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Summary: Richard and Barbara flirt before class. PWP (Plot? What Plot?). DickxBabs, pure fluff. Minor spoilers for "Homefront".


Yes, she's in there for, like, two seconds, but c'mon, it's THE F-ING BATGIRL. With DICK GRAYSON. And I SHIP THEM SO HARD RIGHT NOW IT'S UNREAL. *fanflail*

(I never really gave Babs much thought before, as someone who doesn't read comics, so I never got really into the pairing. But now she's in one of my favourite shows, I am never letting this ship go.)

Anyway, just a little something to vent my pent-up fangirliness. Nothing epic or special. Like I said, minor spoilers for "Homefront", but also will probably make little sense unless you've seen the beginning of it.

Credit for the title goes to my awesome little sister Molly.

(Also: first piece of YJ fanfiction posted! *celebrates*)

The Moment


The bell was going to ring any minute, but Barbara Gordon was still perched on the desk in Dick Grayson's home room, legs swinging and fingers tapping a rhythm on her laptop touch pad. She didn't seem to be concentrating on the screen; her blue eyes kept drifting, mouth pursed in that way that Dick knew she was troubled.

"Barbara?" he said, tipping his chair back in a relaxed pose. His tie was (for the time being, with the teacher out of the room) loosened, uncomfortable, starched shirt un-tucked beneath his blazer. "What's wrong?"

Barbara sighed, long red hair falling over her eyes. "Nothing. Just...maths homework. It's hard."

"Really? For you...? Lemme see." Leaning and stretching around her with an acrobatic agility, Dick managed to snatch the laptop from her lap before she stop him and raised his eyebrows at the screen. "Seriously, Babs, you could do these in your sleep."

Barbara grabbed it and stuck her tongue out. "Maybe you could, Boy Genius."

Dick peered at her. Strange, how his gaze could be lazy and piercing simultaneously. "Is this about earlier?"

"Of course not," Barbara scoffed, cheeks colouring as she averted her eyes, but Dick wasn't convinced. He smiled a little apologetically, reaching out to touch her hand.

"Hey, Babs, relax. Look, I know her outside of school, okay?" Then he blanched when Barbara shot him a slightly hurt look, because that was probably one of the worst things to say. "No! Not like that," he insisted, hands raised in a peacemaking gesture. "She's a friend, Barbara!"

A few seconds of silence as Barbara studied Dick's pleading expression. Then her face broke into a relieved smirk and she laughed. "Dick, you can be such an ass sometimes," she teased, bumping Dick with her foot. Dick shot her a charming grin. "She did seem kinda confused when you went up to her, though."

"Well, she doesn't exactly, uh, know me as Dick Grayson."

Barbara tilted her head in curiosity. There was that look again - that slightest guilty resonance in his voice; that flash in his eyes that indicated something... more was going on, contrary to his easy expression. She narrowed her eyes and leaned in close.

"Richard John Grayson, what are you hiding...?" she murmured flirtatiously, and Dick winked.

"That's for me to know and you to find out. Don't you prefer it? Me being 'tall, dark and mysterious'...?"

Barbara supressed a snigger. "...Tall? Really?"

"Admit it, Babs, I whelm you."

By now, their noses were bumping; Barbara barely noticed how uncomfortable her position was - still planted firmly on the desk, torso twisted to the left and bent over for her to be face-to-face with the freshman. When she chuckled, he felt her breath on his chin.

"Get over yourself, Boy Genius."

The sunlight falling through the windows picked out her eyelashes in coppery hues. Her mouth was just there... he could just lean forward, it would be so easy...

...but when had things ever been so simple for the Boy Wonder?

"Hey, Barbara!"

Bette Kane's voice shattered their reverie.

Barbara and Dick jerked apart abruptly. Bette was tapping her foot impatiently in the doorway; the classroom was mostly full now, and half of the students had broken away from their activities to watch the famed Dick-and-Babs waltz (one boy had been giving Dick a thumbs up, mouthing: "Score, dude!"). Barbara flushed profusely when she saw the audience they had garnered; Dick simply glared at Bette, who seemed to be immensely enjoying killing The Moment (a moment that the pair had been skirting around for months).

"Barbara," she said, eyebrow arched, "could you quit robbing the cradle for just a minute? We're gonna be late, and I left Artemis alone in a room with Remy."

Barbara snatched up her bag, stuffed her laptop inside and hurried from the room, muttering something to Bette that sounded suspiciously like a death threat. Dick contemplated expletives, then thought better of it, instead reclining in his chair again. He raked a hand through his slicked hair.

I'll catch ya someday, Babs, he thought to himself, smiling again as the bell rang.


A/N:(This is written before "Alpha Male" [ep 13] comes out, so I don't know if she knows his secret identity or not yet – I assumed not. I also don't know if she'll even become a major character, but Christ I hope so.)

I loved the entire "Homefront" episode, but what had be squeeing the most was the appearance of Barbara. Don't ask me why, since I was pretty much "meh" about her character before.

Also, Troll!Dick. "We'll laugh about this someday," indeed.

(And the bit about Artemis's past, too. As soon as I saw it, I was like: "I KNEW IT!" and hyper for the rest of the evening.)

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