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Chapter 1: Look What Happened…in Equestria

"Alright, we're here. What did you have in mind for us, Hat-n-Clogs?" Ichigo asked.

Urahara turned to face the group he had called. His green and white striped hat concealed his dirty blonde hair and grey eyes. The kimono he wore looked like a captain's of the Soul Society, but with inverted colors (black with white diamonds lining the bottom, instead of white with black diamonds).

The wooden sandals he wore clopped as he faced the orange, spike-haired boy. "I've already told you, I want you to investigate something for me."

Ichigo crossed his arms. "You're not being very specific. Quit beating around the bush and tell us what's going on."

Rukia closed her cold, violet eyes and shook her head so her fine black hair swayed slightly; her school uniform looked out of place in the dusty environment of Urahara's "secret" training room beneath his shop. "Ichigo has a point, Kisuke. You haven't told us anything about why you called us here."

"What is it you want us to investigate exactly?" Uryu interjected.

The artificial light of the room allowed his indigo eyes to be visible behind his glasses. His medium length, raven colored hair draped around his face, giving him a sense of seriousness, despite his ridiculous, pure white costume he wore for missions.

The shop keep raised his hand to the top of his head and laughed. "Well, that's because I don't really have much details."

Ichigo brought his hand to his face; Rukia sighed; Uryu's face dropped dramatically; Chad stood motionless; and Orihime still had a blank and clueless expression.

Chad stood tall over his friends by at least two feet. His purple-magenta shirt hugged his torso tightly and his jeans did the same to his legs; his dark brown hair fell over his eyes (it wouldn't have mattered if they could see them; he wore the same expression throughout the entire meeting).

"Don't you think it's dangerous to go somewhere blindly?" His deep voice boomed.

Orihime jumped at the sound of his voice, causing her rather large chest to bounce slightly, and looked at the giant man before turning sharply so her long, fine, orange hair flowed. "Chad's right, Mr. Urahara."

Urahara raised both of his hands in front of him. "Now, who said you were going blindly?"

"Then why don't you tell us what you know?" Uryu yelled.

"Because, I think it'll be better to gather first-hand information instead of observing from a distance. Besides…." The former captain stopped before finishing his sentence.

Ichigo's anger had risen through the entire conversation. "'Besides' what?" He growled.

Urahara pulled his fan out of his sleeve, opened it, and hid his face. "I think it'll be better if you find out for yourselves. Now, a few thing before you leave."

Orihime and Rukia fought to hold Ichigo from attacking Urahara.

"I've altered the Senkaimon to take you to somewhere else, other than the Soul Society. I can open it every seven days, so if you take longer than one week you don't have to worry, it'll open again seven days later. I'll keep doing this until you get back, so stay as long as you like." The scientist went on.

Ichigo calmed down with a sigh. "Alright."

He went to grab his Substitute Soul Reaper badge, but Urahara stopped him.

"There's no need for that. You won't need your Soul Reaper powers for this mission."

"But, what if we are attacked by a Hollow?" Ichigo protested.

Urahara smiled. "That's the thing; it appears Hollows aren't a problem where I'm sending you."

All five of the students exchanged confused looks.

"How can that be?" Rukia asked.

"I don't know for certain, but my guess is that the unive-I mean location doesn't exactly follow our worlds' rules. But you'll find out soon enough." Urahara smiled. "Okay, we're ready to begin. Tessai, could you help me?"

A large man wearing a smock and dark glasses appeared behind the group.

"Right, boss." His mouth wasn't actually visible beneath his mustache.

The two approached the Senkaimon and activated it by placing their hands on it and pushing their soul pressure into it.

"Remember; take as long as you want. I'll open the gate again every seven days." Urahara reminded the group.

The gate glowed white and the five ran into it.

Once everyone was through the opening, Urahara and Tessai backed away.

"You've been very secretive about this, Kisuke." Tessai asked.

"Hang on a minute, Tessai." Urahara raised a hand. "I have a call to make."

He put one hand on the Senkaimon. Static erupted out of the gate until it gave way to a feminine voice, but no image showed on the portal.

"Kisuke? Is that you?" The static-laced voice asked.

"Yes it is your majesty." Urahara answered. "I just wanted to tell you they're on their way."

The voice took on a somewhat excited tone. "Oh, I'm so excited to meet them. I'll send for somepony to pick them up immediately."

The former captain chuckled. "No need for that, Princess. I want them to learn on their own."

"Alright, Kisuke," she sounded slightly disappointed now, "I'll trust your judgment on this."

"Thank you, Princess. I can't wait to hear from you again." Urahara removed his hand from the Senkaimon.

"Where exactly did you send them?" Tessai asked.

"I've sent them to a place where Hollows, humans, and Soul Reapers don't exist; a place of happiness; a place where friendship," he paused and grinned widely behind his fan, "is magic


"I have a bad feeling about this." Uryu yelled, he was the last one into the gate, tailing shortly behind Orihime, though he couldn't tell where she was at the time as inside the gate was blindingly bright.

All of them were running despite Urahara having said to take as long as they like.

"Kisuke said we shouldn't have to worry about Hollows, but I feel the same way." Rukia answered from next to Ichigo, the two were leading the group.

Their footsteps began to fade and what sounded like hooves on concrete echoed around them.

"I can't see anything." Ichigo complained. "How do we know when we're there?"

"How should any of us know? We're in the same position as you, Ichigo!" Uryu retorted.

"I know that! But still-" Ichigo was cut off by Orihime.

"I think we're getting close to the end. The light's getting brighter!"

Sure enough, the light grew, then dissipated, and gave way to reveal a lush landscape…and a long fall into a pond.

"Not this again!" Ichigo had time to yell before plummeting into the water, followed quickly by his friends.


Ichigo was the first out of the pond. He coughed up water and collapsed onto the ground. "Is *cough* is everyone alright?"

Rukia and Uryu were the next to drag to shore and fell the same way Ichigo had.

"I'm fine." Rukia answered.

"I'm soaked." Uryu complained.

Ichigo frowned. "I'm sure a little water won't kill you."

Orihime was barely on land before she fell on her stomach. "I'm okay, just a little woozy."

"How about you, Chad?" Ichigo pulled his head up to find his friends, but the beings he saw weren't his friends; at least, not what they use to look like.

He saw three horse-like creatures panting and hacking up water on the grass.

"What the hell?" Ichigo whispered.

One of the horses, barely out of the water, had a light-peach colored coat and a fine, bright orange mane and tail, both of which were incredibly long. Another thing Ichigo noticed were the overlapping pair of what looked like Orihime's blue, butterfly hair clips on the creature's flank.

Ichigo turned his head to find two more equines, both white, but their mane and hair color and style, and their markings were different. One was clearly more feminine than the other, as she was smaller and had a more round face. Her round, black mane barely flowed to the back of her head, her tail was slightly longer but retained the same circular look, and her mark was a pitch-black butterfly with snowflakes surrounding it. The other's mane and tail were a shiny black, he had glasses on, and his mark was a ball of yarn that tied to what looked like a Quincy cross.

"Wait a minute," Ichigo mumbled, "that looks like…Uryu?"

"What?" The horse with the glasses responded.

Ichigo's face went slack.

Orihime finally pulled herself further onto the bank and opened her eyes. She saw a light-tan horse with a short, spiky, orange mane and tail pushed up onto his (he just appeared masculine with a flat face) "elbows." The strawberry on his flank showed bright against his tan coat. "I-Ichigo?"

"What is it?" He turned to look her in the eyes.

Orihime gasped loudly. "You're so cute!" She squealed.

Ichigo felt his face turn red. "W-what do you mean?"

"Clearly , Orihime hit her head." Rukia joked.

"Rukia," Orihime turned to the white horse, "Oh my gosh, you're adorable."

Rukia sighed as she pushed herself back onto her feet, uh, hooves. "Well, I guess she CAN still think straight. She must've just had a lapse in judgment when she saw you."

"Oh, shut up." Ichigo grunted as he stood as well.

"Did I change, too?" Orihime quickly turned back to the pond. Her reflection pushed her excitement over the edge "Oh my gosh! I changed, too!"

Ichigo raised a hoof to point at Rukia and Uryu, "Why do you two have horns, but Orihime doesn't?"

The peach colored horse was bouncing around and squealing.

"We have horns?" The two white unicorns shouted in unison and raised a hoof to find the new extremity.

"Well, it seems you have wings and none of us do." Uryu pointed at Ichigo's sides.

Ichigo turned his head to, sure enough, find a wing on each side. He focused and stretched them out. "You have to be kidding me. So, we have two unicorns, a regular horse, and I'm a, uh-" He stopped because he couldn't think of what he was.

"I guess that'd make you a pegasus." Uryu interjected.

Rukia suddenly looked very panicked. "Wait, there're only four of us here. Where's Chad?"

Orihime stopped bouncing as the group took on the same worried attitude as Rukia.

"There he is!" Orihime pointed to the other side of the pond.

The four raced along the water's edge to find a large, brown horse sitting in the grass. His dark brown mane covered his eyes, his marking looked like some sort of coin, and he didn't appear to have a tail at all.

"Chad! Is that you?" Orihime shouted as the got closer.

The large horse turned to face the four equines galloping toward him. "It happened to you guys, too?"

Ichigo sighed. "Yeah, but at least we're all together, again. Now, to figure out what happened and where the hell we are."

Chad's expression didn't change as he spoke. "You have wings."

"What? Oh, yeah."

"And you guys have horns."

Rukia sighed. "We already covered this; Uryu and I are unicorns, Ichigo's a pegasus, and Orihime is, um, normal. It looks like you two are the same type, actually."

Chad nodded his large head.

Uryu brought a hoof to his chin. "Okay, now that we're all on the same page, we can-"

"Everything is so much brighter here!" Orihime interrupted.

The others hadn't noticed before, but the colors around them did seem far more vibrant than their home world.

"She's right." Chad added.

As they looked around the meadow, Rukia spotted another pegasus flying overhead.

"Look! There's someone else here."

They all watched the figure fly directly above them. A smaller object appeared and fell towards them, followed quickly by the new pegasus.

"Did it drop something?" Uryu asked.

"I don't know, but that thing's coming in fast! Everyone, down!" Ichigo ducked, as did the rest of the group.

"Muffin. Muffin! MUFFIN!" A grey and yellow flash caught the small object and pulled up at the last possible moment before crashing. The pegasus began flying casually again in the same direction it had been flying earlier.

"That was close," Rukia pushed herself back onto her feet. "Is everyone alright?"

A general sound of reassurance resounded from the others.

"What the hell was that?" Ichigo shouted.

Uryu pushed his glasses further up his nose with a hoof. "It looked like another pegasus, like you, Ichigo, but with a different colorization. And it looks like it's heading for a town." He pointed in the same direction as the pegasus was flying, and off in the distance buildings could be seen.

"Well," Orihime started cheerily, "let's go there."

Rukia turned to her friend. "We can't just walk into a town. We don't know if the residents are hostile or not, we did almost just get dive bombed after all."

The orange-maned mare smiled at Rukia. "No we didn't. The other pony was just chasing its muffin. Didn't you hear?"

Everyone else looked at Orihime, confused looks plastered on each of their faces.

"Alright, I have an idea." Uryu pushed his glasses up again. "Ichigo, you fly ahead of us. Seeing how fast the other one was going, you should be able to reach the town ahead of us and see if the rest of the populace is hostile."

Ichigo glared at his friend. "Yeah, but I've never had to use wings to fly before. I don't know how to use these exactly." He flexed his new extremities to further his point.

The white colt shook his head. "All you have to know his flap your wings in unison in a motion that'll propel you forward."

"Fine. Let me try it first." The orange-maned colt grumbled.

Ichigo flexed his wings again. He started slowly, but eventually forced his wings to carry him upward. It was awkward, for him to perform as well as to watch. Ichigo swayed mid-flight and struggled to keep himself from plummeting back to the ground or flipping upside-down.

After a few minutes of almost crashing, Ichigo gained enough composure to keep himself upright and not fall.

"Seems like your physical properties transferred into your wings." Uryu explained. "This being your first attempt at flying, I'm surprised you could even lift off."

Ichigo rolled his eyes. "Uh, sure, we'll go with that. Now, I'll just fly ahead and scout the area." He forced himself forward, slowly at first but gained speed to fly faster than any of the others could have possibly galloped.

Chad watched Ichigo shrink as he drew further away. "Does anyone else think it's funny that the thing on his flank is a strawberry?"

They all nodded their heads in agreement.