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Chapter One: Spencer's Dark Passage

It was just another boring day, coming back from school, getting too much homework, and then having to go to my dad's office and remind him ONCE AGAIN, that he said he was going to eat dinner with me tonight, well by what my clock says, it's 9 o'clock and he never came home, meaning I have a empty stomach. And when I have an empty stomach, I get cranky. So I parked in the humongous parking lot across the street from my dad's office, carefully crossed the street and went through the main doorway of the skyscraper building. I quickly made my way to the front desk to see a familiar and friendly face, Ms. Goldstein, who was the secretary for my father's company.

"Hey Susan is my father upstairs?" I asked her as politely as I could with the mood I was in. She looked up at me and let a small sympathetic smile cross her lips.

"Let me guess, the usual you're father being drowned in his work to pay attention to the time?"

"And Bingo was his name O." I said sarcastically.

"(Sigh) He's upstairs, do you want me to call him to make sure he's not on a conference call?"

"No need, I'll go up there myself." I said already heading for the elevator. When the elevator dinged and the doors slowly made its way open, Susan's voice got me to turn around when she said,

"You shouldn't be so hard on him, he's only doing this so that you're happy, and so that his thoughts don't wonder to, other, things…" She said solemnly. I nodded my head knowing exactly what she was talking about; she was talking about my mother's passing two years back when she got attacked by an E.V.O. while she was driving home one night. Without another word said, I walked into the elevator and waited for the doors to close completely before letting out a shaky sigh to myself.

Thinking about my mother's accident sometimes really gets to me, but sometimes I forget how much that day really changed my father's life. The reason why she was coming home was because my father asked her to and that's why he puts so much of the blame on himself. Even I know that it wasn't his fault, and have even told him that myself, but he won't hear any of it. I almost started to feel tears sting my eyes when I finally heard the ding of the elevator chiming saying I finally reached my father's floor. Even though he's the head of the corporation doesn't mean he should be on top, it's just too annoying having to go up and down all the time. Shaking those thoughts away for the moment, I scurried out of the elevator and stomped my way over to the Far East side of the building and to a mahogany double door that held on the other side my work-crazed father.

I was just about to grip the handle bars tightly and burst my way through there screaming at my father to get a hold of himself and learn to check his clock right next to him on his desk, but I faltered and pressed my ear against the door instead. On the other side I heard nothing but the shuffling of feet moving from one side of the room to the farther side where the wall was lined with full sized windows looking over the beautiful night life of the city. After the footsteps stopped, I could hear the settling of a body into a leather chair and then a click and a shift of something. An unclear man's voice came to my ear and it sounded like a tape recording because of all the static in the background, or maybe my father was making a long distance call to a client overseas or someone in a car on a highway, either way it was sort of fuzzy what he was saying. But the last line that the man said I could hear perfectly.

"The time has come for you to see what you have created." I heard something move and then a weird noise sounding like air being let out of a tank of some sort, like what someone would do when blowing up a balloon from a helium tank. But what got my attention were my father then coughing and the noise of objects being knocked over. That's what caused me to open the doors and to see what was going on.

When I came into the room, at first I couldn't see anything because there was this weird smoke or even gas that was emanating from my father's desk, making it hard to see, I dared to approach closer but then started coughing as well when I got a bit of a whiff of the smoke, it smelled nasty and made me have to gasp for air. Once the gas cleared from the air, I saw my father struggling to stand up and holding his hands to his throat like he was choking.

"Dad?" I called loudly but he didn't seem to hear me because he then tried balancing himself but ended up falling to the ground behind his desk. "DAD!" I scream and I was making my way over there when a hand, a green hand made it's way to the desk and then started changing and growing and becoming less human like. I stared in awe and in terror until I saw the figure that was once my father twist and turn in ways not possible and turn a sickly green color and leaves and vines generating around his body until there was nothing left of my dad but a E.V.O.

I let out a scream without even realizing it until the plant creature turned on me and from what I could tell was staring right at me. Although it was hard to tell since it had no eyes, but all I knew that it knew that I was there with it and it didn't look happy, although that was also hard to tell since it's head was just a shape of a Venus flytrap but thinner so it looked more like a crocodile's mouth. It let out a roar and then I noticed a thing on his desk then say,

"And this is only the beginning…" It was same voice that I heard my father listening to. I thought it was a message left by a client or something, but I didn't recognize that voice. Who was that man? What did he want? How did he know my father? Did he cause what happened to my father? Before I could even think of another question or even ponder on any of the many questions like those racing through my head, the creature formally known as my father lunged at me.

Thankfully I have quick reflexes and jumped out of the way before I could get slashed to bits by the creature's knife like arms that cut through the floor on the place I was standing momentarily before. While taking a breath by the bookshelf where I was now, I thought that maybe I could talk to it, see if it'll respond or something.

"Dad, look at me, it's me, Spencer, your daughter. We were supposed to have dinner tonight but you bailed and so I'm here. Don't you recognize me?" I almost pleaded for him to remember. For a moment, the creature didn't move, maybe something I said got through to my dad. But then it shook its big snapping head and outstretched vines from the sides of its body and had them wrap around my torso and my arms. I tried breaking through and getting out, but he just gripped tighter.

Before I could even blink, the creature smashed through the windows and jumped out. Oh and did I mention how much I hate heights? Well, I do, a whole lot, so I guess you can say falling down from the thirty-first floor of an office building wasn't what I liked calling fun. O and while in the air, the creature strapped me to his back like a baby carrier. But the best part was when we landed on a soft and cushiony public bus that shattered beneath the creature's feet as glass scattered through the air. The next few things I heard were car crashes, a gas station exploding, and then loud sirens of fire trucks and police cars. The policemen started shooting their guns at the monster, thankfully aiming for the front of him so I didn't get hurt, but gunshots didn't even faze him in the least. If it did anything, it sure as heck made him super mad. It let out a ferocious roar and then thrashed its way through the traffic of smashed up cars with its scissor like arms.

Cars went flying through the air as they smashed into nearby buildings, other cars, the careless pedestrian and fire hydrants. I was surprised how quickly he was causing so much damage with me strapped to his back, and even now starting to sink into his skin like he was absorbing me. It felt incredibly gross and unnatural and I was of course like any normal person screaming my lungs off, well until my mouth was covered by something like a vine.

Then the weirdest thing happen, from what I could tell through my watery eyes something shiny and silver came hurtling towards us and then smashed into me and thus causing my captor to be pushed forward until he was face planted into a building. The silver whatever they were then left my stomach that they pushed into and retracted back to the source. I was in a heck full of pain and I think I heard something crack. Oh wait, just kidding, make that two. I was surprised at how unharmed my former daddy was from being smashed into a wall when he jumped up in the air, aiming for something or someone I couldn't see since I was on his back.

"Whoa, easy now..." I heard a nervous but male voice say as he was then knocked to the ground. If I wasn't so beaten up right now I could have sworn that was a teenage boy's voice as the person then smashed into something on the way down and then several more things. The E.V.O. I was strapped to then landed easily on the ground on then to be stabbed in the mouth by two-twin weird looking swords from what I could t ell from where I was positioned. But after letting out a small roar, the creature flicked the swords away and continued to thrash. I just hope whoever is trying to stop my father is a bit gentler with him for one, he's my father, and two, and I'm still strapped onto his back.

Wait; maybe they don't know I'm here. So I then tried squirming as much as I could through my restraints and then after biting the vine and seeing it withdraw its hold on my mouth I screamed as hard as I could. The E.V.O. then turned around and started running away so now I was facing who ever it was beating up my dad and I can honestly say I was shocked.

I was now facing a man wearing a green suite and dark shades, a monkey with a weird hat on his head with twin red bazookas, and then a teenage Latino boy probably around my age with what look like mechanical boots? He was standing at least ten feet in the air because of these weird looking orange metal boots on his feet. They all looked at me for a second and didn't move, I probably made their situation a bit more complicated but it was better than them not knowing and keep beating me up, along with what's left of my father. The man dressed in the green-clad outfit then said something to the boy and the monkey. The boy looked frantic and confused while arguing and gestured his hands towards us, but after a moment they all started coming after my dad and I. The boy jumped up and over our heads and landed in front of my dad and punched him just hard enough to stop him and not have us go flying somewhere into a building.

All of a sudden after not moving for a second, the creature spewed out yellow bad smelling liquid from its mouth, aiming for the boy from what I could tell. Then I heard something like someone in pain, then my dad turned around and I saw that the boy now without those orange boots from before was bending over his hands in pain, I guess the liquid was some sort of acid, but why he wasn't more hurt I didn't know but all I said was,

"I'm really sorry!" I yelled as my father continued to run away. The boy then looked up after hearing my voice saying,

"Did I say you could leave?" Hopefully he wasn't talking to me and was talking to my dad. Suddenly his legs then glowed and the boots that he had on before transformed around his legs. I was pretty much dumbfounded on how he did that but at the moment, I didn't care how, I just wanted him to stop my dad from hurting others, and also to be RELEASED from his back. I haven't in the LEAST enjoyed this piggyback ride. The tan skinned boy then lost his mechanical boots and instead turned his arms into mechanical fists and then came spiraling down towards us with one fist spinning rapidly and then jamming right into my dad's head, causing him to fall on the ground on his stomach and roll quite a bit.

I guess the creature aka. My dad was in too much pain to keep a hold of me anymore after that punch, I started to slowly slip out of his grasp and fell off to the side on the cold and wet cement in a lot of pain. Oh hear that? Something else just probably snapped; that's just, super. I laid there on the ground while my dad got up again at the approaching boy and ran in the opposite direction, I guess not realizing I fell off. I thought at first the boy was going to continue to chase my dad but instead he came over to where I was sprawled on the ground and his two buddies ran after my dad.

"Hey, you okay chica?" He said as he kneeled down to me as he threw some Spanish into the question. I first tried to sit up but ended up cringing instead and returning to my spot on the ground.

"Not, ugh, entirely." I said through gritted teeth and only one eye open since I could barely stay awake, feeling now the exhaustion and pain rush over my body.

"Don't worry, once that E.V.O. is destroyed-" before he could finish I cut him off saying

"NO! Don't hurt him!" I tried yelling as loud as I could even in so much pain.

"What? He held you captive all this time and you're defending him? Why-"

"Because THAT E.V.O. is my father!" I said grabbing his shirt to help me sit up trying to make a point but ended up hurting more instead. He just looked at me and said,

"HUH?" He questioned with an almost very cute but very dumb look on his face.

"Please DON'T hurt him. He doesn't know what he's doing, you have to help him, PLEASE!" I was almost on the verge of tears for what seemed like the hundredth time today. He looked at me then back at his friends fighting off the monster and having the monkey's guns getting chopped in half. Then he looked back at me and gave me a reassuring nod while getting up to his feet.

"I'll try. Okay, just, stay here...and," He tried saying while he started to stand up slowly.

"Don't worry, I wouldn't want move even if I had to." with that said, he managed to grow mechanical wings on his back like a jet pack almost and he launched himself onto my father's back. He grabbed onto his shoulders and before I knew it, the creatures form started shimmering and shrinking. Then after some stumbling from my father, both he and the mysterious boy landed on the ground back to normal, well except the fact he wasn't wearing the top part to his suit anymore and his pants were ripped. I was so overjoyed to see my father transform back to normal I went against what the boy told me to do and I got up and ran with a new energy that I had no idea where it came from, but all I knew is I wanted to see my dad.

As I pretty much sprinted over to where the three mystery people were with my dad, I could hear my dad say,

"Please, don't let him hurt me again."

"Hey, don't look at me," said the boy, "I barely touched the guy." he said referring to my father. The green-suited man with dark shades took a few steps forward towards my dad and asked,

"Calm down," he said in a stern and authoritarian voice with his hand up, "we're here to help you."

"He said it was just the beginning, you have to stop him." My dad said looking a bit too shaken up.

"Uh oh, some ones a few tacos short of a fiesta platter." Said the monkey. Ignoring the fact the monkey talked and his negative attitude, I ran past him and the boy and then past the man in green and into my dad's arms.

"Oh dad, I'm so happy you're okay!" I said into his wet and sticky chest not caring at all how bad he smells at the moment and focusing how he's back to normal. "You really had me worried."

"'Dad'?" He questioned then holding me out at arms length. "Oh my God, where's my wife, and where's Spencer?"

"Daddy I'm right here, it's me Spencer..." I said not liking the way he was looking at me and asking all these weird questions like we were strangers.

"No! You're not my little girl. I need to find my family, I have to protect my family." He said escaping my grasp on him and started walking away frantically. I grabbed his wrist.

"But Dad!" I called frantically. But he just stared at me like I was the crazy one here.

"I have to protect my family from that mad man, he's a mad man! A MAD MAN!" He ended screaming running into a busy street until he crossed thankfully safe onto the other side and out of site. I was just about to run after him when a pair of firm and strong hands reached my shoulders and restraining me from following after him. I tried breaking free but then the pain was rushing over me again, with now a new kind of pain that just made my heart feel like it was bleeding.

"Let me GO!" I yelled at the person holding me back, turning out to be the man in the green suit. I looked at him and started to pound his chest with my fists until I ran out of energy and just collapsed into his arms and finally let out the tears that I've been storing up since I was in the elevator in my dad's office building. Thankfully, the man was nice enough to understand what I'm going through and let me cry, he gently but stiffly rubbed my back, not knowing much else to do.

After a while of me just standing there. I stopped crying but didn't leave his chest until he pushed out at arms lengthen and then told me,

"Don't worry, we'll find your father; I have a team already on the search for him, they will report back as soon as they find him and bring him back to the base. Now," he said letting go of my arms and straightened his tie, "what's your name?"

"S-Spencer Ha-Hastings." I said sniffling and rubbing my arms, trying to calm myself down since I usually don't cry in public.

"Where is your mother? Is she around to call up and tell her what happened?"

"No," I nodded my head side to side; "She's, she's not available." I said not wanting to go into that whole story right now with the mood I was in.

"Do you have any relatives you can stay with for the time being?" He questioned me with his eyebrow raised.

"Yea, my aunt and uncle live not far from here." I said now almost fully regaining my composure.

"Alright, Rex," The man said turning the conversation over to the boy, Rex apparently, "take Spencer to her relative's house and give her our number."

"What? NO! I want to look for my dad." I said as the man put a finger to his ear and listened.

"No need." He said once he removed his finger from his ear. "A team has already found him and are on their way to our base. Don't worry, Providence will take care of everything."

"But-" I tried protesting but was cut off.

"I'm sorry but you have to wait until we make sure he's back to a healthy condition to visit him. For now you have to wait." He said sternly not wanting me to argue. Not really having the strength to, I just sighed and let my head drop. "Rex, take her, and NO messing around." He said sounding exhausted from just saying it, like he's said it over and over again to just him.

"Oh come on Six, me? Mess around? I'm almost offended by that." He said trying to act all innocent. I would've usually laughed at a comment like that, seeing as this guy is probably a smart-ass, but I couldn't bring myself to it. The man called Six just grunted with the monkey following behind saying something to Red but not auditable for Spencer to hear. They walked until a huge white jet plane type machine landed and blew everything like my auburn hair around like crazy. After another flip of my loose hair in the wind and the aircraft and Six along with the monkey who didn't want to stick around were gone.

Rex and I were the only ones left on the whole street. It was eerily quiet. I finally lifted up my head and brushed my hair behind my ear to look at Rex. He was scratching the back of his neck not making eye contact with me until after a beat. Not knowing what to do, I walked a little bit and turned around sighing.

"Come on, I don't want to stand around here anymore." I said rather sadly. I saw his expressions copy mine as he came up beside me and we walked to my Aunt Sara's house. There was just the rustling of the wind blowing garbage across the ground and the random car alarms going off.

"I'm sorry..." I could just hear Rex whisper.

"Why are you sorry? You stopped my dad from causing any more trouble than he already did."

"You know what I mean...And I didn't even cure him, he changed back on his own before I could even lay a hand on him."

"Oh; well, thanks for trying, and for saving me back there." I said sort of shyly.

"It's what I do, well you know, what Providence does anyways." He said trying to act cool.

"Hm…" I said, and that was my last response I made for a while because before we realized, we were on my relative's street. Boy, are they going to be in for quite a shock to see me at this hour. As we headed towards their porch, he stopped at the bottom of the stairs as I continued to walk up them. I stopped at the top and turned around to see him heading towards the gate.

"Hey, Rex..." I said sort of quietly without meaning to, thankfully he heard me anyway. He turned his head around with his hand on the gate.

"Yeah?" he asked at the same-ish volume as me.

"Thanks; for uh, you know, not talking about, well..."

"Sure thing. I had a feeling you wouldn't want to after tonight. But just to tell you..." He said starting to trail off a bit. I looked at him with my head tilted to the side in wonder. "Uh, if you, ever wanna talk..."

"I'll know who to call." I said in a warmer tone with a hint of a smile pulling at my lip. He looked at me and gave me a grin.

"Check your back pocket." He said. I first looked at him weirdly but then dug my hand through my back jean pocket to find a crumpled up piece of paper with two numbers on it, one with Providence's number, the other with Rex's. I scanned it over again, and then looked back at Rex and smiled.

"How the hell did you manage to get that move past me?" I said cocking an eyebrow up at him.

"Well that's me to know and you not to." He grinned in a playful way. I started to laugh but then found an excruciating pain in my side. I guess that adrenaline rush I got from wanting to see my dad is at its end and the pain from before was starting to return.

"Yeah, you might want to go see a doctor tomorrow as soon as you can. You look pretty beaten up."

"Huh, well you sure know how to flatter a girl Rex." I said pretending to be sweet. It felt weird that not even knowing or even talking to Rex for that long could make me feel even the slightest bit better with all that's happened today. "Goodnight Rex." I said in a teasing way.

"Night Spencer." He said over his head with a wave and then walked down the road and disappeared around the corner. I sighed at the thought of now being sort of alone and having to wake up my relatives who were probably being normal people and sleeping, well actually being so close to where everything happened, they probably haven't had that much time to sleep. So I cautiously laid two fingers over the doorbell before carefully adding pressure so it would ring. After a moment of silence, I heard some shuffling stirring from inside to then hear the locks from the inside of the door twisting and unlatching until the door opened to reveal my uncle in his blue robe and his famous Moccasin slippers rubbing his eyes and then going all bug-eyed to then recognize who was standing outside.

"Spencer?" My uncle's voice rippled from his sore and tired throat.

"Hi yah Uncle Joe." I said as if I was almost whispering.

"Hey kiddo, what are you doing out so late?" he said bringing me into a hug that I wouldn't consider being painful besides the fact that now I was finding it hard to keep standing.

"Its, well, quite a story." I said knowing that this was probably going to turn into the longest nigh of my life just trying to explain everything.

"Hey, it's okay, how about you explain it in the morning, you look beat."

"Ha, you have, NO, idea." Apparently not seeing that the back of my shirt was sticky with sweat and possibly blood dripping down it still and how I was leaning against the door frame for support. He then looking at me with concern brought me under his arm and helped inside and we sat down at the couch and he was going to ask me if I wanted anything but as soon as I hit that couch, I was out for the night.

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