Yay for little headcanons! This was part of a fictrade with Chibi-Ra-Chan, who in return wrote me a new chapter of Days. TOTALLY WORTH IT. So, without further ado, enjoy and review!

Gilbert and Sadiq were similar, yet at the same time very different. Many would say that their obvious differences in skin tone and body are what made them so unalike, but it took a critical eye, someone who knew them both well, to spot the small differences.

Elizabeta was one of those people. She'd spent decades alongside each, getting to know them and wishing she could un-know them, and over time she'd developed a sense for each of them.

She knew how Sadiq had small creases near his mouth from wearing a smirk so much, and she knew that Gilbert sneered too much for his own good. She knew how despite always speaking like the ruffian he was Sadiq could be articulate and concise when he needed to be, and she knew how Gilbert enunciated more on words he fancied important such as "I" or "the awesome me". Sadiq's jaw clenched tightly when he was angry whereas Gilbert's eyes tended to narrow dangerously when riled. When embarrassed, Sadiq made a habit of looking over a person's head, as if the way out of the situation was just beyond. Gilbert tended to look at eye level just a ways to the right of where the person he was addressing was standing if he found himself in an awkward situation.

Sure, there were both large and small differences between the two, but there was one thing, one blinding similarity between the both of them.

They were both hers.