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You, Me and Veela genes

Chapter Twenty one

The dementors were destroyed and the remaining giants and banshees were sent back to the mountains and caves where they had been living before the war. The borders were warded, so that they could never come into the Wizarding world again. Voldemort's remains were placed in an urn, also warded and had being taken away by a group of Unspeakable. 'Voldemort will not be returning this time' they had confirmed Harry. Aurors were already in search of the death eater and werewolves who fled away when they found their leader was died.

The veela couple went to the great hall with their baby boys sitting on their hips, after opening the 'Chambers of Secrets'. Hogwarts was filled with worried relatives and friends searching for their loved one. The ministry officials had started to make an account of deaths from both sides. Tears from the green eyes of the savior, continuously stained his mudded cheeks watching some of his friends laid out for identifying and to be entered in the death's list.

Draco held Harry close to him as much as he could with one arm, when they reached the group of order members standing next to the bodies of Kinsley, killed by an unknown werewolf, Mad-eye Moody was taken down by Dolohov from behind and Sandy was not lucky enough to escape Nagini's poison. There was one empty stretcher on which a red torn jumper with initial 'P' was resting –only remains of Percy Weasley was found by the order members, Harry couldn't stop himself anymore and broke down crying in the middle of the great hall.

"It's all my fault…my fault…I am so sorry" Harry sobbed; he felt he was responsible for all the deaths and tears shed around him. His heart was filled with grief and guilt – for not killing Voldemort sooner. The whole hall went silent as they watched their leader crumble down on the floor.

"Please Harry…Don't do this." Draco tried to console his love, kneeling down next to him. The dominant Veela was once again torn between his mate and his whimpering sons, who were looking at their papa's broken state.

"Give them to me. Console your mate, Draco" a soft sweet voice said, taking Scorpius from the blonde's hands. Draco turned to look at the Veela Queen Adriana, who had come to take her wounded Veelas and the dead bodies of fallen Veelas, which had been killed by the banshees, back to their realm. The entire great hall was calming a bit by the tranquil waves coming from the Veela.

Draco nodded his thanks to Sanya, Veela med-witch, as he handed over Cygnus to her. The children were not new to them as they have already stayed overnight in the palace with the Queen, whenever the queen felt the parents needed a break and she too wanted to be part of their upbringing, has they where next to her heir to the throne.

The Blond gathered his distorted mate to his bare chest, rocking him gently and cooing to him that 'it was alright' 'you are not responsible' 'don't this to yourself' and 'I love you'. While Harry kept on mumbling 'I am sorry' 'this is all my fault' and 'please don't hate me'.

Draco didn't know what to do. Right before his eyes Harry was sinking into his shell and if he didn't stop it now then he knew he will never get his Harry back. He bit his lips to control his own tears and looked up at the pale hand which touched his shoulder.

Narcissa thanked the Veela queen for taking care for her grandchildren, as she saw them walking out of Hogwarts, closely followed by a wounded Regal. She knew the snake won't rest until he sees his wards to safe place and also knew he will be taken care too in the veela realm. The aristocrat tuned next to see her only son struggling to stop his mate drowning himself into depression.

"Son, take him home" the lady Malfoy said softly to her son

"But mother…Here…" Draco looked at the soft blue eyes, trying to tell his mother that they are needed here to give proper farewell to their friends.

"I will take over from here. The funerals won't be for another two days. Take care of Harry, that's more important" the soft elegant fingers ran into her son's blond hair, tiring to sooth away his worries. Both of them didn't bother that the Narcissa's dress was torn and her hair was in a messy bun nor Draco was shirtless in middle of the hall filled with people and his hair was dirtier then the trolls. They both were happy that they are alive along with their life partners.

"Go Son. He needs you." She whispered and smiled softly, patting his cheeks.

Draco nodded once and got up carrying his crying mate in his arms, with all his remaining Veela strength. As soon as he was out of the castle Draco disapparated directly to their bedroom in Grimmauld Place.


Draco took his sobbing mate to their bathroom and mentally thanked Kreecher for filling the large white marble tub with spelled warm water. He made Harry stand near the bath tub, who was unaware of his surrounding and kept weeping like a small child. The slytherin slowly undressed his mate, which took him a while to get the torn battle suit and eased him into the soothing warmth. He then quickly removed rest of his clothing and step behind Harry into the water.

The blond pulled the wrecked Gryffindor towards his chest and wrapped his arms protectively around him. He let Harry cry out his worries, while letting him know that he was not alone and there was a slytherin who loved him.


One year later after the war (21st October)

"Harry, hurry up! We are going to be late" Draco banged at the closed bathroom door. He was pacing the room for past fifteen minutes waiting for the gryffindor git to come out of the bathroom and get dressed. The blond checked himself once more in the full length mirror near their closet – the cream colored formal dress robe hugged his body and the golden border complemented his perfectly combed blond hair.

After his Harry eliminated the evil from the world it was beautiful place to live in. Draco had become successful healer and was now learning the Veela medicine. The gryffindor become a famous writer as soon as he published his first book three months back.

"Hi Sugar, where are the boys?" Harry asked as he waltzed into their bedroom, drying his hair languidly with a hand towel.

"Mother and father took them to Hogwarts half an hour ago" Draco huffed and turned to look at his lazy husband. All his blood rushed south as he saw his mate just in a towel tied casually around his bronze hips, showing off his deviously handsome body. The grey eyes darkened with lust, as it traced the path of a stray water drop passing its way down the well toned chest and slowly travelled around the deep set navel and getting absorbed by the white fully towel.

Draco slowly traced upwards to the alluring wet lips, which was smirking at him. He let out the breath which he didn't know holding in and with that went the entire retort he had on the gryffindor for making him late for the 'first anniversary of Voldemort's death' held in Hogwarts great hall.

Harry didn't even think to resist, when his husband crossed the gape in-between them with his long strides and took his lips in a furious kiss. He wound his yearning arms around Draco and melted into him. They stumbled backwards, towards their queen sized bed. Harry fell onto the bed and Draco followed him down. Their breaths ran together, hard and impatient. Even after years their passion never reduced, they loved each other more and more. Each time the green eyes darkened with lust Draco lost his control.

Harry was already undoing the buttons on Draco's robes while kissing him senseless. He was sure that he was leaving bruises but he could care less. The dominant veela straddled his mate and rolled his hips deliberately, eliciting many gasps and helpless moans out of the man under him. He pulled his lips away to take in some air. Their foreheads pressed against each other as they rutted. He could hear Harry's breath rattling out and he had never felt so aroused in his life. "I want you so bad, Love" he exhaled.

"Me too" Harry panted. "Its aching, Sugar…make me cum" Harry bucked his hips up to show how hard he was.

Draco moaned from the contact but got up quickly to discard his cloths not even hesitating for a second to think that it took him nearly an hour to get dressed for the occasion. He bit his lips and willed his fingers to work quickly as he watched Harry twisting on the bed naked tugging his cock lazily looking at him.

Draco crawled back to bed and slid his hands down Harry's arms, stopping him from pleasuring himself and moved them up over his naughty mate's head. Their fingers entwined as their lips melded together once again. The blond trailed small kisses towards Harry's neck, leaning in to leave several hickeys on the golden skin, marking this gorgeous body as his own again and again. Then his mouth traced down Harry's heaving chest, stopping to thoroughly debauch his sexy nipples, tongue tracing the navel before he came to the gryffindor's erection.

"Oh…Draco…Please" Harry bucked his hips once again at the kiss swollen red lips, urging him to take it in and give him a release.

Draco hummed in pleasure as he took Harry's cock in his mouth. He pulled back, running his tongue around the head of the beautiful cock between his lips and flicked his eyes up to meet Harry's green gaze, enjoying the dazed look of pleasure on his husband's face.

"Oh…Merlin…Uh…"Harry whimpered at each pull on his erection.

He took Harry deep again, sliding his tongue along on the vein on the underside of his shaft until he felt hair prickle the tip and Harry's cock bumped delightfully against the back of his throat. Harry gasped and moaned, hands clenching in Draco's silky hair, thighs tightening around him, as he felt the long lube slicked fingers enter his entrance.

"More…Draco. I want more" The submissive Veela arced his back pulling the invading fingers deep inside him.

"Fuck... yes... Draco... Fuck..." incoherent sounds fell desperately from Harry's lips as he thrust up to meet Draco's mouth, as he was prepared by his husband quickly.

Draco could tell he was close and he let go of the flushed cock and quickly crawled up to kiss those red lips. He started slowly pushing inside the willing body. He nibbled on the parted lips of his love, slowly thrusting up into Harry's warmth. Harry clutched Draco's hip, urging him to go faster. Draco just waited for few seconds to let is love adjust to the invasion and began thrusting up into his husband's tight body, groaning at the exquisite feel of the clenching muscles and warm embrace. Harry moved with him, rocking his hips and tossing his head back, His black hair spread on the off-white colored pillow and the setting sun's light reflected the sweat slicked golden skin – he looked like a dark angel.

Draco brought Harry's legs up to his shoulders, while bracing his hands on either side of submissive's head. He thrust hard then, smirking as Harry screamed, he felt emissive pleasure showing his dominance to his mate and then the Gryffindor's blunt nails scrapped down his sweaty back pulling a hiss from Draco, showing the blond who is really dominant in this relationship. Draco's pace was intense and fast, his body losing control as his orgasm pooled hot in his belly.

"Oh yes there! Do it again… Please Sugar do it again," Harry moaned, eyes rolling into his head at the pleasure.

Draco leaned forward; he had found the angle to thoroughly stroke Harry's prostate. He thrust harder, muscles quivering at the intensity.

"Cum for me…Love…Cum Now!" Draco commanded, knowing from the years of experience with Harry that he liked it and it always gave them best orgasm.

"Draco…" Harry screamed and Draco watched with glazed eyes as his love came, warm semen now spotting their chests.

He groaned and with finial thrust he came, throwing back his head and screeching, hips stilling as he came inside his Harry. "I love you, Harry" he breathed his voice hoarse from his cries of ecstasy. His body collapsed in fatigue, though he did manage to collapse to the side of Harry instead of on top of him. He rolled onto his back, both of them whimpering as his softening cock came free of Harry's body. Draco wrapped him in his arms, feeling contentment spread through their Veela bond.

"I love you too, Sugar" Harry whispered and let his eyes closed for a short nap.


After getting dressed both of them apparated near the Hogwarts gates and ran in towards the great hall from where loud noises were coming. However, they were nearly an hour late.

"I still feel blue is not my color and It's all because of you we are late!" Draco accused Harry again, racing faster to catch the gryffindor. Even though Harry was a writer he did workout on a daily base and was faster than his healer husband. Pulse his toddlers were such a busy bodies that they kept all the elders fit, by making them run around after them.

"It's turquoise blue! It suits you better than cream you wore before and it wasn't me who jumped first" Harry shouted back. The years of togetherness was no effect on their fights – it may be a verbal batter or exchange of minor curses –no one backed out first until third person came to separate them, just like their times in Hogwarts. Only this time it was their sons who calmed them down rather than professors.

"I didn't show up naked with water dripping down and you look too handsome in that purple robe" The slytherin accused him.

"Whatever…" Harry rolled his eyes and smirked at his husband "Race you to the great hall"

"Hey…You are already leading. That's cheating!" Draco bellowed at the laughing Gryffindor.


Hogwarts was decorated like never before with swirl decorations of all house colors hanging from the ceiling and models of blessing angels, animated by Professor McGonagall to bless who ever passes by with happiness and fertility. Glittering green crepe papers filled the walls to show their appreciation for the Centaurs and the pillars illuminated with lavender lights to thank the Veelas, who had helped the Wizarding world during the battle. The whole hall was decorated with white roses for detonating peace in the world which followed after the war. Multi Colored paper Lanterns, lighted the great hall beautifully.

Long tables where set, covered with white table cloth and matching chairs, were placed on either side. Ceramic vases with multicolored roses were kept on the tables and next to them were menu cards for the dinner. The unearthly perfume from the scented candles filled the hall. The path to the high table was covered with red carpet. A small bar was set on one of the corners with age circle around it and one of the other corner tables was set for the soft drinks for all.

The music was loud and enthusiastic couples were already dancing on the small dance floor set in the middle of the hall. Friends and families were standing in groups – talking and laughing while the children were running around, playing. House elves were appointed for the night to watch them.

Hermione looked around once again in search of the familiar black and blond head.

"Hermione darling, don't worry, they will be on their way" Blaise shouted near her ear on top of the loud music.

"Minister will be here any time and if Harry is not here, it will give a bad impression on him" she unconsciously rubbed on her seven month old baby bump. The war heroine took a break from the Auror duties to expand her family.

"Arthur will understand and I have a feeling they will be here by that time" the Italian wrapped one arm around his wife, joining his wife hands to rub soothing circle at the side of her stomach, while sipping red wine. Two months after the war, when both of them were fully recovered, Blaise had proposed her again and this time she had said 'yes'. Their marriage was held in the Zabini manor in Italy and Hermione become the lady Zabini when Blaise become the head of the family.

"I should have gone to pick them up" Ron muttered from behind, coming up to stand next to his friend. He was rocking his two month old son Percy Weasley, in one hand and was holding a glass of firewhiskey in another. Six months after the war he was given the head Auror post and he had accepted it happily. Luna Weasley, who was the head of 'Injuries done by magical creatures' department in , had currently gone to find her friends in the sea of witches and wizards present in the great hall.

"I am thinking the same thing and Ron don't drink before the child. You will have a bad influence on him" Hermione said angrily.

"But… he is only two months…" Ron started to whine but stopped when Blaise mouthed 'Hormones' from behind his wife.

"What did you say to him, Mr. Zabini?" the enraged pregnant woman turned to glare at her husband who was shrugged innocently. He was saved by his god sons, when Scorpius Malfoy-Potter toddled towards them in his new dark green robe which complimented his emerald green eyes and hid behind Hermione.

"Whom you are hiding from, Scor?" Blaise asked tenderly ruffling his blond hair.

"Sssh! Uncle Blay, he is coming" the blond Veela toddler whispered and promptly hid behind Hermione's black evening gown.

"Have you seen Scor?" Neville asked breathing hard from the running about. After leaving the Auror department after the war, he took over his family business to cultivate magical herbs. He was currently courting Seamus Finnegan, who was enjoying himself by making Neville fulfill each and every wish of his.

"Why are you searching for him Neve?" Ron asked, getting into the game to entertain his best friend's son.

"We were playing 'hide and seek'. I have being searching for them for past half an hour still I can't find those little prats." Neville said looking around him, oblivious to the sniggers from the ebony slytherin and his god son. He marched off towards the bar, needing a strong drink before searching the little Veela boys again.

"Yes! Thank you Aunt Hermione" the small face beamed with happiness. His godmother smiled at him but pouted at the next sentence "You are so big that Uncle Neville was never going to find me and he is going to lose his crup puppies to us" he said breathlessly. He looked at his two uncles and frowned not knowing why they are laughing?

"Am I so big?" Hermione looked hopefully at her husband.

"No darling. You are beautiful like always being just your dress makes you look big" he said with straight face like a dutiful husband and laughed when she playfully swatted him on his arms for his cheekiness.

"What about the puppies, little one?" Ron asked shifting sleeping Percy to his other hand.

"Oh yes! Uncle Neve's pet Lady Helena puked puppies and he promised to give Cygnus and me, each a puppy, if we won the game. Uncle Blay won't you help us?" the toddler knew very well that if he widen his eyes a bit and pouted to his godfather that he would do anything for him.

"Sure my adorable godson!" Blaise picked up Scorpius and pinned the 'Order of Merlin first class' medal- which belonged to one of his father's – properly, which was all messed up due to running around. "Tell me where your home base is?" he asked getting prepared to help his godson win.

"Behind great grandfather Albus's chair" he yelled happily, looking around for Cygnus. Blaise rolled his eyes at the selection of home base and jogged towards the high table watching out for Neville.

"I sometimes wonder whether they are born to Harry" Ron frowned at the display of slytherinism from the small kid.

"Have you forgotten that Harry has inner slytherin in him? I won't be surprised if they land up in Slytherin house." Hermione smirked when Ron shuddered at the thought and waddled towards the soft drink table closely followed by her protective friend.


Harry reached the Great hall's entrance and smiled at the banner

'Welcome to the reopening of Hogwarts and First Anniversary of the Wizarding world filled with peace'

The image on the banner showed Voldemort sneering and pointing his wand but a bright golden light hit him and he becomes goo. Harry was thankful that the twins had taken his request and had not added him on the banner to fire the spell on Voldy –which was there initial plan

Suddenly, he was blinded with the flashes from cameras and soon was surrounded by the reporters, who were standing outside the great hall entrance, in hope to catch him on his way.

"Are you happy to be at home? Mr. Potter? Wont you think Wizarding community needs you to catch the escaped death eaters?" one of them asked

"Its Potter-Malfoy now and I am happy to be at home. I am suppose there are…" before Harry finished his answer, another journalist asked

"Everyone wanted you to become Auror. What you think of it?"

"I am very much happy being an author and I …"

"Are you planning to expand your family?" a women reporter asked

"No comments" a cool voice said from behind Harry. Draco just kept on moving pulling his husband with him, when the questions showered on him instead of the Savoir.

"Mr. Draco Malfoy-Potter don't you think your powers as Veela is better use in ministry rather than ?" one of them asked while they followed the Veela couple neared the large wooden door.

"Please, we have come here for the celebration and to enjoy our evening here. If anyone wants to ask any questions or our opinions please contact us through owl post for an appointment and if we feel your request is worthy we will give you the date and time to meet us" Draco said coldly to the reporters, which Harry didn't approve of.

"You need not to be so rude and cold, Draco"

"Oh! It was not you, who managed them for past one year after the vanquisher of the dark lord hide himself conveniently and came out only to release his best seller book" he snapped and immediately cooled when he saw Harry's sheepish smile. The gryffindor unknowingly knew how to disarm him. Being a slytherin by heart he never mentioned this to his husband.

They smiled at each other once, while Draco straightened their robes before entering the great hall of Hogwarts.


"Ha! You two are…" Fred started upon seeing them enter the hall

"Finally here." George finished. His arm was around Astoria Weasley. After the war George had seen her back to health and with that their love bloomed. Six months ago they got married while Fred still dated her elder sister Daphne Greengrass. Astoria limbed her way towards Draco and shook hands with him. Even though Greyback had not bitten her, he had broken almost all her leg bones and heelers said that 'it was a miracle that she is able to walk without support".

"Did you like the banner?"

"We have out done again don't you think Gred"

"Of course! We are the only one who can break our own records Forge"

" I am sure the Veela twins are going to give you a run for your money, when they reach of age and how are you Draco, Harry?" she asked politely, leaving her husband and his twin to plot to secure their post as 'Prank Masters' being taken by the Veela twin brats. Astoria shook her head at the couple, she unconsciously soothed the wrinkles on her dress robes near her stomach, which must have went unnoticed by all but the blond Veela.

"I hear good news?" he asked equally polite and smiled upon seeing the bright smile on the slytherin girl's face

"Yes! Two months. But we are planning to tell others after a month" she said shyly

"Don't worry, you secret is safe and anything you want to know about the pregnancy – find me" Draco said nodding lightly at her.

Harry's eyes immediately met Albus Dumbledore sitting in his head master chair while Lucius was seriously discussing something with the old headmaster.

The blue eyes twinkled when it met the green eyes and smiled. The happiness and trust sparkled from the aged blue eyes of Albus upon meeting his favorite student and heir of Godric Gryffindor. It took nearly three months for Albus Dumbledore to recover from the ancient dark curse - which ripples any healing potion given to the victim – which Voldemort had cast on him and to gain back his health. All his professors except the dwarf Professor Flitwick, who couldn't make it from his loss of magic and Madam Hooch, who was killed by banshee's scream during the war, were present on the high table expect Severus Snape.

"I am not able to find them" Draco whispered urgently near his smiling mate.

"They are here, just not sure where." The green eyes scanned the crowed for their naughty one and half year old angels. Draco was sure they were up to some mischief as he spotted his mother searching for something discreetly while chatting with other elderly witches.

"Ha! I spotted one" Harry patted the blond to get his attention and pointed towards one of the pillars in the great Halls. Draco laughed looking at his ever snarling potion master hiding behind the pillar while Cygnus in his satin grey robes matching his mischievous grey eyes hung on his back snickering at someone.

"Professor Snape lost his touch" Ron said beaming at his best friend.

"That's for sure! But I don't know why they are hiding?" Harry frowned watching them slowly edge towards the high table.

"Oh that... they are playing 'Hide and seek' with Neville. I'm sure he is going to lose his puppies to them and how are you dude?" the redhead asked, giving Percy to his god father Draco and stretched his stiff arms.

"I am fine Ron" the Veela gryffindor gave a friendly hug to him "and how is your job as head Auror going on?"

"I am doing well at work but at home" he wrinkled his nose and sighed, while his friend laughed at his expense.

"Where is Hermione? By the way" Harry asked

"She must be waddling here somewh…." Ron was wacked on the head by the said waddler before he finished his sentence.

"Oi! What's that for?"

"You are supposed to be my friend and you are making fun of me" Hermione wacked his head again.

"OK! I got it. Never mess with pregnant witch as they are equal to an enraged Veela" Ron rubbed his abused head before facing the fuming Hermione.

"Just think I had enraged pregnant Veela on my back" Draco laughed but stopped when he saw Harry glaring at him but small smile on that lovely lips gave him away and Draco breathed in relief that he won't be sleeping on the couch. He kissed that gorgeous lips once and excused himself to meet his own friends before Harry changed his mind.

"And you are an idiot! Let me tell you by being pregnant I have all rights to waddle" she puffed, oblivious on the little exchange between the Veelas and was busy firing at the cowering redhead. Hermione took deep breath and opened her mouth to continue to take out her pent-up pregnant hormone on her long time friend but stopped when they heard a happy squeal came from the high tables above all the sounds.

"We Won!" both the toddlers where dancing there victory dance on top of high tables while the professors and around them clapped for them expect pouting Neville.

The trio made to the high table as fast as their pregnant friend could walk, while laughing at the little ones who were spreading their infectious laughter to the witches and wizards of all ages present in the great hall of Hogwarts.

"Ha! I love the sound of that" Arthur Weasley, the minister of magic said upon opening the doors of the Hogwarts closely followed by deputy Minister Tonks and Remus, head of magical creatures in the ministry along with Aurors Frank and William.

Albus got down of the stage and walked to the front to greet the Minister and his old friend still laughing at the dancing Veela kids being swirled around by their Papa and uncle Blay.

"Welcome Arthur!" the aged wizard greeted and wished good evening to others who arrived with the Minister.

The Hall fell silent when the welcome speech began after the Minister of magic sat on his respective seat on the stage.

Albus welcomed all for taking time to be present here on this day to celebrate the downfall of the darkest wizard and finally reopening of the Hogwarts after doing the renovation of the school. Tears filled in great wizards eyes along with others as he remembered and talked about each and every brave soul which was lost in the battle. The head master filled with pride when he spoke about his students who fought fearlessly in the war and was present in the hall with them. Finally he thanked all once again and he requested the Minister to share some words with them.

Arthur Weasley was simple but knowledgeable man and dealing for years with his mixed character family members thought him to understand anyone and fulfill their needs, making him favorite minister to all. The hall filled with applauses when he stood up and quieted when he started his speech. Arthur spoke about his days in 'Order of phoenix' and few words about the first war then he regretted that he had to see second war against Voldemort. He looked straight at Harry who was standing surrounded by family and friends and thanked him for eradicating the most evil of all evils from this world saving both Wizarding and non-Wizarding world.

"In this occasion I like to announce a special award to Harry Potter for his book 'Understanding my Veela Genes' for giving us inside information about Veela Genes and helping us to understand them better" Arthur beckoned Harry on the stage

"And to give away this award I request Remus Lupin, the head of Magical creatures department to come on the stage" Arthur called his friend, while summoning ministry house-elf, who appeared with a tray covered in black velvet cloth and upon it rested a shining medal –service to the Wizarding society.

Draco gently pushed his blushing husband on the stage and laughed when the gryffindor pressed his heel on the floor like an adamant puppy. The slytherin lost his battle with Harry, who was shrinking from all the attention he was getting and called for his sons from the high table, who was like him in this case – not bother with the limelight. All laughed and clapped when the Veela toddlers pulled their papa to the stage, thanking uncle Remy on behalf of their Papa and took the medal from Harry, as soon as he received it.

The witches and wizards near the high table awed at display of magic from the toddlers when Scorpius cupped his small cubby hand with Cygnus with the medal in it and pulled out a duplicate of the medal and both ran off to their grandmother Cissy, to get it pinned next to their 'Order of Merlin'.

"Show offs just like their father" Harry wrapped his arm around the proud father and smiled at his little loving family. Albus then announced that it was time for all of them to get onto the grounds for opening of the war monument.


Draco carried Cygnus on his hips and held Harry's hand, who was carrying Scorpius as they walked towards the great lake. The magically floating Island middle of the great lake was breathtaking -surrounded by fairy lights. The pathway leading to the mini garden was covered with magically blooming Jasmine it was looking like a white tunnel. It reminded Harry of his own journey to the other world 'maybe Albus made it keeping that in mind' the Veela thought. Harry's breath stopped when he saw a shinning white marble stone and on top of it a dark stone stood in shape of a wand –the winning wand – his wand.

The green eyes scanned the base marble and saw the names written on it –so many names that there was not even a small free gap. Harry's eyes started to get filled with tears has he saw others searching the stone for their loved one's name and when they found the name they started to weep.

The center piece was surrounded by red roses to show love for the witches and wizards, who sacrificed their lives in the war and that was surrounded by yellow tulips to represent the joy and happiness they have given to living once and future, the finally white lilies formed the outer circle to represent Innocence, purity and Harry – Albus explained them all.

Draco slowly pulled Harry towards one of the benches placed near the lilies and made him to sit. He smiled softly, when their sons hugged their carrying papa tightly, sometime they acted more mature then their age and Draco thanked them for times like this. The slytherin enveloped his long arms around the group –no words will calm Harry when he breaks down thinking about war but they needed to remind him that the little lives he produced and the one he shares his life with- love him very much.


"I don't like this but loving it." Hermione whispered giggling under the shield charm, just as a handful of pasta went flying from her side, landing in the face of none other than Draco Malfoy-Potter, who was sitting next to his mother. The Great Hall took a collective gasp of shock.

No one knew who started the food fight. They all sat down for dinner and ordered what they wanted by touching the name of the items with their wand tip. Blaise had taken the kids to sit with the group of slytherins including the older Malfoys, leaving Harry to sit with gryffindors and Weasley family. Even though the tables where not divided into houses, the groups were formed automatically. The toddlers were running from this table to other and no one brother them.

At one point Blaise was laughing at Neville, telling Theo and Daphne about how his god sons won the game against Neville and a pea from nowhere fell on the ebony Slytherin and before anyone blinked the food was flying from everywhere.

Slowly the pasta drips off Draco's face leaving an ugly red stain in its wake. Draco raised his head to see who threw the pasta as his eyes landed on three laughing Gryffindors

"Yucky father!" Scorpius pointed Draco's face and laughed his heart out, safely hidden behind his grandfather Lucius's shield.

The blond narrowed his eyes at his laughing husband, while scooping a hand full of mashed potatoes in one hand and pasta in the other.

"Grandma! Look father is doing with food his" Cygnus pulled at his calm looking grandmother, trying to get his father into trouble with his mother but looked interested when Scorp went free from the shield charm and was picking up fruits to throw randomly at anyone.

Draco let loose both hitting his targets squarely in their faces. A chaos of appreciation and boos came from the guests and facility as Ron and Harry wiped the food from their faces.

And once again food started flying from all over the place. It was free-for-all from what Hermione could see, her shield weakened as she kept laughing when Draco's and Harry's aims hit at their targets perfectly as their children encouraged their parents.

"Look there!" Harry laughed as he tugged on her sleeves and pointed to the teachers table. Hermione laughed as she saw Dumbledore and Mcgonagall on top of the table launching food at guests.

"I never guessed even in my weirdest dream that Minerva had this side of her hidden." Hermione said laughing at Cygnus, who had joined his papa's team in the middle of the fight and became so involved with the food fight that he took a bowl of jelly and dumped it on himself. Harry tiring to clean him, when Hermione saw pasta salad coming from the slytherin Veela, she yelled her warning and tried to push Harry away but the gryffindor Veela went flying head first into a blow of gravy before him, from the force the brunette used to save him. The entire hall burst into laughter including Albus.

"Scorpius James Malfoy-Potter, get down from the table before you get hurt" Draco yelled at the blond Veela kid who was standing on top of the table throwing food in every direction. Before he could get his son from the table, he heard a booming voice yell, "MINVERA!"

Minerva McGonagall was laughing, high-fiving with Pomona and Sybill, as they watched cream pie sliding from sneering Severus Snape's face. The great hall fell silent as if someone pushed the off button as the potion stood up slowly from his seat.

Remus who was sitting with the Minister cast a scouring charm on Severus. A collective gasp was heard when along with pie the oil from his hair disappeared and beautiful wavy soft black hair was in place of greasy hair and even his skin tone was a shade lighter. Remus mouthed 'about time' to his secret lover.

After the war when all went on their own ways to continue or to start their lives, the former enemies found each other company more soothing and after a while they become lovers. They were still deciding who will open up their relation to others.

Snape gave him a shy smile and mouthed back 'I love you' and blushed when Remus said the same. The witches in the hall sighed at the loving display from their professors and the wizards gasped from the shock that their potion master after all knows how to smile.

Severus slightly nodded towards giggling Minerva and Remus at once conjured a large bowl size of a mini pool and Snape filled it with Strawberry jelly and they together levitated a shocked deputy headmaster towards the pool.

"I wanted to do this for a very long time" Severus laughed while tugging his stray curl behind his ear

"ALBUS! HELP ME!" she yelled at the laughing headmaster has he used non verbal Expelliarmus on her; when she took her wand out to free herself "Albus! You can't do this. REMUS LUPIN AND SEVERUS SNAPE PUT ME DOWN THIS MOMENT! DO NOT PUT ME DOWN IN THE JELLY!"

The great hall erupted into laughter until tears came to their eyes, when they saw the stern professor being dumped into the pink jelly. Quickly she was joined by potion master when Remus turned at his own partner and dumped him too. The two Veela kids squealed has they jumped inside the pool of strawberry jelly.

"Thank you Severus and Remus for that enjoyable display and thank you all of you for spread laughter and happiness –which we need the most, even though it was not very mature of you all to start food fight." The headmaster looked at the Veela gryffindor from top of his half moon spectacle, as Harry was trying to aim caramel custard at Draco and he dropped it sheepishly when all the attention fell on him. "Now I believe we all need to be cleaned up and ..." Dumbledore said and with a flick of his wand the Great Hall went back to original state and the all present inside were cleaned.

All were settled back into their seats sheepishly and finished their dinner like a civilized witches and wizards. Surely this day will be remembered forever for both sad and happy moments in history of Hogwarts.


Second birthday of Veela twins (Feb- 1st) (Malfoy Manor grounds – afternoon time)

"I agree you are having real guts man" Ron said looking at Draco, who was watching his pregnant mate grinning dreamily. Just yesterday Harry had announced that he was pregnant again and in another eight months he will be proud father of twin daughters.

"What?" the slytherin asked coming out of his dream land, when Ron poked his ribs.

"I mean, I still remember you hanging upside down during his first delivery and I wonder what Harry will do to you this time" Ron tapped his chin in mocking way, teasing the flushed Veela slytherin thinking about his powerful mate.

"May be stinging hex on your butt?" Ron asked thoughtfully

Draco smirked "I am sure my Harry will be more creative then that but, I wonder what Luna is going to do to you next time she gets pregnant"

Ron blanched thinking about how Luna had made him to search for Moon frog in the swamps in forbidden forest because according to her it will give out vibrations which will help her with the birth of their child. If not for Hermione's smart mind to change the color of a bull frog to silver – he could be still in the swamps.

Blaise burst out laughing. Ron glared "I am sure that my next time will be much later but you don't forget your blackened eye and broken nose Blay." He grinned evilly pointing at the fading blue around the ebony slytherin's eye. Hermione is very good at punching, especially when she is pissed off.

"You see Ron! I am thinking of telling Luna about the research I heard somewhere that Nargles are easier to attract if you have pet Spider"

Both slytherin laughed watching the red hair loose all blood from his face.


Harry placed the pumpkin juice on the picnic table carefully. Narcissa had complied to celebrate their children's second birthday in Malfoy manor and not like just get-together they had for the first birthday. They were having a picnic in the afternoon with close friends and grand party in the evening. Narcissa had outdone herself to have the first party after the rebuilding of the Manor and she announced that she was the happiest grandmother and party was double a celebration.

"Luna when are you are planning to let Ron know about this" Harry indicated her stomach, as he picked up Rose Jean Zabini from her pram.

"Let him enjoy himself for a little longer. I can feel my daughter asking for Heilopaths to help her come into this world and I heard they are in Amazon forest" Luna said dreamily helping her son to crawl

"Daughter! That's so wonderful Luna" Hermione said smiling thoughtfully "I wonder what Blaise's reaction will be this time when I tell him that his son could be arriving in another eight months"

"Hermione! That's… wonderful" Harry hugged his best friend who was more as his sister.

"Do you think he will faint again Harry?" Luna asked dreamily.

All Pregnant mates laughed.


"And now, ladies and gentlemen," said Fred calling every ones attention. Ministry members, business associates, friends and family members were all present there on the grounds of Malfoy Manor for the last part of the birthday party. "Weasley Wizard Wheezes presents!"

"Happy Birthday, Scorpius! Cygnus!" Finished George, standing on a stage set outside on the Malfoy Manor's ground.

Suddenly, lights filled the sky in an array of colors and shapes. Blue, green, white, yellow, red, purple, orange, and even silver exploded overhead.

The children present their squealed happily. Dragons flew, Veelas and unicorns danced and pranced, mermaids dove in and out of the clouds and all of it was carefully choreographed to the dance-beat music that played in the background. At the end of the hour-long show, one last firework turned into fire spiting dragon and flew between the audiences and opening its mouth when it neared Frank Goodrick.

Charlie was laughing with Susan Bones next to him and Frank who was standing next to them ran from the fire dragon trying to bite his bum

"That was for proposing our little sister without getting permission from us, First" twins said in chorus and bowed, for the laughing crowd.


Twelve years later (1st September)

"Ummm…Love. What are you doing?" Draco moaned, twisting on their bed, hands searching for his husband's head near his pelvic.

"Good morning Sugar!" Harry chuckled and got back again to work on the morning wood of his mate. He ran his tongue on the wide veins under the lovely cock and sucked on the head hallowing his cheeks.

"You tease!...Be a gryffindor ….and fuck…" Draco grunted pulling lightly on the thick dark hair, his other hand was clutching on the dark green sheet to stop himself from coming from his husband's teasing touches.

"I plan to do the same but before that I want you to come for me" Harry huskily commanded looking straight at the grey eyes. He arched elegantly when Harry inserted one finger into his hole and automatically his wings where released, when his climax hit him and Harry swallowed the cum hungrily.

Draco shuddered and his eyes darkened with desire watching the excess cum dripping from the gryffindor's chin. Harry licked the cum languidly from his chin while watching his mate with hooded eyes. He smirked when blond's cock gaining erection again, he reached out and brushed his hand along the wings. Draco moaned wantonly and he pulled Harry up to kiss the smirking lips and the gryffindor added two more fingers at once and started stretching his husband, while kissing the blond passionately.

Draco felt electrified, when he felt the brush of those fingers along his prostate and Draco held the Harry's shoulders for leverage and started fucking himself on those long strong fingers, breathlessly. Finally, Harry replaced his fingers with his aching cock and the other to stroke his wings – knowing that Draco liked it very much.

Draco gasped into Harry's mouth, making the kiss feel desperate and wrapped his legs around the gryffindor's waist, pulling him closer. Harry thrusted into the willing body slow and hard but Draco wanted more. Draco with swift movement pushed his husband down and climbed on top almost breaking the connection between them and plunged himself fully on to Harry's hard shaft.

"Oh Merlin.. Yes," he whimpered, when Draco pushed down hard, moaning.

The hands were everywhere. Harry ran his fingers on the beautiful enchanting silver wings and chuckled when Draco stilled on top of him and trembled.

Draco rolled his hips and tightened his buttock, dragging a groan from the chuckling mate but his smirk vanished when Harry grasped Draco's cock and force his hips of off the mattress, to push back on every move. Earning fantastic sounds for every stroke, every thrust from the slytherin

"Oh Harry… I am going…to ..Come" Draco's back arched, his head thrown back and his wings flapping lazily.

"Yes Draco… come for me… again…" with a loud moans Harry thrusted upwards and after few more thrust along with the pumping of his hand on Draco's shaft. Draco came over Harry's hand and was quickly followed by his husband, who emptied himself inside the pale body above him.

"Draco," he managed, breath caught in his throat. He closed his eyes tightly, giving in to the shudder that ripped through his bones like uncontrolled electricity, pushing him over the edge.

He felt Draco collapse over him and the gryffindor enveloped his arms around the blond, tiring to calm his breathing.

Draco lifted slowly off the gryffindor and bent down to kiss those sinful lips below him but was stopped when they heard a hesitant knock on the door.



Draco kissed the smiling lips once and got up wincing a bit, while Harry quickly cast cleansing spell on them and also cast air purifier charm to remove the after sex smell from the room to save themselves from getting embarrassed before their teenage sons, before magically opening the door.

Scorpius beamed when he saw his Papa beckoning him on the bed where he was lying down.

"We packed our trunks and…"

"Helped Lily and Lilac…" Cygnus jumped on the bed on the other side of his Papa

" To pack and also locked Iris, Amaryllis…"

"And Oak, Galax in their respective cages" The blond Veela teen finished his twin brothers sentence snuggling into his Papa's loving hug. Oak and Galax were the twin girls new owls.

"My smart boys!" Harry squeezed the boys to him proudly and kissed them on their heads. The boys were mixture of 'Marauder and Weasley twins', were the solo reason Filch jr. , the new caretaker was on his feet always and for the mass production of 'Pepper up Potion' to be used by the professors but when it came any matter regarding their sisters they turn into responsible brothers. Harry was confident that his little angels will be safe in Hogwarts, with their brother around to take care of them.

"I am telling you Harry we must not let them alone for long with those Weasley twins" Draco came out of the bathroom wrapped in his bathrobe. He was soon attacked by two golden balls hugging his legs.

"Father!" Lily and Lilac both scream together

"Both of you are still not dressed?" Lily puffed tossing her reddish golden hair and kept her hand on her hips –reminding Harry of Hermione.

"We are going to be late!" Lilac whinnied looking at her father with sparkling green eyes identical to her sister.

"Just give Papa and me half an hour to get ready and we will leave for 9 ¾ platform. OK!" he tacked a loose hair behind Lilac's ear, who was softer of the two and understanding.

"And we will have breakfast in our favorite restaurant in France, as treat for year start" Harry patted his whooping sons to release him and sent them off along with their cheering sister to wait for them near the fire place.


"Tell me again why you both want to push your trolleys yourself and not give them to Dobby to handle like your sisters?" Draco muttered under his breath has he helped his twin boys push their trolley while Harry held the twin girls.

"Because we like it and…" Scorpius started

"We don't want to look different and…" the raven haired teen continued and when his twin opened his mouth to take the sentence from there Draco stopped them

"Stop! Forget it, that I asked that question" he huffed annoyed from his sons imitating their unofficial godfathers –the Weasley twins.

"Ready" Harry asked his daughters waiting near the pillar of platform no 9 3/4, under 'notice-me-not charm' for Draco to catch up. He smiled softly at the confidence emitting from them, while straightening their golden gowns –which was presented to them by their grandparents for this occasion. His sons where dressed in black slacks and jumpers matching their house colors. The Veela couple was wearing formal greenish grey suits.

The emerald green eyes met the loving mercury of his husband for a second and took a deep breath once before entering the platform with his daughters closely followed by his sons and husband. The Veela family was immediately covered by the waiting reporters.

"Mr. Potter-Malfoy! How do you feel about your daughter going to Hogwarts?"

Before Harry opened his mouth to answer he was fired with another question from different reporter.

"Which house you think your daughters will be taken? Will you be disappointed again if they don't end up in gryffindor?"

"What do you think the surprise announcement Dumbledore mentioned about?"

"Both your books 'Understanding my Veela Genes' and 'One Gryffindor, one Slytherin and Hogwarts' were best sellers. Do you think your third book you are writing will also become a best seller too?"

Harry lifted both his hands to silence the questing form the eager reporters.

"First of all I can't answer any questions if you all keep on asking questions continually." Harry looked sternly at the embarrassed reporters and he continued "I am happy for my lovely angels starting their school life and I was not disappointed for my sons entering in Slytherin and Ravenclaw houses. I not bothered which house my daughters go into because all houses are in Hogwarts and Hogwarts is the best". Harry smiled fondly when Draco wrapped his arms around his waist and nodded at the watch.

"Now if you excuse us – we have a train to catch and about my book –get an appointment with my manager Seamus Finnegan" Harry smiled politely at the reporters. After Rita Skeeter's retirement the reporters were much more bearable.

"Harry! Can we have a photo of your family?" a familiar voice asked among the ocean of reporters.

"Sure Dennis" Harry motioned for the younger Creevey to come forward, while Draco arranged his family to look best in a photo. In tribute to his brother Colin, who died in the battle, Dennis had started 'Creevey Cornicles' newspaper and was better than 'Daily prophet'

"Harry!" Hermione hugged her lifelong friend before shaking off the reporters who were following her and kissed the Veela children

"You look lovely in those gowns, they match with your hair very well" she said softly to the identical girls, knowing very well they loved being complimented.

"Where are Rose and Louis, Aunt Mione?" Lilac asked

"They are loading their luggage. Where are yours Lilac?" she tucked a stray hair behind the pale ears, loving the way Draco had done their hair in French plait. The part Veela girls were real beauties – getting the aristocratic looks from their father and mesmerizing green eyes from their Papa.

"Dobby took them off" Lilly smiled when Hermione kissed her on top of her head.

"Hey! Harry, Draco. How do you tell the difference between the two Mione?" Ron asked cursorily after giving one arm hug to his male friends. He was holding his red haired daughter - Olivia Molly Weasley, who grinning happily that she was going to Hogwarts along with her brother Percy.

"I just know it" the brunette shrugged and laughed along with the Veela family at the pouting Head Auror.

"Never mind, here is your gift from Uncle Ron" he said smiling while pulling out blue velvet pouches containing galleons for buying sweets on the train and gave one to each child.

"Ron you are going to spoil them" Harry puffed. His friend had being doing it every year how much every Harry protested against it. Already Draco was giving the pranksters two hundred galleons each every month as their pocket money and now Ron was adding more to it. He knew the girls will use them wisely but didn't trust his boys.

"Do I stop you when you buying Percy and Olivia expensive gifts every time you see them?" the red haired mock glared at his friend and got back helping his godsons load their luggage in the luggage wagon fixed at the middle of the train.

"There you two are, we thought we were going to miss saying goodbye to our lovely god daughters" Seamus kneeled before the twin girls and handed them both two velvet boxes. He gestured Olivia to come near him and gave her a box too.

"It's a watch! Thank you Uncle Sea!" the three girls squealed together, the Irish man closed his ears and all laughed when the girls hugged their godfather making him fall on his butt. The Finnegan-Longbottom couple had made it a custom to give special custom-made watch with their birth stone fixed in the middle and also worked in magical areas, to all their friends' kids who go to Hogwarts for the first time.

"Where is Louis, Mione?" Neville asked holding his six year old son Frank Dean Finnegan-Longbottom. They named their son after Neville's father and their best friend Dean Thomas, who died in the war.

"Here we are" Blaise came behind Hermione and gave a peck on her lips before nodding his greetings to his friends.

"This is for you Louis Magma Zabini" Neville gave him his box.

"Thank you Uncle Neve" he said and ran off to show it to the twin girls.

Harry lean towards the warm body beside him watching his children arranging their hand luggage in the compartments. It felt like yesterday only he himself taking up the train and now all his four children were going to Hogwarts. The train whistled once showing its time for it to start and suddenly the platform was filled with red heads.

Harry chuckled when Draco groaned upon seeing George pulling his twin sons Michael and Daniel Weasley while Fred pushed their trolleys on top of which sat his squealing nine year old twin daughters Ailsa and Emma Weasley. They were followed by Victoire, who was a year older than the Veela boys, pushing her own trolley, Dominique's trolley were helped by Bill, and While Fleur was holding nine year old Francis Weasley, followed by waddling Astoria and Daphne Weasleys.

"Thank god you all made it on time" Ron started loading their trunks quickly helped by the Weasleys, while the three school starters –Michael, Denial and Dominique received their respective watches from their uncle Neve and Seamus.

"Papa, will you be their?" Lilly asked, tugging on his coat sleeves to gain his attention.

"Yes, darling both of us are coming there like we came for your brothers' first day. We won't be in the great hall but inside the hidden room behind the teacher's table. I will be watching you." Harry hugged his loving daughter before sending her off to take her seat in the train when the Hogwarts express gave its final whistle before starting off.


In the great hall of Hogwarts witchcraft and wizardry

"Lilac Mallow Malfoy-Potter" Professor Mcgonagall called

'Ha! Offspring of great minds. Its pleasure to met you Miss. Malfoy-Potter' the sorting hat said sitting on her head. Lilac whispered her greetings to the hat. 'Bravery and loyal' The Hat didn't take long and announced her has


Harry clasped happily and struck out his tongue at his pouting husband, who had betted that the girls will end up as slytherins. The gryffindor table cheered upon getting at least one of Potter's children in their house.

"Lilly Narcissa Malfoy-Potter" the deputy head misters called

'Ha! Another Miss. Malfoy-Potter! I wonder how Harry Potter produces twins every time. Umm… ambitious mind fit to be a Slytherin and bravery the quality of gryffindor but love for the other twin overwhelms it. Where shall I put you' the hat mussed and finally after one whole minute it came to a decision


Lilly jumped off the stool and ran off to join her whooping twin along with Louis Zabini, Victoire and Percy Weasley.

Cygnus stood up from the Slytherin table along with Michael and Daniel Weasley and Scorpius stood up from Ravenclaw table along with Rose Zabini and Olivia Weasley, and Dominique Weasley from Hufflepuff along with others, clapped for all new comers.

Soon sorting was over with fifteen Ravenclaws, twelve Gryffindors, nine Slytherins and nine Hufflepuffs to form the new first years.

Albus Dumbledore slowly stood up and at once the whole hall fell silent.

"Interesting, Interesting, each year is becoming more and more interesting" the elderly wizard peered from his half moon spectacles at the Zabini and girl Malfoy-potters sitting in Gryffindor table and at the Weasleys sitting at Slytherin table and Hufflepuff table. "It was my dream to form unite among the house and my ever favorite student or you can say my heir Harry Potter helped me to full fill this wish" Albus placed his hand on his heart and said "I sincerely thank him deep from my heart and bless all the souls who helped on the way. Being more then hundred years…" Albus chuckled at the gasps of surprise coming from the student body "I have seen so many things but never the sight like this. I am truly happy and at this lovely occasion I like to announce that I am retiring this year" He smiled when the students and the surprised teachers protested.

Even Harry sitting inside the hidden room was shocked upon hearing the announcement.

"The old man needs rest, Love" Draco whispered softly while rubbing his tensed mate's back soothingly.

"It never occurred to me that Albus will want to retire but you are right" Harry relaxed a bit into the warmth.

"I proudly present you next Head master or should I say Head Mistress Minerva Mcgonagall and I take the privilege to announce the deputy Head Mistress has Professor Pomona Sprout"

The students stood up and clapped for their EX Head master and new Head Mistress.

"They grow up so fast. Home is going to be so empty without them" Draco sighed getting up to leave but stopped when he saw Harry blushing.

"Love! Is there anything I must know" he frowned at the mumbling reply from his mate "what?" he asked

Harry took a deep breath "I said …Not to worry you will become busy soon"

"Sorry love, I didn't get it" the blond slowly sat down again next to his Love, who was busy staring at the carpet below.

"Sugar, you are going to have another set of boys in another seven months" Harry bit is lips and looked up shyly at his mate but gasped when he saw Draco falling from the couch unconscious.

Life will be never boring for Harry James Malfoy-Potter with long and lasting love from Draco Lucius Malfoy-Potter.

A long and lasting love
Not many people find it
But those who do their whole life through
Put their heart and soul behind it
A long and lasting love

A long and lasting love
Is what I always dream of
And when I look into your eyes
I knew I've really seen love
A long and lasting love

A long and lasting love
We share for many reasons
A special bond that goes beyond
The changing of the seasons
A long and lasting love

A long and lasting love
Is someone I can care for
Someone to be there for
The rest of my life
A long and lasting love….

***The End***


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Lyrics: A Long And Lasting Love - Crystal Gayle

Just to be clear about whose children are who

Parent – Harry Malfoy-Potter and Draco Malfoy-Potter

Children – Scorpius Malfoy-Potter (Ravenclaw), Cygnus Malfoy-Potter (Slytherin), Lilly Malfoy-Potter (Gryffindor) and Lilac Malfoy-Potter (Gryffindor)

Parent – Ron Weasley and Luna Weasley

Children – Percy Weasley (Gryffindor) and Olivia Weasley (Ravenclaw)

Parent – Hermione Zabini and Blaise Zabini

Children – Rose Zabini (Ravenclaw) and Louis Zabini (Gryffindor)

Parent – George Weasley and Astoria Weasley

Children - Michael Weasley (Slytherin) and Daniel Weasley (Slytherin)

Parent – Fred Weasley and Daphne Weasley

Children - Ailsa Weasley and Emma Weasley

Parent – Bill Weasley and Fleur Weasley

Children – Victoire Weasley (Gryffindor), Dominique Weasley (Hufflepuff) and Francis Weasley

Parent – Neville Finnegan-Longbottom and Seamus Finnegan Longbottom

Children – Frank Finnegan-Longbottom

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