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"Naruto?" Itachi sounded surprised.

"Yeah. Hey, when are you back?"

"Another month from now. Why?" Now suspicious.

His laugh sounded awkward even to his ears. "No reason."

There's silence on the other side. He could literally hear his roomie frown.

"Really! I haven't done anything! Trust me."

"Do I need to come home for any particular reason?"

"Nah. It's just a house fire."


"I'm joking!" Naruto waved an arm in the air, even though there was no one to see.

A quiet sigh, barely audible. "I'll look into returning next week."


"Hnn." He paused. "Family politics."

"Oh. Ew. That sucks." Naruto made a face at the wall and then grinned. "But cool. Send me your flight details and I'll come get you."

"Deal. I'll talk to you later then."

"Yeah! See ya!"

"Hnn." The call disconnected.

Putting down the phone, Naruto looked around the silent apartment. "Thanks."

Words: 150

Prompt: Missing You

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