Chapter One

Everything Burns

Hinata watched the ongoing battle with her byakugan activated, it was truly one for the history books. At least in her eyes anyway.

She was recently sent out to scout ahead of the group before an akatsuki member with an orange mask appeared. He had called himself tobi she remembered in a detached way.

She silently shook her head; she had to focus on the battle. It was one between two brothers, bound together by blood. Yet they detested no going so far as to say hated each other.

The elder brother uchiha itachi was suddenly attacked, but not by his younger brother. Her byakugan made it clear to her that he was suffering in the lungs. Some kind of disease that caused the lungs to swell and cause the heart severe damage.

But only if the one with the disease went over board and strained themselves with to much activity, her eyebrows furrowed together.

The chakra around the chest seemed to be constricting as well, it confused her to say the least.

The susano'o at least that's what she thought she heard, quickly evaporated leaving the elder uchiha vulnerable. Sasuke acted quickly and threw paper bomb kunai to the elder uchiha. When the smoke cleared itachi still stood although not as strong as before.

The susano'o once again up, they were both so strong… how was she supposed to bring sasuke back without getting hurt? More over should she even interfere?

She HAD overheard naruto talking about how much sasuke wanted to kill his older brother, so much so that he left to begin tutelage under the snake sannin. She involuntarily shivered that man always caused her disease, even if she had only seen him moments ago.

Before itachi had sealed him away with the susano'o or better explained with the totsuka blade, but she only knew it as the sakegari blade from the Hyuuga elders.

The kunai had obviously been reflected by the yata mirror that the susano'o carried. It DID take a toll on the user however but what confused Hinata was how it barely affected him at all, almost like it was only the disease that held him down.

Itachi was now in front of sasuke who's back was against one of the few standing walls left, itachi was slowly raising his arm up. To take sasuke's eyes was her first guess, but what he said next threw her off completely.

"Sorry sasuke….This is it." His fingers reached forward and prodded sasuke in the forehead before slowly trailing down leaving a stain of blood.

He fell forward his head connecting with the wall before falling onto his back, Hinata could here the heart slowly beating so slowly it was a wonder he was still alive.

But if he didn't get help he wouldn't be for much longer, sasuke soon passed out and the other chakra presence she felt was gone. She immediately ran over to the fallen brothers, if she had used chakra she would have given herself away.

It would be good for an akatsuki member to fall, but she felt a small tug at her chest.

The same she always felt when ever she felt herself thinking it would be best for someone to die. The same way she felt before saving who she thought would be better off dead.

Besides wouldn't sasuke be better off dead as well? He had gone through so much pain, but he found friends. Friends who never would have betrayed him, yet he did exactly that.

She was jolted out of her thoughts when she felt another chakra signature rushing towards them; she quickly picked up the closest one and disappeared.

She felt the chakra jump in anger but with her suppressing her chakra and the uchiha near dead, they quickly left. Though she could sense the frustration in the chakra before it vanished.

She looked down at the uchiha she had managed to save, only for horror to dawn on her features. She hadn't gotten sasuke. She had saved…itachi.

The heart beat was starting to slow even more and she was given a jump start, what should she do? She had only worked with herbs and blocking chakra-

"Byakugan" she whispered blocking the chakra that was constricting the lungs, the heart beat was stronger but not any faster. She would have cursed had she been anyone else. But no she was Hinata.

She was a Hyuuga.

Her medical side of her took control as she carried the man to a safer location, she should have tried to find the others. She really should have but had she left she would have been regretful.

For this man could die at any given moment if she didn't do something, she finally reached a small stream. It was rushing quickly so it should be enough to clean the wounds and dress them.

She removed the shirt and flinched at the multiple wounds, there was even tell-tale signs of a katana being shoved through his back! She breathed in a deep breath before quickly scrubbing the wounds down and removing any dried blood.

Sasuke had really gone far to take his life, he would probably hunt her down had he known she was healing him…

She wrapped the bandages tightly around his chest and tended to his arms and legs, she frowned tight lipped. There was a good chance he wouldn't be walking for a few weeks, meaning she would have to stay.

Curses. She thought she would have to wait before she reported this to Lady Tsunade, besides if she left him alone he would most certainly try to escape. This would only injure him further.

She grabbed a white cloth and dipped it into the stream, wringing it out she dabbed at his face akin to what her mother used to do to her.

"Mother…" she froze as he leaned towards her touch under the cloth, she instantly pulled away and the uchiha frowned sadly. She almost found it… remorseful yes that was what he looked like.

But why would he look such a way? He had killed his family in cold blood; he had killed hundreds of innocents. Surely THAT would cause someone to be remorseful, yet he seemed upset that he had lost the touch of what he assumed was his mother.

She dabbed at his face again ignoring his movements, for he was unconscious anyway. So surely it was just a memory that had caused him to say that and not her cleaning his face.

Yes, yes that must be it for who would find comfort with Hinata? She was too weak to even comfort herself. She thought bitterly.

She cleaned her cloths and focused her byakugan on his heart; most of the Hyuuga clan could only see chakra networks. Yet she had trained herself for finding internal injuries such as these.

Her father only approved because of the benefit of knowing an already disturbed injury that could cause a better win. One that was quick and painless instead of dragging out a purposeless fight.

She shook her head, such thoughts are unneeded she had to find shelter or risk them both falling ill. But what had happened to the rain? She thought as she remembered the black flames that the elder uchiha had somehow controlled in his fight.

Are they still burning? Amaterasu they were called, flames that burned until the target has turned to ashes even if it was other flames. That akatsuki member had stated she could certainly hear them.

If so has everything still kept burning? She thought as she summoned two clones to carry the unconscious uchiha, she nodded to them and they walked to the deeper parts of the woods.