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Chapter Fifteen: Plans Gone Awry

Robin's stomach lurched along with the ship as the colossal waves rocked against its weak hull. The boat was no more than a fishing dingy and was on the verge of sinking at any moment. At least that's what the islander assumed after contemplating the terrifying amounts of water that seemed to be pouring through the cracks in the ceiling above him. His body spasmed once more from being curled into a ball for so long in cold, wet conditions. The teen grit his teeth and shifted as little as he dared. He was a stow-away on this ship; only a young cabin boy new of his existence after he had aided Robin in choosing the right vessel that would pass the closest by Isla de los Pájaros.

"Rojo X!"* The teen cried as a figure dropped nimbly in front of him. The slightly-older boy's light brown eyes glittered and his freckled face split into a large grin as he handed over some bread to the stow-away.

"Robó alguna de cocina. Creo que el cocinero es cada sospechoso, pero soy demasiado bueno para quedar atrapados."* He laughed, his shaggy black hair that was soaking wet spaying water everywhere.

"Genial, mi primer amigo mexicano y él es un ladrón."* Robin chuckled back, his Spanish flowing extremely well.

"Eso es mitad mexicana a usted! Mi padre era un purasangre español! Es por eso que tengo estos," Red pointed to his freckles proudly. "Se fue con su patrulla, ante el rey Slade se hizo cargo. Mi madre tenía que soportar a los dos. Luego, cuando ella murió ... así que terminé en esta cosa horrible."*

Robin closed his eyes for a moment, digesting what his new-found acquaintance had told him. It seemed that misery was everywhere in the world. After a moment, he found Red's face again. "Estoy feliz de que seamos amigos, incluso si robas cosas."* The boys chuckled again before falling silent. The islander felt a little bit of hope welling up inside of him and welcomed it greatly. Even now, with a maniac on his homeland and him being a fugitive from King Slade, there was still laughter. Robin tucked the sensation carefully away in his memory. He knew that he would need its comfort soon.

Blue eyes peered cautiously over the side of the tiny ship, darting around like a frightened animal. Robin had been out at sea for nearly a week. In the distance was a dark mass the teen knew to be his island. The fishing boat he had stowed away on had brought Robin closer than he could have hoped for. He could even make out a fire on the beach that the villagers typically used for fishing. Blue eyes narrowed as the teen tried to make out the figures moving about the single source of light. From the ship they looked like little ants, but logically Robin knew that they were guards out on duty. There was a creak from the other side of the deck and reflexively the teen scuttled behind some barrels. A lonely fisherman stumbled up from below, obviously drunk out of his mind and in need of some fresh air.

Robin decided to ignore him and focus on concocting a plan to get on the island. He was pretty sure there was an emergency boat on the tiny ship somewhere, but whether or not it would float was something to be doubted. The fact that this hunk of rotten wood was still above sea level impressed and mystified the teen to no end. Anyways, back to his plan, Robin...

The sound of a sword being unsheathed echoed all around the ex-pet even though it was virtually silent. After training with Slade for so long and not knowing what weapons they would be working with the teen had developed a second sense for danger. The air left the islander's body all at one as he peered through the barrels, only to see the drunk man being stabbed all the way through. The chief's son fought to keep quiet as his wide eyes stayed glued to the shine of the metal, covered in dark red blood. A soft chuckle permeated throughout the air, causing him to shiver and tear his gaze away from the murder weapon.

"It seems that this is just a fishing vessel." Robin's blue orbs got impossibly rounder as he heard one of the armed men speak in the European language that Slade had dubbed English. The disturbing laugh trailed off as the killer stepped out from behind the now dead fisherman, withdrawing his sword and cleaning it as the corpse fell to the deck. The entire time he had this crazy smile on his face, as if someone had just told him the most hilarious thing and he couldn't stop himself from giggling.

The Joker.

"Oh, of course it's just a fishing vessel!" The grating voice yelled out, his arms flailing and the sword flashing above his head. "You idiot! We are currently occupying one of Deathstroke's territories and you think that this is just a random fishing vessel!" The guard gulped and opened his mouth to explain, but it was too late. With a swish that was lightning-quick the Joker had sliced his throat to the bone. The man dropped like a stone, blood gushing everywhere, and the other soldiers took a step back. "And I had just cleaned my sword, too." The insane man pouted to himself. Robin shifted a bit to get a closer look, and what he saw disturbed him greatly.

The Joker's face was pale. Extremely pale. It bordered on being perfectly white, with laugh-lines deep enough to make anybody re-think smiling ever again. His eyes were sunken in, and it looked like he had been punched in the face a couple of weeks ago and the bruises were just now fading. And then there were the scars. Extending upwards from the corners of the madly-grinning lips were these horrible, discolored scars going halfway up his cheeks. The teen shivered, not quite sure what could have even caused such marks as those. The mans hair was a mystery in itself as well. Robin couldn't deduce whether or not is was light, like a blonde color, or dark, almost black even. Either way, it eerily reflected green in the moonlight.

Suddenly the man glanced up, as if he had felt Robin's gaze on him. Blood-shot black eyes swept the deck slowly. The islander huddled in closer on himself, trying to be as small as possible. The Joker was silent as he continued to scan his surroundings before seemingly realizing that his men were just standing there. "What are you waiting for! Fan out!" The group jumped in response and scattered. "Find anyone who looks like they don't belong." The general's voice dropped to a positively terrifying level, all the while that insane grin never leaving his features.

Robin watched warily as the Joker's minions filed down below the deck to where the rest of the crew was more than likely asleep in their hammocks or cots. They had apparently decided that there was no one hiding on the tiny deck, something for which the teen was grateful. Shouts filled the air as members of the fishing crew were dragged out into the open air and thrown to the hard wood. Among them was Rojo X, squirming a cussing in his hold. Robin's breath got caught in his throat as his friend was hauled apart from the rest of the fishermen and presented to the Joker.

"This one is different from the rest." The crony said proudly, puffing out his chest. Rojo X mumbled something under his breath that was cut off with a quick punch to the gut. The Joker straightened back up from his attack position while the teen doubled over, wheezing.

"He appears to be half Spaniard, and he's the only young one on board. Yes, he is different, meaning he is the spy!" The mad man cried out dramatically, kicking his victim in the ribs. Robin winced at the treatment of his friend before deciding that he had to do something to help. He couldn't just sit by and watch an innocent person be tortured and interrogated, for he was sure that was what was going to happen next to the other teen. Besides, if they wanted someone it was him.

Making sure that it wasn't too obvious, Robin knocked one of the barrels he was hiding behind. It rocked back and forth as if in slow motion, baby-blue eyes following its every move. When it finally fell the the ground, the solid thud it made was earth-shattering. The islander glance up from his now obsolete hiding spot only to see all eyes zeroed in on him. Understanding dawned upon Rojo X's face and he increased his struggling, but it was to late.

"Get him." The Joker chuckled darkly, causing Robin to shiver. Three men rushed at him and his adrenaline spiked. The teen got up to move, hopping over the barrel that had given him away in the first place. True, he had planned this, but now it didn't seem like such a good idea. Maybe he should have just rescued the crew discreetly instead. The acrobatic boy cursed himself and his late revelations as he attempted to flee to no avail. A punch came seemingly out of nowhere and the next thing he knew, he was being dragged across the rough wood of the deck over to where the Joker was gloating in his victory.

"Oh, you are quite exotic," he crooned, pushing the black hair out of Robin's blue eyes before slapping his face to the side. The teen's breath left him in a huff as his cheek stung red hot. He turned his gaze back to the evil man in front of him and glared. "Yes, not Hispanic, not Spaniard, not European, but instead..." A look of pure glee flashed across the Joker's face as he put two-and-two together, making Robin want to throw up out of fear. "Take this one to the boat!" He barked out, then thought for a second. "This one too!" Rojo X renewed his struggles as the two teens were manhandled into captivity. "Now I need the captain. We have to make sure out dear friend King Deathstroke receives a message he will never forget..."

*Red X

*"Stole some from kitchen. I think the cook is getting suspicious, but I'm way too good to get caught."

*"Great, my first Mexican friend and he's a thief."

*"That's half-Mexican to you! My father was a pureblood Spaniard! That's why I have these" … "He left with his patrol, before King Slade took over. My mom had to support us both. Then when she died... well I ended up on this wretched thing."

*"I'm happy that we are friends, even if you do steal things."

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