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Tara POV

'who arm is around me?' I looked over and sees Eric Northman. 'what the fuck did I do this time. First Sam who is a werewolf and now a vampire...unbelieveable!'

"Yes, I'm real Tara and no I will not move my arm...I'm quiet at ease," Eric said smirking.

'I want to knock that smirk right off his face right now.'

"What the fuck happen last night Eric?"

Before he could answer, I started to get flashback...

"What do you want Eric?" I asked making sure my gun was in my vision.

Eric might be sexy but he was still a vampire and can kill me if he pleases.

"You," He said in such an indifference voice that made me think he was bored.

Eric came to my house last night...he said he wanted me and then we had sex. Why do I keep getting men that want Sookie. First Sam and now Eric. I really need to get out more.

"Eric, I'm going to need you to move now."

"Tara, didn't I tell you I was at ease. And beside I only have 2 hours before I go underground."

He is really sexy in the moonlight. Dam Tara snap out of it...now I'm going crazy great.

Eric was talking but I wasn't really paying attention. So I asked him to repeat.

"Do you regret what happen last night?"

Do I regret what happen? From what I remember it was pretty good. He was very generous. Maybe we could be fuck buddy.

"No I do not," I said to Eric.

"Be my girlfriend?"

What should I say?

"Tara, we will not contiune this if I can not put my claim on you."

"I thought Eric Northman doesn't do girlfriends and second you will never own me," I said heated.

Eric got on top of me and start sucking on my neck making me unable to speak. He stop when he say that I was frozen.

"Tara answer me."


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