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-Time till Wedding- Two Months

"Dei, won't your parent's be kinda mad that they haven't met me yet and we're getting married?" Sasori asked, hesitantly, as he packed their luggage in their trunk, for the long road trip. Deidara smiled and gave Sasori a chaste kiss.

"Silly, Danna! My family will be happy for me and besides, they haven't met you because they live in Iwagakure and we live in Sunagakure, you can't blame yourself, un."

The older male sighed. "I guess your right, but didn't you say that your dad is super protective?" he asked loading the last bag in the trunk. Deidara smiled and nodded.

"I remember when I would bring some guy home and my dad would look at their permanent record to see if I was safe or not, un. I remember the fights we'd get into and in the end it was just him protecting me... That's why I moved to Suna, so I could be with someone who I want to be!"

Deidara glomped his fiancé, causing them to fall on the pavement.

"Brat!" Deidara smirked and kissed Sasori roughly. He pulled away when Sasori began to push back.

"You know, I actually like being on top, un~" Deidara said seductively, causing Sasori to narrow his eyes at the blond.

"Not even in your dreams brat." Sasori pushed the blond off of him and straightened out his clothes.

Deidara smirked. "One day, Danna, un." Deidara said throwing his arms around Sasori's neck then standing on his toes and giving him a kiss. Sasori sighed and kissed back.

"Maybe... But not anytime soon." he smirked and pulled away from the pouting blond and got into the drivers seat. Deidara scoffed and got into the passenger.

"Typical, you always have to be the 'man' in the relationship to show your dominance, un." Deidara grumbled looking out the window.

Sasori smirked. "Yep."

It took exactly three days to get to Iwa and Deidara was practically jumping in his seat when they were in the city. Sasori smiled and looked at the directions the blond had given him to his old house.

"This is a nice city." Sasori observed; Deidara nodded.

"But some other parts of the city aren't so nice, that's why we live in a very... Expensive area, un."

Sasori nodded. "It's not like we lived in a nice neighborhood in Suna, either." Deidara chuckled and nodded.

"I know, I work at a bar, I practically get raped and you came along saving me, un." Sasori smirked.

"It's funny that you moved out right away when you turned eighteen and you chose Suna as your new home?" Deidara shrugged.

"I like the hot weather and I wanted something like home, un. And besides that was three years ago, now I can take care of myself." Sasori smirked.

"Sure you can; I always have to break you and the store clerk apart because he wouldn't take your coupons."

"Those didn't expire till midnight and we were there at eleven fifty-eight and you know that, un!"

Sasori nodded. "Yeah, he was probably upset about staying open till midnight." Deidara nodded. Sasori learned from a very early stage not to disagree with Deidara, except when it came to art. It started with them arguing what true art was, to them being in the bedroom having the most amazing sex ever. He honestly didn't remember how they even got there, he was just glad they did.

"Pull into this road, un." Deidara said pointing to a paved road with a bunch of expensive shrubs and very big houses that looked like mansions. After a minute or so Deidara spoke up, "Pull into that driveway, un!" Deidara exclaimed. Sasori nodded and took a left to one of the biggest houses. Sasori pulled up at a big door and sighed when Deidara bolted out of the car and almost crashed into the front door, but instead a tall blond opened it and hugged Deidara.

Deidara hugged back and smiled. "Hi, Dad!" he pulled away and looked at the older male.

"Hey, Dei." Deidara smiled and looked behind the taller blond.

"Where are the others, un?" his father chuckled.

"Oh, they're on their way." in no time Deidara was glomped by a brunette and getting a load of kisses on his cheek and forehead.

"Die-Chan!" Deidara sighed but smiled.

"Hi, Mom, un." the brunette pulled away with tears in her eyes.

"You don't know how much we missed you!" Deidara sighed and rubbed the back of his neck.

"Sorry, un." she brushed the apology away and looked behind her son.

"Is that Sasori?" Deidara sighed.

"I already sent a picture to you guys before and-" she ran off to hug her soon-to-be son-in-law.

Sasori was just taking some luggage out of the trunk of their car and out of nowhere he was knocked over by some woman he didn't even know. He was now on the ground having some woman straddling him, and checking him over. He began blushing and after a few seconds she stood up and helped him up.

"I accept!" she glomped the redhead again causing them to fall down. Deidara giggled and looked back at his dad who was eyeing the redhead.

Once he saw Deidara was looking at him he smiled.


"I know, I know." he walked over to Deidara and pat his shoulder.

"...Are you sur-"

"Yes, Dad, un!" Deidara sighed. "Please, this is the only man I ever got to pick out on my own, so please trust my judgment, un!" he looked at his father with puppy-dog eyes and he sighed.



"Deidara!" the said blond turned around to see his two younger siblings running towards him. Ino was the first to get to him, then Naruto and the next thing he knew he was also being hugged by his two twin brother's.

"Hi, Kiba, Akamaru, Ino and Naruto!"

"Hey, how come I was last?" his ten year-old brother asked.

Deidara laughed. "Because your the youngest!" they all pulled away and looked at their mom who was helping Sasori up. She grabbed his wrist and practically dragged him over to the rest of the family. Deidara smiled and latched onto the redhead's arm.

"This is Sasori, un!" the redhead smiled at everyone who smiled back, except for the tall man Deidara called Dad.

"Where did you meet him?" Ino asked. Deidara smiled.

"At the bar, un!" his father frowned.

"What were you doing there?" Deidara sighed.

"Don't overreact, Dad. I worked there and some guy was trying to rape me but Sasori stopped them!" Deidara talked about it like it was nothing, but Sasori was kind of scared. He sweat-dropped and rubbed the back of his neck.

"Yeah," Deidara said smiling at him and dragged him inside. "I'll show you my old room, un!" they ran down a big hall and stopped to a door on the right. Deidara smiled and opened it. The room was a medium blue color, that had a king size bed that had it's headboard up against the wall and had a dresser across the room. There were two other doors in the room, Sasori guessed one was a closet and the other a bathroom. There was also a desk with some old paper work on it.

The room all together was huge! Sasori's guess was that this room was about five times bigger then their room back in Suna.

"We'll be staying here while we're here, then we'll get married and find a house of our own and it'll be awesome!" Sasori rolled his eyes and brought Deidara to his chest.

"Yes, it will." he brought Deidara's lips up to his and gave a strong kiss.

Deidara moaned and wrapped his arms around his lover's neck, deepening the kiss. Sasori smirked and pushed his tongue through the blond's lips, exploring the familiar cavern.

"Um..." they immediately pulled away to see Deidara's dad standing there, a blush covering his face. "We were going to go have lunch now... You should come." they both nodded and he left.

Sasori sighed. "I'm not making a very good first impression, am I?" Deidara scoffed.

"You're doing fine, Danna and besides if my family doesn't like you we can go get married in Suna, un." Sasori smiled.

"Okay." he kissed Deidara on the lips, but once Deidara tried to deepen it, he pulled away.

"Let's go eat lunch before we break in your bed." Deidara smirked.

"Fine, un."