Hi, my name is Baby-kitsune9 and this is my first ever Fullmetal Alchemist story.

It's a Lin/Greedx fem Ed pairing and it will be rate M just to be on the safe side.

It will have little to do with the cannon.

And I know that I'll have to explain how greed could sire a kid in the later chapters... But all I can tell you all is to use the power of your imaginiations. Thinking too much gives me a headache and causes problems.

So- I hope that you all like it. Please don't feel shy about reviewing to let me know what you think.



It had been a month since the incedent in central resulting in the confrontation between Father and the few stragglers left with the ability to fight. After Father's defeat Ed had returned Al to his former body by going back through the gate and conversing with the creature inside. Answering the age old riddle that the creature had asked Ed to answer.

Al was sitting at the table with a plate of fried tomato's, peas, chicken and mashed potato's, eating. While Greed stood at the window and not for the first time since appearing on the train with he and his brother, stared at Ed's back as he walked down the long winding dirt road towards the plot of land where their old childhood home used to stand. The place where he was set on rebuilding their former home so that they could live in Resembool again.

"I'll never understand why he insists on rebuilding the house himself." Greed said as he finally turned away from the window and glowered at Al and said, "I know it's only been a month and your still not completely well yet, but aren't you at least strong enough to hold a hammer?"

Al set his fork aside and swallowed what was in his mouth before replying. "Ed won't let me so much as touch a hammer until I weigh at least a hundred and ten pound."

Greed looked him over and scrunched up his nose then asked. "How much-"

"I weigh ninty pound...when wet-" Greed made a funny sound and turned away from him and walked towards the door. "Where are you going?"

"To help Ed. Someone needs to be on site with him or he may end up suffering an accident." And without his alchemy to help patch himself up, he'd be more than screwed. He'd be fucked. Greed thought as he headed out the front door of Granny Rockbells home and took off at a brisk jog to catch up with Ed.

Edith Elric had already reached the construction site and was happily sawing away at a piece of wood when a pair of tan hands gripped the board from either side of her shoulders. She started and dropped the saw and sort of tripped over the person behind her and was about to fall when the hands let go of the board and grabbed her as a familiar voice spoke.

"Whoa there kiddo-" She was hauled upright and found herself being held against Greed's chest and flushed as she reflexively curled one of her hands into a fist as the urge to punch the humonculus rose up in her chest. It was on the tip of her tongue to snap at him to let her go then demand to know what the hell he was doing here, bothering her when he muttered. "That was close. You almost fell into that bin of rusty nails. That could have been really unpleasant for you Ed."

Greed's grip loosened a little bit and he slowly let her go before moving past her to grab up the bin of nails and promptly moved them off to the side before turning and looking at her and smiling.

"What are you doing here Greed?"

"Keeping an eye on you. Hand me the saw and I'll cut the boards up for you." Ed's right eye twitched a little bit. Did the lunitic know what she was doing here? She wondered curiously as she watched him shrug off his dark long coat and started rolling up his shirt sleeves. She frowned and picked up the saw that she had dropped and started to hand it to him but pulled back at the last second causing him to sigh and drop his hand to his side.

"Why are you keeping an eye on me?" She asked suspisciously, knowing that he often got bored. And hoped that he hadn't come all this way just to pick a fight or something to relieve his boredom.

Greed looked at her with his onyx eyes for a second then said very calmly. Not the least bit bothered by her suspicion of his motives.

"Because I keep have nightmares during my daily naps about you falling off of that makeshift thigy up there-" Greed pointed to the shadey looking semi built structure behind him and continued speaking. "And breaking your neck. Now hand over the saw." He held his hand out again and wiggled his fingers at her in an impatient manner.

Ed slipped the saw into his hand and then turned her back on him and moved to hold down the board as Greed leaned down a little bit and placed the sharp teeth of the tool against the place that she had marked and started to saw it.

"Why are you really here?" Ed asked after several minutes of silence.

Greed glanced at her for a second and growled. "Stop asking stupid questions. We're comrades remember. And I always watch out for my comrades Ed-" The board gave and fell to the ground with a dull thud. Greed lifted his head a little bit and stared at her with his unblinking dark eyes and leaned into her personal space a little bit and hissed. "Always."