Last time, Naruto and his friends from the U.S. had to deal with Konoha's council where he had won against, thanks to Tsunade and his father. After that, they had a huge BBQ party where many of clan heads, and Arika's friends and family, came to enjoy themselves for the night.


The sun was rising over the village as many were still asleep. For the village shinobi, they started to get active as they prepare to train in the morning or go with their usual activity as accepting to go on missions, or go to several departments that they needed to go, such as guard duty, medical, interrogation, and such.

For Naruto, it was a time for him to continue his training under his parents. Almost every morning, when Naruto wasn't busy with anything, he and his father/mother would go out to one of the training fields to spar against one another, then train himself on what his father/mother would train him in. Naruto is currently training with Minato on performing the summoning jutsu, since he was able to finally perform one of father's special jutsu.

It's been nearly over a month since Naruto's friends and, current/former, lovers has come to the ninja world and started to live in Konoha. During that time, many things have changed. The guys continued to live in the Namikaze manor, while all the girls moved in with Tsunade and Shizune in the Senju compound, except for Rias who is staying with Naruto.

The reason why the girls moved to Tsunade's compound was because most of them are medics who are training to be doctors, or to assure female privacy. After learning that Tsunade is considered to be the best Medical ninja in the world, they asked her if she would accept them as her disciples. Tsunade was flattered to know that these girls have a drive and amazing endurance. Konoka, Moka, Aki, and Rias wanted to learn to be better doctors, in their own respected fields.

For the first couple of weeks, Tsunade got them to train in Chakra control since that was the first of many required skills that they needed to know. For Moka, it wasn't that hard since she was human/vampire hybrid where she already had a grasp in energy. Aki and Konoka had to work hard for nearly 3 weeks before they finally got the grasp on using charka. It then took another 2 weeks for them to learn on how to truly harness it. During the time Konoka and Aki were working on grasping their powers, Moka learned tree and water walking where she then moved on with Rias on using chakra to heal injuries and such. Once Konoka and Aki had caught up, while mastering bit of tree/water walking to an acceptable level, Aki and Moka helped them in re-teaching on what they were taught.

Like the girls, Alex and Mason, along with C2, enrolled in the shinobi ranks. They were all given genin rank since none of them knew how to use Chakra yet, so they were given task that would still benefit to them. Alex and Mason worked in the academy and, like Naruto, taught the academy students. Alex and Mason taught the students not only strategies and tactics, but also fundamental training along with Naruto. In fact, Naruto, Alex, and Mason brought Soccer to the boys and girls to play with. Many teachers, and Minato, didn't look impressed about it, but soon saw, after teaching the students the rules, that it provided a lot of training abilities, such as increase of speed, coordination, stamina, strategy, and most importantly; teamwork.

As Mason and Alex taught in the Academy, Minato place C2 in Konoha's Anbu Intelligence Division. The moment that C2 enter the intelligence department, many were curious on seeing the new girl. In the first couple of day, C2 could see that even though that the department was organized, it was still a bit messy with many old information or repeated information and such. C2 immediately started working on getting rid of the problem by combining information of every scroll for the past 15 years. She, of course, got the Yondaime permission where he assigned several other assistance to help her out, as well as senior who knew the scrolls inside out. During the time, C2 along with the senior who worked in this department, was able to get rid of old scrolls and combine them with similar old reports and such.

While doing such work, Alex, C2, and Mason also started chakra training, like Moka, Konoka, and Aki. Like the girls that were training with Tsunade, Alex, Mason, and C2 trained for nearly a month before they were able to get a feel on using chakra.

Minato had gotten the report about them where he told his son on how impressive they are. Naruto knew that they were impressive, but it wasn't till that his father told him that they reason he was impress was because all his friends were actually able to use chakra which was supposed to be either difficult or impossible for them to wield since it was better for a shinobi to start chakra training at an early age, not at the time when they're young adults.

For Akeno, even though she was a fighter, she wasn't into it much since she was a model. Naruto remembered that Akeno dreamed of working in an arts and dance school since she likes to perform. In fact, he knew that the modeling gig was to help her get notice so she can try and work in Broadway or Hollywood. Now that she's here, she decided to go and open up a dance studio. Naruto and everyone agreed that they'll help Akeno in any way they can to help realize her dream.

Naruto turned his thoughts about his friend's situation to his relationship between him and Rias. The next morning after the BBQ party, thanks to Minato Rias has sent a message to the leader/friend of Nadeshiko, Shizuka, since she was one of their kunoichi. Rias gave Shizuka a report on what she has been doing since her last report. Along with the report, she asked for her dismissal as a Nadeshiko kunoichi were she wrote that she fell in love with the Yondaime Hokage's son. Naturally guessing, the Nadeshiko kunoichi council won't be pleased to hear that one of their most promising kunoichi to aid Shizuka in the future has asked for her retirement from their ranks to be with a young man who they don't know anything about. Of course, along with explaining her reason, Rias told Shizuka the truth to just her which explains who she is.

When the returned letter came to her after a couple of days of waiting, the guess was right where the council didn't approve of the situation. The letter explained their worries to Rias since Rias knows a lot of secrets that belong to Nadeshiko, as well as losing one of their rare bloodlines from the village. They responded to even threaten her to place her as a traitor with a bounty in the bingo books. Rias was, of course, nervous and guilty about the situation since she was trying to leave Nadeshiko to be with Naruto and all her friends from her past, where she also be leaving the village that helped her out and became more than just an allies. Though she was please to read that message didn't have anything about what she explained to Shizuka were she guess that Shizuka didn't tell them.

Things might have gotten worse if Minato and Naruto didn't helped her out. Minato applied political pressure to Nadeshiko council since he not only knew how important Rias safety was because of her knowledge and such from both Nadeshiko and the other world. Minato did more for Rias because of Naruto. He knew from the conversations he had with his son that both, Rias and Naruto, have a relationship together similar to both his and Kushina, plus as a father who hasn't been able to be there for his son's most important or special times, such as his championship basketball games or X games events, he wanted to do something to help make up for it.

With things still being a little shaky between Nadeshiko and Konoha, Naruto decided to add his own two cents and come up with an agreement. He suggested to let Rias live in Konoha and her first child she has, they would make Shizuka, Rias best friend in Nadeshiko, the godmother. Along with that, he was also willing to agree to visit Nadeshiko and preform some type of test later on to prove that he was willing to be with her, even willing to agree to live in Nadeshiko with her once in a while, while raising any of her future daughters between Konoha and Nadeshiko and allowing the possible girls a choice to become a kunoichi for Konoha or Nadeshiko.

Minato was worried since it means that any future granddaughters might decide to live Nadeshiko. Naruto told him that he knows politics, which he said that it was both fair/partial to both sides. When they receive a response after the conditions that Naruto suggested, Nadeshiko had similar thoughts about it. Naruto decided to up the ante by saying that if anything happens to Rias that was Konoha's fault (thinking about Danzo possible actions), then he was willing to agree to come to Nadeshiko, on his own free will, and let them do with him as they pleased, which included taking his head along any child they both had (Naruto and Rias) to live in Nadeshiko and away from his parents. This got his family and friends worried since he was practically willing to give up everything. Naruto's friends already knew that he was the kind of man who was willing to die for anyone of them, this was even more since it involved Rias.

Rias asked on why he was willing to do so much for her, especially since they don't know if she still has problems with her feelings with him. Naruto naturally answered, "Losing you would be the same thing, as losing myself like the first time. I'm willing to risk it all if the prize in the end is you." With a smile

Rias couldn't help but grow fond of him again since he was exactly how she left him with the same strong and loving gaze. Minato couldn't help but be reminded that Naruto acted just like he still does with Kushina, where he do the same thing in his shoes as well. When the response came, they were glad that Nadeshiko was willing to accept the terms where the alliance between them and Konoha began.

During the talks and training, things between them hasn't changed much since their reunion together. They do occasionally talked together but because of their new busy lives, things couldn't move forward. Of course, it didn't last long since Naruto did something to surprise her.


It was night, Rias was walking upstairs the Hokage tower to the roof wearing a beautiful red, sleeveless, V-neck, cocktail dress that went past the knees where the bottom half was black along with comfortable black, platform sandals. The V-neck on her dress gave an ample view of her cleavage while her face held a light touch of make-up.

The reason why she was going to the roof of the Hokage tower was because Naruto had asked her earlier in the day for a bit of a date. She was surprise since she thought that Naruto would still be too busy for things like that because of his reconnection with his family, work and training as a shinobi. When Naruto asked her out, she agreed where he asked her to get ready in Tsunade's home since he would like to surprise her.

All the girls, including Tsunade, Shizune, Kushina, and Arika watched Rias come out wearing her dress which they all agreed that it was very stunning and complemented every curve of her body. While everyone complemented her, a little joke on how Shizune didn't exactly wow heads on men yet, where she became a bit depress since she was still single. Naturally, some of the girls agreed to help teach her on how to attract a man (Akeno, Konoka, Aki, and Moka).

Rias walked up to the final step of the stairs to see a beautiful setting. There was a table and chairs for two with a few candles coordinated around the table to give some lights, along with dishes for dinner, the works. Next to the table was a picnic basket alongside a remote Ipod CD/Radio player.

She looked around to see a shadowy figure, next to the railing, looking out into the village. She started walked towards the table where the man heard her footsteps slowly approaching where he too then walked towards her. When they walked into the lighted area Rias stop and saw that the man was Naruto, who had a pleased look on his face from seeing Rias coming all elegantly.

When Rias saw Naruto approach her, she couldn't help but blush at remembering how handsome he is when he gets dressed up. Naruto was wearing a black, long sleeve blazer with matching pants and black dress shoes. Underneath his open blazer is a white dress shirt that is not fully buttoned (by one), giving a slight view to his chest.

Once they approach each other, Naruto became a gentleman and pulled out a chair for her as he welcomed her. Rias watched as Naruto brought out servings of dinner rolls with butter, salad, the main dish (orange-roasted duck with rice and seasoned roasted peppers). Along with that, a champagne bottle with 2 wine glasses.

Naruto served dinner for Rias, where he then looked at her, "Well, I hope you enjoy this since it's probably the first time I've done this for you in a long time." With a smile

Rias giggled a bit before looking at him, "Longer for me then it is for you."

"So, what do you think of the spread?" Naruto casually asked

"It looks very lovely. But, I shouldn't be surprise since you've always been a good cook." Rias amusingly complemented

"Doesn't this remind you of anything?" Naruto asked again

"Remind me of anything?" Rias looked confused

She thought for a while and wasn't coming up with an answer. It was then that Naruto started to chuckle before looking at Rias with a smile on his face, "Rias, I can't believe you don't remember. Well, I won't blame you if you didn't remember since we've been separated from your home for nearly 10 years. Rias… this is the same type of dinner when we first met. Remember, at the Marine Corp. Birthday ball." Naruto stated

When Rias looked again, it was then that she remembered that the dinner that he served was exactly the same as the dinner that they first met, all those years ago.

Flashback further

Over 2 years ago, before Rias disappearance, Rias's father was invited to the Marine Corp. Birthday ball in Hawaii. Her father invited her to come along with him and her stepmother to have a good time. In the party, Rias father and stepmother enjoyed the party, while Rias became a little bored, especially with many Naval and Marine Officers coming to her, requesting a dance with her and such. Before things could go any further annoying for her, she heard a squeal coming at her. She turned to see where she squeal in happiness at see her old college roommate, Akeno Himejima.

Both girls greeted each other before Rias asked on how she can even be here since the Marine ball is highly secure with guards and such. Akeno showed Rias her invite, in the form of the most handsome man that she has ever seen. Rias blushed at seeing Naruto for the first time.

Naruto had the most handsome face and piercing blue eyes she has ever seen. Unlike other Marines, who had the look of strength, order, and discipline (don't really know it personally), Naruto's eyes weren't just strong, but passionate, fierce, wild like an animal, not as a person.

For Naruto, when he first met Rias, he was stunned at first seeing her. Rias was wearing a white off-the-shoulder long gown with matching heels.

Naruto was invited to the ball after he completed his assignments in Europe and the Middle East, along with helping to prevent a terrorist attack (that was kept secret from the Media) from attacking a secretive diplomatic conference with several Arabian leaders and U.N. representatives (for future reference, I just came up with this scenario which I don't know if it's actually true or not. So if there is any C.I.A. or H.S. agents reading this, don't come after me)

Naruto arrived at the ball with Akeno as his date for the night. A few days before the ball, Naruto got a message from her, saying that she'll be in Hawaii for a couple of days where he told her that he was recently stationed to the Marine Base in Hawaii. Naruto asked Akeno to go with him to the Marine Ball for them to have some fun, as well as to hang out together which she agreed to be his escort, where Akeno soon spotted her old roommate, Rias.

Naruto watched from the sidelines as Akeno and Rias reunite with each other. After a couple of moments of talking, Rias was wondered on who Naruto was, where Akeno introduced him to her.

"Rias… this is my date for the night, Marine um… wh-what is your rank again?" Akeno asked embarrassingly

"Chief Warrant Officer # 3…" He answered Akeno

"Oh, right. Rias, this is Marine Chief Warrant Officer # 3, Jason K. Ryback… Jason, this is my old college roommate, Rias Gremory." Akeno introduced to them to each other.

Naruto offered his hand to her, "It's a pleasure Ms. Gremory." Rias accepted Naruto's handshake and introduce herself as well.

Naruto asked out of curiosity, "Gremory…? Ms. Gremory… you wouldn't be related to Admiral Gremory?" where Rias answered that he was her father.

The three of them had a bit of a small talk where Rias asked if both Akeno and Naruto are dating each other. Akeno, being her usually self, told Rias that they have a special relationship with each other, where she looked at Naruto with lust in her eyes. Rias, in an odd way, was jealous that Naruto and Akeno were together even though she knew that Akeno had this kind of personality.

Naruto sigh as he said, "Akeno… you should really learn the meaning of being modest." Where she laughed to herself. Naruto explained that they did have a relationship during the last few weeks of high school and through their college years for a time before entering the Marines, but now it was on a friendship base, nowhere near romantic lover (although did keep to himself that they also had that 'special' friendship relationship). Rias was happy to hear about it where they continued to talk to one another.

They continued to chat to each other where they then heard the music being played at the ball. Akeno got Naruto to dance with her where they went to the dance floor. Rias was then asked by someone else to dance with him where she accepted. During the dancing, even though Rias was dancing, her eyes weren't at her dance partner but at Naruto, where he also looked at her. Akeno notice this and smiled since she could see that both of them had a look of interest at each other. Being a good friend to each other, she told Naruto to ask Rias for a dance where he thanked her. Naruto went to Rias and asked her to dance with him, which she accepted. As soon as they started to dance, something between them had started to grow where they're relationship first began.

End Flashback

Rias smiled at remembering the night that they're relationship first started. She mentally had to remember to thank Akeno for introducing her to him. As she finished going through memory road, both of them had started to have dinner together.

As they had dinner, Naruto and Rias went further into detail about their past, from where they were separated to finding each other once again. They then talked about the fun and embarrassing times they had together when they were living together in L.A.

Once they finished talking, Naruto looked at Rias, "Rias, will you do me the honor for this dance?" asked as he then got his remote ready to start his Ipod player ready. Rias accepted where he then started the music. It was when she heard the music that she was startled.

"I see you remember this. You remember right?" smiled Naruto as he question Rias.

Rias looked smiled happily since this was a song that she couldn't forget no matter what, "This… this is the first slow song that we ever dance to in our first date together."

"Glad to know you remember." Naruto stated as he brought Rias close to him as they dance to the lovely tune.

(Aerosmith: I don't Wanna Miss A Thing)

End Flashback

Naruto's thoughts ended when Minato asked him on what's up since he can see that he has his mind somewhere else for a moment.

"Oh, nothing much. Just remembering on what's been going on with my life lately." Naruto simply answered

Minato nodded since he can understand that his son would be worried about his and his friend's situation. Heck, even he and Kushina had their own concerns, especially with the talks that they've been having with the village of Nadeshiko. Minato was grateful that the talks went smoothly, even if the conditions about his son worried him, it was still reasonable since it would further their alliance with them and could be very promising later on if needed. Although, like his son, was worried on what type of test Nadeshiko is planning for Naruto since they haven't announced it yet to him.

Minato's own thoughts ended when he heard his son do the summoning jutsu to see that he summoned a medium tall toad in front of them. Naruto was able to master the summoning jutsu just 2 weeks after signing the contract with the toads.

"Not bad Naruto… your mastery on the summoning jutsu has improved greatly since your first time." Minato chuckled where Naruto looked embarrassed since he summoned a tadpole for his first time.

"Yeah, yeah… laugh it up old man. I bet you anything you had the same summoning like I did." Naruto remarked, where Minato shook his no, but inner thought that he was right.

Minato then narrowed his face as he looked at his son since he knew that now would be a perfect time for him to start the real training session. He looked at his son with serious eyes, "Naruto…" getting his attention, "I think it's time for you to start mastering the Kyuubi's chakra."

Naruto looked stunned, "Kyuubi…" he muttered out as he looked at his father. "But father, I have already know how to use it."

"Naruto, I said master it, not use it. I know from the shinobi test that you were able to call upon it and stated that it was your first time to use it. But, you were not mastering it since you weren't in completely control, it was basically instinct. In fact, did you feel like going further then knocking out your opponents, or struggled to maintain control over yourself." Minato asked seriously

Naruto thought back where he nodded in to Minato's question. Minato looked at his son, "Naruto, for you to master the Kyuubi's chakra you need to know how to unleash its full power without having to struggle to maintain yourself. Once you can do that, then you'll have powers that would not only put me and your mother at ease, but also have the power to protect all those around you." Minato explained

Naruto looked motivated after his father told him about the possible power. He knew that he needed that kind of power if he needed to protect his friends. Naruto looked at his father, "Alright then, how should we begin?" asked Naruto

"I don't know… we shall wait for Jiraiya-sensei to come back after he finishes with his latest investigation mission or talk to your mother since she has more experience in it. But until then, why don't we still work on your other jutsu since I would like it if you could do the Rasengan with only one hand, and not with a Kage Bunshin." Minato explained

Naruto agreed where he then started to perform the Rasengan in one hand instead of with a shadow clone. The first jutsu that his father ever taught him was his own signature jutsu, the Rasengan where it took him almost a month to pull off. Minato was very impressed with his son since Naruto showed that he not only had understanding, but also extreme focus and determination, as well as adapting on mastering it with using a shadow clone to help him out.

They practice for another hour before Minato told his son that it was time to head back home. As they talked, Minato decided to talk to Naruto about something.

"So, Naruto…" getting Naruto's attention

"How are things between you and Rias? Are things working out with the two of you? And if so, should I start calling her my new daughter-in-law?" as he laughed at Naruto's blushing face.

"Dad…" he whined at Minato, before taking a deep breathe to calm himself down. "Everything between us is alright right now. I mean, we just started to our relationship again. Unfortunately… there's been a little problem." Naruto stated

"Problem?" Minato was curious

"I and Rias have already gone on 3 dates. While we were getting closer, Akeno and the other girls were having some complications with their environment." Said Naruto, giving Minato a curious look on what Naruto meant.

Naruto explained to his father that Akeno and the other girls have been approached by young, single men that had wanted to go on a date with either one of them. Of course, they said no but some wouldn't take a hint until they decided to put Tsunade's or any of their training to the test where they either injured the person or broke their nose in such.

"I have no proof, but I'm willing to bet that some of the council members (civilians) and/or the shinobi elders are behind this. I bet that they're trying to see through the plan we made and are trying to get in close with the girls and get them under their control in order to get any of the technological information that they have." Naruto stated

"That does sound something that a few council members that I know would try. More to Danzo on the elder's part. So, what do you plan to do?" Minato asked

"That's simple. I have to show that I'm affection it with them. I have already told Rias about it, where she wasn't all too happy, but understood that it had to be done. She agreed that as long as I don't go to home base with them, then it's alright. Although, I know that I'm going to have to pay for it later." Naruto responded

Minato laugh nervously at his son's plight, "Well Naruto, I for one don't envy your position. Although, I can't say that Jiraiya-sensei would agree with me considering you somewhat have your own harem." Naruto replied

"Yep, although they know this… I'm actually worried more worried on how Akeno would act with me." Naruto stated

"Really? Why?" Minato asked

"It's because Akeno doesn't mind showing a lot of her affection, along with something else." Naruto answered

"Which is?" Minato asked curiously

"She's not only a sadist outside the bedroom, but also a sadist and masochist inside the bedroom along with being a bisexual, meaning she doesn't mind swinging both ways." Naruto answered his father question

Minato blushed a bit in embarrassment to know that one of his son's 'finances' likes both men and women, along with some interesting tastes. Naruto decided to change the subject from his problems to his father's work.

"So, dad… is there anything new that's coming up?" Naruto asked

"Oh, yeah. The upcoming chunin exam is approaching soon." Minato answered

"Chunin exam?" Naruto muttered out

"Yeah… unlike you who took a special test for us, many genin from all over the elemental nation will come to Konoha to take part of the chunin exam in order to advance themselves from genin to chunin." Minato explained

"I see… that can also mean that the village will be letting any possible spies and such into the village undetectably." Remarked Naruto

"Yeah, but unfortunately there is nothing we can do. The only thing we can do is just be prepared. That reminds me, I wanted to ask you if you don't mind being a proctor in the exam?" Minato asked

"Me? A proctor? Don't you think it would be better if you let someone else with more experience to be a proctor in this?" Naruto replied

"Normally… yes. However, from the last mission you did as well as the few missions you completed showed that you have remarkable judgment and leadership abilities, as well as keen eye in analyzing. I pretty sure that you would do great at being the third proctor in the exam." Minato explained

Naruto thought about then accepted. Minato smiled about since he would like to see that his son's performance at being judge. Minato told that the Chunin exam is going to start in two weeks and is going to have a meeting with the jounin leaders for the genin teams in 10 days before the exam where he would like Naruto to appear. Naruto nodded where they went back home.


Konoka was walking down the main market place, shopping for some grocery for Tsunade and the other girls. Konoka is wearing a mid-length, white, sleeveless convertible sundress with an A-line halter along with peach-color sandals. Around her neck, she wore pendant that stopped just above her breasts that had the insignia of the Namikaze clan, showing she was part of it. She linked her hands together in front of her as she held two bags of grocery to take back to her new home.

Konoka smiled had a very welcoming smile since she is was still having disbelief on how much she achieved in over the last month. When she first heard that Tsunade wasn't only her former yet current 'finance' godmother, but also is considered to be the best medical doctor in the world, she asked as well as some of her 'sisters to be' asked her to take them under her wing.

In the beginning, she of course had trouble like some of her 'sisters' had since they weren't use to such vigorous training method. Needless to say, even though they do exercise to keep themselves in tone, they never had to do this kind of workout before. However, thanks to Naruto's support as well as the others, they were able to finally grasp on using chakra in a few weeks. It then took them a few more weeks for them to do the necessary training methods where they finally pass Tsunade's requirements for being a Medical ninja without the shinobi training.

A half hour later, Konoka paused her thoughts to looked down on what she bought for everyone where she mentally agreed that it was enough to make dinner and breakfast for tomorrow, she decided to head back home.

As Konoka headed back to the Senju Manor, many men and women notice her walking through the market street. Many women had a lot admiration for her and her 'friends/sisters' while the men looked at them with both desire and lust, along with jealousy for the Yondaime's son.

Konoka and the other girls are recently known throughout Konoha as the 7 Ten no Utsukushi-sa (7 heavenly beauties) considering how young and beautiful each one of Naruto's fiancés are where they match a young Tsunade, Kurenai, and Kushina. This fact was enhanced since Konoka's dress complimented her since it showed her womanly figure to the crowd.

Along with the people, a few young men dared to get closer to her or any of Naruto's recently known engagement to 6 of the 7 women. Even with the announcement, some of them didn't care and believe that a girl that beautiful should go to a man that would treat them right. Some have tried flirting, sweet talking, and other ways to attract them. Others only did it since some were actually a few subordinates of Danzo while others were civilian council related to achieve even more money while the guy gets to have a trophy wife. But of course, each attempt failed.


With Akeno, one man found her walking down the streets, window shopping, as many of the people in the area couldn't believe how beautiful she was, while women were jealous since she had this well endow figure (large bust, well tone waist, and perfect hips), especially since her clothes were showing more of her figure than normal clothing. Akeno was wearing dark blue pants that stopped above the ankles, a red sleeveless shirt under an open, and four pocket sleeveless jacket along with comfortable walking sandals. The man went up to her and tried to persuade her.

"Hey, you look a little lost. Do you need some help with something? I know this area pretty well." He said

"Ara, ara, fufufu… I'm just looking around, trying to get a good lay of the land as they say." Akeno cheerfully said

"Well, if you want to know the village. How about you get someone to help you out with that." The guy suggested while looking down and admiring her large breasts.

"Oh, that's a good idea. Maybe I could ask okaa-sama or Shizune-san to help me out." Akeno muttered out the idea, making the man looked like he was slapped in the face for giving her that idea.

He got himself back to his composure as he looked at Akeno, "Instead of that, how about I become your escort. Not only do you get to view the entire village, but also we can get to know each other a little better."

Akeno playfully laugh as she finally got what the guy was up to. She looked at the man with her violet eyes, where he couldn't help but admire at how beautiful she is where he plan to not only taste her lips but something more enticing. She looked at him as she said, "That's very kind of you, but unfortunately, I don't like boys…" making him go stunned as she back away and started to walk away from him.

"What did you say…?" He stuttered out, "You don't like guys?" questioning her

"Oh no… I said I don't like boys. I love men and you are definitely not a man in my book." Akeno replied as she walked away.

The guy was stunned since Akeno not only insulted him, but also humiliated him in front of everyone. The guy was a civilian who had a well-tone body who had good looks which a few women wanted to go on date with. For him to be rejected by Akeno like that was insulting to him.

Enraged, the guy tried to get back at Akeno, where he was going to try and make him his through a bit of force. However, Akeno used some of the self-defense that Naruto had taught her back when she was in high school, as well a few times during her gun training methods to easily take care of her little problem.

Akeno sidestep to avoid the hand, she then grabbed the hand that tried to grab her, used his momentum, while use one of her legs to unbalance him and smash his face into a brick wall. Everyone around them looked a bit awed at how she handled herself, while she laughed into her hand.

"Ara,ara, fufufu… just to let you know that Naruto-kun didn't just teach me several hours of self- defend, but also several hours of lessons inside the bedroom too." Akeno said with mischief look and tone in her voice as she had a bit of blush in her face, remembering on what she and Naruto did back when they were together. The people around her blushed deep red at figuring out what Akeno meant.

End Flashback

Similar case happened, where some smooth talker or alright looking guys went up to each of the other girls until they reached Konoka. All the others gave usual response like Akeno, except Moka and C2 where they either do some internal damage or mental trauma.

A group of men came walking towards Konoka, while she was oblivious on the fact that someone coming near her. She made it out of the market place as she walked down the street to her new home. It was after she walked out of the market place that the group of 3 young men came towards her.

One acted smoothly as he walked right in front of her, "Hey there. Why is a nice girl like you shopping all by herself?" he asked her very smoothly.

Konoka mentally rolled her eyes since she can tell this guys was a playboy, given how he has 2 other guys with him. Konoka just looked straight at him, "Oh, I was just getting some ingredients for night dinner and breakfast. It was my turn to get the groceries for my 'sisters' and for my new sensei, Tsunade Senju." She stated

Saying Tsunade's name got them to be a little nervous since Tsunade was highly respected as not only as a powerful kunoichi and sannin, but also knew that Konoka was protected under her for being her student.

The leader of the group went back to his composure as he looked at Konoka again, "Oh really, well don't you think that you should let me help you out with that since you should let a man carry something as heavy as those bags." He said while lowering his gaze at her grocery bag before traveling up again, stopping at Konoka chest to admire her ample bust size.

Konoka looked a little peeved before she smirked at him, "Yes I should, however I don't see any man here. So I should just keep going." She stated at him.

The guys looked a bit peeved, but the leader decided to push forward a bit more aggressively. He waited until there weren't as many people around before going up to her. He grabbed Konoka's arm, which startled her.

"I don't like your tone there. Do you know who I am? I'm one of Konoha's best looking men. So you should consider yourself lucky to be with me." He said

Konoka glared at him, "Your right… I am lucky. I am lucky to already be with a man. And unlike you, he at least knows on how to treat and please a woman correctly." She stated as the man looked furious at her since no woman had ever told him this before.

"Why you…?" said the man

"I wouldn't…" Konoka warned him

"Oh shut up…!" bringing his hand up to slap Konoka's face.

He was going to slap her face but before he could even attempt it, someone caught his arm. He and his group look to see who would dare stop him. When he turned around, he went wide-eye as the one holding onto his arm was the Yondaime Hokage's son, Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze. Before anything could be said, they all heard, "Not to interrupt, but are you alright young lady." Said someone behind Konoka. They turned to see that it was the copy ninja, Kakashi Hatake, the Yondaime Hokage's student.

Naruto spotted Konoka, on the roof top, walking out of the market street where he planned to walk with her. But it was around this time that he spotted the punks trying to move in on her. He waited till Konoka was alone to talk to her about it, so not to cause trouble. But when he saw the 3 arrogant punks taking Konoka to a more private setting, he looked pissed and ready to break heads. Around this time, Kakashi spotted Naruto on the roof top. He went to him to make a suggestion on getting him to show a more dramatic movie for the next movie knight in Konoha.

When he came up to Naruto, Naruto told him on what was happening and was ready to break the civilians head off. Kakashi decided to go with him, to insure that the guys are still alive. This is where the situation led to.

"Naruto…" Konoka happily said, before turning her head behind her to look at Kakashi, "… And also, thank you for asking me. I'm alright now." She replied where Kakashi nodded in confirmation

Naruto breathed easily but still looked furiously at these men, "How fortunate for them… if they have hurt you in anyway. I would have broken all your arms. But since you're about to hit her, my future wife and daughter-in-law for the Yondaime Hokage, all three of you will just have to live with a couple of black eyes and bust lips." He stated, where the three looked scared.

Naruto looked at Kakashi, "Um, even though it's ungentle man like to this in front of a woman. So, Kakashi… do you mind taking Konoka out of here since I don't want her to see this." Naruto asked Kakashi

Kakashi nodded and escorted Konoka out, where Naruto proceed to do what he said to do. Around the area, the people inside the building or who was nearby heard the three punks screaming their heads off as Naruto beat them to an inch of their life.

With Konoka

Kakashi took Konoka to another part of the street, where they waited for a couple of minutes. After waiting for 10 minutes, Naruto appeared and told them that the three have been nicely disciplined. He thanked Kakashi by saying that he owes him a small favor for looking after Konoka. Kakashi acknowledge it, where he then left and Naruto offered to take Konoka home, which she agreed happily.

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