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Author's Note: Hey Harry and Draco's fans. This is my third story, so I've come up with a new idea, inspired by Veelaish side of me.I actually wanted to write a humor story but ended up with hurt/comfort, but I have whole heartedly tried to make some parts humorous.

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Summary of the story: It is their seventh year in Hogwarts. All are happy but tensed because it is their NEWTs year and some students were more stressed up than others. It's none other than my favorite couple 'Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter'. They both come to know that they have Veela genes in their blood, which makes them part-veela. And they have to find their mates as soon as story follows canon till the end of the sixth book except for the fact that Draco did not take the Dark Mark and Dumbledore is still alive. Read onto see how Draco Malfoy finds his mate and whether that mate agree to be his?

Its M rated.

Hope you enjoy it.

You, Me and Veela genes

Chapter one

"No...No... NO!" Harry screamed, covering both his ears with his hands.

"Harry!' Hermione's extremely loud shout could be heard clearly. "Stop screaming at us and try to understand." She added with a glare. Harry's screams attained quite a high pitch when mixed with his magic.

"Will you both stop shouting? You're going to bring the castle down around us." Ron tried desperately to reason with them as a nearby vase shattered and the portraits in their common room rattled loudly against the walls.

"Why did this have to happen to me? Why Merlin?Couldn't find another wizard's life to fuckup? Why me?" Harry whispered angrily at his two best friends.

They were sitting in gryffindor common room on the same settee near the fireplace they occupied for past six years. This particular discussion had been ongoing for past three weeks between the golden trio. Harry glared at the fourth year Gryffindor boy passing by them, trying to catch his attention. He clenched his fists tightly on the arms of the settee as pain shot from his lower spine to his neck. He held his jaw tightly shut in an effort not to scream from the almost unbearable pain that was flowing through him.

"Take a deep breath." Hermione said with an 'I told you so' look in her hazel brown eyes.

"Mate, give it up" Ron's eyes were full of guilt,but he hated to see his best friend suffering like this.

Harry shook his head causing the sweat drops that had formed on his forehead to fly off. Moments later Harry relaxed his body but stared at the red head.

"To Him? Never!" He said stubbornly and closed his eyes leaning back on the settee.

Hermione shook her head at the raven haired Gryffindor's reclining form, knowing that when he was in this type of mood it was very difficult to approach him. She crossed her arms across her chest, angry brown eyes staring at him, but Ron could see her mind already working on a different plan to convince him to give up; after all she was the brains of the trio; Miss. Know-It-All.

Ron sighed and wondered how long it was before dinner time.


"Draco! Just go and ask him instead of suffering like this." Blaise, his only trusted friend, was sitting on his bed in the Slytherin room which they shared, with worried look in his indigo eyes.

The blond twisted on his bed as the highly irritating pain shot through his body, and screamed when the pain become more and more like electric shocks all over his lean strong pale figure before it subsided. The pain was ever increasing as the time passed without the intimate touch of his submissive.

Draco took deep breath as he wiped the sweat from his face. He sat up to see his ebony haired friend watching him closely. He ignored the look as he waved his wand to cancel the Silencio around his four-poster bed.

"He is the submissive. He has to come to me" Draco whispered not having enough energy to speak loudly.

"Why? You suffer the pain more; not him. And just for the record,the man goes to woman" Blaise said handing him the strengthen potion to return the drained energy. It wouldn't return it all but he would have enough to do his day full of classes.

Draco gulped the potion and wrinkled his nose in a very unMalfoyish manner at the bitter taste. "I am a Malfoy. I will never bow my head before anyone." He said imperiously. "And just for the record," He added. "Women come to me. Malfoy's don't go after them." He smirked but the effort caused him pain and Draco groaned aloud.

"You are a Slytherin too. Don't forget do anything to survive" Blaise nodded his head to emphasize his point.

Draco took deep relaxed breath once the potion had taken effect and laydown, wanting to try and get some sleep before dinner.

Flashback Begins!

It had all started on his sixteenth birthday on the fifth of June. His private midnight party became a disaster when an unknown pain shot from his lower back, traveling upwards and through his shoulders. The air from his lungs was sucked out, causing chest crushing pain and he fell unconscious; much to his embarrassment.

He was confused and embarrassed when he woke up the next evening and half-heartedly enjoyed his formal birthday party as he waited for his father to free himself from his business associates and answer his questions.

"Son, as always, I have the answers you are seeking." Lucius Malfoy said after taking a sip from his glass of fire whiskey. He was sitting beside the fireplace with his legs propped up on the table, much to Narcissa's dismay.

Only years of training stopped Draco from rolling his eyes at his narcissistic father. Instead he waited patiently with his own glass of firewhiskey.

The elder Malfoy looked at his handsome son from over the rim of his glass and said "Finish your drink; you will need it to drown the secret I am going to share with you."

Draco looked at his mother with pleading eyes in hope she would put an end to the tension his father was building; he was already tense enough. His mother gave him an indulgent smile and broke the anxious silence "Draco we wanted to tell you about this before it happened, but it wasn't supposed to occur until next year, when you came of age. Since you are a powerful wizard it has occurred sooner, I believe."

Draco took a deep breath and sipped his drink to hide his sigh; which was also unMalfoyish. Even his mother was not being helpful.

"Darling, may I have the privilege of telling our son?" Narcissa asked her husband; she saw the stiffness in his body when she interfered before,but when Lord Malfoy gave his approval with a nod she continued "Draco, this is about your Inheritance. Your blood, your body, contains Veela genes."

"Veela genes!" Draco's face paled.

"Yes, son. We knew you had veela genes in you from the moment you were born. You were able to attract anybody like that." His father snapped his fingers to accentuate it.

Draco considered his father's words. It was true; he was able to attract anyone, boy or girl, whenever he wished and entice them into his bed. If he wished it, people would do anything to get his attention. He was not proclaimed 'Slytherin sex god' for nothing. And to be a part-veela in pureblood circles was highly prized after all.

"But what's with this pain I am experiencing? And why now?" He asked his somber parents.

"Son, your Veela is ready to choose its mate and the pain is just the beginning." His father built-up the suspense again, much to Draco's ongoing irritation.

Narcissa shifted uneasily in her seat and said "Draco, you are a part-veela, since both of us are not a full Veela. The Veela genes from our great ancestors passed through our blood to you, and when it matched with the right magic it became 's what happened in your case. Do you understand?" She waited for him to nod his comprehension and continued "Next you have to release your wings."

What! That was unacceptable. "Mother, I have read that part-veela don't have wings. Why would I have them?" Draco looked confused and shocked.

Narcissa smiled. "Then I say read the book again, Draco. Submissive part-veelas don't have wings. But you are a dominant. You will have wings."

Draco hand clenched so tightly the glass he was holding almost shattered. "But Mother, how will I go to school with wings? All my designer suits and robes will go waste." He cried, panic lacing his voice.

His father got up to refill his and son's glass and gestured for him to drink; something which Draco did without hesitation. He really needed it.

"Son, I will recommend some books written by our ancestors regarding part-veelas for you to go though, to understand yourself better. And now I will tell what I know about them." Narcissa said, settling back in her chair. "You must understand this very clearly; your past life is the past, and from now on you must live more discreetly and your only aim is to find your soul mate."

Draco swallowed hard at the words 'find your soul mate.'

"Yes! Soul mate.' Narcissa eyed him, clearly reading the expression on his face. "According to the texts handed down from our ancestors… the veela instinct in you will help you to find your mate. It may be either gender."

Draco blinked and lowered his gaze guilty, wondering whether his mother knew his preference to wizards then witches.

"Now about your wings, Draco, they won't be released until you found your mate and bond for life. Until then nothing can be done for your pain"

"Where should I look for my mate?" He was confident that they would be eager to bond with him once they found out they were mate of none other than the gorgeous Draco Malfoy.

"That we don't know.' His father admitted. "Your submissive could be anywhere; anyone with veelagenes in them around the world."

Draco couldn't help but let out a groan of frustration. "This is my last year. I can't leave school to search for my mate." He whined.

"Your school has witches and wizards from many countries around the world. It is possible that you may find your mate mate will be around your age maybe even in the same year as you." For the first time he'd asked the question about what was happening to him his father had given him a straight forward answer. Draco let out the breath he didn't know he was holding. At least now he knew where to start. But how? The best he could come up with was to lock himself in Malfoy Manor's huge library with as many books as he could find.'

His mother drew him out of his thoughts with a hand on his shoulder. "Take these strengthening potions. Severus brewed them especially for you. Sip them whenever your pain starts or ends. It will give you enough strength to bare it until you can find your mate." His mother gestured to a crate full of small corked vials brought by Mossy, the house elf.

In the weeks that remained till September first Draco spent his painless waking hours gathering all the information he could about finding his mate and how he would deal with his wings when they finally sprouted. With assurances from his father that he wouldn't tell anyone including his headmaster Dumbledore about his problem till the right time came, Draco got into the train. The Slytherin didn't want any complications to distract him whilst he searched for his soul mate.


Harry had been feeling very odd from the night before July 31st, his sixteenth birthday. He jumped at any new sound. His skin had become very soft and his complexion improved over night and he was feeling very insecure. Harry's only conclusion was Voldemort was gaining power and doing something to unnerve him but when his headmaster dropped by to take him to the Burrow, his fear increased.

'Something really has gone wrong' he thought.

The silence when they arrived at the Burrow confirmed it and that's when the first pain shot from his lower back and up his spine. He held the headmaster's hand, absently crushing it, to stop himself from screaming until the world around him went black.

"Harry, wake up! Are you alright?" The familiar soothing but commanding voice that could not be ignored.

"Hermione?" He asked before opening his eyes to look into the big brown ones belonging to his best friend. "What happened?" He rubbed his lower back as he sat up in the bed in Ron's room that he shared during the holidays.

Hermione sat clenching and unclenching her hands, looking down at them, unable to hide the worried look on her face. Ron sat next to her, a slightly bemused look on his face like always.

"What is it?" Harry asked irritated from the silence "and where is Professor Dumbledore?"

"Harry" Hermione started biting her bottom lip nervously and finally took deep breath. "Professor Dumbledore feels... He feels that if we tell you this... it will be easier on you." She looked up at his frowning face and immediately added "But if you want him I can call. He is down stairs waiting for you."

"No, you tell me. What's wrong?" He asked again. When the silence continued questions popped in his mind and started falling out of his shapely red lips "Did anyone I know die?" Hermione and Ron vigorously shook their heads. "No, then has Voldemort got the weapon he was searching for?" When still no sound came from his best friends his eyes widened in realization. "Voldemort wants me? Or do I have to kill myself in order to kill him?"

"Harry, stop that!" Hermione said firmly. "Okay, here it is. Harry you have attained your blood inheritance this summer which shouldn't have happened until next year and now you are a part-veela." She let out the breath she was holding in and waited for the explosion she knew would be coming.

Harry's face paled and again filled in color and it became redder then Ron's hair. As the news sunk in his chest tightened until it was painful.

"What!" He bellowed before letting out a scream of rage.

The entire house shook. Pictures hanging on the walls dropped to the floor and shattered. The windows in Ron's room flew open with a bang and now hung precariously on their hinges.

Ron leapt at Harry and tried to shut him up by pressing his large hands over Harry's mouth at the same time as Hermione cast a strong silencing charm around them.

"Harry stop screaming" She scolded as she glared at Harry with hands on her hips. It was a remarkable rendition of the Weasley matriarch that Ron couldn't help but snort. Harry stopped, probably also at the sight, and fell back on the bed covering his face with the orange quilt to hide himself from the world.

After about ten minutes of hiding Harry pushed the blanket off his face to look at the faces of his worried friends. His curiosity got the better of him and he asked "So I am a veela now. Will I be sprouting feathers or something?" He absently checked his body for feathers just in case he'd missed something.

"No Harry you are not a complete veela so you won't get feathers. You are part-veela and part wizard." Hermione explained and signaled Ron, who gave a curt nod and held out a mug of butterbeer towards Harry. The Boy-Who-Lived took it, knowing without a doubt that it contained a calming potion.

"Harry, your father was a part-veela too and Professor Dumbledore says all of the males on your father's side were part-veela but you are kind off different from them."

Harry frowned. "Different how?"

Hermione hesitated but relaxed when she saw the mug of butterbeer was almost empty. "You are a submissive part-veela." She murmured.

Harry was no longer angry, just confused and he raised an eyebrow. "And that means?"

"There are two types of veelas. One is dominant and other submissive like male and female in humans." She whispered the last few words and squeaked a little when Harry's eyes widened about as far as they could.

Ron immediately refilled his glass and Hermione cast the silencing charm around them and they closed their ears in preparation for the accepted scream from Harry. Even with the calming potion they knew that Harry could still let loose; a powerful wizard could break some potions effects and anything was possible with the Boy-Who-Lived.

"Stop being stupid, both of you. I am not going to scream and I know you have mixed something in my drink" Harry snapped. "So I am a Submissive that means a female." Harry frowned at his own statement and groaned loudly as he fell back on the bed. He looked at Hermione, pleading with her to answer with his forest green eyes "Am I going to get breasts and um…you know ...umm girl parts?" He waved his hand towards his pants and flushed when he saw a small smile creep on her lips.

"No Harry nothing will change but your interest will be directed to males."

"Males!" Ron repeated, grinning widely at Harry and coughed to cover up his laughter when he received a glare in return. The red head knew Harry preferred wizards to witches anyway. After all it was him who helped Harry work that out after the disastrous kissing episode with Cho Chang.

"If nothing is going to change then how you know I am a submissive." He asked.

"That's simple, Harry" Hermione said matter-of-factly. "Just look at you, you've gotten far more graceful in the way you walk and more feminine and beautiful since your birthday."

"And that radiance coming from you is unearthly." Ron added looking dreamy. He came back to himself moments later when Hermione elbowed him.

Harry's eyes widened to hear he was walking and looking like a woman. And worst of all he was attracting his own best friend. This wasn't good.

"Harry, there is one more thing to tell you" Hermione began hesitantly,

"More? Okay, spill it." He groaned.

Hermione and Ron exchanged glances. "When your mate finds you, you need to bond with him or the pain you are experiencing will not go away."

"Bond? Like in Marriage! But I'm only sixteen! Oh Merlin, take me away from this …"

"Harry stop being dramatic." Hermione scolded.

"Drama queen." Ron snickered quietly, earning himself another elbow in the ribs from his bushy haired friend.

"Why shouldn't I be, after all I am the Submissive part-veela. A Woman!" Harry snapped sarcastically. "Who is my fucking mate, anyway?"

"I don't know" Hermione admitted, a blush tingeing her cheeks at the thought of Harry entwined with another boy. She shook her head to clear the images from her mind. "The books just said that when you come across him you will know it."


"Maybe by touch or something. I'm not really sure."

"Ron, stop looking at me like that." Harry snapped at his red haired friend who was grinning like he had taken some bloody love potion.

Hermione sighed. "Harry, there is one more thing."

"How many 'one more things' are there going to be?" Harry whined.

Hermione looked down at her hands again. "Ron won't be the only victim of your allure." She said softly.

Harry frowned. "What allure?" He looked down at his hands but couldn't see anything.

"You can't see it, Harry, but we can all feel it. It lures us towards you" She said, looking down biting the inside of her cheek.

Harry's eyes widened. "You too Hermione?"

"I won't lie to you, Harry. Yes, it does, but since I've read about Veelas during our fourth year after the incident between Ron and Fleur Delacour."

"Get to the point please, Hermione." Harry said bluntly because he knew that once Hermione mentioned anything she had read she had tendency to divert away from the real topic.

"Alright, don't get your knickers in a twist. Since I'm a girl the influence is less because you're a submissive. I also break the eye contact every thirty seconds so I'm able to break the effect of your allure on me. It takes lots of will power, Harry." She added, taking a pillow and smacking Ron over the head with it to stop him drooling at Harry.

Ron blushed and mumbled "Sorry mate. I just can't help it. It's weird". He rubbed his neck and stared intently down at the floor.

"As I was saying,' Hermione went on. "It takes lots of will power, so it is better if you can remember to break the eye contact. Or better still, try not to make eye contact with anyone and that should stop you collecting unwanted admirers."

Harry blanched at the thought of half of Hogwarts throwing themselves at him. "So will my mate also have the same problem, I mean this allure thing?"

"No the luring circle is for submissives only. It's for attracting your dominant being dominant, they will be aggressive till they find their mate, so you need to be careful not to make them jealous even if you don't know who they are."

Harry's head started to throb with all the new information he'd learned that morning. He just wanted to lie down and sleep for days and then get up to find everything was just a terrible nightmare. He sighed loudly. "I am the puppet of that bastard Merlin I know I am. I am going to kill him when I find him, even in the afterlife."

Ron and Hermione exchanged another glance but before either could respond to Harry's threat of violence there was a knock at the door. It was time for his birthday party.

Flashback Ends!


From the moment he arrived at Hogwarts Draco felt something was different. There was a scent in the air, which gave him an odd sensation of happiness combined with a feeling of completeness. And when the scent went far away the feeling of incompleteness washed over him. It was that last feeling that was disturbing him very much.

He was very angry and irritated with everyone and everything around him. He sneered at everybody who spoke to him.

"What's happened Drakey...poo? You haven't invited me even once to your room." Pansy purred in his ear as she rubbed her shiny shoe clad foot up his calf in seductive manner during the breakfast on Monday, a week after the school term had started, unfortunately, that day turned out to be one of his worst days.

Draco jerked his leg away from her. His skin crawled when people touched him especially in sexual manner. "Stay away from me and don't ever come near me again." He sneered coldly, shocking her and the other Slytherins sitting nearby. He didn't even look up when she ran from the great hall crying; her face red in humiliation.

Draco was restless all week long and if not for Blaise, he would have hexed practically anyone who crossed his path. Several members of other houses still landed themselves in the hospital wing when the dark haired Slytherin wasn't around to keep Draco calm. He received repeated warnings from his professors but found himself unable to stop.

'That particular fragrance, which only you can smell, proves that your mate is in the school. But I can't help you until you find who it is, Draco' His father's words were running though in his head when somebody collided with him on the way to the great hall.

"Watch out you bloody fool." Draco bellowed drawing his wand; red hair caught his eye "Oh! Weasel" A small smirk crept onto his pink bow shaped lips. At last! He'd found somebody to take out his frustration for now.

"I know you don't have any brains, Weasel, but have you lost your eyesight also?" He drawled.

"You... you…." Ron was fuming, his face bright red, at the laughing Slytherins around him

"Leave him alone Malfoy." Hermione warned him. "You ran into him, not the other way around." The muggleborn witch glared at him with her wand raised too.

"Oh No! I am so scared Granger. Look at my legs they are quivering with fear." Draco dramatically made his knees shook and wore a scared expression on his face, making the Slytherins laugh all the more. The Gryffindors just glared in return.

"Prat!" Granger hissed between clenched teeth.

Draco raised a handsome eyebrow at the insult and sneered at her.

Drawing himself up to his full height, he stalked causally, like a predator teasing his prey, towards the two Gryffindors caught between the circle of Slytherins "And you, you filthy little mud…." He stopped his insult mid-sentence as once again he smelt that intoxicating aroma in the air.

"Stopped mopping the floors, Malfoy" Harry said coolly, pushing his way into the circle to stand next to his fuming friends;his hands casually in his robe pockets as if bored with all the usual nonsense.

"You…" Draco's mind was blank. For the first time in his life he was unable to think of any insult to throw at Potter. That unique fragrance was filled in the air, drugging his entire body.

"Me, Malfoy? What, your father refused to buy you a new teddy bear?" Harry asked, false concern in his voice and innocent green eyes only adding to the picture.

The watching Gryffindors burst out laughing, as they pushed the Slytherins aside to stand behind the golden boy and his two friends.

Draco couldn't believe it. His tongue was tied and he was speechless. Usually after such an insult he'd have retaliated but he didn't bother about it right now, the fragrance was his main concern. He started scanning the place with his senses to locate the person who was generating the special scent.

"Why don't you go and bully some one of your own mental age; perhaps some first years." Harry causal suggested and walked past him, banging his shoulder purposely into the slightly taller blond Slytherin, before entering the great hall with his laughing friends behind him.

The place where Harry's body had touched his own radiated a shot like an electrical current into his body which thrilled him; and the smell from the Gryffindor removed any doubt.

"It's Potter" Draco whispered before falling unconscious, only to be caught by his best friend Slytherins shielded him to save Draco from any embarrassment and took him to the infirmary.


"Father?" Draco opened his grey eyes to see another set of same grey eyes looking back at him.

"Take it easy, son." Lucius murmured, motioning for him to lie back down. "Are you not taking the strengthening potion? You could have owled me if your stock was empty." His father's voice held a hint of anger in it, which was usually enough to make anyone blanch, but not Draco. He couldn't care less at that moment in time.

"Father I found him." He whispered hoarsely

"Found who?" The elder Malfoy frowned.

"My mate"

Lucius' eyes widened. "Oh! And who it might be?"

Draco swallowed nervously. "It's Potter, Harry Potter" Draco said, almost to himself. Wondering what on earth Fate could have been thinking.

"Are you out of your mind? I think you need Pomfrey." Lucius lost his icy mask and his eyebrows were almost into his hairline. His expression showed that he clearly thought his son was babbling nonsense.

"Not Pomfrey, I want Harry." Draco's own words shocked him.

"Explain!" The older Malfoy hissed out between clenched teeth.

"I can't…I just….I just know it's him." Draco struggled to put his feeling into words and failed miserably. There were no words to explain the feeling of total bliss that surrounded him. Ever since Harry had touched him he felt that there was only the two of them. No one else.

"Draco, really, how can Potter be your mate? I mean he is Harry Potter, the boy the Dark lord wants dead."

"Don't say such things about Harry. He is my mate. I know he is. Do whatever you like, but the Dark Lord won't touch him. He's mine." Draco crossed his arms on his chest and pouted his lips like a child demanding an expensive broom for Christmas.

Lucius realized firstly that is his son spoke the truth, and secondly that there was going to have to be changes made. "Well! I shall go and speak with Dumbledore and see what I can do." Lucius didn't want to fight a losing battle, and he very well knew when his son had that particular expression on his face not even the Dark lord could change his mind.

The elder Malfoy stood and walked of the hospital wing to convince, threaten or bargain with the headmaster to ensure the need of his heir and safety of his family. He had a feeling it would be the last and that it would cost him far more than anything money could buy.


"What is it,Harry?" Hermione asked, her eyes on her worried looking friend. Harry was reading a parchment which had just been delivered to their common room by a school owl; their homework was spread out on the table around them. These days Harry preferred to spend time with Hermione then the dreamy Ron even though he knew his friend couldn't help it.

"It's from Professor Dumbledore. He's asking to see me right now regarding my Veela thing."

"If he is calling for you right away it must be really important." Hermione said excitedly.

Harry shrugged. He was over it all to be honest. "I will see you in the morning and tell what happened." He promised, giving her a small smile and sighing when she lowered her gaze, a blush gracing her cheeks.


Once he reached the gargoyle that guards the headmaster's office he gave the password. "Lemondrops." The gargoyle sprang aside and Harry rode the steps to the top, stopping in the doorway when he saw Lucius Malfoy sitting regally in a chair before headmaster.

"Good evening,Harry" Professor Dumbledore's voice startled him and he looked over to the elderly wizard who smiled, holding eye contact just for a second before looking gracefully away.

Harry sighed. This really was getting annoying. "Good evening, Professor Dumbledore."

Lucius turned around to look at him and Harry watched as he caught in the allure and smiled dreamily at him. Harry's green eyes widened and he felt slightly ill at the sight of the Malfoy patriarch looking at him with lust in his eyes.

"Father!" Draco snapped loudly to break the spell. It was obvious he didn't like the way his Father was looking at his mate. Harry raised an eyebrow at the blond, who was shifting his weight from one foot to other, his nervousness showing openly.

Albus cleared his throat "Harry, please sit down."

"What are they doing here? You said this was about my…you–know-what." Harry asked, not wanting his secret to be discussed in front of others.

"Wonderful, He is indeed very powerful and you both will make a very beautiful couple" Lucius' voice held a trace of smugness.

"Couple? What is he talking about?" Harry asked sitting abruptly on the chair close to Dumbledore and as far from the Malfoys as he could be.

Albus leaned a little towards the gryffindor and smiled kindly. "Harry it is come to my attention that you are young Mr Malfoy's mate" He said, his voice unusually calm.

"Malfoy is a veela? Wait, Mate!" Harry looked at Draco and turned away immediately when the liquid mercury eyes met his.

"There must be some mistake. Fate can't possibly hate me that much. Not even as a joke." Harry said in sorrow filled voice.

"Harry, everything will be alright" Draco murmured insistently. He couldn't stand to see his mate so upset and his chest filled like a balloon ready to burst with sadness.

The Slytherin stepped forward to comfort his mate but Harry glared at him with anger in his dark green eyes and venom was filled in his voice when he spat. "Stay away from me, Malfoy."

Draco stepped back automatically; He could not understand his own action afterwards. Since when did he listen to bloody Potter!

"Harry please calm down and try to understand. Young Mr Malfoy also attained his blood inheritance this summer, just like you, and he too is a part-veela, a Dominant."

"Dominant?" Harry gasped.

"Yes. And he claims that you are his mate."

The thought of submitting to Draco Malfoy of all people turned Harry's stomach. "He's crazy" Harry said spitefully. He turned to glare at the Slytherin claiming him to be his mate and tilted his head little, looking uncannily like an Auror interrogating a criminal "If this is your way of taking revenge, Malfoy, it's pretty ridiculous." He said coldly; his tone all but sapping the warmth from the room around them as his magic visibly sparked around him. All in all he looked like a dark angel with his anger mixing with his allure.

"Now I know why Dark Lord fears him." The elder Malfoy whispered, not daring to raise the ire of the powerful young wizard. He had to all of his lauded Malfoy control not to kneel before this supreme wizard.

Albus cleared his throat, breaking the tension.

"Harry, please, for my sake, rein in your magic." He said in calm voice.

Draco was so mesmerized at the power his mate was showing that he forgot to close his mouth until he heard Dumbledore's softly spoken words and regained his composure.

Harry turned to look at the pleading blue eyes and closed his own to calm himself.

"What control!" Lucius was still in awe struck and he made-up his mind to somehow ensure that Harry joined their family.

"How you can tell I am his mate?" Harry interrupted his thoughts."I am not his mate." Harry snapped folding his arms across his chest stubbornly.

"There is one way to find whether Mr. Draco Malfoy's claims are true or not." Dumbledore offered and Harry arched an eyebrow.

"And what is that?" He asked unenthusiastically.

"By skin to skin contact." Albus said. "A simple handshake will do." He added quickly after seeing the shocked look on Harry's face.

"That's all?" Harry frowned.

"That's all." The old headmaster confirmed.

"What will happen then?" Harry threw another question at his headmaster as he tried to figure out if this was really such a good idea.

"It is said that you will know somehow. It's veela magic. No one knows except them."

Harry bit his bottom lip and thought the fastest way to escape from this lunacy was by agreeing to the handshake. After all it was just a handshake; albeit with Draco he was honest with himself Harry was curious to know if he would feel anything or not. If nothing happened then, he could make fun of Malfoy all yearlong for his miserably failed plan. His brain didn't even want to consider what would happen if he did feel something.

He looked at the six feet and three inch blond Slytherin from a critics' view point; Draco looked nice in his black evening robes making his pale skin glow. His hands were in his pockets, giving him a sophisticated air. He didn't look as dangerous somehow with his hair not being gelled. Instead it was cut short with a few locks falling on his forehead like a sexy model in a magazine.

Wait… Malfoy? Sexy? Harry was embarrassed by his own thoughts and blushed.

"Okay! Just handshake" He said getting out of his chair and lifted his hand towards the other teenager.

Draco, already very eager, stepped forward and took Harry's hand in his trembling one.

The feeling was almost indescribable. It was out of this world. Draco let out a moan that was a combination of pain and pleasure, his mind was blank with only one thought 'My Mate. Mine.' and moved closer to Harry. His other arm reached out towards the Gryffindor's face and it was clear he felt as if they were the only ones present in the room.

Harry felt a tingling sensation from Draco from his hand to his body. He felt safe, comforted and secure; as if this was the home he'd been looking for his entire life. And then he sensed Draco coming closer as if he wanted to kiss him. That was not good; it was Draco Malfoy, the boy who never thought about anything else other than getting Harry into trouble. He could have come to know about his part-veela heritage and along with his father chose to use it against him.

Harry wondered about the sensations he was feeling. His green eyes widened, filling with realization, determination and anger at the thought that the Malfoys must be using some kind of dark magic.

"Malfoy!" He snapped loudly rattling the nearby portraits by his wild magic. He pulled his hand away from the still stunned Draco, who was looking back at him with a combination of desperation, love and lust and stepped back. "You are insane Malfoy. I never before realized just how low you could go!"

"You felt it. Don't deny it,Harry." Draco cooed as if talking to his long time lover.

"Don't call me Harry, Malfoy. We aren't f…friends. And so what if I did feel something? You could…could have done some kind…kind of magic" Harry was shocked to hear himself stammer like that. Merlin, why had Malfoy used his given name like that? Did the cunning git know what it is doing to him? How that soft, breaking plea drew across his heart strings like a violin bow?

The voices from the portraits of past headmasters rose as his magic shook the contents of the room dangerously, and from the corner of his eye he saw Albus lifting his wand casting a silencing charm around them.

"I didn't do any magic Ha…Potter"

Draco sounded honest, but still, he was very good actor; just look at the incident with Buckbeak in their third year. Harry thought

"Why should I believe you?" Harry sneered,

Draco took a step forward to close the distance between them but then abruptly stopped and stood still when Harry's wand poked his chest; tip already glowing red.

"What you felt…this connection…is created by our Veelagenes, Potter. It is telling us that you...are my mate." The grey eyes were pleading with him to understand.

"I AM NOT YOUR MATE. Get it clearly into your Ferret -head Malfoy. Don't play your silly Slytherin games with me" Harry screamed at him.

He was angry with Draco for playing such a dirty game. He was angry at the Headmaster for even allowing a meeting like this. He was angry with the Fates for filling his life yet again with problems. But mostly he was angry with himself because, in spite of his protestations, he knew it was true, and he'd enjoyed it. Somehow he'd enjoyed the nearness of Draco Bloody Malfoy and felt the comfort his voice brought.

"For how long do, you plan on denying it?" The Slytherin asked, his voice rising."At some point it will break you and make you come to me you bloody stubborn Gryffindor." Draco was losing his cool and the Dominant veela was rearing its head. "Don't tell me you do not feel the pain from our separation." He sneered

Harry's eyes widened at the sliver sparks crackling around the blond but narrowed warningly at the words 'break you'.

"There is neither pain nor power that can break me, Malfoy. Your precious Master tried that back in fourth year and it didn't work out nearly as well as he'd hoped." Harry smirked nastily in Lucius' direction and the green eyes glared at the Slytherin before him. "Even if this was true, I certainly wouldn't be coming to you, I can assure you of that. You would have to come to me!" He finished turning away.

"When the pain hits your bloody thick head, Potter, then you will come to me on your knees." Draco sneered in reply, using his few inches more than the Gryffindor to his advantage and towered over Harry.

Harry glared up at the prat and said in cold scary tone "Never challenge a Gryffindor. I will change my name if something like that happens" Harry challenged.

"Then get ready to change your name from Harry bloody Potter to Harry Malfoy" Draco snarled.

"That is quite enough!" Albus Dumbledore's voice boomed, fracturing the silencing charm and shutting them both up. Harry shifted his glare from Draco to the twinkle eyed Headmaster.

"Gentlemen please sit down" When no one moved Albus' normally genially voice rose. "Sit down!"

Both teenagers huffed angrily and sat down; Harry in his seat next to Dumbledore and Draco on the other side of his father; far from fuming Harry.

Albus snapped his fingers and a house elf came in with chocolate cake and tea, placing a cup and plate before each of them before she disappeared.

"The magical display you both just displayed must have drained your ability to think clearly so you'd both better restore your energy with some tea and cake before we discuss anymore about it." Dumbledore said waving his hand dismissively.

Lucius, who was still shocked from the scene he had just witnessed, obeyed the old wizard without even thinking about it. He had never realized that his son was so powerful. Perhaps the Veela genes had contributed to his magic. He knew if properly guided Draco could become next dark lord and his mind ticked over as he contemplated this thought whilst mechanically sipping his tea.

"Eat!" Albus commanded when both boys continued to sit motionless as if stunned by an unknown source.

Draco cut a small piece from the cake before him and placed it in his mouth; sighing lightly when the chocolate dissolved on his tongue. Harry watched him and frowned at his own portion. He glanced up at the twinkling blue eyes watching him and narrowed his eyes, a smirk crossing his face as he picked the cake up using his hands. This earned him a disgusted snort from the elder Malfoy and he smiled a little at his victory in trying to irritate the Malfoys. He took a big bite and sighed in delight. The cake really was divine, and he hadn't realized the magic really drained him so much out of energy.

"Now Harry, as I understand it, there is a connection between you and Draco Malfoy" Albus twinkling eyes just continued to twinkle as Harry glared at him. "And it is genuine, and not made up?" He added.

Harry scowled, when he heard the answer for the question which was ringing in his head until realization struck him; if he agreed to the connection which he too had felt then it was sure that he was the mate of Part-veela Draco blood Malfoy. His green eyes widened, not that anyone could see as he was still staring at the polished teakwood table in front of him. He is a submissive and Malfoy is dominant; that would mean he has to bottom for the bond to complete. He remembered quite distinctly reading that particular fact written in one of the books he'd given by Hermione in order to understand more about himself.

'No!' He snapped. He was not ready for that and he would never bend before a Slytherin, especially Draco bloody Malfoy.

Harry gave a hard shake of his head. "No! I can't" He glared at the still beaming headmaster, crossing his arms over his chest and pouted in refusal to consider it further. It was supposed to look like angry stubborn boy who will not change his mind, but to those in the room he just looked like a gorgeous, sexy, beautiful boy who was looked as if he needed a good snogging.

Draco cleared his throat in a very unMalfoylike way to shake off the images he was getting looking at Harry's alluring lips. He then glared at both Dumbledore and Lucius as they shifted in their seats being caught ogling at his would-be mate.

"Harry, why don't you give it a try?" Albus murmured a plea quite clear in his voice to the submissive Veela. The headmaster couldn't help but think about the positive outcome of this unusual situation. If the two powerful wizards of rival houses got together then his dream of a united Hogwarts would come true and will also get another spy inside the inner circle of Voldemort in form of Lucius Malfoy. If he wanted that, then he had to convince Harry.

"It's for greater good, Harry." Dumbledore said.

Harry's eyes snapped up to meet the headmaster's. Maybe it was only for few seconds but those twinkling blues said a lot before they gracefully looked away. For greater good was a hidden plea to Harry and it always worked; but Malfoy? Really! Harry snorted in disgust before he let out a heavy sigh.

"Okay!" He said finally. He looked at Draco and glared at the expression on his face. He was beaming like a child who had received their Christmas gift early. He really hated to crush such a hopeful expression. Not. "I need time to think about it though." He added, struggling to not to smirk as Draco's face once again turned into an icy mask.

Without waiting for any further discussion, Harry bid goodnight to all and disappeared out the door and down the stairs. It was only once he left the Headmaster's room though that the feeling of apprehensiveness overcame him. He felt insecure but Harry, the ever stubborn Gryffindor, shook his head to dismiss the feeling and walked as fast as he could towards Gryffindor tower. After the evening he'd had, he really needed some sleep.


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