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Chapter eleven

Return of Inu and Towa

To say Hinata felt ashamed for fainting on her patient was an understatement, she was mortified. Hinata had always held a good composure when at the hospital so why, why did she have to faint? However instead of opting to wallow in humiliation she just did what she had done when she did something wrong, she gave a soft smile and began to endure.

No one could endure longer than her, she was sure. Because she had been enduring since her mother passed away when she was six.

So today that's exactly what Hinata did, she tied her hair back, grabbed her journal and walked off to her patient's room her head held high. Of course no one would notice how her shoulders would shake the tiniest bit, or how she had to fight to breathe properly once she left the room.

Then again, Hinata always held a better composure while in the hospital. The knob felt cool in her hands before she twisted it quickly, remembering that not only was she his nurse. But his guard as well, she needed to be there as much as she can.

When she did open the door she was almost shocked at the two AnBu that were conversing with each other, right at the door. Her first instinct was to usher them out, Byakugan active and eyes narrowed. The whole nine yards really, but she didn't because she knew them.

The first AnBu had his hair pulled back into a spiky almost side length ponytail, it had multiple threads of hair spiking out. His mask was that of a bird with one red slash going through the top, he was clothed in standard AnBu uniform. Only he didn't use any connected sleeves. His sleeves stopped below his shoulder at his elbow revealing his AnBu tattoo, the only decorative thing about his uniform were his arm guards and short katana.

His name was Towa; Hinata had known him for a good deal of years starting when Neji first began to dislike her actually. Towa had almost constantly asked her if she wanted him to train her, but each time she refused. Simply stating that his way of fighting wasn't her way of fighting, after he told her to demonstrate he accepted this as a fact.

The Next AnBu had a sort of dog-like mask with two red slashes on each cheek and dark maroon coloring around his mask's eyes. His hair reminded Hinata of a silver flame and he always seemed to be vaguely familiar, he never gave her anything to work with however so she gave up that silly notion.

Like Towa he was clothed in the standard uniform, he clearly disliked it by the way he would subtly twitch his fingers or how his shoulder would give a slight twitch. He had a Katana strapped to his back and sleeves like Towa's.

He was called Inu, since even though she had met him little over three years ago he never once revealed his true name. Towa was actually lucky, since his mask name and actual name was the same thing.

"Hey Hinata." Towa greeted placing his hand on her head, and though she wouldn't know it grinning at her. Towa had an older brother sort of feel that Hinata could never get tired of, Inu was somewhat the same but was always trying to correct a mistake she had made. He would fare better as a jounin, Hinata would always think with a small amount of annoyance.

"H-hello Towa, g-good morning Inu." Hinata smiled, before remembering she had someone to tend to. Whirling around she saw that he had been watching the reunion the entire time, an intensity burning in his blind eyes.

"Well Inu, who would've guessed sweet little Hinata would be keeping our old friend here alive?" Towa said ruffling her hair until it came undone from its low ponytail.

"Towa-Nee!" Hinata squeaked getting ready to dive for her hair tie, only to stop when Inu held it in front of her with pinched fingers.

"Towa you should be more respectful." Inu reprimanded, Towa gave a whine.

"Aww come on Inu, you love to tease imouto-chan!" Hinata swore she was turning beet red when Itachi interrupted this little banter.

"Did you come here to visit or to work? It seems like the former rather than the latter." Towa ceased his banter and phased to the window on his feet and crouched down low, seemingly looking Itachi in the eyes.

"I thought we taught you to be nice to the ladies, neh weasel-chan?" Had itachi not held a good deal of composure he would have been startled, only two people had called him that.

"Ah I see you're starting to remember us now! Well my name is Towa as you can plainly see, and my silent friend over there is Inu! I assure you, no one else has been given the opportunity to take our masks!" Towa had always been a somewhat open AnBu, but right now Hinata had to get to work she could find out later why they were here.

"Towa-Nee, Inu-Nee I'm sorry but you two need t-to leave s-so I can w-work." She chided softly, hoping they wouldn't take offense to her asking them to leave. Towa chuckled.

"Sorry Imouto, but you see Lady Tsunade asked for us to watch over you and weasel-chan over here. So we can't really leave."

"No matter how much we would want to." Inu added dryly, Towa twitched his pinky, showing he was rather annoyed with Inu.

"Ne Inu stop being such a sourpuss to imouto-chan! It's not her fault she's here watching Weasel-chan, who you seem to hold a grudge against." Hinata sighed.

"Can y-you at l-least s-stay quiet s-so I can work?" She asked softly, Inu nodded.

"You heard her bird brain keep quiet."

"You wound me Inu." Towa stated clutching at his heart with a fake sob, Hinata couldn't help but laugh. This was so ridiculous how were they even AnBu, they weren't silent at all!

"Well Hinata I suppose you should get to work, I have a certain bird to shoot." Inu stated with his knuckles cracking under his fingers, Towa sweat dropped.

"H-hey Inu come one I didn't mean it…INU!" both AnBu were racing around the door now, reminding Hinata of cats. She shook her head, before walking over to Itachi journal in hand.

"G-good morning Uchiha-san." She greeted him softly, he didn't respond merely opting to turn and look out the window. Hinata pulled her hair back once again; if he wanted to be stubborn that was fine with her. She can easily do her job whether he was compliant or not.

The AnBu unbeknownst to her had stopped fighting, wanting to watch how she fared in the medical department. How she fared against Itachi.

"Okay w-we c-can do t-this the e-easy w-way or the hard way Uchiha-san, it I-is your choice." Itachi turned to face her, noting once again that she was nothing but a blur to him. He wouldn't show it but he was irked when she called him uchiha-san, she was being polite yes. But he hated formalities, especially when one didn't deserve them.

"I hate formalities." Hinata froze.

"A-ano what?" she asked tilting her head slightly, Itachi sighed.

"Hn." Hinata felt her eye brow twitch and swore she heard someone snicker, her head swiveled towards Towa who immediately threw his hands up in a 'don't shoot!' sort of manner.

"Okay t-then, I n-need y-you to face me." His head whipped in her direction making her squeak at the sudden motion. When she opened her eyes again Hinata felt as if she had missed something, when she focused she saw it. A slight upturn of the mouth, he was laughing at her!

"W-what's so funny?" The same twitch occurred near his mouth again.

"You're obviously delusional."

"I a-am not!" There it was again! Towa began outright laughing before Inu slapped him upside the head, obviously not knowing he also let slip a small chuckle in the process.

"N-not you guys t-too!" Hinata felt thoroughly embarrassed and held her hands over her slow reddening face. Inu sighed and placed his hand over her shoulder.

"Don't take it personally Imouto; you're just surrounded by idiots is all. Myself not included." Towa was still laughing when he heard that comment but stopped with and indignant cry.

"Hey! Who are you calling an Idiot Inu-Baka?" Inu gave Towa what Hinata could only guess was a deadpanned stare.

"If you three are supposed to protect me, I'm dead already."

Author's note: Some AnBu humor! XD Anybody know who Inu is? If you've played Naruto revolution you know who Towa is, if you don't know who he is look on you tube or something is my best advice! Slowly building the relationship between the two, hopefully I'll find a way to have them escape Inu and Towa! Or rather have the two AnBu spy on them, a hint Inu's a closet pervert! Surely you all must know who he is! Right?

Also thanks leerocks for your words, since in previous chapters it was kind of forced. But hopefully this chapter flowed, it felt like it did but i'm not to sure as this story has been giving me some trouble in comparision to my other stories. Again thanks for being honest, its always appreciated.