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Alone? Well not anymore.


Tara was alone.

She was really alone. All by herself. No one with her. Tara Mae Thornton was in her apartment that she owned. Yes, it was strange for her. Usually she would have had Sookie or Lafayette with her but no. Tara didn't need them; it was just strange that they weren't here. They would always need her but not now. Sookie was engage to Bill and living a very happy life. Lafayette had his new beau; Tony, and didn't need her around them. Sam was happily dating some chick name Luna. Jason was dating Jessica and didn't talk to her at all. So to put it frankly Tara was lonely. Yes, there was Naomi but Tara realizes that being a lesbian wasn't her and that was just an act. Yes, there was Pam but she was running the club tonight. She really wishes Pam wasn't working tonight. Pam was like the mom/sister that Tara never had, after being shot and Pam giving her some blood, they have gotten close. They were closer than Tara and Sookie was now. A song on the radio brought her out of her thoughts.

It was sad really. Tara was sitting on her couch with a beer in one hand and a bag of chips in the other. On the radio "Ain't no sunshine" came on. Being in the mood she was in, Tara sung along. In the middle of the first verse, Tara heard a knock. Curious, she walked to the door and opened it. In front of her face was Eric Northman. Looking at him Tara could see why women were attracted to him. Standing at 6ft, Eric Northman was a God, actually not a god but a sexy Viking. His dirty blond hair was wet and his green eyes were staring right in Tara's eyes. Tara would be lying if she didn't say she didn't want to jump on his bones right now. He just looks so sexy in his black leather jacket and black shirt that clung to him. Tara backed up and invited him in. 'this will be a long night' Tara thought while shutting the door.

"What do you want Eric?" Tara asked making sure her gun was in her vision.

Eric might be sexy but he was still a vampire and can kill her if he pleases.

"You," He said in such an indifference voice that made Tara think he was bored.


"Please, close your mouth. You look like a fish. I will not repeat myself."

"You can't want me! You are supposed to like Sookie. And last time I checked I am not white, blond, or have big breast. "Tara said angrily. She was looking at her gun ready to dive if needed be.

"I do not want Sookie."

That was it. Tara dived for the gun and stood up pointing it at Eric. This was a mistake on Tara part. Eric was very impatient. Next thing Tara knows he is pushing her against the wall and the gun is on the other side of the room.

"I am a very impatient man Tara. I will not say this again. I want you. I want your rudeness and sass. I want your chocolate skin. I want your little breast. I want your long black hair. I want to look in your doe-like eyes when I wake."Eric said pulling Tara closer."I want to hear you scream my name when I make love to you."

Tara was stun. Eric FUCKING Northman did not just say that to her. Tara did not know what to say but she decided to let her action speak louder than words. With that Tara kissed Eric on the lips with passion, Eric kissed back with as much passion.

Pulling back, Tara said," You better be telling the truth."

Eric grabbed Tara by the hips and pulled her to the couch, her on the bottom.

"I can show you right now better than I can tell you," Eric said looking at Tara with a smirk.

Tara wasn't alone before but not anymore.

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