Thieves in the Night

By Wickedclowns101

*Chapter Eight*

*End Game*

( Three years later… )


An arm snaked out from under a blanket, and pressed a button on the alarm clock, silencing it.

A teenage girl with long red hair sat up in her bed. It was Blossom, of course.

She got out of bed, and pulled on her pink robe. She took a look at the letters on the right breast pocket. It read: "PoB" she smiled.

She opened her door, and walked down the dark hall way to the shower room. There were guards inside, as always. She didn't feel embarrassed about taking her robe off in front of the guards. Quite the opposite, really.

In fact, she had become quite accustomed to it. After all, she was almost royalty.

She looked in the mirror, and smiled at the tattoo on her bare neck. It also bore the letters "PoB". Property of Brick.

She smiled. She was his now. His loyal and humble slave.

The fight long ago, after he had killed his two brothers, she had broken free of her restraints and charged Brick. Even in his battered condition, he had beaten her down easily.

Now that she thought about it, it was the best possible outcome. What would she do without Brick? He was everything, and she was nothing.

She had found her true calling in life. Her niche, her place. She firmly believed, that she was born and put on this earth to please Brick. And nothing else.

She handed her robe to one of the guards, like she always did, to be cleaned. She stepped into the shower, and winced at the heat of the water. But if Brick wanted her to bathe in water this hot, then he must be right.

She picked up a bottle of shampoo, and washed her hair thoroughly. On schedule, after thirty minutes, the water stopped abruptly.

Everything she did was on a tight schedule now. Next was breakfast.

She walked out of the shower, and was greeted by two guards carrying towels. She allowed them to dry her body, and a third guard brought her outfit for the day, which was always selected by Brick himself.

Her eyes went wide when she saw the dress. It was a replica of the dress she had worn so often when she was free. She put on the dress, and was allowed to brush her hair.

After that, she was led down a dimly lit hall way, and into the vast dining room. Brick walked in through the opposite doorway. Blossom immediately dropped to a knee, and bowed her head in Brick's presence.

"Rise." he said lowly. Blossom rose cautiously.

"What would you like for breakfast, my pet?" Brick asked.

"Whatever you're having, master." Blossom said.

"I thought so." Brick said, and snapped his fingers. Two women brought out two trays of food, and sat one in front of Blossom, and the other in front of Brick.

Blossom waited patiently until Brick had started eating before she started her own meal.

"How are you this lovely morning?" Brick asked.

"I am however you want me to be, master." Blossom replied with her mouth half full. Brick slammed his fists into the table, cracking it.

"Stop talking like a mindless drone! I liked you better when you were fighting me." Brick said. Blossom's bottom lip quivered. Her mind flashed back to the past three years. Back to all the mental and physical torture she went through. If she even looked at him without his permission, she was beaten viciously.

"I….I'm sorry, M…m…master." She said nervously.

"It's okay." He said.

"But if you really want to know, I'm a bit restless." She said. This piqued Brick's interests.

"Bored in my kingdom? How so?" he demanded.

"It's the same thing everyday. Over and over and over." She explained. He put his fork down.

"Blossom, what do you think of the life I have given you here, as my slave?" Brick asked.

"It's wonderful, master." Blossom said honestly.

"Better than the life you had before, as a free woman?" He pressed. She nodded.

"I have a special task for you, Blossom." He said.

"Please tell me, master." Blossom pleaded.

"Come with me." He said, and motioned for her to follow him. She got up and did.

He led her through the palace, and down into the basement level, to where the dungeon was. Brick stopped at one cell, and opened the door.

Inside was an old man. His hair was graying, and looked as if he hadn't bathed in ages. His clothes were mottled and faded.

"P…Professor?" Blossom said, shocked. She began to walk over to him.

"Stop." Brick said, and raised his hand. Blossom stopped dead in her tracks.

"I want you to kill this man, to prove your devotion." He said. Blossom froze. How could she choose between the man that had been a father to her all those years ago, and the boy who meant more to her than life itself?

"I love you, Blossom." The professor said weakly. Blossom sighed.

"But I love him." She said, before ripping the professor to shreds. Right before he died, he spoke.

"Blossom…. Why?" he asked.

"I want to please my master." She said. It was true, she just didn't have to please Brick, she wanted to.

She reeled back, and delivered the killing blow. She turned, and walked back to Brick, smiling. He grinned.

Blossom then saw, that a few drops of the professor's blood had splattered onto Brick's boot. Without hesitation, she dropped down to her knees, and began to lick it off. Brick began to stroke her hair.

"I'm very proud of you, Blossom. You've proven to me, that you're ready for what I have planned." Blossom stood up.

"What do you mean, master?" Blossom said.

"I'm going to take you as my queen." He said. Blossom shook her head.

"No. Being your queen would make me sound like your equal, when we both know that I'm not." She said. Brick laughed.

"So be it. You will remain my slave, but you will still be my queen." He said. She nodded. Brick wrapped his arms around her, and kissed her deeply.

"You can go now. I'll call you when I've made the wedding arrangements. You can start moving your things into my room." He said. Blossom was in shock.

"But master!" she protested.

"No buts, Blossom. I want our children to grow up with their parents at least sleeping in the same room." He said. She sighed, and went back to her room.

As Blossom was moving the last of her things, she spotted a small book in the corner of her room. She picked it up. it was her old diary. She opened it up to the last page she had written on. It read:

"Freewill will never falter. I would rather die a free woman, than live as someone else's slave."

She was appalled at what she had written.

"What a stupid idealist I was." She muttered, and destroyed the diary with her eyebeams. She left it on the ground, burning. Her only memories of her other life, slowly burning away…


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