A/N This is a completely new story and I have no idea if you guys will like it! But I like it! Anyways, it's a master-slave fic, but a little bit different. Also, it takes place in present-day Latin America (Slade's kingdom) and present-day Barbados (Robin's island). So it's pretty AU though the characters act the same. Another thing, all Spanish will be translated at the end of each chapter!

Chapter One: Boredom

A hot breeze drifted through the palace as Slade paced around in his throne room. Outside the open windows life carried on as it usually did, but on the inside the King was troubled. His kingdom had grown dramatically since it had broken off from Spain. Slade had led those rebellions. He had risen up as a white-man that was on the native's side. He had stoked the fire of resentment until battles came about and the Spanish that had settled the New World were forced back to their significantly richer Old World. And now Slade was king of a large expanse of territory, his Empire expanding from coast to coast. Slade was a surprisingly just king, though he was merciless, and the people responded well to his rule. Everything was orderly, everything was systematic, and everything was boring.

Slade was bored. He had no real desire to expand anymore, he had almost all of the land on the continent. True, he could go out the farthest reached were small tribes of natives still rejected him and his way of life and conquer them, but that had all been done before. Slade wanted something new to do.

At the his call a small, grandmotherly looking woman scurried into the throne room. She appraised Slade's state with wise brown eyes before giving a small curtsey. "Hola, Anita.*" Slade said distractedly.

"Hola, Maestro Slade.*" Anita replied. She could tell something was up with her king but waited patiently for his next command.

"Traiga Wintergreen a me.*" Slade turned his back on the woman and gazed out the open window that stretched from the ceiling to the floor. Another gust of hot wind caused the light fabric of the drapes to sway, mimicking the waves of the ocean that could be seen off in the distance.

"Inmediatamente, Maestro Slade.*" Anita curtseyed once again before exiting the throne room to find Slade's second-in-command.

"You wanted to see me, Slade?" Wintergreen was slightly perplexed at the sight that greeted him in the throne room, but only slightly. Slade was rifling through books and charts that sat atop an elaborate table in front of his throne. Once again, Wintergreen was only partially surprised at this because he had known Slade for a very long while, and had suspected that it was simply a matter of time before the man grew restless once more.

"Wintergreen!" Slade exclaimed and stood up. The two men shook hands and exchanged pleasantries before returning to the table to examine what Slade had uncovered. "What do you know of the Caribbean Islands?" They spoke in their native European tongue because it was simply easier that way but also because no one could eavesdrop on them.

"I know that most of them are still under Spain's control, while a few fall to the French." Wintergreen shrugged, unsure of where the king was going with this.

"Yes, yes, I knew that. What about the small islands? The unknown islands?"

"Well, they are for the most part, unknown, sir." Wintergreen rolled his eyes at Slade, who in turn grinned slightly, knowing that his friend was only joking, and turned back to his charts.

"Here. I want to know about this island here." Slade pointed to the furthest East island on the map and Wintergreen groaned on the inside.

"That island is nick-named Island of the Birds, for it is said that only birds can get there by flight."

"Ships must have landed there at some point in time." Slade commented, his brow furrowed as he studied the map even more.

"Yes, but the natives are extremely hostile as well as skilled warriors. There is a local story of a whole fleet from the Spanish Armada being unable to capture the island, but it is likely only an old wives tale. But the fact remains that the island is practically untouched and no trade connections have been made with the natives." Wintergreen watched with expectant horror as Slade's single gray eye lit up and his face filled with determination.

"Prepare our fastest ship. I'm taking a small crew with me so supply is accordingly."

"Surely you are not thinking of claiming this island?"

"Of course not, my dear friend. I'm simply going to set up relations. Maybe start some trade. Then, one day, it can become an outpost. Think of it, it's the farthest island east and it is of the same longitude as our capital. Therefore, if any attacking ships were on their way the island would be the first to see them and in turn we would have the proper time to prepare!"

Wintergreen listened to Slade's plan with mixed emotions. It all made perfect sense, of course, and really was strategically absolute. There was only one problem: the natives. Not much was known about the tribe that lived their, except that they were exalted warriors and extremely stubborn. Not unlike Slade himself, Wintergreen thought, recalling how hard-headed the man could be. He'd lost everything by coming to the New World; his family, his wife, his eye. The second-in-command shuddered as he remembered Slade coming to him; a hole in his face where his wife had taken out his right eye with a bullet. The man had seemed humored, however, only saying "Addie sure did not want me to leave!" when asked what had happened.

In the end Wintergreen decided just to leave the man to his ways and exited the throne room. He had a ship to prepare after all.

Several weeks later, Slade boarded the fastest ship with high expectations. Everything usually went his way, so why should this little adventure be any different? When ship began to sail out of the harbor, a chorus of "Adios!*" followed it.

The day was perfect for sailing. The hot winds carried the ship swiftly and the men seemed to be over-all excited. Slade made his way over to the Captain's cabin, his cabin, to look over some charts before they got too far out to see. Once inside he took a moment to let his eyes adjust before lighting his reading candle a setting to work.

A couple of hours passed and Slade, once he was completely sure that they were on the right course, went to spend the last few moments of daylight on the main deck. What greeted him out there was an unpleasant surprise.

Some of the older crew members had gathered the younger ones together to tell them stories of Isla de los Pájaros.* Slade had of course done his homework, so he knew all of these fables, but it was apparent that his crew believed them, for the all looked at him with pale faces despite their tanned skin.

"¡Empezan a trabajar!*" The man shouted at them, his mood slightly soured. If there was one thing Slade did not like, it was superstition and tall tales. He liked facts and truths, they could be relied on. The men scurried off in every-which-direction, leaving Slade to scowl at the water itself. Slowly the sun began to set and the crew made their way down to the belly of the ship to eat and sleep.

Slade stayed on the deck, watching the dark water slosh against the side of the ship in a lulling motion. After a while the man turned his gaze to the sky and the many stars that kept it alight. The moon was a little bit more than half full and glowing brightly, the air smelled of salt and wood, and the temperature had decreased to nothing more that a warm, muggy night. Without a single word, Slade turned around and went to his cabin, his mind racing with thoughts and ideas.

Spanish translations:

*Hola = Hello

* Maestro = Master

*Traiga Wintergreen a me = Bring Wintergreen to me

*Inmediatamente = Right away

*Adios = Goodbye

*Isla de los Pájaros = Island of the Birds

*Empezan a trabajar = Get to work

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