Soul Fascination

Summary: Constantine/Angel crossover. Darla's vampiric spirit ends up in Hell and Balthazar happens to come upon her. Set after the Buffy episode (Angel) and before the events of the movie Constantine. Balthazar POV.

A/N: My very first crossover fic. This will be a one shot only and I hope that it will not be too confusing. This is set a few years before the Constantine movie takes place. This was just an idea that I had one time. A sort of wacky crossover between my two favourite characters. I've always wanted to read a fic that had interaction between Balthazar and Darla, because those two would have a lot to talk about.

Disclaimer: Constantine and Angel do not belong to me.


He had come across the name from the whispers of Hellspeak, carried over by torrents of hot dust spoken from old demonic tongues. It was such a gentle, delicate sounding name that he was a bit puzzled by the reverence in the way it was uttered. No soul in Hell, save for Johnny Constantine of course, has ever garnered this much attention for a long time. Not since Judas Iscariot at least, a disciple of Christ. What could possibly be more delicious?

Apparently, the one that they had called 'Darla' had been a soulless vampire, a parasite that lived for four hundred years by siphoning the life source out of humans and bringing so many souls to rest. Souls that either went to Heaven or Hell. How quaint.

She was legendary, they said. Worthy of her position in Hell.

When he had first seen her, he saw nothing of distinction - no remarkability save for a pretty face and lank blonde hair that must have lost its shine from years and years of Hellish torture. The demon in charge of her punishment, an old name that only the purest of demons could pronounce, had taken joy in tearing the vampire's spirit apart over and over.

She did scream so sweetly, of course. Yet there was that defiant streak that came about every once in a while, something that kept him intrigued whenever it took the place of the usual wild-eyed defeated stare. This...Darla character was fascinating to watch. Though not quite as intruiging as Johnny boy. Ah, Johnny boy. It's only a matter of time. Exorcising soldier demons from strangers will become old, as everything noble eventually does for hypocritical humans, and then he will be back to where he started. Razor blades on skin and a fresh new soul for them to torture, another signature of triumph over Heaven.

But for now, he will have to be patient and keep a strict eye on Johnny boy. There were things set in motion, of course, and he had a part to play.

Souls were not pulled out of Hell so quickly, but one day, the resurrection of the vampire Darla became big news. He was surprised, to say the least. Johnny boy was brought back by doctors, but that's only because he had - at least - a tenuous chance at grasping life. Darla was killed by her own lover, staked in the heart and turned to dust for all eternity. No one comes back from that. Not unless Lucifer granted them the chance of escaping Hell. Darla was given no such chances.

It was only because her agony had been so titillating to watch that he became curious enough to find out why she was pulled out of eternal torment. The vampire had come from a different reality, and yet somehow, her soul had managed to find its way into their Hell. Fascinating.

He took to using (discreetly) small portals, gateways really, into this other world. A powerful Half Breed like himself had a few arsenals in his possession, he wasn't just an influence peddler after all.

And from there, he watched. He hid in narrow corners of alleys, snuck inside Wolfram & Hart - which he had to admit, was quite impressive, and it reminded him fondly of his own offices in his world - and just watched. Cloaked in heavy spells that prevented anyone from being aware of him in the same room, although he had caught that human lawyer wondering at the scent of sulfur many a time.

It was a ritual of sorts, old and powerful. Demonic in origin. And Darla had been brought back human of all things. Human.

Balthazar hadn't the time to check up on her again, so that's where he left her last. His own duties had demanded most of his attention and there were so many humans that needed just that extra bit of temptation to seal their place in damnation. Just so many.

Although, when her time ran out, he'd be looking forward to her filling out that special spot reserved just for her.

Oh, he definitely will.