Thieves in the Night

By Wickedclowns101

Authors Notes – Bwahaha! I'm feeling a tad evil today, so I thought I'd start a new multi chapter PpG fic. Now, after spending time outlining this, I can tell you, do not expect a Mickey Mouse club ending. This is a dark fic for a reason. So, if you can handle it, I present to you….. Thieves in the Night!

*Chapter One*


"Yahahahaha!" Mojo-jojo screamed in a high pitched tone, as he rampaged through the unsuspecting city in his newly created destruction robot.

"Haha! Run little people! Run because I have scared you! Instilled fear in your tiny human brains! Caused you to panic, and further more, to run!" Mojo shouted as he chased the hundreds of people running from their burning homes.

"Not so fast! Mojo!" Mojo turned the machine around, and found himself face to face with three teenage heroines.

"Power puff girls!" he cried out. But on the inside, he was laughing hysterically. It had come to him in a dream a few nights ago. A plan to revive the counterparts to the Power puff girls, the Rowdy ruff boys!

Using the controls on his robot, Mojo moved the two mechanical arms around the girls, encircling them. Blossom rolled her eyes.

"Lets do it, girls!" Blossom said dully. Buttercup punched through the glass of the robot's 'face', and grabbed Mojo by his collar.

"When will you ever learn?" she asked as she pulled him out of the robot.

"Let me go! I demand you put me down now! Release your iron grip from my shirt collar!" Mojo raged, putting on a show. A short trip to jail was worth it.

"Bubbles? Can you take care of the robot?" Blossom asked politely.

"Okay Blossom." Bubbles picked up the robot, and flew toward the ocean. Blossom rejoined her sister, who was on her way to take Mojo to jail.

"Mojo? Why don't you ever just try to be a good little monkey, and not destroy the city? That way, you could save all of us a whole lot of trouble." Blossom tried to reason with him.

"Next time, Power puff girls, we will face off once again. But next time, I will be the winner. The victor. I shall prevail over you, who are now the winners, but in time shall be the losers!" Mojo stated.

"Yeah right, Mojo. Like you could ever beat us." Buttercup said with a laugh.

"Oh, but I shall! You will be at my feet begging for mercy which I will not give!" Mojo raged. He decided it was now or never, to employ his plan. He reached into his belt, and pulled out a small syringe, and drilled it into Buttercup's arm.

"Ouch!" she yelled, and almost dropped him. Mojo quickly withdrew the needed amount of blood, and hastily hid the needle.

"What did you do to her?" Blossom demanded.

"Nothing. She's fine. As in, she is okay, therefore," Blossom cut him off.

"We get it!" she said.

Never the less, by the end of the day, Mojo was staring out at the world through a barred window.

Mojo again reached into his belt, and pulled out a small blue box. He pressed a button on the side, and threw it on the ground. In less than a minute, a giant drill emerged, fully equipped with a seat.

Mojo hopped into the machine, and closed the hatch.

"It's so easy to get out of this place," he muttered as he drilled his way to freedom.

"But at least I have gotten what I came for." He pulled out the small syringe filled with Buttercup's blood.

"As soon as I analyze the chemical X compound in this blood sample, I will be able to match it, and recreate the Rowdy Ruff boys! Then I, Mojo-jojo, will rule the world!" he cackled madly, as he emerged into his volcano home.

He climbed out of his robot, and pressed the button on the side of the machine, returning it to the small form. He picked it up, and tossed it into his supply room.

He turned back to the blood-filled syringe, and picked it up warily.

"Haha! In my hands I hold the key to the destruction of the Power puff girls! It is their end, as I hold it in my hands!" he screamed madly.

He took the syringe, and emptied the blood into a large machine. He put on his safety glasses, and closed the lid to the machine. He pulled a lever a few feet away. The blood began to spin inside the machine.

"When the separation of the chemical X from the human blood is complete, I will be able to analyze the makeup of the aged chemical, and duplicate it! Once it is duplicated, I will be able to construct a formula of my own, and recreate the Rowdy ruff boys!" he cackled. He looked at his watch.

"Curses. It will take at least another day before the separation is complete." He muttered slowly.

"I shall retire to me sleeping room. But when I come back, you will be finished, and I will use you to create the Rowdy Ruff boys, and finally destroy the power puff girls!" he walked into his room, and closed the door behind him.

"Professor!!!" Bubbles yelled shrilly.

"What is it, Bubbles? I'm very busy right now." The professor demanded.

"Buttercup is pulling my hair again." Bubbles said. The professor sighed.

"Buttercup? Leave your sister alone. Bubbles? Don't bother me again with any more trivial matters. Blossom?" Blossom looked up from her book.

"Hm?" she asked.

"Watch over your sisters, honey. I need to get some work done, and I can't be interrupted." The professor said. Blossom frowned.

"Okay, professor." She said dully.

The professor walked back down to the lab, and closed the door behind him.

"Girls? Please don't do anything stupid. I have a headache, and I really don't need a fight right now." She said.

"Kay, Blossom." Bubbles said cheerfully, and zoomed up to their room, to go to sleep. Blossom looked at the clock.


"I need to get some sleep." She muttered to herself, and slowly trudged up the stairs.

Well, chapter one is done. I have an entire epic planned out, but you all have to contribute too. I'm sick of writing and writing, and writing, and not getting any feedback. So here's what's gonna happen. Every five reviews I get, another chapter will go up. I think it's fair.

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