfriend yet?" Naruko huffed as she sat down at the table. I knew that the the she attracted a lot of attention from the boys from her class.

"Don't get me started on that Kaa-chan. Sasuke-teme and Kiba-teme constantly fight over me even when they know I'm not interested. I swear, they just want me for my body anyways."

Kushina wanted it too, but she didn't mention that.

"You're at that age where boys will want that." I said as I sat the plate down in front of her. Naruto licked her pink lips and began to eat.

"Well I'd wish they would take a hint." I sat down and began to eat as well, thanking the heaven's for my resistance.

"They will eventually. Boys usually grow out of their crushes when they meet that special someone."

"Maybe..." Naruko eyes began to flutter as she started to a sway a little. "I'm feeling tired all of a sudden...?" Was the only warning as the girl's head hit the table. I laughed softly as I put the girl over my shoulder and doing a shushin to my room.

I laid my daughter on my bed as I viciously tore off her clothes. Her naked form seem to glow under me as I licked my lips. I took off my panties and apron.

I bent down and gave her snatch an experimental lick.

To my glee, my daughter was very sensitive. A flood of juices came out as I continued licking. Naruko began to moan as she gave a little twitch.

"I wonder if it will all fit." I positioned my shaft so it was rubbing against her bottom lips. I took a deep breath and plunged about five inches inside.

I felt like I was in heaven. Naruko's pussy was hot and seemed like it tried to swallow my cock. My knees buckled as It took all my will power not to climax.

It was silent as I waited for her to get use to it. About thirty seconds later her face began to show signs of ecstasy. I took that as my sign to begin fucking.

Kushina put her daughter's legs over her shoulders and stood up. She shoved her remaining length into Naruko's hole, sighing in content. She pulled out half of her cock and then proceeded to slam back in.

She repeated this process for about ten minutes until she came. Once she did that, she started going faster. Flesh hitting flesh greeted her ears.

Kushina grunted as she prepared to cum one more time. She put Naruko's back into a wall and gave her daughter a lustful kiss. She thrusted one last time and coated her daughter's womb white.

She pulled out her limp cock and played a little with her daughter's breast.

"Wish I could do some more stuff but I got to clean you up." She said as she watched her cum waterfall out of Naruko's pussy.

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