The First Question from The Oldest Prophecy



The crisis was averted; The Doctor had saved Gallifrey by defeating Omega. The Lord President had decided that it was time to end The Doctor's exile. Not all of the members of the high council agreed with him but fortunately enough of them did. He was frustrated that there were still Time Lords who refused to see The Doctor as more than a renegade. The Lord President was certain that The Doctor was the one with the answer.

One of The Lord President's bodyguards entered the room.

"Lord President." Said the bodyguard

"Yes Captain?" Asked The Lord President

"The Castellan is here to see you." Answered the bodyguard

"Send him in." Commanded The Lord President

"Yes, Lord President." Said the bodyguard

The Castellan walked in with a look of concern on his face,

"You wanted to see me, Lord President?" Asked The Castellan

` "Yes, Castellan." Said The Lord President, "There's something we need to discuss. Something involving The Doctor."
"What about The Doctor?" Asked The Castellan

"I am frustrated that The High Council was not unanimous in decided to end The Doctor's exile." Stated The Lord President

"Why, Lord President?" Asked The Castellan

"I'd like to think that the all of the members of the high council finally believed what I believe firmly."

"And what is it you believe, Lord President?" Asked The Castellan

"Castellan, what do you know of The First Question?" Asked The Lord President

"Only that it is from The Oldest Prophecy." Answered The Castellan, "A prophecy that predates the founding of Time Lord Society."
"And the contents of that prophecy are known to very few individuals. I, as Lord President, am one of those few." Explained The Lord President, "The prophecy tells of a hero who will defend all of creation no matter the cost. A hero who holds the answer to a question that is in plain site, a question that is asked frequently, a question that was first asked on Planet One at or not long after the dawn of time to a man who stepped out of a strange blue object that appeared out of nowhere."

"What was the question?" Asked The Castellan

"Doctor Who?" Stated The Lord President

"Well, if what you told me is accurate, that would mean that only The Doctor knows what his real name is and I can think of individuals besides him who know his name." Said The Castellan

"The Prophecy states that one day this hero will be the last of his kind left in the universe and therefore the only one left who can answer the question and silence must fall when the question is asked." Explained The Lord President

"Why must silence fall when the question is asked?" Asked The Castellan
"The Doctor will find out one day but until then he must continue running through time and space." Said The Lord President, "That is why I believe the high council should be unanimous in the decision to end The Doctor's exile."

The End.