Hey, here's the lowdown, I do stories but with a twist, a version of a song that kinda goes along with both of their personalities...i will flip flop between POVs but each song will be different...its rated m for safety hopefully you enjoy these.First up Is Ichigo's POV and the song is...

Next Contestant by Nickelback

Couple Minutes Ago

She looks beautiful, but judging by she is wearing I am going to be tearing off heads of assholes that come on to her, I swear each night it's getting worse.

But sometimes I wish that she could stay home from work every now and then so I don't have to fight those assholes to get off of her, I mean it happens every night she's been working.

I mean some sickos will go ask the DJ what she would say if they tried coming on to her, I mean don't they know that will never work?


"Please Ichigo, I mean you need to unwind and we barely get to go out and do something together, please Ichigo?"

Who was I do deny the princess, I mean I know I have trouble saying no to most girls, not Rukia of course but almost everyone else, unless they're whores, and girls coming onto me. That and I am pretty sure she knows she has my string around her finger which makes it even harder to resist her.

"Fine, when do you want me there?"

"Umm, how about as soon as possible? Is that ok, I mean you don't have to go that early if you don't want to, I mean it's completely up to you-"


"Yes Ichigo?"

"I will be there as soon as possible, ok don't worry about it and get back to work."

"Ok Ichigo see you soon."

"Bye Orihime."

Present time

I have been getting warnings from security about fighting while men keep buying her drinks, probably thinking they have a chance to get inside her every time they keep coming onto her, no some ones getting hurt, and here comes the next contestant.

So I calmly ask him "Is that your hand on my girlfriend?" My voice sounding more fierce than I intended


OK he is really getting on my nerves so I point to his hand and say "Is that your hand, I wish you would try something like that again, or I will make sure you leave here limping."


"I wish you would pull something like that again and I will make sure you leave here limping." If looks could kill he would have died three minutes ago. He was so scared that he was tumbling over the bar stool and almost ran out. There goes the next contestant.

What's more creepier is that some f the ladies are staring, they are just as bad for coming on to her, I mean if she loves me don't they it's never going to work.

Orihime, being innocent doesn't realize that every time she bats an eyelash, someone is grabbing her ass; she thinks someone is just bumping into her but I am not stupid. What is with everything coming onto her? People really want to get hurt, and here comes the next contestant.

If you want me to do any song, just review and ask me and i will do what i can...otherwise the next song will be Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis and the POV will be Orihime's...Peace out my peps ;3