MWAHAHAHA! I'm finally back with Doctor Who story, and this is going to prove to be a very twisted and convoluted story. ^_^ I hope you all enjoy. I'm putting my favorite characters (sans Donna, Wilf, and the Master **though that is subject to change**) in the same place. I hope you all enjoy! Reviews favorites, and are my new drug! More reviews, faster updates! Enjoy!

Rose and the Doctor stumbled out of the TARDIS, looking back at the smoking space they had just evacuated. Coughing and waving her hand in front of her face to clear some of the air, Rose looked at the Doctor. "What's wrong with her, Doctor? That was the worst landing yet."

He frowned and shook his head, running a hand through his hair. "I don't know. The Haldafran Coil isn't supposed to gyrate like that. And the Boreon tubes are supposed to keep their contents on the inside of the tubes. And the Libetern Valdavesh—"

Rose waved her hand at him, getting dizzy from the techno babble. "Yeah, I already got that somethin's wrong. Any idea what?"

He shook his head, and she could tell by the way he was bouncing on the balls of his feet that he was desperate to get back inside and check on his beloved TARDIS, despite the smoke. She put a hand on his arm, and his eyes immediately snapped to hers. "Doctor, it's gonna be alright, yeah? We're still alive, and we're still together. We don't seem to be in any immediate danger. We got time to figure this out."

He suddenly perked up, looking around them. "You're right, Rose. Time to start finding out when and where we are!" He grabbed her hand and dashed blindly down the little alley they had landed in. A smile spread across her face at the rush. She wouldn't give this up for the world. It didn't matter what dangers they faced—there was always something—or where they ended up. She would always be here for the Doctor, like she'd promised.

Her thoughts were cut off when she ran into him. Holding still for just a moment, he began pushing her back the way they had come. "We have to get out of here now."

"Why?" she asked, peeking around him. Her eyes fell on another blue police box, with the Doctor's last regeneration leaning easily against its doors, talking to a younger her. "Oh," she giggled as he dragged her back the way they had come. She always found it fascinating when they ran into themselves. While she loved her Doctor, it was always a pleasure to see him as he had once been. His face was set in the serious expression she remembered, and he ran a hand over his buzzed hair as Rose giggled at something he said.

But when she ran into the Doctor again, she nearly fell to the ground. "Oof! Now Doctor, really, what is it—" She stopped her tirade when she looked around to see him staring at himself.

Her Doctor, the one holding her hand, was staring at another him, his mouth gaping open. The Doctor standing in front of them, wearing the blue suit, was smiling easily at the both of them, hands buried in his pockets. "Hello, Doctor. Rose." He nodded to them both, staying in their path.

"No no no no no!" Her Doctor cut him off, taking a step back towards Rose. "You cannot be here. We cannot be here. The damage to the timeline—"

"Won't happen here," the Other Doctor cut him off, staying just as relaxed. He looked between their confused faces. "Do you not know where you are?" They just stared back with blank looks. He sighed, then pulled out his glasses and put them on. "You'll catch on soon enough, Doctor. Your mind will sense the difference in just a few moments."

Ignoring the Doctor, he focused again on Rose, now standing next to her Doctor. "Our Rose over there calls this the "paradox universe." I suppose that's the easiest way to explain it. Whenever a paradox happens, those beasts you encountered when you tried to save your dad and ended up touching baby you will be sent there, while the paradox they capture is sent here. Paradoxes live in this universe, yet somehow, the universe moves on."

"Certainly keeps you on your toes," said a female voice behind them. They wheeled to see Nine and Rose standing behind them, matching expressions of amusement on their faces. Rose looked between the pair in front of them and the Doctor behind them. Confused and unsure what else to think, she turned to face her Doctor, hoping he would tell her what was going on.

He seemed lost in his own thoughts, his lips pursed in a thoughtful expression. "Doctor?" she asked tentatively. She ignored the other two perking up at the word.

"I think… He's right, Rose. The timelines here are something I have never seen before. They make no logical sense—"

"By your laws," his previous self interrupted, irritation lacing his voice. "This is something new. Adapt or go home."

The other Rose placed her hand on his arm to quiet him. "Doctor, don't be rude." He huffed in response and turned away, nearly stomping to the TARDIS. Rose put her hand over her mouth to stop herself from giggling. She remembered those days. They seemed so long ago. Her first Doctor had been abrupt and harsh. She'd had to stop him from doing something rude or stupid on a number of occasions. Ironic that one of the first things her Doctor now had declared about himself was that he was rude. Rude and not ginger.

She looked back to the Doctor behind them, who seemed to be dancing on the balls of his feet impatiently, looking back to the still-smoking TARDIS. Didn't matter which version of this Doctor she faced; he would always be so impatient and ready to go for adventure. Another thing she loved about him. She squeezed her Doctor's hand.

It seemed to drag him back to reality. He looked back at the TARDIS as his other self was doing, then looked back at Rose. "Well, what do you think? Should we fix the old girl up and get back to our own universe where everything makes sense?"

She could see the smile teasing at the corner of his lips that he was so desperately trying to suppress. Giving in to the urge, she beamed back at him, her tongue peaking between her teeth. "Well, she does need resting after all… And, Doctor, it's something new…"

He pulled her closer to him and nearly hugged her, but his eyes fell on the other Doctor and other Rose watching them with amusement, and he kept himself still. The other Doctor chuckled at him. Then he walked around the two to stand at the other Rose's side. "Well then, Rose, it sounds like they'd like to stay. Think Nine will be up for it?"

"Nine?" Rose asked with curiosity.

The other Doctor turned to face her, accommodation on his face. "The abrupt Northern Wind in his TARDIS over there is my ninth regeneration. This is my tenth."

"Tenth?" she asked, looking to her Doctor in confusion. Ten? He shrugged noncommittally and wouldn't meet her eyes.

"You'll have to face it some day, old boy," the other Doctor warned. He tutted slowly, but the smile on his face bellied his words. "Come on, then. We should have this conversation inside our TARDIS. Not for anyone's ears. You'll cause a panic in this world."

Holding his arm out to the other Rose, he led her through the blue doors. Rose, still somewhat bewildered at what she had just been told and angry at her Doctor for not saying anything on his own, grabbed his hand and towed him through the doors after her.