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Unfinished Business

Chapter 1: Sister Talk

I watched once again as my long-lost twin sister Emma Paxton rose to take on another day of my life. I still couldn't believe that I was dead – and a ghost somehow tethered to Emma's life. In some ways, I felt creepy. Who wants their dead twin watching their every move? But in some ways, I felt lucky – I never knew Emma existed until the day I woke up in the afterlife, if you could call it that. This was my only chance to get to know my sister – from beyond the grave.

Emma sat on the edge of the teal and black clad bed and stretched. She looked around the room, still in shock about what had happened. The letters on the wall that spelled SUTTON were a constant reminder that this wasn't her life – it was her sister's. Her dead sister's. Whenever she thought about it, it hit her like a jet plane. A few weeks ago, she was just your average foster kid – working at whatever job she could find in Las Vegas, Nevada, trying to be the perfect foster child. That is until her pervert of a foster brother Travis discovered a snuff film online. In the video, it showed a girl that looked just like her being strangled with a necklace. He then proceeded to frame her for stealing his mother Clarice's money. Emma decided that night she had to leave – and discover why that girl in the snuff film looked just like her.

Emma spent most of that night searching the wed. She had typed SuttoninAZ into a search bar, that being the name of the snuff film. She found a number of sites, including Sutton's profile. After messaging her, they decided to meet in a park near Sutton's house.

Only they never met. Sutton's friends, Madeline Vega, Charlotte Chamberlaine, Gabriella and Lilianna Fiorello, and Sutton's adoptive sister, Laurel Mercer, had kidnapped Emma as a prank and taken her to a party, thinking she was Sutton. The next morning Emma found a note that told her Sutton was dead and if she didn't play along and live Sutton's life, she would be next.

Fast forward to now: everyone was a suspect. The only person Emma could remotely trust was Ethan Landry, the mysterious stargazing boy from across the street. He was the only one who knew Emma wasn't Sutton. It killed Emma that Sutton's own adoptive parents didn't know. How could a family not know their own child?

It killed me too, all over again. My mom and dad didn't know I was dead, so how could they miss me? And Laurel… well, she was a suspect. It made me sick to think my little sister could be my murderer. And my friends, they could have been part of it. They were the ones who had strangled me in that snuff video – it was all a Lying Game prank. The Lying Game (or L Game, as I like to refer to it in secret) is an exclusive club I made up for me and my friends. Only four members allowed: me, Laurel, Char, and Mads. The goal is to out-prank each other. And boy did they out-prank me – they almost killed me with that strangling stunt. Maybe they meant to. They didn't seem like they were going to stop until Ethan showed up and saved me.

Emma pulled on one of Sutton's silk robes and padded down to the kitchen. Opening the fridge, she retrieved the orange juice and poured herself a big glass.

"So, Sutton, you ready for the sleepover tonight?" Emma jumped at the sound of Laurel's voice. Emma turned to Sutton's sister.

"Uh, yeah. So ready," Emma replied, still shaking.

"Why so jumpy this morning?" Laurel asked, joining Emma at the center island.

"I'm not. You just scared the crap out of me, that's all," Emma covered. Laurel just shrugged and took an apple from the basket in the center of the island.

"So I was thinking that tonight we could come up with another Lying Game prank," Emma ventured.

"Can't. Gabby and Lili are gonna be at the sleepover. They're not in the club, remember?" Laurel replied, taking a bite of the apple.

"Maybe we could prank them," Emma said.

"Maybe… But we'd have to talk to Char and Mads about it," Laurel pointed out. "Maybe they could come over early?"

"Sure," Emma said. She got up off the bar stool and headed back upstairs to Sutton's room. Suddenly exhausted, Emma collapsed into the computer chair.

"I need you Sutton," Emma said to the air. "I can't do this alone."

I wanted so badly to help my sister. Then my eyes fell to the computer next to Emma. The instant message screen was up. Was it possible…?


Emma looked up at the computer screen, expecting the IM to be from Char or Mads. But it wasn't from either.

You don't have to do this alone.

"Oh my God," Emma whispered. She quickly typed something back into the screen.

Who is this?

Emma waited for the reply. When it came back, the screen name was changed from Unknown to SuttoninAZ.

SuttoninAZ: I'm your sister. Before you ask, yes, I'm dead. I don't know how I'm able to do this either.

MercerDiva18: How do I know it's you?

SuttoninAZ: Ask me anything, Emma.

MercerDiva18: Where did I live before I came here?

SuttoninAZ: Las Vegas, Nevada, with Clarice and that pervert, Travis. God, Emma, I'm so sorry. I'll help you anyway I can… but I can't remember much.

MercerDiva18: I'm just glad to know you're alright… sorta.

SuttoninAZ: Not get your butt off the computer. You got work to do. My room is a mess ;)

Emma laughed to herself. Sutton was okay. Then something hit her.

"I just talked to my dead sister," Emma whispered. Well, at least her life was never boring.

But Sutton was right. She had work to do.

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