Title: Illumination
Character: Mojo Jojo
Rating: G/K
Disclaimer: Words are all I can buy.
Summary: One of these days Mojo will figure it out.
Notes: My September entry for the PpG Monthly Drabble Contest on Livejournal. Prompt was "da capo." Un-beta'd.



Mojo steepled his fingers as he sat back in his chair, his brow knit in concentration. His attention snapped from one television screen to another amidst the plethora that surrounded him.


Their collective glow cast an unnatural light, a myriad of glimmers that played along his static form. The lightplay double-timed now as they each rewound and settled back into play. He sat there and watched.

Each screen was dedicated to one. One plan after another, every one a loss, every one a failure. There was a common link between them all. Besides the three faces that flashed across them, that thwarted him and led him to ruin at every turn.

No, there was a common link here. And he was going to find it.

And when he did...

Mojo sat and watched, his eyes darting from screen to screen over the apex of his steepled fingers. There was something he was doing wrong. He was not so arrogant as to deny it—that he could be doing something wrong, that he could be unconsciously complicit in his own demise. But first he had to study his failures. Identify his weak point. The common link.

Three faces flashed across each screen, and his lip curled.

There was a common link here. He was going to find it. He was going to fix it. And he was going to beat them.

He let each one play through to the end this time, the light diminishing bit by bit until he was shrouded in the darkness of his cold lab.