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Story: GR-NF

Chapter 6: To be a Wingman of a Wingman Part Two

"Spencer?" They both question me at the same time with their eyes all bugged out like they were going to pop out of their heads.

"In the flesh, well more flesh than usual." I step away from them and show off a bit, with then saying the last part under my breath.

"Who's this?" A red haired girl who I recognized from the photo Noah showed us on his chart from earlier to be Claire asked me. Her friend, who I presumed to be Annie, walked up to the three of us. I push the boys aside.

"Sorry to have not introduced myself sooner. I am Spencer Hastings. It's a pleasure to meet you; I'll be your entertainer on our lovely ride to your prom." I say as I shake both of their hands, although I avoid shaking Annie's beaten up hand. "Now come," I say as I get behind the two of them. "Let's continue with this fantasy I call 'pre-prom'." I say as I give them slight pushes up the ramp.

"We're going to prom, in this?" Claire said in disbelief.

"It'll be fun…trust me…" I say as confidently as I could although I was worried more about fumbling in my shoes than I was in worrying about how they were feeling about their new jacked up ride. As Noah and Rex were walking up, Annie I saw from the corner of my eye found something to entertain herself with and pressed a button on the wall that caused the carrier's ramp to close.

Unfortunately for Rex, he was still on the ramp, so he got his head knocked by the ramp as he fell to the floor of the carrier with a thud. As he tried getting up, Annie turned around to see him and got worried but again accidentally whacked Rex in the face with her hurt hand and he fell back on his spine, again.

"Need a hand?" I say as I stretch out my hand in front of him to take. He looked up at me and gave me a small and very faint smile and took it graciously and stood up. "Just shake it off. This can't go on for long now can it?"

"Sure, it'll only last long enough for me to DIE." Rex hisses under his breath.

"Now cheer up and just, relax okay. You look like a mess." I say as I straighten his jacket and make him a bit more presentable while also sneaking the microphone on him I placed on him off. "There, now that's better." I then pulled him in so I could whisper into his ear. "Now just pretend like this is the night of your life and treat Annie with some care and you'll get out of this just barely you got it?"

"Yes ma'am." He says. I push him away and then brush the hair out of my face as well as plastered a huge and fake smile on to then turn around so I could proceed with my duties.

"Now, who wants fancy cheese and crackers, Hm?" I say as I take a platter off the table I set up in the huge space that was the back of the carrier.

Thankfully the ride to the restaurant, which was the next stop on their pre-prom night was so close. I didn't want have to put up with the girls and Noah and Rex's awkward but 'secretive' looks they were giving me as I kept the girls entertained. I've felt so awkward just being there as the fifth wheel and trying to be all friendly when I had no interest in making new friends and the dress I was wearing was not something I was used to either, I was exposing so much more than I eve wanted to, even if I was wearing tights.

Once the vehicle stopped moving, I opened up the hatch to make the doorway the rail to get down to the ground.

"Well you crazy kids go have fun, hope you had a real good time now go fill up your bellies now, see yah." I say as I try to turn around to get the heck out of here.

"Wait, you're not coming with us?" Annie whines to my surprise. Oh no, don't tell me, they actually like me? Damn my fake friendliness being such a catch.

"Uh, no, that wasn't part of the plan, I'm just the entertainer who lets you go off on your own to enjoy a nice dinner." I say as I lead the two girls out of the Providence carrier and outside.

"Well you've been so entertaining that you deserve a reward, a fabulous meal at the best restaurant, so come on, join us!" Claire exclaims.

"Oh yes please!" Annie agrees with great excitement.

"Oh I couldn't." I say uncomfortably but still trying to be strong.

"Yeah, she really couldn't." Rex adds.

"Besides, I'm not even hungry." And curse the devil because as soon as I said that, my stomach grumbled like I've been starving myself for two days.

"Oh that's it, you're getting some food in that skinny belly of yours." Claire says.

"No, no; that's quite alright." I say as Annie and Claire both grab my arms and drag me out of the personal carrier and into the fancy restaurant. "Help. Me." I say through gritted teeth behind me to the boys who just stared with stupid blank faces. Not wanting to argue with their dates, they just followed behind shortly. We got up to the door and there was a spiffy fellow in a suit who looked awfully stuck up and stuffy who said,

"Good evening ladies, table for…?" He asks but then hesitates on the number as he sees Rex and Noah gradually make their way behind us.

"Four." I insist as I try escaping both the girl's grasp.

"Five. Table for five please." Claire says as her grip on my forearm grows stronger and I give in since for a skinny girl like herself she sure knows how to hold on to something. Mr. Stiff scans over our group with a sharp eye and raises one eyebrow but tosses his suspicions over his shoulder and leads us to a nice and fancy table in the back.

Of course the table was originally set for four people but saw that I was the awkward fifth wheel and in front of everyone made room for a fifth member, and of course I was wedged right in between Claire and Annie while Rex and Noah sat next to their adjacent prom dates.

Once we were seated at a table and we waited for a waiter to come to our table and ask us what we wanted.

"I love this place." Annie said.

"Oh, so you've been here before?" Rex said as he was obeying my rules as making sure she was the topic and keeping up conversation.

"A few times, but never long enough to actually eat. Oh candles." Annie picked up the candle but it slipped out of her buttery hands and it fell on the table and thus set Rex on fire. Rex freaks and Annie tries helping by throwing a glass cup filled with water his way. Usually what people do they hold on to the cup and splash the water on the person on fire, but Annie, being the special girl she is, throws the CUP at Rex and it hits his head and he falls out of his seat and onto the floor where a gracious waiter was there ready with a fire extinguisher.

"S'il vous plait Monsieur. Your finest basket of bread for the table." Noah says kindly and smoothly to the waiter who looked very peeved at the moment.

"Right away sir." The man says in a slight French accent. "I'll leave this here." The waiter says putting the fire extinguisher on the ground by Noah's feet. I casually take out a 10-dollar bill and toss it in the air, which surprisingly the waiter catches with no trouble at all.

"Thank you sir." I said as politely as I could with added wink for luck.

"Don't thank me yet, miss." He says as he walks away. We all exchanged glances but shrugged it off.

As we each ordered our appetizers, there was an eerie silence that was present at the table. It was as if we were all strangers to each other, well that was until Claire's phone started buzzing from within her silver purse and she clicked it open and read the text she received.

"Oh my God." She said breathlessly.

"What is it Claire?" Annie asked urgently.

"Rebecca dumped Jared. Rebecca and Jared are officially done!"

"What? Where'd you hear that from?" Annie said as she reached over past me to get a glimpse of Claire's screen.

"Jared just texted me asking me to the dance. Too bad I got one already." She says as she smiles at Noah who blushes slightly. Aw, that's cute I thought to myself.

"Say, Spencer…" Annie trails off. Oh no, what are they going to get me to do.

"You wouldn't by any chance be interested in going with Jared to the dance now would you?" Claire asked innocently.

"What?" I said confused.

"Oh come on, he's a good friend of mine and I feel just awful that he doesn't have a date anymore to the dance. Besides, I already told him that you would."

"You what?" I say as I grab her phone. I read the text message out loud. "'I have a sexy ginger friend in a short and skimpy dress who I bet is totally interested in going with you'? (Gasp) Claire! Why'd you do that? And my dress isn't skimpy, it's just short."

"Whatever you say honey. Ah! Oh my God, he's calling me right now. Hello? Hi Jared. Oh, you want to know more about my friend? Well here she is." Claire says holding the phone up to me to take from her. I was trying to back up out of it but then Annie pulls out her phone and shows me an attractive boy on the screen playing football. She mouths to me that the person on the screen was Jared.

I take Annie's phone and look at the boy a bit more; boy was he a sight for sore eyes. You could tell by his short-sleeved shirt that it was holding back an awesome body and he surprisingly had the face of a model. I look from Annie's phone to Claire's. Knowing I was probably going to regret this later but didn't care at the moment, I take the phone from Claire and hold it up to my ear and take a short sigh and talk into the phone. Might as well enjoy myself and put on a good show.

"Hey handsome how you doin'?" I say into the phone. Claire and Annie of course are cracking up next to me, as I was intending would happen as Noah has his mouth wide open in disbelief. I am never like this in public, I usually just say I'm going to say something but I never do. What threw me off a bit though was the voice I heard at the other end of the phone.

"Well nice to meet you too miss 'sexy ginger'." He said using the 'cute' and not so subtle nickname Claire gave me in her text. "What's your name?" He asks.

"Spencer," I breathed out as if I was talking like Marilyn Monroe. "And as my lovely informers have told me, you're Jason." I say his name wrong on purpose.

"Jared, I'm Jared." He corrected.

"Well I'm much less interested in names than I am in finding out where you've been all this time? Have you been hiding from me?" I tease.

"I guess we've just missed each other. So should I take all this as I'm going to see you at the dance later?"

"Yeah, and if you're lucky you'll see me afterwards too." I say as I wink at Claire and Annie as they are cheering me on.

"Well until then, I'll be waiting." He said with a hint of swag and joy.

"And I'll be looking out for you. See you tonight." And that's when I hang up. I place the phone down on the table casually and then fall back in my seat completely out of breath, what on EARTH did I just do, God if Gabi was here right now she'd be so proud of me.

"Oh my God, you totally just owned him. You reeled him in and snapped the trap." Claire says as she elbows me in the gut.

"Really?" I say in a surprised tone.

"Like a pro. You are SO going to have him wrapped around you all night if you keep that up." Annie says to me as she gives a hug around the neck. God, although in the beginning I thought these two were nice but annoying, I was having second doubts now.

"I don't know if I can live up to that though. I was completely joking; just picturing meeting up with him later is giving me butterflies. I mean come on, he's drop dead gorgeous." I say as I look at Annie's phone again at the picture of him.

"Yeah, and look at yourself. You look like a runway model in that dress." I cannot believe they were saying these things about me. It was totally unexpected; I thought I looked like a complete idiot, I mean a chimp picked out my dress.

"I don't know…" I say with doubt in my voice.

"You said it yourself, he's gorgeous. Do you really want to pass up this opportunity?" Annie says.

"No?" I question.

"That's the spirit. Now we have to debrief you all about him and what to talk about with him."

"Okay, I'm ready to-" I cut myself off as a new voice starts talking into my ear. It was Holiday; she said she wanted to talk to me. "I'm ready to go and powder my nose."

"What? But your make up looks fine." Claire says as Annie nods her head in agreement.

"Fine won't cut it for when I see Jared, got to make sure I look absolutely stunning, you know what I mean right?" They both nodded at me in unison. I look over a Rex who was trying to get my eye contact for a while now I guess and he raises a questioning eyebrow at me. I then pointed to my ear meaning the comm. link in my ear and he gives me a short nod and then turns back to maybe try and get a word in with the girls.

I sneak my way past the bathroom and I find a quiet place where I could talk to Holiday.

"What's up Holiday?" I ask as I put a finger to my ear so I could hear her better, there wasn't great signal in the restaurant.

"How's the bunny hunting going?" She asks me casually. Crap! I forgot about that, I've been so occupied with this that I didn't realize I was supposed to be keeping tabs on the bunny's whereabouts.

"Uh, well, you see…" I say as I finally found a quiet enough place, outside on the terrace. There wasn't anyone out there since it was kind of cold.

"Don't worry I'm just playing you. Bobo told me about him dragging you along in the carrier he's using for Rex's prom." Holiday explains as we both share a laugh. That Bobo, he can't keep that trap of a mouth shut can he? "How's that going by the way?" Holiday asks next.

"Well apparently I have a date now to said prom." I say casually as I lean my back against the railing.

"Good for you. Do you know him?" Holiday asks curiously.

"Nope. Only had one phone call with him and we I guess we hit it off quite nicely and so I'm going with him. He's a friend of Claire's." I say as I picture the guy in my head again and let out a little sigh.

"Well that should be exciting." Holiday said excited for me.

"Are you kidding? I feel like I'm about to barf." I say as I turn around and lean my arms now on the railing and hunch my back.

"Why? Isn't this what you wanted, to go to prom and have a date to the dance?" Holiday asked.

"How did you know I wanted that?" I asked shocked she read my mind.

"I didn't have to ask you to know that is what's been on your mind lately." Holiday said honestly. God it's weird how good she is at understanding me.

"Okay, fine so I have a redo of the prom I went to since I won't be likely to be going to my own school prom. But…" I trail off and I trail my pointer finger along the edges carved into the wooden railing.
"What is it Spence?" Holiday asks concerned.

"It's just I afraid the same thing is going to happen." I mope.

"What happened at the last one?"

"Well it started out great, we were having a blast dancing and we were all hanging out with his friends who I knew pretty well and laughing. You know, nothing unusual, just teens having a good time. Then he said he was going to go and get us punch.

"So Adam, that's the guys name, goes off and for a good fifteen minutes I don't think twice about where he because I was enjoying my time with my friends. Then I get worried and go off looking for him, I leave the gym and right before anyone could have seen me, I saw him making out with another girl by the lockers where you couldn't bee seen that easily.

"I mean I wasn't that upset since he was always just one of my friends who I slightly developed feelings for and so instead of running out crying, I go to a teacher and get him in trouble. Although seeing his face when the teacher pulled the two of them apart was priceless and just as sweet as I stood there smirking, I was still hurt and haven't talked to him since."

"Aw Spencer…" Holiday says after I finished.

"I mean I'm better now but I'm still slightly hurt by it and I don't know if I'm ready to just throw myself at another guy." I say as I hug myself.

"Well you don't have to. You can just start out by talking and just getting to know him." Holiday says.

"But what happens if he's not one of those type of guys…" I say getting my nerves all jittery and thus feeling the pumping of my blood speed up.

"Well then dump his sorry butt if he tries anything then." Holiday said in a fake serious tone that caused me to start cracking up.

"Holiday…" I say laughing. It was funny seeing a less serious side to her. She laughs too and I feel more relieved that I have someone like her to talk to. "But seriously Spencer, you shouldn't think too much into it. Just focus on the in the moment and less on the what ifs, kay?" Doctor Holiday says to me as if it was an order.

"Okay Doc. Thanks." I say as I finally smile to myself.

"And you have me too just in case you feel bad beating him up." I hear a familiar voice come up from behind me and whisper in my ear. I jump a bit and turn around to see Rex smirking at my reaction.

"God! You know eavesdropping is wrong right?" I say, but then I think about what I was doing earlier. I'll let it slide, but I sure won't show it.

"I came looking for you, Claire and Annie were wondering where you were." Rex says as he takes off his jacket and puts it around my shoulders. "You look like you're getting cold out here."

"Thanks, although I do generate my own heat." I smirk at him and he smiles back at me although I still keep the coat. "Aren't you going to get cold though?" I say as I feel slightly guilty for just taking his jacket even if he wrapped it around me.

"Nah, I've been meaning to get some fresh air. It's really stuffy in there."

"Yeah." Then we're silent for a bit. Then I get this feeling start sprouting in my chest and then I just let it out. "I'm sorry that they're paying more attention to me than to you and Noah." I say feeling slightly guilty that their dates aren't focusing on them.

"I sure don't mind. Again, I did this as a favor to Noah. And the more she's focused on you; the less frequent I'm going to get hurt. And I think Noah is still shocked Claire is sitting with him." Rex says as I start laughing at how true that is, from when I came along to now, I've noticed Noah's been a bit in La, La Land. Unfortunately a loud and angry voice that we both knew belonged to only one man interrupted our nice little conversation.

"So, is that rabbit stewed yet?" White asked irritated.

"It still hasn't found me. Maybe it wised up and hopped out of town." Rex said as I listened in silently through my communicator without White knowing.

"Or maybe it hopped back into town for another rampage." White said angrily as an explosion from the town we could see from below us exploded with noise and smoke was seen from the center of it all.

"I'm supposing you're gunna want me to take care of that huh?" Rex said totally bummed.

"If you wouldn't mind." White said as he then disconnected the call and Rex looked super annoyed as he looked down and scrunched his face up.

"OH come on!" Rex finally exclaims. "Now it shows up? God Noah is going to kill me for this. Rex starts to climb up onto the railing to go fly down to the city below us but I grabbed the loops on his pants and stopped him.

"No Rex, Noah's going to kill you if he found out you bailed on him and your date. I think he could really use your assistance right about now." I say to him as I place my hands on his arms to keep him from trying to escape again.

"But what about the bunny?" Rex asks.

"Like I said earlier, I'll take care of it, I mean I don't think they're going to miss me being the fifth wheel now are they?" I say honestly.

"You have not been the fifth wheel." Rex argues.

"Oh yeah, then what else would you call the position I've been in for the past good two hours?" Rex didn't know how to respond to that. "Exactly. Now go and enjoy yourself and I'll fry the rat ball before you can say 'Check Please'." I say as I go rummaging through my bag to finally find a souvenir that Holiday gave to me.

"What the heck is that?" Rex asks as I place the little silver box in his hand.

"It's a vacuum packed fire proof suit to go, pretty nifty right? Holiday gave it to me just in case of emergencies, and I'd definitely call this an emergency." I say taking it back and throwing it in the air and catching it. "Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go and change." I say as I give Rex back his jacket and then quickly make my way back inside.

"Spence." Rex says. I turn around to see him as he slips on his jacket.

"Yeah Rex?" I question kind of in a hurry to get out of here.

"Thanks. I owe you." He says. That's what got me to release my grip off the door handle and face him fully.

"And I will hold you to that until you do." I say winking back at him. "Now go inside and have a good time. I won't be gone long." And that's where I leave him and run into the bathroom. Once I find the bathroom and lock myself in a stall, I press on the box and it explodes and out comes my fireproof suit. I slip off the complementary dress Bobo picked out off and slide into the suit.

I leave the bathroom and run outside the door and to the carrier outside where Bobo was sleeping in the front seat. I toss in my dress over him, of course not disturbing him at all. With that out of the way now, I power up and I take off into the sky and down into the city with my game face on.

This should be cake. I made my descent to the ground and landed lightly on my feet. I scan the area and don't see any signs that a rampaging fluffy monster was anywhere near the area. Although the eerie silence like in the restaurant was returning. I walk down the silent streets for a bit until I reach a large alleyway.

I peak my head around a corner and that's when I see it. The E.V.O. bunny was chilling out in the middle of the road, chewing on a telephone wire pole like it was a dog's chew toy. It didn't even seem to have noticed that I was not currently standing in the only exit available for it.

"A-hem." I cough loudly to get its attention. It was too involved in reducing the wooden pole into a toothpick to even notice.

"Oh come on!" I yelled as I threw up my hands in annoyance. It stopped chewing and looked in my direction. On seeing me, it didn't find anything too interesting so it went back to the stick.

"God what does a girl have to do to get a stupid bunny's attention?" I said to myself. And before I knew it, something hit me with such force it sent me flying into the building that was behind me. I rubbed my head as I was lying in the crumbled building. I stopped worrying about my head pounding and possibly bleeding to see the E.V.O. finally decided to play with me.

"So NOW I get your attention?" I yell at it. It stops a good fifteen feet away for me just staring at me from what I could tell was an angry look. I got up, dusted myself off and light my hands. It scuffed its feet like a bull would do right before it would come charging at a matador. We both charge at the same time but it was a game of chicken as we waited to see who was going to move out of the way first. I guess the bunny grew a beak and feathers because it chickened out and jumped over me as I kept going.

"HA! Not so tough after all…" I say as I turn around and find I'm being chased. So now it was a game of cat and mouse. And boy am I the mouse. So as I saw the bunny who had four more legs than I did gain up speed and was a foot away from me now, and not his size foot I mean my size foot. So I decided to test how fast I could fly like I did before and charged up as much energy as I did before and shot off like a rocket with a speeding fire tail that burned the bunny's face and caused it to stop and wipe the sot off it's face.

"Boy that was close…" As I said as I looked back to see the bunny draw farther and farther out of my view. As I turned around I wasn't watching where I was flying and few right into a wooden fence and crashed right threw it into a construction zone. I was sprawled on the ground trying to pick myself up. As I got to my knees I could hear the roaring of the bunny drawing closer and closer with outrageous speed.

"Better call in Bobo for back up." Yeah, like a chimpanzee with little red laser guns was going to help take out this rodent. Without another thought, I called in Bobo on my video screen. Oh yeah, forgot to mention that my battle suit wasn't only just fire proof and surprisingly stylish, it came with all kinds of nifty gadgets that are super cool, like a video comm. link. I get connected to the carrier and saw Bobo still draped with my dress over him sound asleep.

"BOBO WAKE UP!" I yell into the screen.

"Ah!" He screams as he jumps up and falls to the ground with the dress still over his face. He grabs the dress and throws it off and looks at the screen. "Kid what are you doing? Where are you? And why do I have your dress?"

"Look, now's not the time for asking questions, it's the time to help me kill this darn E.V.O." I say quickly.

"Are you talking about the bunny?" Bobo questions.

"No I'm talking about a kitten, OF COURSE IT'S THE RABBIT!" I scream at him for being so dense.

"Geez, no need to shout." He says as he sticks a finger in his ear to clear it out.

"Ugh, fine, sorry, look I'm in the middle of town by the construction site, just get here soon." I say strictly.

"Why don't you call Rex?" Bobo asks yet again densely.

"Because he's on his date!" I say as if it was obvious as to why I was calling him and not Rex.

"Does it look like I care?" He says to me in a grouchy attitude. God he's lazy.

"It doesn't matter, I'm not disturbing him now after all we've-he's been through." I correct myself.

"Fine, I'll get there I'll get there." Bobo says as he puts his hands up in defense.

"Good. And h-" And the line went dead. I was caught off guard when I was violently tossed into a building during my conversation and my arm hit the wall and the screen on my arm shattered.

"Bobo? BOBO?" I yelled as I tried getting the communicator to work again. But my luck ran out when slobbery came crashing through the fence as well leaving another giant hole and came at me. "Oh this is just…" And that's when the beast takes me down.

Rex's POV:

As I came back in, all eyes were on me, and I mean that literally as everyone in the whole restaurant had nothing better to do but watch us kids make complete fools of ourselves, whether it was setting a fire or worse. I sat down at my seat and the same horribly uncomfortable silence that was lurking around before came back as we had nothing better to say to another.

"So…" I say trying desperately to start up something, ANYTHING.

"Do you have a girlfriend?" Annie asked innocently. Okay, maybe not anything.

"Well, it's, complicated. She's in league with an evil dictator who wants me dead." I said brutally honest.

"Yeah, my dad's weird about me dating too." Annie says.

"Hey, what's keeping Spencer so long? I mean as a girl I know it's best to look your very best but this is seriously taking too long." Claire says as she scans the restaurant for any signs of Spencer.

"Maybe we should go check on her." Annie said, as they both get ready to leave the table and head to the bathroom where I know she's likely to be not there.

"NO!" Both Noah and I say as we get up as well to prevent them from leaving.

"We mean; she's fine…right Rex?" Noah says as he gives a look towards me to agree with him.

"Right, there's nothing to worry about." I then pretend to get a text message on my phone. "Oh and here's a text from her now, she had to leave."

"Leave? Why?" Both girls exclaim rather loudly, again gaining everyone in the restaurant's attention. Man why were they so obsessed with her to begin with? Girls…

"Providence business. She apologizes for leaving so abruptly." I say pretending like I'm reading it from the screen. "But she had a great time and wants us to carry on the night." Although I got nodding looks from the girls and an approving smile from Noah, I still felt like I was doing something wrong. I felt bad that Spencer had to take care of my problems while I was having a good time out. I really hope that she gets it done easily like she kept saying she would. But to my dismay, as soon as I hear people from the restaurant freaking out saying that there was a monkey in the restaurant, I knew that meant trouble.

"Rex! Rex!" I could hear Bobo calling out my name. after the second calling of my name, I saw the unmistakable red fez sticking out from behind tables and then I saw the furry chimp himself, running over in a panic.

"What's wrong?" I asked him as he reached out table. He was huffing and puffing while he was talking, nothing made sense. I grabbed his shirt collar and said, "BOBO!"

"It's, ugh, God do I need to exercise…It's Spencer. She called me on the comm. link asking for backup but she got cut off."

"How long ago did she call?" I asked cautiously.

"A minute or two ago."

"Oh no. Do you even have any idea how much trouble she could be in right now?" I said as I brushed my hand through my hair. "Why didn't she call me?"

"She didn't want to disturb you on your 'special night'." Bobo said rather dryly. This is my fault. Why did I let myself agree to her going after the bunny, especially by herself? What if she gets hurt…or worse…?

"We have to move. NOW." I say as I get ready to pile drive that E.V.O.s face into the ground.

"Rex!" Noah said rather angrily as he grabbed my shoulder to turn me around and also to stop me from storming off out of the restaurant.

"Noah! You're not stopping me now. Spencer's in danger and-" I said rambling before Noah cut me off.

"And that's why I'm not letting you go, without me." Noah said with a smirk.

"Huh?" I said awfully confused. Throughout the whole night Noah's been stopping me from doing anything to do with Providence and now he wants me to be apart of it?

"I'm not heartless you know? Spencer's my friend too, and for much longer than you two have been for that matter."

"Thanks, now let's move." I said confidently.

"And we're coming too!" Claire says as Annie stood there besides her nodding in agreement.

"You sure? I mean; this isn't really apart of the whole pre-prom description." I say warning them of what they were getting themselves into.

"Spencer's our friend now too, and if she gets hurt, then she can't go to prom and meet Jared and dance with him." Annie reassures the two of us. I look over at Noah thinking he's probably flipping out and doesn't want them involved but to my surprise he seems fine with it, I guess he's too worried about how Spencer's doing to really think of what else is going on.

"Right. Well with that said, let's go help her." Noah says. As we all nod together, we storm out of the restaurant, well not before Noah placed down a few twenties for ditching them after we ordered and for disturbing the whole restaurant and, well everything else.

"Okay kids pile in, and buckle up, I'm going to be driving a bit recklessly." Bobo said. Well that's an understatement. Everyone gets in the back and straps themselves in, well everyone but me since I wanted to get ahead of them to get right into fighting. So I made my ride and revved the engine and led the way to downtown with Bobo a few meters behind me.

I got there rather quickly with how I was feeling driving me to keep going. I just had to make sure that Spencer was okay. I had a feeling in my gut that if she weren't going to be okay, it wouldn't be good for me. So I got to the center of downtown where I could tell a lot of damage had been done already. I came to a screeching halt that rang throughout the town to switch in my ride for my cannon launcher and waited for the bunny to come out like it always did and pounce.

I waited for a while but nothing ever came. I then retracted my launcher and stood there. There wasn't anything out of the ordinary; it was mainly just barren. Well it was barren besides all the smashed up cars in buildings and a fire hydrant in the distance squirting water everywhere. So I decided to take a stroll down the ominous road and see where it would take me.

As I walked I saw where more of the fighting probably went down since I saw scorch marks on the ground. That just had to be Spencer, I mean unless the bunny had fire breath I didn't know about. I continued to follow the path for a while until I hear a crumbling of a wall or a building that was followed by a low rumble coming from an alleyway.

Before I knew it, I was on the move. I got to the place where I could see the smoke coming from and got right up against the wall at the edge where it turned into the alleyway and waited a brief second. I peeked my head from the corner slightly and saw the furry mass just heaving there and snarling. I took my head back and brought out my sword.

Once I was ready, I jumped out from my hiding spot and hollered at the rabbit saying, "Hey!" That definitely got its attention, although it didn't turn around, I saw it's ear lift up, meaning it heard me. "What did you do with my friend?" I asked harshly. As it turned around slowly since it was in a compacted place, I couldn't believe my eyes as to what I was staring at when I came face to face with the monster. In it's mouth, it's bloody red stained mouth with its sharp teeth was the limp body of Spencer Hastings, out cold and paler than ever.

At that sight, I got so angry I yelled so loud and got my sword to start spinning I charged straight for the bunny with all my force and started free for all slicing at the monster. Although I managed in my tantrum to miss Spencer, that also meant I missed the bunny, but managed to get him most of the time.

During my last strike, he howled in pain as I scraped on of his legs and Spencer fell from his mouth on a bunch of garbage bags. At least it wasn't garbage cans or a disposal that would have hurt her more. The bunny seeing me being distracted by Spencer's safety took the opportunity to hurl me at a wall and run out of the alleyway to get away from my wrath.

I moved the fallen bricks from the wall off my body and got up and rubbed my aching head. But I didn't focus on my injuries for long as I looked around me and saw Spencer still sprawled in the trash. I ran over to her, ignoring my aches and pains and removed her from the waste and placed her head in my lap. I looked her over and saw that blood was still spilling out of the holes that were made by the monster's teeth; her skin was also a deathly pale shade that worried Rex further.

"Spencer? Spencer can you hear me?" I said as I lightly shook her to see if she was only knocked out momentarily. There wasn't a response.

Worried, I checked her pulse and thankfully I felt something, but it was faint and slower than it should have been. Although I was filled with joy that she was alive, I stayed serious and picked her up in my arms bridal style and ran out of the alleyway and onto the street.

As I got into the streets, I got nearly run over when the armored carrier came speeding down the street and past me. The door opened a meter from where I was standing with Spencer in my arms, dripping blood and Noah and the girls came running out of the carrier and over to me to only be petrified by Spencer's current condition.

"Oh no!" Annie says as she puts her hands to her mouth.

"Spencer!" Claire said as she hugged Annie tightly.

"What did you do?" Noah asked yelling at me with such anger, a new side to Noah I've never seen before.

"I didn't! The bunny had her in his mouth when I found it!" I argued back at him not wanting to be accused for Spencer's condition by anyone, especially him when I was already tearing myself up inside. "I need you to lay her down in the carrier and wrap up her stomach with some bandages in the medicine cabinet."

"There's a medicine cabinet in the carrier?" Noah asked surprised.

"Of course there is, now just take her!" I say as I give Spencer over to Noah to carry.

"And where are you going?" He asked me.

"What else? I'm going to rip that bunny to shreds." I say as I take out my goggles that I kept in my pocket the whole time and slid them over my eyes. "If it's the last thing I do." I mumbled as I got my ride back up and running and went speeding off where the trail of broken buildings was fresh.

The trail finally ended where I could sense that the previous battle was fought here. I looked around, it was a construction site and I could see many support beams for the up coming building were scattered around as if someone slammed into them and also that they were thrown around a lot. The rage within me started to grow but my rage was also my weak spot because it left me vulnerable for attack, and the bunny took real good advantage of that. Before I could blink, the bunny head butted me in the back and sent me flying in the direction of the building in-progress.

Thankfully when I landed I didn't hit any of the support beams or else I would have been crumbled underneath them. But then I thought of using my new location to shift the current situation to be leaning on my side. Before I could come up with any decent plans, the bunny was already charging and so I got my Smack Hands ready and started pushing it back as it ran into my mechanical fists.

"What's up with you?" I say out loud angrily as I feel my feet being pushed back as I slide backwards because of the bunny's weight. Now feeling more annoyed, I switch from my fists to my feet and grow taller to then kick the bunny out of the construction site with my boot. He goes flying but quickly recovers and some running back towards me.

Now this time, I had a plan, and I was going to pull through with it, I got out my sword and started slicing at the bunny, the bunny was quick and my blows would come in contact with the beams and they would fall apart. Perfect. Now after a few slices it didn't take long for the bunny to realize that the building was going to come down. So I got out my jets and soared out of the wreckage before it could crush my body, leaving the bunny to finally be the one who gets crushed.

I look back at the mess I've just created and cross my arms in satisfaction, well then I heard someone screaming in my ear, and of course Lo and Behold, it's Noah.

"Rex! Where are you?" He says sounding really irritated with me and slightly worried maybe. I look around and thankfully Providence showed up so my job was done. "Uh, would you mind cleaning up after me, THANKS!" I say as I yell back over the engine of my ride and go zooming off without giving them time to argue.

I arrived back at the restaurant where I told them I would meet back up with them, and they were all a mess. Annie was sulking while huddled between Claire's arms as Noah stood there hopelessly, not sure of what to tell them or how to make them feel slightly better. And truthfully neither did I.

"What happened here?" I said as I finally take in our surroundings, the whole restaurant where we were eating several minutes ago was in ashes as people were still putting out the fire.

"Before we came looking for you, Annie sneezed. Long story…" Noah said sadly.

"Maybe we should just call it a night." Claire said looking sad as she looked at Noah and then at Rex as she continued to hold Annie like an older sister would hold her sibling. I couldn't blame them from wanting to stop, after everything happening from the limo, to the carrier, to Spencer, to the restaurant before burning down and well, up to here. Not your everyday pre-prom date.

But alas even though I was even willing to give up now and turn it in and make sure Spencer was okay, I saw the look of Noah's face, a face of a teenager who looked like he's lost all hope and literally everything that really mattered.

"Nobody's calling it a night, I've got it all under control, okay? We're going to go somewhere even better." Rex reassures the girls and Noah gives me a hidden thumb up to Rex for the cover.

"But what about Spencer?" Annie says finally lifting her head. Her face look puffy and her eyes were slightly red. Was she crying over what happened to Spencer? Was it worse than I thought?

"How is she...?" I ask cautiously.

"Why don't you see for yourself..." Claire said as she got up with Annie in tow as she led the way where they parked the carrier. Noah and I were following behind.

"How bad is it?" I ask Noah cautiously, knowing from before when it comes to Spencer's safety, he gets touchy.

"It's pretty bad Rex, and that's sugarcoating it." we got there and the door opened painfully slow. When it got to where a person could go through, I jumped through the opening to see Bobo by a bench turned hospital bed for Spencer. Bobo saw me come in with the rest of the gang and got out of the way so they could see Bobo's finery skills, that being said loosely.

Spencer didn't look like she was in too much pain; she was asleep, just the way I found her, although she looked more cleaned up. But that was just her face; the rest of her looked like she got backed up over by a truck and then run over by it. Her whole torso was wrapped with bandages and in a certain spot on her side was starting to bleed through. Her left leg was bandaged as well and placed between two boards to make it not move or feel uncomfortable.

I couldn't look at her much longer. I had to turn away or else, I don't know what I would've done. I felt numb, numb from the pain, from the guilt that was resurfacing from before. It's my fault; I just had to agree for her to take my responsibilities. I walk away from her sleeping form and to the other side of the carrier and hit my fist against the wall. Why did I let this happen?

"It's not your fault Rex." Annie says to me kindly. Apparently I either voiced what I was saying or they could just tell from the look on my face I was really mad.

"How isn't this my fault? I let her go, all by herself, overestimating her abilities and not thinking twice about it. What kind of person am I to let my partner do that for me?" I say as I slump my head forward in shame.

"Look, there's been so much going on tonight," Claire says as she starts drifting towards the doorway and presses the button to open it to the outside world. "I'm sorry, I really hoped this was going to work." As she starts to make her decent slowly down the ramp.

"Claire, I-" Noah tries protesting but it's to no avail.

"You should just take us home. Your friend seems to be a bad luck magnet." She continues.

"Me? You think, now hold on a minute, she's…" I try redirecting the obvious misguided blame onto the real person who's been causing the bad luck but then I look at Noah and he looks down in sadness when he finally realizes his night isn't going to continue. Then I also realize that this night has also been my fault let alone from the freak accidents caused by Annie. "Uh, THIS night isn't over, okay, you guys should just go to prom without me. I'm going to take Spencer back to Providence and make sure she gets better." I say as I try to put on a more confident look than I had on before when I was moping.

"I don't think I could go to the dance now with Spencer all knocked up like this." Annie says glumly as she looks over Spencer's unconscious body. "I agree with Claire, we should just call this all off and, maybe reschedule some other time." Annie says feeling down and looking that way too. Great, now I've ruined two people's nights.

"The dance will be over any minute anyway, we should just quit while you're still alive and before anything else could go wrong." Noah said with the most defeated expression I've ever seen.

"What happened to all your planning? No Noah, you'll make it." I said trying to cheer him up. I knew how much he wanted this night to go perfectly and I ruined it by making Spencer's troubles.

"I don't want to go knowing that Spencer's life could possibly be on the line." Noah said seriously. As my friends were all on the verge of giving up their supposedly planned perfect night, I didn't think anything else could've possibly gone wrong, well obviously as you know me well enough, it did.

An unbelievably horrible and loud roar came from a distance but closed in quickly as my rabid foe from before came screeching to a halt as it took in the sight of me.

"And then there's that…" I say breathlessly tired. I'm still not completely healed from out last battle, and that's with my E.V.O. abilities.

"REX? I take back all that stuff I said about the E.V.O. That is one scary bunny." Noah says as I glance his way to see that he's completely terrified, as so are the girls.

"This kind of thing never happens at homecoming." Bobo said. The bunny growled one more time before it came crashing forward towards us as I quickly put up my Smack Hands and let him collide into them.

"Everyone get back into the limo!" I scream as I try my best to hold off the bunny. They quickly followed my orders with not a second thought as Bobo got into the driver's seat. I follow closely behind after shoving the creature a few meters away and go up the ramp and close the door behind me to then feel the rattling of the 'limo' moving around due to the bunny slamming into it with fierce anger.

"I promised Noah a great prom. You are going to have a GREAT prom." I say as I run up to where Bobo is in the front and say, "Step on it Bobo, run every red light if you have to. Pretend you don't have a driver's license."

"What's a driver's license?" Bobo asks in the most serious face ever but then starts laughing out loud as he turns around and grins mischievously.

"Rex?" I hear a voice and then see that White was on the monitor screen in the front. As I was hoping, my friends all hid behind the seats to avoid being seen.

"Uh, engaging the E.V.O. now sir." I cover up quickly.

"Are you, wearing one of Six's suits?" White asks rather confused.

"Can't talk now, gotta fight." And I hang up on him. God, am I going to get an ear full of that later. I could see from the side view mirror that the bunny was now on the right side of our carrier and rammed into use suddenly making us all fall to the ground.

I could see from the corner of my eye that as well as us falling so did Spencer from her position on the bench. I scrambled to my feet and picked her up carefully as I could and placed her back on and strapped her in as well as it was to strap someone down when they were lying down. Feeling another tremor caused by the oversized rodent, I looked down at Spencer and said,

"Hang in there for just a little bit longer." I proceed to get up from my sitting position on the ground and climb up to the roof and activate my jet pack and aim one of my jets towards the bunny to shoot at it. Unfortunately there was a pothole in the ground that the carrier went over and it caused me to miss. Stupid city is too cheap to fill up those stupid holes.

With that to distract me the bunny jumped onto the roof of the carrier and hollered at me, tempting me almost to retaliate. I flipped onto the roof carefully but wasn't expecting the fact that the hatch that I used to get up on the roof was going to open up and hit me square in the face and send me backwards. Not to my surprise, it was Annie who then saw the bunny was on the roof and gasped and closed the hatch again. The bunny then pushed the hatch open and roared inside the carrier and probably terrifying my friends.

Now getting more and more pissed off by this creature I brought out my Smack Hands again and punched the bunny off the carrier and several meters back. Of course not to too much surprise the bunny jumped back to our position with the help from others cars rather quickly, not giving me too much time to formulate a clever plan in my head, let alone take a breather.

Wanting to get the bunny off the tail of my friends, I jumped off the roof and transformed my legs into my usual ride and started speeding so that the bunny would focus on me rather than the carrier. Not looking where I was going in particular, a split in the road was coming up so I veered off the right and away from the carrier as indeed the bunny did as I thought follow me through the tunnel up ahead.

Regular POV:

The minute Spencer fell to the ground when the E.V.O. bunny hit the carrier, which Spencer could only guess she was in at the moment; she woke up. She decided it would be best if she didn't move because Spencer was in too much pain and too exhausted to do either, let alone open her eyes for that matter. Even with that said her senses were alert and aware of what was happening around her.

Spencer didn't know exactly what was going on but before she could even think she felt shaky but strong arms wrap around her body and lift her up and place Spencer on the familiar cold metal, back where she was presumably. Spencer then began to feel leather bands, possibly the seat belts be strapped around her body and she didn't know who it was until the person whispered,

"Hang in there for just a little bit longer." When the person said that, Spencer knew, somehow, through the ruckus occurring around them that it was Rex. Next she heard the sound of the wind and then something slamming. After that, Spencer had a feeling that something was wrong and her worries were only confirmed when a terrifying but unmistakable scream rattled the metal carrier. The bunny was alive and kicking. Spencer moaned from her position on the bench when she tried moving. Someone's footsteps came closer to her based on how they were being magnified through the echoing of the metal. She squinted her eyes open as best as she could when a pair of hands rested on her shoulders.

"Hey glad to see you're alive but don't try to move so much." Spencer could hear and fairly see the figure of Noah smiling down at her sympathetically.

"Hey, ugh, what, err, happened?" She asked as Spencer tried to sit further up when she remembered that the seat belts were still restraining her and when she tried to unbuckle them, Noah softly removed her hands from her busy work.

"It's for your own good if you stay still." He said not looking at her eyes but looking somewhere else on her body, not really understanding what was so interesting Spencer followed his gaze and almost gasped when she saw that her whole torso was wrapped in gauze and bandages and showed signs of old blood that was breaking through he many layers. Thankfully it looked like it stopped now.

Spencer couldn't tell what could've happened to her to get in this mess but before she could try even clenching her fist on the seat to sit up a rush of pain consumed her and she lay back down gently. Spencer assumed that once her brain processed the fact that she was injured, the pain came right back.

"Do you know remember what happened?" Another voice came. It was Claire as she came up to the two friends with Annie by her side.

"It's a bit hazy at the moment, wait…" Spencer said as she started thinking. Spencer saw images of fighting and that stupid no good bunny again flash by and then that moment on the balcony at the restaurant with Rex showed up too. "Where's the RODENT?" Spencer asked feeling all that anger from before bubbling up again.

"Okay Spence, calm down, it's okay, Rex is got it under control." Noah said holding Spencer's shoulder and giving her one of his stern looks. While he said that, Annie went up to the hatch to the hatch on the rooftop and then found herself face to face with that gruesome pest.

It reached it head inside the carrier and roared loudly making his holler ring through Spencer's eardrums. Before Spencer could even get her hands up to shoot it down with a fire ball, something else, something metallic and orange hit it. That could only mean Rex was on the roof with the bunny.

"I, err, gotta go, and help." Spencer said weakly taking the advantage of Noah's distraction to unbuckle one of the straps wrapped around her.

"In your condition?" Claire said picking up on Spencer's movement rather than Noah and stopping her mid way of buckling all the seat belts. "I don't think so. You can't help anyone, least of all Rex, in the mess you're in. Relax, we got this."

"What do you mean? How are you guys going to help?" Spencer said not understanding.

"You'll see." Claire said all knowingly. Spencer gave her a questioning look but decided to let it slide and again find a way to get everyone distracted so Spencer could yet again get to work on unbuckling herself free and out of here. Unknown to Spencer at the time, since she wasn't really herself, Annie left Claire's sides to get in the seat of one of the controllers for the guns on the roof. A blast was heard that got everyone's attention.

"Thanks for the cover Bobo." Rex's voice could be heard from the monitor.

"Wasn't me. I'm driving." Bobo said concentrating on the road.

"Then whose-"

"Leave my date alone!" Annie's voice yelled out as she stared at the targeting screen, which probably had the bunny's face on it. Claire and Noah high fived as they went over to the other control system, I guess they got Annie to start figuring out the machines and give Rex a hand. OH! So that's what they meant by helping, Spencer thought to herself.

"How do these things work?" Noah asked the blonde.

"I just started pressing buttons." Annie shrugged as she went back to doing what she said, pressing buttons. Noah then began to shyly testing the buttons to see what they did. Feeling better about the system he went almost as crazy with the pushing of buttons as Annie did.

Spencer at this point smiled at two things; one being that her friends were really cool and would do anything to help each other out, and another was that this was the perfect distraction to get out of her confinement and help Rex. Spencer proceeded to slowly take off the seatbelts that were strapped around her body. Once they were all removed, she swung her legs over the edge of the bench and placed them as firmly as she could on the ground. She took a shaky breath, that little action was causing her so much pain as it was, and ignored the rest of the pain as she sat up in the seat.

To Spencer's misfortune, Claire noticed she was moving and quickly ran over to her and tried stopping her, but failed when Spencer grabbed Claire's wrists and held them down so she could talk to Claire eye to eye.

"Claire, please, don't try to stop me, I have to help." Spencer said with a serious face on, but could obviously tell she was almost pleading to go.

"But-" Claire tried protesting but got interrupted by Spencer saying,

"Hey, c'mon, have a little more faith in me would ya?" As Spencer said that, she slowly but steadily got up from her sitting position and stood up, although secretly she was using Claire as a balance she got really dizzy when she got up.

"You sure about this?" Claire asked worried.

"Never been more sure of anything." She said with a determined look on her face as she stared back at Claire.

"Well, who am I to argue with you? Kick that E.V.O.s butt." Spencer nodded her head and gave Claire a quick hug and charged up her powers until she looked like she was on fire and flew off out the hatch on the roof outside.

"Claire! Why didn't you stop her?"

"Because, no matter what I would've said, she would've been out there anyway." Claire said smiling at Noah although she looked like she was tearing up a bit. Noah gave a weak smile as he understood as to how hard it was convincing Spencer when it's time to stop doing something; she was just too stubborn.

Back outside, Spencer flew up and landed firmly on the roof. She knelt down and looked over the edge of the 'limo' and saw that Rex was riding just inches away from the door and right behind him was that good for nothing bunny. Seeing the bunny really got her blood boiling and her aches aching again, but she ignored all that, got fired up again and swooped down and went in and punched the bunny square on, sending the bunny flying off and onto another highway.

"Spencer!" Rex called from behind her. She turns around in mid air to face him.

"Hey!" She calls back.

"Get on!" He said showing her to sit behind him. She does as what he instructed and plopped down on the seat. "What do you think you're doing? You're a wreck!"

"If I was so seriously injured, could I have done what I just did?"

"Maybe…"Rex said trailing off.

"Exactly," Spencer said triumphantly. She then turns around seeing something from the corner of her eye. "Oh boy…"

"What?" Rex asks.

"It's back!" Spencer cries as she point towards the distance where a fuzzy thing was approaching, and fast.

"Hang on to something!" Immediately without thinking, Spencer turned around and wrapped her arms around Rex's waist as he put the pedal to the metal.

Back inside with the meddlesome teens and a monkey, they were still firing when all of a sudden everything stopped. Noah tried pushing the buttons on the controllers to fire again but nothing happened. This is great…Noah thought as he mentally smacked himself.

"Out of ammo?" He asks Bobo.

"Excuse me pal, I was told we were driving to prom, not an E.V.O. battle." Bobo said roughly to the boy.

"Annie?" Claire calls out. She and Noah look around and don't find any trace of the accident-prone blonde.

Returning to the chaos outside the carrier, as the carrier picked up speed, so did Rex and Spencer, as did the bunny as well. To Spencer and Rex's surprise, someone came up on the roof of the carrier carrying huge guns. It was no one other than Annie, the blonde widow.

"What are you doing?" Rex roared over the noises of the bunny roaring.

"Get back inside! It's not safe out here!" Spencer yelled, not wanting her to get herself hurt by taking risky actions just to help them.

"I found these in the limo, now hold still." Annie said as she put her eye to the targeting circle on the big hand held missile launcher she was holding, which just so you know, was pointing straight at them.

"Not the missile launcher, use the other one." Rex almost ordered. Annie obliged and took out the other gun. It was a cannon blaster and she took it in her arms and rested it on her shoulder and took countless of shots aimlessly. One almost grazed my back but ended up hitting the back of Rex's ride instead which still wasn't good but it was better than hurting the guys on the ride.

"Hold on, I got it!"

"I'm going to die on prom night," Spencer heard Rex mumble to himself. "I'm actually going to—wait a minute…Annie!" Rex called up to Annie as she stopped shooting and paid attention to him. "I change my mind, use the missile launcher!"

"What?" Spencer exclaims. What on earth is he thinking? Spencer thinks to herself.

"Trust me on this! Okay, this is going to sound weird but I want you to get in front of me." Rex says slowly.

"And how on EARTH do I do that?" Spencer retorts back at him.

"Just do it!" Not wanting to argue, Spencer swung both her legs on one side of the vehicle and crossed one leg over Rex's body and then sat right in between his legs.

"What are you planning?" Spencer asks him sternly.

"Wait for it…" Rex said as he looked up at Annie changing guns. She took hold of the missile launcher and started taking aim. Annie shot one missile at us and it was a heat seeker, which Rex already knew and so he changed from his ride to his Boogie Pack and carried Spencer bridal style in his arms as he got the missile's attention and flew over the carrier as the missile continued to follow him.

"This is insane! We're going to die!" Spencer yells as she starts freaking out in her seat, almost to the point when she's shaking.

"Not today we're not!" Rex said as he then did a U turn in the sky and headed back to where the carrier and the bunny were as the missile corrected its path and was still tailing the two of them.

"Rex…" Spencer said as they started picking up speed little by little.

"I know…" Rex says calmly.

"REX!" Spencer yelled as Rex swooped down past the carrier and was heading directly for the bunny.

"I know!" He yelled back at her.

"Pull up dummy!" She yelled and just as she thought they were going to slam into the bunny, Rex finally pulled up and that's when they heard a huge explosion come from behind them. Spencer cocked her head back to see what happened and apparently the missile stopped following them and hit the bunny dead on and it exploded.

"Told you I knew what I was doing." Rex said smiling down at the astonished Spencer. She quickly got over her shocked phase and instead crossed her arms and pouted.

"Well how about next time you clue me in before I have a heart attack, hmm?"

"But it was fun seeing you squirm." Rex said, as his smirk grew bigger.

"Oh, you're so going to get it later." She said giving him the stink eye.

"Well later isn't going to be anytime tonight alright. We still have unfinished business to take care of."

"And what's that?" Spencer asks with a tilt of her head.

"Prom." Rex says.

Rex and Spencer flew back into the carrier and everyone hugged them on a job well done, although Noah lectured Spencer for not listening to him, but before he could say much about it, they arrived at the school. Their night was now just starting for them.

At this time, Spencer went in ahead of them to find a bathroom and change back into her dress; able to walk by herself now thanks to the adrenaline rush she was getting from remembering what she was going to do once she got here. She also reapplied a thin layer of bandages around her torso just incase it were to bleed again.

When Spencer got to the gyms after having some trouble finding them since she's never been to this school before, she opened the door and saw her friends, sadly standing by themselves as the prom had already ended for the night.

"Ugh! Err…" Were the noises that came from Noah as Spencer saw him fall to the ground in such sadness, it made Spencer sad.

"This is amazing, no on has ever lasted through a whole day with me before." Annie says to Rex. Rex looks at the girl and gives her a small smile.

"Noah, I just wanted you to know that this is the most fun I've ever had on a date." Claire says overjoyed.

"Seriously?" Noah says looking up from his spot on the ground.

"Yeah! Fighting an E.V.O. monster, riding in a Providence tank, who could've planned that? I'm sorry we weren't able to make it to the dance on time."

"It's cool. No big deal." Noah said, although Spencer and Rex both knew better to believe that, he was probably crying on the inside.

"Can we at least get a picture together?" Claire said as dug through her bag and pulled out a camera.

"Sure." Noah said with a content smile on his lips. Claire was holding out the camera for anyone to take, Annie was reaching for it but Rex beat her to the punch.

"Nope!" Rex said as he snagged the camera from Annie's reach to take a picture, although it was only a camera, who knows what could happen if Annie gets her hands on it.

"Na-uh." Spencer said as she then snagged the camera from Rex's hands.

"What are you doing?" He asked.

"I'm taking a photo for you guys. You guys should get in the picture too." Spencer said nodding towards Annie and him.

"Okay!" Annie said as she grabbed Rex's arm roughly and pulled him over next to Claire and Noah.

"Besides," Claire said to Noah. "There's always senior prom next year." And that's what put Noah over the edge as Spencer snapped the photo and he had the biggest grin on his face.

"Night's still young, what about go-carts?" Annie said all of a sudden pretending like she was holding the steering wheel to the go-cart. "Or! There's an all-night archery range?"

"Oh boy, look at the time." Rex said as he pushed Annie away from where Spencer, Noah and Claire were standing and pushed her to the dance floor while he went over and asked the DJ to play a few more songs, and with a slip of what looked like a $10 bill, the DJ agreed. Rex walked back to where Annie was and asked her to dance. Claire and Noah wanting to take part in the dancing got excited and were about to join them when they realized Spencer was still standing with them.

"Guys," Spencer said almost laughing. "Go already, you have fun, I'll be okay, I'm not up to dancing that much anyway." Spencer said as she pointed to her torso, indicating the bandages that were underneath her dress.

"You sure?" Noah said.

"Yeah, just go you big lug." Spencer said as she slightly shoved him closer to Claire, they both blushed as they took each other's hands and they joined Rex and Annie on the dance floor.

Spencer sighed at the sight of her friends having fun, after everything tonight they at least deserved this much. Spencer then went over to the bleachers that were on the side of one wall and sat down on one of them. She was so absorbed in her own mind that she didn't even realize that someone was walking over to her.

"So are you my mysterious 'sexy ginger'?" A voice said, interrupting Spencer's thoughts.

"Hm?" Spencer said as she looked up, and standing right in front of her was the image that Claire and Annie showed to her when they were at the restaurant. Except this time, the image had changed, the image was wearing a tuxedo, a rose was in its pocket, and his hair was brushed out. Spencer couldn't help but blush slightly as the sight of the boy. It was much better in person. Remembering the way she acted before, she immediately composed herself and played her part.

"Depends who's asking? Are you the handsome man who I talked to earlier?"

"The one and only. I stayed back and waited for you to show up."

"Well wait no further, let's dance." Spencer said getting up with ease from the bleachers.

"You're very up front and blunt." Jared commented, but not in any insulting way, almost like in an admiring tone.

"Oh, you'll be seeing much more of that when I'm on the dance floor." Spencer said winking. Jared only grinned at the notion.

"Well then, let's see." He said as he took her hand and they walked on the dance floor. He spun her around and pulled her back in and they were really close now and started slow dancing.

"Who's that?" Rex said as he noticed from across the room that Spencer was now on the dance floor with an unknown guy.

"Oh my God! He stayed!" Annie said as she looked in the same direction Rex was.

"Who is he?" Rex asked again.

"That's Jared, the guy that Claire and I set her up with!" Annie squealed.

"Aw, look at them." Claire said as she and Noah were close to where the two of them were dancing. "We did a good job tonight." She said as Annie and her did a cute little handshake that they only knew.

The two of them for the rest of the night just stayed like that dancing, sharing comments ever now and then, and although they barely knew one thing about the other, they seemed to get along great, and by they way they were moving, they had great chemistry.

Unfortunately, their time had to come to an end, thanks to a rude little annoyance called Providence looking for their missing carrier and agents. Spencer had to say goodbye to her new "friend". she offered to give them a ride home like Rex, Bobo and her were doing for everyone, but he said he had a car and he left.

After everything that went wrong tonight, out of everything that happened to me and my friends, it's hard to believe it all turned out in the end. And I got his number! Spencer silently cheered in her head. Those were the only thoughts that went through her head as they rode in the carrier, driving everyone home. the last people to remain in the carrier were Noah, Bobo, Rex and Spencer. Rex told them to stop on the side of the highway to look at the sun rise and relax before their freedom was completely stripped from them when they got back to Providence. Not minding avoiding going back, Bobo agreed.

While Bobo stayed inside the carrier, Noah, Rex, and Spencer went up to the roof to enjoy watching the sun go up, since after everything it was already the new day.

"I got a picture with Claire at the dance, you didn't die." Noah said as they all sat on the roof of the carrier looking out at the city as the sun started to rise.

"I took out my arch nemesis." Rex added.

"Technically your date did that." Noah corrected.

"Who cares, it's over. All in all, I'd say I made a pretty good wingman."

"You know, I was thinking of asking Claire out again." Oh boy… Spencer thought. "Maybe, you and Annie could…"

"Ha, ha not a chance." Rex said seriously.

"But she's cute!"

"Yeah she's cute but I barely survived the first date. On the second date, I'd definitely die…but she is cute." Rex said trialing off.

"At a boy." Noah said patting him on the back.

"Whatever you plan, just don't get me involved in it…" Came Spencer's voice from her spot on one of the other sides of the carrier she decided to sit on. The boys looked at her. "I almost died too you know." Spencer said lying back on the carrier as she kept her legs dangling off the sides.

"Yeah, but what happens if we need you again?" Noah asked as he followed her lead and decided to lie down as well.

"But you didn't need me the first time." Spencer reminded him as she took her arms and covered her eyes as the sun was irritating her eyes.

"Yeah but, you seriously helped us out here. We're both glad you came to keep everything lively." Rex added trying to think of an excuse to keep her around.

"Yeah sure…lively you say." Spencer says sarcastically as she recalls that she was knocked out half the time.

"So…" Noah said.

"The answer's still no." Spencer said looking up at him when she lifted up one of her arms.

"But they like you!" Rex complained.

"Doesn't matter…" Spencer said putting her arms back over her eyes. "This was, just a way for me to get the prom that I deserved…making nice-nice with Claire and Annie wasn't apart of it." Spencer then thought about everything that happened last night. "Then again, they are good company…and I really need other friends besides you bozos."

"Ignoring that, but I'm glad you agree." Noah said triumphantly.

"Welcome to the team!" Rex said poking Spencer's side as she squirmed slightly.

"I didn't this little thing we had was a team." Spencer stated.

"Well, it is now." Noah said agreeing with Rex.

"Alright." Spencer said sitting up from her spot and looked at both of them. She got up and sat in between the boys instead. She put out her hand flat. "Partners?"

"Partners." Noah said sitting up and putting his hand on top of Spencer's.

"Partners." Rex also agreed as he put his hand on top of everyone else's. They looked at each other and laughed, enjoying their new group.

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