Dark Of The Night =

== Chapter 9 ==

== In The Dark Of The Night ==

by: Melis

She walked slowly along a dirt path through the forest, the moon just starting to ascend towards the Heavens. Darkness began to embrace the day, the hour of night proclaimed by a howl in the distance.

The blonde walked on through the dark forest, slow and steady, her hair blowing gently in the cool breeze. She knew this place, had gone here once before, watching as the trees began to thin, a grassy opening in the distance.

She walked on, the dirt path disappearing in a sea of green, lush waves of grass enveloping her golden heels.

Before her stood an green meadow, white night flowers shimmered above the blades of grass that were dark now due to the night, the view still stunning, the hills high, overlooking the small town she lived in. From here it looked like the village of fairies, so tiny, a whisper might blow them away. She stared for a moment, before walking again, following the edge of a small stream that grew with every step. Before long it was a gentle river, easing out into a large, shimmering lake.

The girl stood silently at the edge of the water, staring at her reflection, her face beautiful even in the night.

She knelt, reaching now to pluck a small white flower from the grass below.

Gently she ran her slender index finger over the edge of the petals, tracing them with the delicate of touches. Then slowly, she closed her eyes, pulling the petals off, one by one.

The petals fluttered slowly to the lake below, landing on it's still surface, creating the smallest of ripples, the other petals following soon after, dancing with their reflections as they drifted along the waters surface.

The girl watched as the final petal fell, watched as they drifted after the others, slowly sinking into the depths of the water below. She watched with pained eyes, sighing softly as she stood, letting the stem of what was once a flower drop to the grass below.

The beauty stared up at the starry sky with sad eyes, noting the height of the moon, so close, yet so far away. She felt as if she could reach out and touch it, found herself doing so, her hand outstretched before her as she tried to touch the pale moon, slowly letting her arm drop back to her side, realizing such a wish was impossible. She watched the stars twinkle above in the blue hues of the night sky, saw one fly by in a blaze of light as it fell into the distant hills. The young maiden closed her eyes tight, clutching her hands over her heart as if in prayer, wishing.

A sudden burst of wind caught her off guard, her hair spiraling around her, the torrent rushing through the meadow, gathering the petals of the flowers that called it home, bringing them high into the air, before calming, the blonde sweeping her hair over her shoulder looking up at the sky watching as the hundreds of petals that were once at her feet were now air born, raining down from the Heavens as if falling stars.

Arms embraced her from behind, a well defined chest at her back while cool lips danced their way slowly up her delicate neck, the girl gasping softly as she closed her eyes, resting her hands at the arms of her lover, smiling with heated cheeks.

"You're late." she teased, the male chuckling softly as he drew her nearer.

"You took your time getting here...I was watching."

The girl gasped spinning on her heels to face the male.

"Alucard, we're you spying on me?" she asked, her face accusing, but tone playful.

The pale male tilted his head with raised eyebrows, his pale lips curling into a smile.

"Perhaps just a little..."

Maria pursed her lips in annoyance, about to speak but stopped, noting the now seductive look on Alucard's face.

"You see, I must keep an eye on you..." he began stepping to her, Maria stepping back tilting her head some, confused.

The blonde gasped softly, a large oak tree at her back, Alucard before her now, his hands on either side of her, palms against the massive trunk as he starred at her with heated golden eyes.

"You never know who you'll run into in the woods...perhaps a Vampire..." he teased, smirking.

Maria blinked, smiling, raising her hands now to wrap them around Alucar'ds neck.

"I'm not afraid..." she spoke, on her tip toes as she leaned toward him.

Before he could speak, Maria's lips found his, Alucard feeling heat at his cheeks, closing his eyes, wrapping her arms about the girls petite frame.

The two kissed, slow and passionate, Alucard pulling Maria closer to him, gently gripping the small of her back and golden locks, Maria moaning softly in response.

The two parted, looking to one another as they attempted to catch their breath, Alucard reaching now to sweep an erect strand of hair from Maria's face, Maria blushing, closing her eyes, tilting her head as she rested her hand on Alucard's.

Alucard smiled, turning to face the direction of the lake, gently tugging on Maria's hand. The blonde blinked, confused, but followed.

The two stood at the edge of the lake looking at their reflections on the water's surface. Alucard was beyond beautiful, pale skin, golden eyes, a gorgeous face with soft, silvery locks. He was perfection personified, Adonis in human form. The man standing beside her could not possibly be real, he was too beautiful, too perfect.

A dull pain at Maria's chest reminded her that he was perfect. He wasn't human, he was a Vampire. He was on a completly different level then her or anyone else for that matter. His reflection alone didn't do him justice, unable to grasp, to capture his true beauty. Maria also recalled what she had remembered of the fight between Alucard and her captor Shandarin.

True, she was but a puppet, under a spell, her dreams pleasant for the most part, but a part of her was awake at that time, was watching the battle, had seen the vicious and deadly nature that was Alucard, knew that no matter how beautiful he was, no matter how much she loved him, he was still a deadly creature, was still capable of murder, violence and death.

It wasn't so much the fear of Alucard losing control, it wasn't his massive and deadly fangs or the fact that he was a Vampire that scared Maria. What scared her the most was the fact that Alucard did not age, but she did.

The thought alone was almost enough to bring her to tears, wondering how long Alucard would love, if he even loved her. Surely he would out live her and she would eventually die, but would he morn her loss, or just find another to take her place? Maria could see it all now, on her death bed at the ripe old age of 95, her handsome lover at her side...and a new youthful maiden at his. He may love her now, but once her looks were gone, once she began to age beyond him, she knew he would find another.

...and he's so handsome...'Tis be such an easy thing for him... she thought, watching as her mind played out the torturous film, forcing her to watch as Alucard embraced a new lover, a younger, more beautiful, black haired youth, or worse...a female Vampire!

A tear streamed down her cheek, a finger raising her chin now, Maria looking to Alucard with a blank expression, but pained eyes.

"What is it my love? Why do you cry?" he asked, his face rigged with worry and confusion.

Maria sighed, shaking her head as she gently eased his hand away, turning from him as she took a few steps forward.

"Oh Alucard, do not trouble yourself with my childish worries..." she began, Alucard taking a step forward, truly confused.

"I...do not know what you mean." he stated, blinking.

Maria clutched her left hand over her heart, wondering if she should speak or forever hold her peace. They were together as a couple, as far as she knew, she felt as if Alucard loved her, cared for her, knew she shouldn't feel so embarrassed and ashamed of her feelings and jealous over the wild imaginations taking place in her mind, however, she also knew she needed to know what the future held for them, what Alucard thought the future would hold. She knew she loved him more then anyone and anything, no man, no inhuman, no one in the world would ever compare to Alucard, but she knew in order for her to truly be happy and be with him, she needed to become what he was...

...'Tis a crime just thinking about it...! her mind cried.


Maria blinked, her expression still troubled as she fought the battle in her mind, biting her lower lip some before speaking.

"Alucard...I wish to be with you..."

Alucard blinked, smiling as he stepped to her some.

"And I wish to be with you, my love."

Maria forced a smile, tilting her head.

"I wish to be with you always...forever." she stated, Alucard smiling wider as he took her hand, kissing the back of it softly, looking to her with golden eyes.

"And we shall." he stated, Maria blinked.

"Really?" she asked, Alucard nodded.

"Of course. I can't imagine spending my life with anyone else."

Maria smiled, hopeful.

"Oh Alucard, does that mean...?" she asked, throwing herself at him hugging him tightly.

Alucard blinking stumbling back, but catching himself, letting his arms hover about her a moment, before embracing her.

"Forgive me, but...I'm not sure...what we're talking about..." spoke the Vampire, feeling a bit embarrassed for missing the topic.

Maria blinked, leaning back to look at him.

"You said we'd be together forever..." started the young miss, Alucard listening.

"...So...in order for us to, you know, stay together, for such a long period of time...I.. you'd have to..." began the blonde, fumbling with Alucard's clasps, Alucard listening, carefully, Maria looking to him now with heated cheeks.

"Have to what...?" he asked, baffled.

Maria frowned, looking down as she spoke.

"You'd have to bite me..."

And then the realization set in, Alucard blinked, his eyes wide as he stared down at her, Maria looking to him with a shameful expression, cleanly noting what she asked was forbidden.

Alucard stood for a moment, wordless, trying hard to control himself, choosing his words carefully, as not to offend her.

"Maria...I could never do such a thing to you..." he started, Maria, looking to him sadly.

"Aside from the fact, Richter would never let me, he'd kill me and possibly you..." added Alucard.

Maria stared, listening, Alucard seeing the disappointment in her eyes, on her face, him looking down, his own expression pained.

The two stood in silence, Maria staring at he ground below, Alucard doing the same. She clutched her chest, bit her lower lip, doing all she could to hold herself together, realizing that she could never be with him the way she was now, the thought too much.

Slowly she began to move away, Alucard watching, gently gripping her shoulders, Maria fighting him now as she tried to pull away, the Vampire blinking, holding onto her.

"Just let me go, Alucard!" she cried, trying to fight him, but was no match for his Vampire strength.

"I will not!" he shouted, pulling her back to him, Maria pushing at his chest, pounding on it with a clenched fist.

"If I can't be with you forever, then what's the point of being with you now! What's the point of everything! I'm going to age and die, what kind of love is that! Are you so cruel that you wish to torture me? To play with my heart until there is nothing left here to interest you!" she shouted, Alucard blinking, shocked, staring down into her tearful eyes, a pain in his heart.

"Maria..." he spoke, Maria not having it, pulling from him again.

But Alucard was already there, crushing her against him as his lips found hers, Maria gasping, losing her breath at the sudden affection. She tired to push at him, to pull away, but her body was weak, heavy, his scent, his lips, his arms, everything about was intoxicating, like a poison, he infected her, Maria closing her eyes as she fell against him, powerless.

Alucard savored the kiss, easing back slowly to look at her, gently wiping a tear away.

Maria stared, unable to speak, her tears still running, trying to dry her eyes, Alucard pulling her to him again, hugging her tightly.


Maria listened, sniffling between words.

"I...cannot say what the future holds, but I do know you are in it..." he started, Maria listening, her head against his chest.

"Whether you're a human...or not...if you age or stay the same, my love for you will never change. I'll always love you Maria..." he continued, Maria blushing at his kind words.

"I...I cannot say, that I haven't thought about you...being a part of me, a part of my world...I want very much to be with you forever...and I am aware that in order to make that happen, you would have to share the same fate as me..."

Maria blinked, looking up at him with bright eyes.

Alucard smiled, kissing her forehead as he wiped away a few lingering tears.

"But tonight...is not the night..." he spoke, Maria looking sad, Alucard quickly shaking his head.


Maria blinked.

"However...it will happen...just be patient."

Maria tilted her head, taking in his words, letting them repeat themselves over and over in her mind. If she had heard him right, then he was going to change her, just not yet. If that was the case, then their romance was going to last a very long time. Maria couldn't find words to match her delight, her excitement! She was sad it wasn't happening now, but at least she knew it would happen in the future.

"You promise Alucard? Cross your heart?" she asked, pursing her lips with uncertain eyes.

Alucard smiled, making the sign of the cross over his heart, leaning to her, a charming smile on his lips, his golden eyes full of excitement.

"I promise..."

Maria closed her eyes, letting their lips meet once more. The two gripping each others clothing, letting their lips and tongues dance against one another in a heated tango.

Slowly they parted, breathlessly staring at one another, Alucard smling as he stroked her cheek closing his eyes.

"You saved my soul, in the dark of the night..." spoke Maria, Alucard looking to her confused.

Maria smiled, a soft blush at her cheeks.

"When I was lonely, your body touched mine so gently..."

Alucard felt his cheeks heat, tugging her to him, embracing her tightly.

"Maria..." he spoke, stroking her hair.

"Stay, in the dark of the night..." he whispered, crushing her to him.

Maria smiled, closing her eyes as she rested her head on his shoulder, a single tear streaming down her cheek.

"Yes..." she spoke.

"Only your love, can make me feel safe forever..."


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