So zaliea requested that I do a sequel to "Hypnosis" with Korea. How could I say no? This is just a quick little thing I whipped up for you guys. Without further ado, enjoy and review!

It was evening in the Eastern American time zone as two nations sat beside each other playing video games. Korea didn't often have time to hang out with America, but for the next couple days he was loaded with free time, allowing him to spend the night at his good friend's house. There was more to the visit, however; Korea had questions.

"Hey, you know a lot about breasts, right?"

America grinned. "Of course I do, man! What do you need to know?"

"I'm wondering why they're so fascinating, daze," Korea replied with lazy concentration, looking around the room instead of at America. "I had a dream about them the other night."

"Well, I guess the biggest thing is, well, how big they are. Take Ukraine for example—" America stopped when he heard a "bleh" from none other than Korea. At this, he was affronted. "What? You don't like her boobs? Ukraine's tits are great! What, do you like 'em smaller?"

"Way smaller."

America pondered this. "So like… Seychelles?"

Korea shook his head in distaste. "No, like Aniki's. Aniki's breasts are the perfect size."

It took America a moment to process just who Aniki was. "Dude, your brother? He doesn't even have boobs!"

The gasp he received was that of someone that had been done a great injustice. "He does so have boobs! You just haven't seen him without a shirt!"

"Why are you looking at your brother without a shirt, dude? That's sick!"

"There's nothing wrong with looking at him! Stop being stupid, daze."

America stared for a few moments before bursting with laughter, giving Korea a hardy slap on the back. "Man, you are crazy."

"Breasts are crazy."