Hello everyone! Well, because I'm addicted to these two I stared another fic. This is an AU, and VERY different from the QueSeraSera!Verse. Most of the story will be from Kurt's POV. Also, you'll see why it's an AU mostly on Blaine's part - but a few things did change for Kurt as well. The biggest change is the Kurt won't go to Dalton and some of the events in Season 2 (Burt & Carole's wedding and Burt's heart condition) happened during the summer prior to junior year. Holy long AN!


Chapter 1

Kurt Hummel opened the refrigerator and took note of the contents. Tomorrow was Thanksgiving and he needed to make sure everything was perfect. This was the first Thanksgiving he would spend with Carole and Finn, and even though Carole wanted to cook, and Kurt knew he had to oversee the meals. Carole loved to spoil Burt on holidays, and while marshmallow coated sweet potatoes and whipped cream covered pumpkin pie were staples, they were not part of Kurt's diet regime.

"Dad, where is the squash?" Kurt called over the rumble of the football game.

"In the drawer?" his dad's distracted voice bellowed from the other room. Kurt sighed, the football game was on television, and getting Burt to pay attention to anything other than touchdowns and field goals was going to be nearly impossible.

He yanked open the drawer and found only lettuce and carrots. He opened the other drawer to see apples, oranges, and lemons. Kurt immediately started panicking and ran into the living room. Kurt and Finn sat on the couch, Finn with his jeans opened and Burt in sweatpants. They weren't sitting, but they weren't really laying either. Burt was sipping on a beer.

Kurt plucked the beer out of his hands, "I don't think that's on the list of approved drinks," he reprimanded. "The squash isn't in the drawer. Is it in the refrigerator in the garage?"

"No, I put it in the drawer when I got back yesterday, Kurt," Burt swiveled his head around to see the play currently on the television. "Damn, he couldn't catch the ball if he had Velcro on his hands!"

Kurt put his hands on his hips and glared at his father, "Well it isn't there. Think again."

Burt rolled his eyes, "Kurt, I put the squash in the vegetable drawer labeled crisper. If it isn't there then you'll have to ask Carole."

"You mean the tan things that were in the drawer?" Finn asked distractedly.

"Yes," Kurt glared at Finn, "Where did you move them to? If you even put them in the freezer again. You're lucky we could save the eggs last time you put them in the freezer so you had room for your freaking dip…"

"I used them to make guacamole last night," Finn shrugged, "Sorry, I can give you money to go get some more, I didn't realize they were for tomorrow."

Kurt just stared at the tall boy, "Finn…there isn't even squash in guacamole…"

He shrugged, "I thought it tasted funny. I ate it all though. Anyway, when this is over I'll just run to Wal-Mart and get some."

Kurt felt a headache forming already, "No, Finn, the squash comes from a farm a few miles outside of Lima. We can't just get it at Wal-Mart!"

"Kurt, I'm sure Wal-Mart has perfectly fine squash that we can use," Burt stood to stretch his legs, "I'm not making Finn drive an hour just to get squash that I don't even particularly like."

Kurt felt his heart drop into his stomach, "We're having mom's Butternut Squash Casserole, Dad," he said hollowly, "We've had it every year and we won't change this year just because it isn't just us anymore."

Burt stood and placed his hand on Kurt's shoulder, "Kurt…I'm really sorry but I'm not making Finn run out to the farm, and I don't feel like doing it today. Plus, the Anderson's have a big family; they probably closed for the day."

"So you're just going to give up that family tradition?" Kurt couldn't believe what he heard his father saying. He knew Burt would never forget his mother, but he mentioned her less and less since Carole and Finn came into the picture.

"You want to drive out to the Anderson's stand just to see it boarded up and closed? Go ahead, be my guest! The recipe will still be the same even if you get the squash at Wal-Mart, Kurt." Burt shook his head.

"Fine," Kurt grabbed his keys from the bowl in the hallway, "I'll go get squash since I'm the only one who wants to keep mom's memory live here."

"Whoa!" Burt stood and followed his son out to the driveway, "Care to tell me what's going on here?"

Kurt turned, "What's going on is that you are willing to forget Mom now that Carole and Finn are here."

Burt leaned against the door of the car, "Don't lie to me, Kurt, we're past that. You've been funny since Carole and I got married over the summer…"

Kurt shook his head; in reality, he'd been off for a longer time than that. Karofsky had upped the amount of bullying, in many ways. Kurt was thankful sweaters and layers were in style, or he would have many more visible bruises than he had now. At least the thicker sweaters provided some cushioning. "I just, I don't want to forget her, Dad. It's getting harder and harder as the years go by to remember the little things." Kurt felt his eyes water a bit, but he held back the tears. "I just want this, you know? I'm not even sure I remember her making it, but I remember you telling me she did."

Burt's eyes went a little fuzzy as he cleared his throat, "Okay, okay. Do you know how to get to the Anderson's stand or do you want me to come with you?"

Kurt thought for a moment, "That's where we used to go when I was younger, right? Where Mom and I went down the sliding board?" He smiled at the memory, once again he wasn't sure if it was an actual memory, or just a fabricated one based off of a picture.

Burt nodded, "Do you remember how to get there? We haven't gone together since you were thirteen."

"I'm fine, I can get there. I'll just use the GPS. I just want to be alone for awhile," Kurt pulled Burt in for a quick hug and then went outside to the Navigator. It started, but Kurt couldn't help but notice is sounded off. He decided it would be fine, and drove towards the outskirts of Lima, singing along to the Brigadoon soundtrack.

The car was still making funny noises, but Kurt knew he had to get to the squash. He couldn't let his mother down, not today. He always thought she wouldn't be proud of him for letting himself get pushed around and staying out of the spotlight, but he knew he could at least do this. It took him nearly an hour, but finally the houses started getting further and further apart and Kurt knew he had to be getting close.

Soon, he passed fields that were completely empty, just miles and miles of dirt. Kurt wondered how they made their livelihood during the winter months. He lived close to the farming community, but never really went there. This particular community was home to many Amish and Mennonite families, and they usually just made Kurt feel very uncomfortable.

He slowed when he realized he couldn't pass the horse and buggy in front of him, and sighed. How did people live like that? Finally the traffic in the opposite lane slowed and Kurt could pass the vehicle. When he did, he checked his rear-view mirror to see the driver, who looked like he was no older than Kurt. He was dressed completely in black with a black hat on his head. Kurt tried not to stare, because he knew what it felt like to be viewed as a side show freak, but he couldn't help himself.

He couldn't remember, but he hoped this family wasn't Amish – they probably wouldn't sell him anything. Perhaps his tightest red jeans weren't the brightest idea. He saw a sign that read Anderson Farmswith an arrow and quickly turned, happy to be close to someone he at least slightly knew, especially because his car kept making weird noises.

Kurt pulled into the inlet on the side of the road. He groaned when he felt his boots sink into the gravel. If it weren't for the memory of his mother, he so wouldn't be doing this. The building he pulled up to looked like a standalone garage. The front was completely open and there was a sigh that read: Anderson Farms. There were tables inside, and huge tables outside that had huge pumpkins and gourds on them.

"Happy Thanksgiving!" a voice called.

Kurt looked around but couldn't see anyone. "Hello?" he called, immediately flinching and looking around. He cursed himself for not wearing something else. His red pants and knee-high boots probably weren't the best choice in such a conservative, rural area.

A tan boy emerged from the small building. Kurt realized with a slight smile that he had been hidden by a particularly large pumpkin sitting on the front table. "Sorry for scaring you, I'm Blaine Anderson. You probably come earlier in the day when my Ma is here." The boy gave Kurt an easy smile, revealing his perfect teeth. Weren't country boys and farmers supposed to have yellow or missing teeth? "Guess the pumpkin got in your way. Whatcha looking for, sir?"

Kurt momentarily forgot how to breathe. The boy in front of him stood behind the table, but Kurt got a good enough look to know he was gorgeous. The boy's hair looked gelled down a bit, but was curling under his ears. His eyes were a light honey-moss color, and they were deep and sincere. He was tan, and his skin looked rough and Kurt could even see calluses on his hands. He wore a t-shirt across his chest, it pulled tight and revealed muscles underneath. Kurt wondered to himself how the boy wasn't freezing.

Kurt realized he had probably been silent too long, "Squash," his voice came out shaky so he took a breath, "I need butternut squash."

The dark haired boy bit his lip and frowned slightly – Kurt decided he liked the boy better when he smiled. "I'm afraid we only have pumpkins and gourds here. They fresh cleaned us out the other day. We have some pies from my Ma in the back?" The boy's smile was so earnest that Kurt almost took one just because.

Kurt felt his chest tighten again, he glanced at the sky and saw it darkening quickly. "Are there any farms around here that sell squash?"

The boy raised a triangular eyebrow, "Oh gosh. I don't think so. We sold out of our last bit a few days ago, and even that was small," Blaine gave a bemused smile and seemed to laugh at himself.

Kurt shuffled awkwardly for a moment and turned again, maybe his father was right. Not all traditions were made to last. He tried to his face from the boy but only succeeded in looking more forlorn. "Thanks, I guess I can just get some from the supermarket."

Blaine frowned, "I'm really sorry." He seemed to want to say something else, but held back.

Kurt smiled back at Blaine, not really caring to take another look at the gorgeous man. He just wanted to get far enough away so that he could pull his Navigator over and cry. Kurt hopped into the car and took a calming breath – he could do this. He put his key into the ignition and turned – and nothing. His car made a clicking sound, but nothing turned on. "Shit," he yelled and hit the steering wheel. This was not what he needed right now.

There was a knock on his window and he turned to see Blaine, he opened his door slowly as the boy walked backwards, "Car troubles?" Blaine asked, smiling way too much, in Kurt's opinion.

"Yeah. I'll just call my dad and have him come get me, it's just a dead battery," Kurt held up his cell phone.

"Come on," the boy motioned to an old beat-up Chevy truck, "Don't make your Dad run all the way out here. We have jumper cables back at the house. Dad's always nagging at me to keep them in the truck, but I never listen," he babbled on.

Kurt hesitated. He wasn't so sure he wanted to get into the car with the boy he just met. Kurt hated it, but he had to be careful around people who probably didn't approve of his lifestyle. "You drive?" he asked stupidly.

The boy laughed again and seemed to sense Kurt's discomfort, "I'm not Amish! I live right down the road here. You can trust me, I won't hurt you."

"I – I can just call my dad. He owns a car shop…I mean, he's a mechanic," Kurt fumbled for his phone and felt like a complete idiot. Normally he could function fairly well around gorgeous probably-straight men.

"You're Burt Hummel's son, aren't you?" Blaine smiled, "He's a great guy. He fixes my truck for free. I just bring him my Ma's cherry pie and he does whatever he can to it."

Kurt's head snapped up, "He can't eat pie."

Blaine shrugged, "He never complained to me about it. In fact, I've seen him eat several pieces of it, at once. Come on, get in the car. No need to run your Dad this far out of his way." Blaine grabbed Kurt's arm and pulled it.

Kurt flinched when Blaine's fingers hit a particularly painful bruise from David Karofsky.

Blaine's hand immediately dropped, "Oh, I'm sorry."

Kurt immediately reached out a hand to Blaine, "No, no, I just have a bruise and you hit it. It's fine. Sports, you know," Kurt didn't know why the lies fell so easily from his mouth.

"You play sports?" Blaine's eyebrow lifted but he said nothing as he walked with Kurt around the truck and opened his door for him, pulling a little forward to get the rusty thing open.

"Cheerleading," Kurt confirmed, glancing at the old truck. "Are you sure this thing is going to start?"

Blaine threw his head back and laughed, Kurt felt the butterflies multiply in his stomach. "She's here to stay," he patted the truck affectionately and ran around front, hopping in before Kurt could even close his door.

Kurt looked at the somewhat dirty interior and grimaced. Thank god it smelled like pine in the car, and not the dirt. "It smells like Christmas in here," he giggled. Kurt was mortified at the sound.

Blaine smiled at the truck grumbled to life, "We sell Christmas trees during the winter. I just moved some of the smaller ones to sell this weekend." He smiled again and switched the radio.

Damn him and that smile, Kurt realized that he didn't care if the truck ride went on for hours.

Blaine fiddled with the radio and landed on a station playing country music. Kurt recognized the song as the newest Taylor Swift song. While Kurt wasn't a fan of Taylor Swift, everyone knew who she was.

Blaine bobbed his head and motioned to the radio, "Is this okay?"

Kurt nodded thickly, Blaine probably thought the girl was pretty and that's why he wanted to listen to her.

The ride was awkward as they went down the bumpy road. Kurt couldn't help but hold onto the handle on his door. Blaine definitely wasn't the best of drivers. Kurt's ears pricked when he heard Blaine singing under his breath. He strained to hear the boy better, "You have a beautiful voice," Kurt murmured softly, "Do you sing at school?"

Blaine turned beet red but shook his head, "No, I don't actually go to school. I just fiddle around with singing a lot. I taught myself to play the guitar. I play organ and piano at church sometimes too. My Ma sings a lot."

"You don't go to school?" Kurt was appalled at the idea, but it also seemed like the best option ever. He imagined not going to school, he wouldn't have to deal with Karofsky, stupid teachers, the snide remarks, and the homework.

"Yeah, Ma home schools all of us, so not a lot of chances to learn music past the piano and organ. What about you?" Blaine pulled up outside a large white house with dark blue shutters and a wraparound porch. Kurt couldn't see another house in any direction.

"Blaine!" a small girl with a braid down her back ran and jumped into Blaine's arms, "Ma made cherry pie for dessert tonight!"

Kurt laughed to himself and thought that the cherry pie must be nothing short of amazing.

Blaine twirled the girl in a circle a few times until she shrieked for him to stop. Once he put her on the ground, she looked at Kurt. Her eyes were a darker shade of honey and her nose was littered with freckles, "Who are you, sir?"

Kurt was taken aback for a minute. He never saw a little girl with such an intense gaze before, "I'm..uhm, Kurt Hummel?"

The girl narrowed her eyes and looked up to Blaine. When she locked eyes with him her eyes immediately went big, "Blaine…what does he want?"

Blaine knelt down and looked at his sister, "He came to buy some pumpkins and his car stopped working. It's okay, Danni."

The girl turned back to Kurt, but this time had a huge smile on her face, "I'm Danielle. Only Blaine can call me Danni. I'm nine!"

Kurt smiled at her, "I'm Kurt. Most people just call me Kurt," he didn't bother to tell her that a lot of people actually called him other things as well, "I'm sixteen."

"So is Blaine! You two can be best friends! I don't like Jedadiah so he can get a new best friend," Danielle jumped a little.

"Danielle, you get in here right now and ready up the kitchen," a tall woman with dark hair called from the porch. "Blaine, who's your friend?"

"Burt Hummel's son, Ma. I need to jump his car so I'll be late to supper," Blaine smiled and rolled his eyes a little at Kurt. "Sorry for them, they never get company." Kurt gave a little wave to the woman who smiled warmly but returned to the kitchen.

"Is that your sister?" Kurt wasn't sure how someone who looked as old as his mom could have a daughter.

"No, she's my daughter," Blaine shrugged, but Kurt didn't miss the small smile that played on his features.

"Your daughter calls you Blaine? How forward of you!" Kurt tried his best-shocked face.

Blaine laughed, "Fine, you caught me. Let me just go get the cables and grab something from the cellar and I'll be right back. D-do you want to come in?"

Kurt thought about how awkward it would be, but then he realized he'd never seen the inside of a real farmhouse before, "It doesn't matter."

"Come in, Dad won't be back in from the barn for a few more minutes and Ma can fix lemonade." Blaine motioned to the house and they walked towards it. Kurt noticed the old fashioned decoration, but noticed something else – the house really didn't look that different from any house decorated in a country style.

"Ma, can you make Kurt here some lemonade while I go into the cellar to get something?" Blaine smiled charmingly at his mother, who just nodded her head.

"Very well, just hurry. The sun's about to set and you don't want him driving home in the dark," his mother turned to Kurt, "Let me just fix you some, honey. You can have a seat."

Kurt paused a moment, he really didn't expect the woman to be that warm. He figured because she left so quickly on the porch, she didn't approve of him.

Blaine emerged a few minutes later as Kurt sipped his lemonade, carrying two jars, "Ma, he came here for squash. I'm going to just give him this because none of us really like squash."

Mrs. Anderson glanced at Blaine, "Sure. We have plenty anyway. It's a miracle we found someone that actually likes it."

Blaine nodded and looked at Kurt, "and now I don't have to choke down anymore."

Kurt laughed, "Well, I'm not sure anyone in my family likes it either. But my mom used to make it every Thanksgiving so I make it now to remember her."

Mrs. Anderson nodded solemnly, "That's very sweet of you, Kurt."

Blaine remained silent, but stared at Kurt.

"Well, you should probably get going. The city traffic gets worse around this time on a holiday eve," Mrs. Anderson smiled at Kurt, "tell your father we say hello. He really is a sweet man."

Just as Kurt and Blaine were about to leave the house, Blaine's father walked in. "Where are you going, Blaine?" the man asked plainly.

"Kurt Hummel drove out but his battery died, so we're going to jump it," Blaine held up the jumper cables.

"Hmm," his father turned his face towards Kurt, "You're Burt's son? I certainly wouldn't have guessed you in a line up."

Blaine rolled his eyes again and pulled Kurt, "Sorry about him. He's old fashioned."

Kurt shrugged, "I guess I don't look very much like my Dad's son."

"I don't know, I see it. You have similar emotion behind your eyes," Blaine started driving back towards the car.

Kurt thought that 'the emotions behind his eyes' were an odd thing to recognize, but he didn't say anything about it.

Twenty minutes later, Kurt and Blaine stood near Kurt's now operating Navigator. "Thank you so much, Blaine," Kurt held the squash and pointed back towards his car.

Blaine shrugged, "Your Dad is a good man, and you seem like one too. Don't wait three years to come back again, okay? Maybe we could sing or something. I could use a music tutor." Blaine gave another crooked smile and walked back towards his truck.

Kurt moved on shaky legs and gawked at the gorgeous boy, did he really remember him, because Kurt didn't remember ever seeing Blaine on the farm before.

With one more glance, Kurt put his car in drive and rushed back towards Lima, butterflies in his stomach the entire ride home.

That night, Kurt immediately decided to look up more recipes that called for fresh fruits and vegetables all while listening to the song he heard Blaine singing along to in the truck.

This night is flawless, don't you let it go
I'm wonder-struck, dancing around all alone
I'll spend forever wondering if you knew
I was enchanted to meet you.

This is me praying that

This was the very first page, not where the storyline ends
My thoughts will echo your name until I see you again
These are the words I held back as I was leaving too soon
I was enchanted to meet you.

*crosses fingers* I hope you all like it!