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Chapter Thirty-One "Amora - The Enchantress"

Life in Asgard had grown rather dull over the past few weeks. Amora was in dire need of excitement, and what was more chaotic than Midgard, a realm where Thor's might was required regularly to restore balance. The goddess shook her head, scolding her mind for even mentioning the God of Thunder's name. Truthfully, Amora was desperate to leave Asgard, but it was to forget recent events, namely the marriage of Thor and Sif. Nearly everyone in the land basked in their glorious moment.

That is, everyone with the exception of the Enchantress. Both women fought over Thor for countless decades, but by the end, he ended up choosing the dwarven-maned, sword-wielding barbarian over one that could be mistaken for the Goddess of Beauty. Amora rolled her eyes. Even now, she could not believe what had transpired. Yet, the blonde goddess let out a frustrated sigh. It was her own fault. Sif remained a steadfast ally to Thor when Amora became an on-again, off-again antagonist.

A gentle breeze brushed her golden locks back, freeing Amora from her trance. Her journey to Midgard was desperately needed, but evident by the scowl on her features, she had quickly grown tiresome with the obnoxious environment that the Midgardians called 'New York'. Dozens, if not hundreds, of people flooded the streets, some accidentally bumping into Amora in the process. Wearing a simple olive jacket over a jade dress, the Enchantress chose not to gather unwanted attention, considering her track record with several of Midgard's heroes.

She wanted only a distraction, not a fight. Exhaling, the woman broke away from the crowd and made her way down the alleyway. With no one in sight, Amora couldn't help but wonder why no one traveled along this path, but she shrugged her shoulders, thankful for a new sense of personal space. The Enchantress continued to follow the path, unaware a group of individuals had begun following her.

Unfortunately, Amora's mind refused to yield, reminding the Goddess of her countless wrongdoings. Has she simply stopped, Thor would be embracing her instead of Sif. However, Amora bit her lip and folded her slender arms across her breasts. For all these years, the Enchantress always harbored a deep infatuation for Odin's son, but it never escalated above flirtation due to Thor's thickheadedness. There was never a chance, yet Amora constantly tried, pleading something would change, and it eventually did, only not in the way she had hoped.

With a simple kiss and spell, she could have made Thor return her feelings, but it would only be a shallow victory. Amora stopped in her tracks and sadly gazed upon the ground. Fate was cruel but just. Yet, the Enchantress begged for the winds of change to whisk her away. No longer did she desire the God of Thunder, but Amora's brow furrowed, knowing not many men could compare to Thor's stature.

Placing her finger against her lower lip, Amora's irises shifted to the sky above. "Now, where shall I start to find the perfect man?"

"All right, lady," a voice called from behind, causing the blonde to turn her head in its direction. "Hand over your purse."

Half a dozen men blocked her path through the alleyway, and Amora exhaled, hating the fact she walked into a dead end. It explained why the mortals strayed from this path. Suddenly, all six men reached into their pockets, retrieving switchblades in the process. Amora's brow twitched. Such audacity. These creatures knew not what they were dealing with. While she may not have been a warrior by any means, Amora was more than a match for the common mortal.

The men steadily approached the woman, but she remained still, awaiting the opportunity to cast a spell. However, an individual fell from the sky and landed in front of the gang. Garbed from head-to-toe in a skin-tight outfit, the man stood with his back facing Amora protectively and waved his finger at the group.

"Seriously, guys? It takes six of you to rob a woman? That's a tad bit overkill," he said, firing several strands of webbing from his wrists and retrieving every knife from each individual. "Why don't you go steal candy from a baby? That's just as low. Better yet, why not kick an old person's cane from underneath them? Nothing you guys do would surprise me."

As the gang swarmed the costumed man, Amora watched the spectacle unfold with a widened expression in her green irises. It was easy to recognize the man thanks to his colorful attire and spider emblem across his back. The Midgardian known as Spider-Man had earned a heroic reputation in Asgard due to the time he fought alongside Thor. While Amora never gave the spider a second thought, for Thor had many allies on Midgard, she was intrigued Loki, the God of Mischief, held high respect for Spider-Man.

Whatever this man did to earn Loki's trust must have been extraordinary. Amora's interest continued to rise, evident by the sultry smile on her face.

Spider-Man grabbed one of the men by the collar of his shirt and threw him over his shoulder, hurling him into one of his companions. Before the others could react, the vigilante flipped onto the side of a wall, springing off to deliver a swift kick into the jaw of the nearest assailant and an uppercut to the one behind. With only two men left, Spider-Man readied to finish the job, but one, in his panic, pulled a gun from his pocket and fired, unaware Amora was behind the vigilante, putting her in the line of fire should he dodge.

Yet, Spider-Man stopped in his tracks, making certain to stay in the bullet's path. Amora's mouth fell agape at the act, especially once the bullet found its mark supposedly. While she would have easily survived something as trivial as a Midgardian firearm, Amora respected Spider-Man's nobility, as he could have chosen to dodge instead of his current action. However, the masked man stood back tall, revealing his physique remained unharmed.

Once the baffled men babbled for an explanation, Spider-Man simply extended his clenched fist and opened his hand, dropping the bullet onto the ground. Needless to say, both men surrendered with no further resistance, allowing the hero to web them and their unconscious allies together in a massive gossamer ball against a telephone poll. Spider-Man brushed his hands off, nodding at another job well done, but Amora stood with a devilish smirk on her face.

Yes, Spider-Man may not have been gifted with Thor's amount of brute strength, but she saw vast potential in his nobility, skill, and ability. Not to mention, he certainly seemed more fun than Thor, but Amora wanted to evaluate the young mortal further.

Fortunately, as the Enchantress, she had the means to accomplish that feat.

"Thank you, Spider-Man," Amora said sweetly, grateful she was not recognizable without her Asgardian garments.

"I'm more than happy to lay the smackdown on my not-so-friendly neighbors. Try to-" His words fell into his throat as the woman, who stood a few inches taller than him, pressed her lips soundly on his masked cheek. "...stay safe?" he dumbly finished, scratching the back of his head.

Turning on her heel, the blonde beauty gracefully made her exit, and Spider-Man, with a simple shrug of the shoulders, jumped into a web-swing in the opposite direction. Amora paused, smiling victoriously as she stole a brief glance of the hero. The seed was planted. Now all she could do was bid in her time and pray her tracking spell would remain firm. If the fates were kind, Amora would find her new champion and thank him personally.

Only time would tell, and it would eventually lead Amora to Horizon Labs...