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It was ten in the morning when Jirou got out of bed. His clothes were all wrinkled and he still had bags under his eyes and was in pain. He put both of his and on his back and pushed forward producing pops throughout his back. "I don't understand how she can sleep on this thing it feels like I'm on concrete." He ruffled his dark blue hair and grabbed his glasses from the cluttered desk and placed them on his nose. He slouched and walked out the door rubbing his sore back. He continued down the hall and opened Konoe's door and peeked inside to see if she was still sleeping, but he found the bed empty and completely made. He was surprised when he found this, but not at the missing Konoe, but the completely made bed. "So that's what it looks like when it's all put back in place. I should try that sometime," he closed the door and walked downstairs. He yawned and entered the kitchen where he found a special surprise. Not only did he find Konoe he found her in a pink tank-top and pink pinstriped shorts. "I can't believe she's wearing something like that…she looks really good in it though," he thought to himself and continued to stare at her. "Uh, good morning Konoe," he sounded distracted.

"Oh good morning Jirou," she said joyfully after moving to the kitchen stove, "I was just about to make us some breakfast. I thought you'd still be sleeping." Her ginger hair was slightly messy meaning that she too had most likely just woken up. Her unkempt hair kept getting in her eyes so she continued to move her orange locks out of the way. He had never seen this side of Konoe before, but he really enjoyed seeing her like this dressing how she wants instead of her regular butler outfit. He was too busy staring at her to reply fast enough, "Jirou is something wrong? You're staring at me with that blank expression."

"I uh…uh sorry didn't mean to take so long it's just that the way you look it's so…so-" he couldn't find the right words to say so he thought it was best to just keep fishing around until he found them, but Konoe thought he was trying to say something negative.

"It's because of how I look now huh?" she sounded a little upset, "I can go change if it really bothers you that much…" she tried to do her hair, but was interrupted when Jirou went over and grabbed her hands. She wasn't expecting this and looked straight into his green eyes, "Jirou…" she whispered. He let go of her hands and her hair went back to its messy state blocking her view.

"You look good," he said nervously but with a genuine smile, "I like this side of you. I never get to see it. All I see is the hard working, always on the job butler. I like the girly side." He took his hand and brushed her hair to the side and looked her into the eyes. She started blushing and gazed into his eyes as if they were emeralds. "Her eyes look so much bluer than before. Sparkly too," he thought to himself. "So uh," he backed up a little, "what are you making?"

"Hm? Oh I was going to make some eggs and toast," she pulled a pan out of the cabinet below the stove and placed it on a burner, "I'm not the best cook but I can at least make this much," her cheeks turned back to their normal color and smiled, "do you think you could put some bread in the toaster?" she walked over to the fridge and pulled out four eggs and a little bit of butter for the pan. She lit the burner under the pan and dropped the small amount of butter to grease the pan.

"Sure," he moved toward the opposite side of the kitchen and grabbed a loaf of bread. He took out four slices, two for the each of them, placed them in the toaster and pushed down the button. Jirou turned around and leaned back on the counter watching Konoe as she cracked the eggs, "She has a great figure…and a cute butt," he had a smirk on his face, but wiped it off and slapped himself on the head, "What am I thinking? What's wrong with me?" Konoe called to Jirou sounding like she was struggling with something, "hey what's wrong?" he sounded concerned.

"I uh…um…" she stumbled on her words, "Jirou I…I really…" she was taking a while and she started blushing again. "You know you can tell me anything right? I'm your best friend. I'm always there for you ok?" he said sincerely.

She took a deep breath and said, "I can't flip these eggs!" She looked down in embarrassment due to the fact she couldn't do one of the simplest things in cooking, "I can't get them to go on top of the spatula and it's really bugging me. If I don't flip them soon the eggs will brown too." Jirou laughed a little bit and walked over to her, "Here, turn around and grab the handle of the pan," she grasped it and stood behind her. He grabbed the hand on the handle and placed his hand on the other holding the spatula making them both blush. Their faces were close, but he tried to focus on the task at hand; flipping those eggs.

"This is great! We're so close, I can feel how warm he is and the way have our hands is almost like we're holding hands!" she smiled at that thought and was too busy watching his face than watching how he flipped eggs. She watched him as he talked but couldn't hear any words she just saw his mouth moving and then he let go of her, "and that's how you flip eggs." This took her by surprise and she looked down and saw two of the four eggs flipped.

"Um Jirou…" she said timidly as to avoid sounding eager, "I don't think I can flip these. Can you show me how to do it again?" she had a slightly happier tone, but being as dense as usual Jirou didn't notice and calmly went back into place behind her and placed his hand on hers while grasping the spatula, "Oh sure. Just gimme a sec." He was too fixated on flipping eggs that he didn't notice the smile that was plastered on her face, "And done!" Right at that exact moment the bread in the toaster shot up and was waiting to be pulled out and served. "I'll get them," and with that he strolled over to the cabinet to grab two plates, one for him and one for his, sweet guest. He swiftly pulled out the pieces to avoid burning his fingers, dropping two on each plate.

While Jirou was getting the toast Konoe was turning off the stove feeling a little sad that her moment with him only lasted a few seconds. She wished there were more eggs to flip or some sort of way that would keep him close to her. Despite her discontent she found joy when she turned around to see him patiently waiting for her to drop the eggs on the toast. She recovered quickly grabbing the spatula and in a flash had all the eggs on the toast, "Nice flipping skills!" he sounded proud of her. "Well uh…it's because…I had a good teacher…ehehe," she awkwardly stated, but he understood how she really was grateful and guided her to the living room. He sat down on the couch on the rightmost side while Konoe sat on the leftmost side, leaving a space in between them both. He wanted to move a little closer to her, but was afraid that this might scare her for some unknown reason. Little did he know the same thing was on her mind.

"Let's watch some TV while eating. It's basically the best way to have breakfast," he grabbed the remote and turned on his TV. He continued to flip through the channels until he saw that the news was on and the weather portion was being broadcast, "it's gonna rain for the next two days? Bummer," even though this brought spirits down he kept flipping through the channels while Konoe took a bite into her meal causing the yolk to shoot out and hit her one the cheek, "Dammit!" she cursed. He turned at caught a glimpse of her wiping the yolk off her face, "It's a good look for you," he teased and smirked, "here I'll grab you a napkin," he placed his plate on the table in front of him after standing up and walked over to the kitchen. After cleaning off most of the yolk and finishing her breakfast she eyed a scrapbook sitting on the table in front of her and grabbed it, "Our Son Kinjirou?" she read outloud.

"What's that you got there?" Jirou had appeared out of nowhere leaning over her shoulder causing her to literally jump and hit him on the chin, "ouch! Lesson learned; don't sneak up on people." Konoe rubbed her head to relieve the pain while Jirou whipped out the napkin and called Konoe's name. She responded and looked right at him giving him the chance to gently rub her nose cleaning off the remaining egg, "You missed a spot," he chuckled. She was still recovering from the scare he gave her earlier and was now completely red and could barely talk, "t-th-thanks…" she stuttered still trying to compose herself, "I'm serious thanks."

He gave a small nod and noticed the scrapbook in her lap. He reached down, grabbing it firmly and pulling it up to eye level. "Hey these are pictures of me when I was younger. I was at least 5 years old when my parents took these pictures." He flipped through the pages stopping and reminiscing for small periods of time, "I wish I had a scrapbook…" Konoe said quietly, but Jirou heard it clearly. He heard the sadness in her voice and it bothered him. "You don't have one? Most people do."

"Well…it's just my mother was sick so often it was hard for her to do much and my father was too busy being a butler so they didn't really have the time. And after…after my mom died…I decided to become a butler too so I didn't really have time to be a kid…" she stared back at the ground trying to hold in tears she wished she could let out. "I understand," Jirou stood up, "I'll be right back," he left and started to walk down the hall until he reached a closet. He opened the door and scavenged through looking for something. That something was a camera. "She may not have any pictures from her childhood or any memories, but the least I could do is make some for her now."

The camera was on top of a futon, "here it is! I wonder why it's just sitting here…and why is that futon so big? I don't remember ever using this to sleep on." He meditated on the futon for a moment and quickly returned to the blue eyed beauty still sitting on the couch still sulking. "Hey Konoe," she looked up her eyes sparkling, not because of happiness but tears that were starting to form, "smile." He took a quick picture of her with a surprised look, "I know you didn't have time to just be you and be a kid, so I thought we may as well make some memories now. So smile," he pointed the camera at her and she complied putting on a cheerful smile, "perfect," the camera flashed.

"Uh Jirou…" Konoe began, "do you think that maybe…we could take a picture together?" she was a little hesitant to ask, but put on a disarming smile that he couldn't say no to. He just smiled back and sat down close to her. He held the camera in one hand, aiming it at the two of them. She leaned on him and rested her head on Jirou's shoulder. He didn't mind. Her strawberry scented hair wafted through the air. The camera flashed and their first memory together was now saved. Even though the photo was taken they both didn't move. They savored their closeness, but moved away moments later. "I'm gonna go change ok?" she said nervously. She stood up and walked upstairs to her temporary room.

"I should take her around town and take more pictures. It'll be like a…date…A DATE!" this thought alarmed Jirou, "Well…I mean…it's not really a date…is it?" He sat around for a few more moments trying to answer his own question, but found no solution. His deep contemplation was interrupted by the sounds of footsteps. Konoe arrived within a few more moments in front of Jirou.

"How do I look?" she stood there dressed in a blue blouse with a large white bow on the torso. There were small intricate patterns all over it many in looked like vines, but were hard to make out. Under it she wore a plain black T-shirt. On the bottom she wore regular jean capri pants and was barefoot. To top it all off she had her hair in a bun. His jaw practically hit the floor when he saw this elegant girl just standing there. "So I guess I'm looking all right?" she giggled a bit. She could tell that he really did admire the way she dressed and liked the shocked expression on his face. "Are you ok?"

He sat there in awe for the next few moments not knowing what to say, but found enough thought to use his left hand to close his gaping jaw, which once again fell open a few seconds after. "Yeah I'm fine" he scrambled around, "but you look so…so…" he couldn't find the right word, but couldn't let this animosity last any longer, "great. Very cute." She lit up, "thanks!" she couldn't hide the huge smile on her face.

"Hey so I was thinking that maybe we go and walk around town today and take some more photos. I know some places I think you'd like. We'll make it a photo-op day just for you," he felt confident that'd she say yes. She blushed lightly, "Oh…you mean like a date?" her heart skipped, but she relished the idea of a date with him, even if it was just for a minute. Jirou didn't know what to say, "Well uh-I mean-uh…I guess you can call it a uh…date if you really want. Just let me go get ready and we'll go," he stood up and walked up stairs.

"I guess this is like a first date…an actual date that's not being planned by Milady," she felt giddy inside that for once she might be able to make a move that wasn't already orchestrated. She was excited and waited for her prince to come down those stairs and whisk her away. And soon he would.

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