Summary: Roland was exactly where M-21 thought he would be: outside on the balcony.

Spoilers for the identity of the Death Knight for LSK and mild spoilers for what happens at the end of the first novel. Spoilers up to chapter 90 for Noblesse.

Crack crossover. Don't think too hard about how it happened. XD; LSK character in Noblesse world.

For the 'Roland & M-21, Autumn leaves all around' prompt for No True Pair. Didn't really fit it but…

Prodded into existance by Lucathia Rykatu :3

Seroiusly, how do you describe Roland's eyes? XD;;


By Dark Ice Dragon

Roland was exactly where M-21 thought he would be: outside on the balcony, watching the leaves drift down from the trees. The sun had set a few hours ago, so M-21 wasn't worried about Roland being seen. Much. The fact that Roland walked around without a shirt on (his 'armour' didn't count) would be enough to draw attention, especially as the days started to get colder. The wings that spread out from his back, leathery and huge, would gain anyone'sattention. It didn't help that Roland's eyes were completely black and literally burned. Even though Roland had a ring to make him look more human, he didn't leave the house that often.

M-21 held out the tops he'd been carrying towards Roland. "Here."

Though M-21 couldn't see Roland's eyes, from his head tilting down a little, he knew Roland was looking at them.

"I don't need them; I don't feel the elements like you do."

"I know," M-21 said, still holding them out. "But if you visit us at the school, the school's reputation will go down because people saw you, and then Frankenstein will kill you." M-21 paused, realising what he'd said. "Again."

Roland didn't seem that convinced, not making a move towards him.

M-21 sighed – he had a feeling he would have to make this ultimatum. "I won't spar with you if you don't wear one."

And apart from being a master with a sword, Roland's best weapon was looking like a confused puppy. "But…"

M-21 waited.

Roland took the tops without a word.

If only most problems could be solved that easily…

What tops did M-21 give Roland? One each from Frankenstein, M-21, Tao, and Takeo. XDDD