Hello, readers. As you read in the summary, this is a one-shot collection pairing several of Marvel's finest women with Spider-Man. Each chapter has a different setting and reality. Requests are gladly accepted, and depending on the success of this story, I may post follow-up chapters to certain women's endings. Now, without further delay.

Chapter One "Susan Storm – Invisible Woman"

Johnny Storm stared at the clock, which read 8:28, and sighed inwardly. He had been dreading this day for the past few weeks since his sister came to him with the most horrible news- she would be going on a date with Peter Parker. Given it would have been impossible a few years back, back when he and Pete almost couldn't stand the sight of each other, but now, since they were best friends, it just seemed too weird to accept.

He could already hear the conversations.

"Whoa. Your sister's hot. Is she single?"

"No, she's spoken for."

"Aw. By who?"

"...my best friend."

It was bizarre, but the past year had been just that. When Reed died, things were never the same for the Fantastic Four. Johnny took it rather well, but Ben and Sue weren't as fortunate. Ben just wasn't as talkative as he used to be. He often blamed himself, thinking he could have saved Reed somehow.

Susan, his poor sister, was just a broken soul in a shell. She stayed in her room, but her crying could still be heard through the door. She'd keep a strong front, often telling others she was fine, but Johnny knew his sister too well. It was no different when their parents died once upon a time, and she had to watch over him. She'd pretend everything was okay, stifling her sobs and sniffling in between her words.

She had always been a terrible liar.

It looked as if things would never improve, but hope came in the least expected form. Spider-Man came to the Baxter Building at Human Torch's request to help deal with a Doctor Doom matter. After the day had been saved, Spider-Man told one of his obnoxious jokes. Not one of his usually bad ones but one of the real stinkers from Johnny's view, yet Susan, who hadn't smiled once since Reed's death, responded with genuine, good-spirited laughter.

That day was as clear as yesterday for Johnny. He stared slack-jawed, Ben scratched the back of his head, and Spider-Man held his arms out and cheered.

"Hey! You're the first to laugh at one of my jokes!"

Susan couldn't respond. Her innocent giggling turned into full-fledged guffaws, causing Johnny and Ben to widened their eyes at her. She gasped, ending her laughter, inadvertently, with a snort. She threw her hand over her nose and mouth to hide her blush, but Spider-Man soon started laughing as well. That was where it all began.

As time went by, Parker visited the Baxter Building more often and grew closer to the team, deepening his bond with Johnny to one resembling brotherhood, bickering included. Ben found him annoying but held him close on the account that he found Peter an odd yet welcomed combination of Reed and Johnny.

"He's brainy with a hint of annoyance thrown in the mix."

Then, there was Sue. Of all the members of the Fantastic Four, she had taken a shine to Peter the most. She smiled more often, which was a great sign of recovery to Johnny. They would have the longest conversations about nothing in particular, ranging from their daily activities to the bores of science. Johnny couldn't help but agree with Ben on his comparison between Reed and Parker.

He thought it was purely innocent at first, but the more he watched his sister, the more he recognized the warning signs. Whenever Peter would arrive at the building, Sue would go into a panic frenzy, asking Ben if her hair looked all right, or if she and Pete were in the middle of a talk, she'd always blush and flick her hair to the side. Pete may have been dense, but Johnny was a ladies' man. He knew the signs too well.

Never had horror come so close to home for Johnny. His big sister, the Invisible Woman, had a crush on his best friend and former rival, Spider-Man, of all people?

If that wasn't enough, she asked him out!

Johnny felt as if he was beside himself. This was his sister. Had he any room to object? Wouldn't this turn out awkward after a while? He sunk deeper into the couch, dreading every thought that came into mind. The doorbell into their home rang, plunging Johnny deeper into his building depression.

Susan rushed out of her room and stopped in front of the front door. She rubbed the wrinkles out of her, white, silk long-sleeve shirt. She tucked and pulled at her blue jeans until she reached her level of comfort. With a flick of her wrist, she brushed her blonde hair back and inhaled deeply. Sighing outwardly, she opened the door, revealing a casual Peter Parker, who wore a black sweater and blue jeans.

While not impressive in Johnny's eyes, Susan's eyes lit up as brightly as the sun. Her cheeks turned a deep shade of red as Parker clumsily wrapped his arms around her slender frame. Johnny gagged to himself at the sight, but his eyes softened once he saw Susan return the embrace by wrapping her arms around Peter's neck.

After a few moments, they broke away from each other, but Sue's smile stayed intact. With her purse in hand, she grinned at her brother before making her way out of the room. Peter nodded, waved Johnny off, and followed his date.

Just like that, they were gone. Johnny sat still, pondering about his previous questions, but he shrugged his shoulders in a defeated fashion. The way his sister just smiled at him erased all of his doubts. Though he thought it was still weird, Sue's happiness mattered too much for him to protest. Peter was the best guy his eyes, so he knew she was in good hands.

However, one dark thought came into light and caused Johnny to shiver involuntarily. What if their relationship progressed, and Peter ended up becoming the new leader for the Fantastic Four?

"Johnny Storm! What did your sister say about flying in the house? Drop and give me twenty!"

"Oh, God," he muttered, unaware that future was a definite possibility.

I like how this one turned out. Sue x Peter has always been an odd fascination of mine. Good chance I'll post a follow-up to this later. But let me know what you all think! Until next time, folks.