= In The Dark Of The Night =

== Chapter 1 : Demon of Mystery

by: Melis

BEFORE YOU READ! Please note this is a FANFICTION and the timing is a little confusing xx I like to say this story takes place BEFORE Symphony of the night, so just pretend that when Alucard and Maria meet in SOTN they already know each other xx If that doesn't work for you, then make up whatever you like :D enjoy -

"It's true I tell you!" shouted the scruffy old farmer, his ale flying as he thrust his glass into the air.

"They say there's a demon out there near the old castle and woods! Worse then any vampire of werewolf!"

The other men about the bar exchanged glances.

"Do you have any proof of this old man?" asked a young blonde haired man.

The old farmer went to say something, but stopped, shaking his head.

The men around him groaned.

"Seriously Morice, you need to stop drinking so much." spoke a red head, chugging.

"It's the truth damn it! you want proof, then go 'en see for yourself, but I warn ya, all the men that went there ain't never come back!" continued Morice, drinking from his empty glass, his face red.

The men around him shook their heads, continuing their drink and meal, turning to each other for more saner conversations.

"Crazy old Morice..." spoke one.

"Ah, never trust a drink old man!" added another, the group ordering another round as someone exited the bar.

It was afternoon, the breeze was soft and the sky was clear. Merchants and folk gathered about the bazaar like area, selling goods, shopping, gossiping and such.

The young lady payed them no mind, walking swiftly down the dirt road, wordlessly hushing any merchant who tried to lure her in with promises of fine jewelry and exotic fruits.

She continued down the road, nearing the town exit, her long blonde hair bouncy softly with her steps. The velvet green over coat shone brightly in the sun as did her emerald eyes. A white bird perched on her shoulder, curled up into a large white mass.


She stopped, mentally cursing.

"Yes Richter..." she spoke, turning on her heels to face him.

He was tall, a good 7 or 8 years older then her, his dark mahogany locks curled about his attractive face and down his broad shoulders. His blue coat was bright in the sunlight, a whip at his hip.

"Where are you heading off to this late in the afternoon?" he asked.

Maria blinked, tilting her head slightly as she pressed an index finger to her lips.

"I was...going to go hunting...?"

Richter frowned.

"In the middle of the day? You know we have plenty left from last nights kill." he stated, Maria sighing some as she crossed her arms over her chest.

"Ah, I know that look." spoke Richter, pinching the bridge of his nose between his thumb and forefinger as he closed his eyes.

"You were at the bar again? Listening to drunk stories, right?" he asked, stepping to her now as he waved his hand in the air.

Maria glowered up at him, pursing her lips.

"Yup, I knew it." he sighed shaking his head.

"Maria, you know Morice is crazy, aside from the fact that old coot drink about a barrel of booze a day. Do you really think anything he says has any truth to it?"

Maria blinked, lowering her gaze to rest her left hand under her chin, analyzing Richter's words. Yes, for the most part he WAS right. Morice was a big drinker, plus there wasn't any real proof to his story...however, a few men who had gone out to seek the so called demon had never returned...for whatever reason...perhaps there was a hint of truth to this tale after all.

"Richter you're right!" she said, tapping her index finger against her lips.

"I'm always so gullible for silly stories, you know that. i just wanted to have a quick peek. Maybe just a quick run through the woods at the least." she started.


She could tell Richter was going to be difficult, but she could be difficult too...and persuasive. She placed both hands behind her back, entangling her fingers together, tilting her head slightly as she thrust her large bosom forward, smiling up at him shyly with a slight blush.


Richter blinked several times, feeling heat at his cheeks as he took in her large...assets. He gulped looking away as he scratched the back of his head.

"Oh...oh alright! But be quick!" he shouted, turning his back to her now as he folded his arms over his chest.

"Thank you! thank you and I promise I will be!" She stated, jumping up and down in victory. She spun her her heels ready to take off, but was stopped by Richter's voice once more.

"Maria, if anything happens send Anya right away!" he stated seriously.

"Of course! I'd never go anywhere without her." spoke the beautiful blonde, brushing the white mass at her shoulders.

Two golden orbs appeared from the white, along with a beak. Large white wings extended, followed by a screech from the large snow owl.

Richter sighed once more, bowing as he turned and headed back to town.

Maria watched for a moment, then turned, rushing down the dirt trail towards the forest.

It wasn't long before she came to the woods, entering them with caution. She stayed the main path, had thought about using the trees but decided against it. It was still light out, which meant a good portion of the night breed were still asleep which meant she didn't have to worry too much, however there was a percentage of night breed that could be out in sunlight or at least used the trees and any dark area as a way to move about during the day...not to mention the wild life like bears, wolves and such.

She sighed, wondering if what Richter had said was true. Maybe this was all some silly drunks ramblings...

She stopped then, a clearing up ahead. Gently she touched the bird at her shoulder.

"Look ahead for me please." she spoke the owl screeching to life as it took flight.

Maria waited a moment, heard another screech. She reached out, the owl landing on her arm, shimming its way back to her shoulder, cooing softly.

"An old castle? Really?" she asked, cupping her chin some.

...why would an old castle be here... she thought.

She waited a moment longer before throwing caution to the wind. She started towards the clearing now, wanting to see for herself what this so called castle looked like. She neared the area now, jogging, the sunlight rushing to meet her, blinded her for a moment, Her eyes adjusted as she took a few steps forward looking up in awe...only for her expression to turn to that of shock.

It WAS an old castle...a few hundred years ago. Now it was nothing more then a pile of rubble and stones, covered with moss and other vines. A few towers were still in place and she could see a large wall with a arch way that lead to the courtyard. She frowned taking in the poor conditions, blinking slightly as she noticed the right side of the castle was still somewhat intact. She took a few steps toward it now, noting there was a small broken bride on the second level and a large wooden door that was free of moss and greenery.

...maybe that's where the demon is hiding... she thought, a smile playing on her lips.

There were rumors circulation through town that any night creature captured, depending on the size of course, was worth quite the pretty amount of gold.

...and all that gold can go toward me getting a horse and some new clothes...no to mention a nicer place to live... her mind sang thinking of all the fun she'd have with the shiny new coins.

Of course, that depended on whether or not there was a demon and if she could actually catch it. She debated, wondering if it was best to wait until night or to just go in now.

...knowing Richter, a search party can't be far...

She sighed, noting it was getting closer to sunset..she'd have an hour at the least to play around before she needed to head back. With that she started towards the ransacked temple.

A few steps in, she stopped, a sudden sound to her right. Swiftly she turned to face the area, looking into the woods that were a good 20 or so yards away. She waited, listening her expression serious. She then turned again, started towards the castle once more, when she heard a twig snap.

She leaped into the air now, flipping several times to land in a crouch on the ground, sending bladed doves into the bush.

The large green mass trembled for a moment, then out leaped...a rabbit.

She stared shocked before sighing heavily.

"Seriously Maria, you need to calm down. there's no reason to let a rabbit scare you." she spoke, watching the cute little white cotton mass nibble on a leaf.

She got to her feet, about to turn but stopped when a large black mass leaped from the bush rushing the bunny.

The bunny let out a scream like no other, Maria watching in horror was it was torn apart it's blood spraying the area, landing a few feet from her.

"Oh my ...oh my God!" she yelled, stepping back, her heel catching one of the many large rocks, causing her to fall onto her rear.

She winced, blinking when a shadow enveloped her. Slowly she raised her gaze, her eyes wide with fright.

The monster before her was huge, a good 9 feet or more. It was covered in thick black fur, with a large muzzle and massive fangs. It eyes gleamed red in the fading sunlight, it's tail swishing back and forth. Along it's mouth and chest was bright red blood. Large human like paws raised now, revealing deadly claws. The creature snorted, growling low and deep.

"Oh god...a werewolf!" she shouted, the wolf roaring as it prepared to pounce.

Instantly the owl took flight flying at the creature, it's talons ripping at the its face.

Maria blinked, shaking her head as she got to her feet, running.

The owl flew up now the wolf roaring in pain as it pawed it's eye, a large gash at it's right one.

"Disgusting vermin!" it shouted in a deep rough voice.

It scanned the area, it's left eye glowing bright red as blood flowed from the right.

"Where are you, little witch...?" it growled, its footsteps thumping with each step.

Maria stayed silent, hidden behind a large boulder, holding her arm. She had cut it on a jagged piece of rock.

"I will find you.." taunted the cursed being.

"I can smell you right now...your blood, it smells so sweet..." it spoke, almost euphoric.

Maria cursed mentally, listening as he owl screeched away above, diving at the wolf every now and then to distract it, but to no avail. She then raised her inured arm some, creating her bladed doves, ready to go out with one hell of a bang.

...gotta wait until he's close enough, then Ii can hit him with these... she thought, keeping her breathing as soft and low as possible, listening to the footsteps that sounded like they were only a few feet away.

"There you are!" roared the beast, landing before her now in a crouch.

"Come here!" it shouted, ready to strike, but yelped with surprise as the doves ripped at it's right arm and upper torso.

The wolf rolled onto it's back slashing at the air, Maria taking the opportunity to leap up, a bottle of clear liquid in her hand.

"Have some holy water beast!" she yelled, throwing the bottle at the wolf, the delicate glass shattering, sending a small blast of holy water onto the werewolves coat, it hissing on contact as it began to burn the creature.

"Aaaa! you bitch!" it roared, shaking itself off as it got to its feet.

Maria landed before it now, huffing as she held her injured arm. the wolf was only a few feet away, on all fours pacing anxiously.

"You're definitely a hunter, however, no hunter has ever done so much damage to me. For you, I believe your death will be slow and I shall enjoy devouring that luscious body of yours as well." it spoke.

"See how much you enjoy this body when you're dead!" shouted Maria charging the creature now, the wolf doing the same, the two mid air, about to clash.

"Ha!" shouted the wolf, flipping some to bring it's back legs forward, one colliding hard with her stomach, sending her to the ground hard.

She bounced several times, hitting the dirt hard, rolling until she collided with a tree, yelling out.

The wolf landed a few feet away, it rising to stand on two legs towering over her.

"What's wrong?" it asked, Maria, wincing as she held herself.

"All talk, just like the others..." sighed the beast.

"What...others..?" she asked.

The wolf raised it's muzzle to laugh at the moon.

"Ahahah, well since you're about to die I guess I can tell you..." it started.

"I did it. I killed them all, all the stupid towns folk who came looking for that demon!" it shouted.

"None of them stood a chance against me! Not even that demon will cross me!" it continued, almost angry.

"That pathetic excuse for a vampire...all he does it hide!"

Maria listened, breathing hard, her side and back aching as her arm continued to bleed.

"Ah, but forget him. Forget everything. You're going to join them, though I must say I've never killed a female who could fight before. This shall be an exquisite meal." it purred, getting back on all fours.

"I would so much like to rip your snow white throat out, but I'd rather hear you scream instead. Let us start...with your legs, then we can work ourselves up to more...interesting places..." it growled, chuckling some as it let out a loud howl.

Maria cringed, watching the beast, wondering if she had time to leap away.

"Time to die little girl!" it roared, suddenly leaping at her.

Instinctively, Maria brought her arms before her, but she knew she was going to die. Never in a million years did she think this was how her death would come, but perhaps it was only fair. If only she had listened to Richter and stayed home. If only she could have bought that beautiful white stallion! If only she had fallen in love! But all the if only were over now, everything was... She waited, braced herself as best she could for the pain, her eyes shut tight, a single tear streamed down her cheek.

...I'm sorry Richter...please forgive me...!

Maria waited...and waited. Slowly she opened one eye to peek at her attacker and blinked, lowering her hands to start only at the monster's massive paws, the beast raised a good 3 or so feet off the ground.

"...Wh...what sorcery is this..." she spoke, her eyes working up the creatures frozen, trembling frame to it's chest where a large silver blade rest.

"Y-you're...that demon..." the creature gurgled.

"W-why...did you...stop me...?" it asked, Maria blinking, turning to look behind her.

She stared wide eyed.

Behind her stood a large male with snow white skin, and long silver hair. His attire was the up most fancy and expensive, clad in regal black with gold trim. A large black cape billowed out on all sides of him as he glared at the creature before him.

"An-answer me...demon...!" demanded the wolf.

The male narrowed his eyes.

In a flash the sword moved in four different directions, the werewolf still floating...before it roared out in pain, falling into pieces on the ground a few seconds later, it's body hissing as it burned from meat to muscles to bone, leaving deep red stains on the dirt.

Maria watched, looking away.

A shadow fell over her and she looked up, looking to the man before her.

He was beautiful, too beautiful to be human, his face expressionless as he stared at her. Then he knelt before her, his hair hiding his eyes a moment, raising his gaze to her, speaking.

"Are you alright...?"

Maria stared, unable to comprehend what was happening, looking at this mysterious man before her, his beauty leaving her speechless. His voice was cool and deep but soft, unlike anything she had ever heard. She continued to stare unable to find her voice, and it was then that she noticed his eyes. They were a gorgeous gold, almost glowing. They hypnotized, no , he hypnotized her and she was sure she had either died and gone to heaven or was seriously in shock.

"Miss?" spoke the male again, Maria blinking, her cheeks heated as she looked away, blushing.

"I...I am fine thank you." she spoke.

She stared at the ground peeking up at him every now and then, a few glances later, their eyes met again, and she gasp softly unable to look away.

The male stared at her now, his expression blank, but held her gaze, the two refusing to break eye contact. After a long moment of silence he looked away, getting to his feet.

Maria sighed mentally.

"Can you stand?" he asked softly, Maria, blinking at she looked up to him, nodding some.

"I believe so..."

He then reached a gloved hand to her, Maria staring at it for a moment before reaching her own hand out. She then felt a sudden twinge of fright pulling her hand back, then reached out once more to place her hand in his.

Gently, he tugged her to her feet, Maria, stumbling slightly as she was lifted from the ground, her legs weak as she fell against him, gasping softly.

The male blinked, his body tense at her touch, however his arms were about her, holding her up and to him.

Maria looked up at him, blushing as she gazed into his glorious eyes once more, her hands on either side of his chest, his hands at her waist.

"Are you sure...you can stand...?" he asked, holding her still.

"I...I do not know..." she sighed, looking away.

"Please forgive me, I do not mean to be so forward..." she said softly, resting against him some.

The male's frame was still tense against her own, but he nodded.

"'Tis fine. But perhaps you should rest a bit." he offered.

"You are injured after all."

Maria blinked, noting her injury of earlier, drawing back some.

"Oh please forgive me! I hope I did not soil your noble dress with my blood!" she near shouted, looking up at him sadly.

He shook his head.

"They're fine. Please, come this way." he spoke, easing from her, tugging her hand slightly as he lead her towards the archway she had seen earlier.

She followed unquestioning, keeping close to him, her eyes darting back and forth, trembling, the shock of her near death experience finally catching up with her.

"Fear not, there are no more creatures here. You are safe." he spoke, gently squeezing her hand.

Maria blinked, looking at her hand in his smiling slightly.

Before long they reached the archway, entering it now. It was as she had suspected. This was once the courtyard. It was fairly small compared to some of the others, but it was still nice, or had been. Most of the stone walk ways were overgrown with weeds and other plants, and there were a few large boulders here and there. The outer and inner walls were thick with vines and the stone was showing wear from rain and wind.

They stopped then, reaching the center of the courtyard a large fountain before them now. It was old and worn, the two lovers that once graced the spring with their presence long gone, only bits and pieces of them remaining in and around the area. It was overgrown with plants and the water had dried up long ago. There was however a small cement area that was free of the greens, someone's sitting place perhaps.

"Please sit." he spoke.

Maria blinked, nodding as she sat, the male joining her.

The two sat in silence for some time, Maria holding her arm, noting most of the blood was dry now, but she would definitely have to clean it once she got back to town...well, if she made it back to town. It was long past noon, the moon high in the sky now, possibly after midnight. She sighed softly, wondering if Richter would be angry with her the next day...She had gone off on her own a time or two before, but Richter knew what she was planing, knew she wouldn't up and leave like that out of the blue, especially when she had promised to come back. She was sure he'd pop out of the woods any Second and take her away from this castle and the forest forever...and away from her savior.

She blinked, looking to the male now. He sat silently beside her, his gaze down, looking into the empty fountain. His silver locks swayed softly int he breeze and though his face appeared expressionless, his eyes showed a sudden hint of loneliness she had not notice before. It made her heart ache, made her want to reach out and touch him, to lay her head on his shoulder and tell him everything was going to be okay. Before long, she realized her hand was indeed moving towards his glorious face and it wasn't until he looked at her that she stopped.

He stared at her, his expression questionable, her eyes wide as she blinked.

"S-sorry!" she shouted,moving her hand away, looking at the ground, her face beet red.

It was silent for a moment before he spoke.

"What is your name...?"

Maria blinked, looking to him now, his eyes capturing hers. She starred at him with heated cheeks before lowering her gaze smiling softly.


The male listened, nodding slowly.

"Maria..." he spoke, Maria blushing her stomach doing a flip at the way her name rolled off his tongue.

"What were you doing out here...?" he continued.

Maria frowned some.

"I was..." she sighed.

"I was...stupidly coming out here to capture a demon some drunks mentioned at the bar." she started.

"Obviously I was no match for it...and almost died...but thanks to you, I'm alive..." she finished smiling.

The male listened still, wincing some at the word demon but quickly recovered.

"Your name?" she asked the male blinking.

"May I please know your name?" she repeated.

The male started at her with a tense expression, then to the ground, as if debating. Maria watched frowning slightly, sliding a little closer to him.

"I won't laugh I promise." she assured him with a sweet smile.

The male closed his eyes sighing as he spoke softly.


Maria gasp inwardly, taking in his name, memorizing it, as if she could forget! It as beautiful, perfect, suiting for him!

"Alucard..." she spoke softly, a shiver running up Alucard's spine as she spoke his name.

"Thank you, Alucard, for saving me. If there is anything I can do to repay you, please...don't hesitate to ask." she spoke, blushing slightly.

Alucard stared at her an eyebrow raising some with a slight smile, but it quickly faded. Maria did not ignore this though, could tell there was more then meets the eye with this supposedly serious guy.

"For starters..." he began.

"You can get back to town safely."

Maria frowned.

"I truly do not think I can go in such condition..." she began

"Perhaps I could stay here for a night, I shall leave first thing in the morning, you have my word." she spoke, though felt a little pain in her heart at the thought of leaving.

Alucard digested this, nodding as he got to his feet.

"Very well. Come with me." he spoke, walking towards the still standing right half of the castle.

Maria blinked, getting to her feet, wincing but carried on.

It was a fairly short walk, up two flights of stoney stairs, they reached the large wooden door of earlier. Alucard, stood before it now, the door making a large clinking sound as he unlocked it, followed by a long groan as it opened, Alucard entering.

Maria followed wordlessly, shocked at the inside, noting it was nothing like the outside. This was fully intact, the walls covered with fancy clothes and drapery, a large desk at one end of the room a bookshelf next to it lined with numerous books, papers and writing supplies. There was a large wooden peice of furniture, a closet perhaps, at the other end of the room, and a large archway that lead to an outside balcony, the white curtains blowing in the breeze. In the middle of the room was a large canopy bed, lined with deep red velvet covers and deep mahogany bed post. The room was large and slightly cluttered however, it felt, empty or lacking. It looked like the bed hadn't been used in a while the furnishings crisp and untouched. There was a large chair near the bed that had slight wear to it. The desk looked like it was frequented often as well, various papers and pens about it.

Maria stood, taking it all in, before turning to look at Alucard now. He was at the other end of the room watching her curiously.

She tilted her head some.

"Nothing..." he spoke.

Maria stepped to the bed, gently running her fingers along the deep red bed spread, noting the texture of the fabric was soft and smooth, definitely silk or velvet which meant it was expensive.

"It's alright." spoke Alucard, Maria looking to him now.

"I assure you it's clean and of the finest fabrics."

Maria smiled, sitting at the edge of the bed, before falling back onto the plush mattress stretching out.

Alucard continued to watch her, walking along the edge of the bed.

"I will be outside keeping watch, Please rest." he spoke, Maria sitting up to look at him.

Carefully, he leaned forward, placing one hand across his chest, the other outstretched beside him, flaring out his cape some as he bowed, his eyes closed for a moment before looking to her.

"Sleep well...Maria..." he spoke.

Maria watched, her heart skipping a beat, unable to find her voice, Alucard's exit obvious as the door slammed.

She sighed softly falling back onto the bed once more, staring up at the large red canopy above her.

So much had happened today that was unexpected. Was she losing her touch, or was it fate...? Alucard seemed like a kind gentleman, but there was something about him that seemed...different. Just thinking of him was enough to cause her heart to go crazy.

She closed her eyes, noting she would leave tomorrow, but only after she saw him again.


So Chapter 1 is done, a little slow, or maybe it went too fast? I dunno, I felt it was a bit lacking or even boring? xx Oh well, I haven't wrote a story in forever xx Overall I think it was quite fun, I like how they met and look forward to bringing out Alucard's more hidden personality I just can't see him being 100% serious all the time and for all the ladies, don't we wish we could sleep in Alucard's bed! XD Hope you enjoyed this Chapter and the next =D Please review, I need the encouragement it's been so long XD!

- Melis