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What Do Robots Dream Of?

{Have you ever heard of the old tale 'Pinocchio' by the Italian author Carlo Collodi, created in 1883?}

The mechanical sound of servos working and greased metal joints sliding against each other filled the dark moonlit air as a blue spined robot lifted his cybernetic hand and looked at his clawed fingers. A pair of red LED light eyes stared down at the mechanical hand, his built in programming already scanning the components of the cold arm. Countless data rose up from the simple scan and was displayed in the robot's mechanical brain before getting saved in his hard drive in case of future use even though he doubted he'd need information on himself. A cold breeze blew by, picking up stray leaves and the grass to wave but the cyborg didn't feel the chilly air. Instead, he 'saw' it as a small numerical variable of changing wind speeds and temperature.

{A simple tale, about a puppet given a conscious and his desire to become 'real,' though scientifically speaking that is physically impossible due to his wooden structure.}

Above dark moonlit forest the moon showed brightly along with the twinkling white stars unimpeded by any clouds as the robot watched blankly. The bot clenched his metal hand into a tight fist with the sound of straining servos before unclenching with the small hydraulic hiss.

{Despite all of the improbabilities I do find the basic premise very . . . interesting. The notion of an 'inanimate' object trying to attain an organic body is very . . . relatable.}

Despite the serious glare that was formed to create to his face, Metal Sonic looked out at the fauna before him as he stood on a cliff with a sense of blank despair over his 'Icarus Consciousness Programming' that he always had a hard time describing. Ever since his last fight with his organic counterpart, Metal had received a blow to his cranial hard drives and ever since then he seemed find himself wandering around more and more making 'observations' about his surroundings. The robotic hedgehog never approached his creator with these problems due to a growing sense of distrust that seemed to flare up out of nowhere but as time went on he started to realize why.

{That man manipulates me to do his bidding against an impossible foe and he expects me to stay loyal?}

Metal Sonic recounted all the fights and beatings he received from his living counterpart but now things seemed so much clearer to the bot. As he stood on that cliff overlooking the forest he began to realize how pointless his life was so far and how it would amount to absolutely nothing if he didn't do anything to change it soon. Every time the Doctor upgraded him for the next fight it almost never seemed to work. Metal would take the advantage for the first half of the fight or may even win the first round, giving the Doctor an advantage, but later on Sonic would get his second wind and easily triumph over him.

No matter how much the Doctor prepared him, no matter how much data went into the planning the original Sonic would always win. The fact of the matter drove Robotnik insane while it just seemed to interesting Metal. The only reason Robotnik had installed the 'Icarus Consciousness Program' into Metal was so he could try and mimic the Blue Blur's sense of pride and how he always seemed to try and 'one-up' himself in battle, pretty much trying to copy his personality and learning process. Instead of copying the hero's style however the project seemed to fail as Metal Sonic failed to display any kind of likeness towards the Blue Blur.

Instead of a copy, an original was born and Metal seemed to change more and more as days went by.

{This fight with Sonic is pointless for I am an inferior being. He is a constantly evolving life-form, always trying to better himself every second, but me. . .}

A loud scream of jet thrusters filled the air as the boosters on Metal's back flared to life, bringing him a few feet into the air before he flew forward at a slow leisurely pace. His dark blue plating shined in the pale moonlight as he flew towards the city while his red eyes sparkled like stars from a distance. His thrusters left a trail of black smoke behind him as he flew through the air carelessly.

{I am an analytical being who relies on data, calculations and set values that never exceed a set limit, so how am I to defeat a constantly changing adversary?}

The simple thought actually made Metal Sonic shake his head which felt odd to him since robots never really had to express their inner thoughts using physical gestures. Seconds later the robot landed on the roof of a skyscraper before he looked down at the lit up city streets below him. Below him were busy civilians living the nightlife like the good organisms they were while Metal looked over them. He didn't look down at them with a hateful disposition, but instead with a curious and longing stare even though his facial features didn't show it.

He was starting to envy the living and how they flaunted their lives around like nothing. During the days that Metal wasn't on some errand for his slaver he studied the Mobians and they're lifestyles, taking notes down on how they went through their days before finding out they all of them had varying agendas. No one organism had the same schedule or day due to so many shifting variables and 'moods' that Metal still struggled to understand.

{They all find solace in being one of God's unique creations, but what am I? Some fat man's failed science project?}

A familiar blue blur ran through the ran through the well-lit streets with ease, earning himself some applause and cheers from the common folk before taking a sharp turn and disappearing deeper into the heart of the city. Metal's envy for Sonic was starting to change into a deep curiosity of how his charms and attitude always drove him to the path of righteousness as the bot found his own hatred for the doppelganger starting to wither away. Hating a being greater than you was a sign of poor character and the robotic hedgehog found it odd that he cared for something like 'character' in the first place.

{Ever since my production I've watched Mobians grow steadily over time, conquering over adversity and fighting wars, they've managed to find the answer to almost any problem. But now they've done something that even I thought was impossible.}

A large video display built into a large building's wall came to life as its advertisement played with great clarity. Metal looked up at the video ad with great intrigue since it was the second time he had seen it and he always found it incredibly fascinating. In the ad a light blue female hedgehog clenched her roboticized hand in disgust as she cried in some dirty alley, a brief flashback of Robotnik's tyrannical siege on the world playing in her mind as she recounted her arm getting turned into the cold metal it was today. The robotic hedgehog presumed that the ad meant to explain that the metal arm led to the female's social downfall and was the sole reason she was on the streets.

Roboticization was a tough subject amongst the biological Mobians since some saw it as a curse, while some saw the advantages of it. Either way most Roboticized Mobians or 'Robians' were pushed into poverty due to the masses not accepting their inflictions while a scarce few managed to hide it and get back to their normal lives. Some couldn't take it and removed their 'diseased' appendages forcefully while others continued on with the curse. On the other side of things however some Robians loved their new metallic parts, trying to upgrade them and get stronger while other civilians found them 'in the now' and 'futuristic.' Two sides were growing over a trivial yet important topic, one for the curing of Robians while the other tried to modernize it and bring it into the world like some sort of commodity. As far as Metal could see though, the Pro-Robians seemed to be taking the upper hand all by a new innovation.

Back to the advertisement, a glowing white gloved hand showed up in front of the sobbing female hedgehog, offering a hand of help before she looked up. In front of her was a tall gray canine in a scientist's coat with a kind smile that just screamed 'trust me' and just like that the light blue hedgehog took his hand using her mechanical appendage. The instant her robotic hand touched his hand a flash of light enveloped her arm before strands of video programmed DNA flew towards the glowing arm and produced a synthetic sort of flesh that wrapped around her arm and grow a light blue fur that matched her own fur color. After the brief light show the light blue hedgehog's arm had been covered in some new technology that allowed her to physically feel things with her new synthetic flesh leaving her in a state of shock and awe before embracing the doctor in front of her.

The view panned out as both the cured girl and doctor looked into the camera with caring smiles before the scene faded to white. A black logo of a dog paw made of gears then appeared across the large video screen before the words 'Argos Industries' appeared under it. Metal analyzed the logo, his internal search engine finding countless information on the company.

{Mobians, human, living beings, they all evolve after time, finding solutions to life many questions but this . . . is a miracle.}

Metal Sonic clenched his cold reinforced fists in determination before turning around and walking away from the large video display as data streamed through his mind. An objective was formed and systematically hidden behind a haze of static data so Robotnik wouldn't find it. He knew this was something he'd have to have, a goal that Metal would fight for no matter how impossible the odds. Now he was starting to actually 'feel' the 'Icarus Consciousness Program' taking affect now as he felt a sudden urge to finally do something with his life. He would take follow under the Doctor's rule for now, and run when the time was right.

{I am a lackey no longer, but a puppet searching for life.}

{A pawn rebelling against the king}

{A ghost in a shell, searching for the means to become living}

Side story I suppose, idea kinda came to me and I followed it. Seems like fun so far to be honest heh and yes it is inspired by the game Deus Ex: Human Revolution. I played the game, I loved it, which is why I got the inspiration to write this duh.