I totally freaking love the premise of this fanfic and t will get much more interesting, trust me. By the first chapter you can't really understand where this fic is going so I'm kind of going to give you a rundown/ spoiler, just cause I love you guize.

Enter Amu Hinamori, a professional model/Cosplay Diva who has a secret that she doesn't even realize that she's keeping. One night Amu and Utau have drinks at a popular bar, owned by a suave and sexy playboy, none other than Ikuto Tsukiyomi. After a heated one night stand between the two, he now has his sights set on the ethereal beauty with the strange bubblegum hair. Ikuto himself, has a secret to protect as well. A secret that could kill. After their one night stand, Amu finds herself able to see little pixies, but only she can see them. Pixies that surround her friends as well (That would be the Chara's integration in the fanfic.) Amu soon realizes that her uniqueness is not just due to her beauty for she is half Fae and half human. Suddenly Ikuto is everywhere she is. How far will he go to make Amu his? Does his intrest border on deadly obsession?

There we go! I'm totally loving this fanfic and I know you peeps will eat it uuuup specially since there is smut in the next chapter. MUAH. Oh and I am warning you guys that I am a HUGE fan of Chrono Cross and It's OST so a lot of the chapters will contain a certain reference to a song or what-not.

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Chapter 1: Fated Meeting

"Utau! Stop admiring yourself in that damn mirror and help me find the fabric I need to sew this Cosplay costume!" I shouted, grabbing a firm hold on one of her long platinum blond pigtails which caused her to flinch away in pain. Irritated Amethyst depths turned on me and I chuckled at her mild agitation.

"Calm down Miss Thang, you're not the only celebrity here..." She teased, effectively snatching her rich blond tresses from my grasp. Utau was right in her own sense, I suppose, but her and I were VERY different on the celebrity spectrum. Utau's status as a famous pop star, a musician if you will, and an inspiration and role model to young girls put her way above me.

In my own right I am an inspiration to people as well...just not quite as wealthy as her. I am a model/cosplay 'Cool and Spicy' Diva as the paparazzi would refer to me as. What with my long and NATURAL might I add bubblegum pink hair, golden eyes and lithe figure I guess I could see how I stand out a bit from the norm. My love of anime, video games drove me to modeling I think, because I was scouted out at an anime convention when I was seventeen...cosplaying Haruno Sakura from Naruto Shipuuden. Something simple because our similar hair color. I even sewed and completely created my whole outfit...omitting the shoes and the headband, which I ordered off eBay. My ex boyfriend Tadase even cosplayed Neji for me. Utau's manager Yukari Sanjo spotted me, saying that I was perfect for her modeling agency. That was just the beginning.

Easter company has ownership over my modeling agency as well as Utau's label that she is signed with. As for Utau, we hit it off immediately and have been best friends since, although Utau teases me relentlessly for my nerdyness. What can I say? Guys love hot gamer/cosplay chicks. Too bad all the wrongs guys love me. I just wish I could find my Dias Flac...(A/N Dias Flac is a HAWT fictional character from the PS1/PSP Game Star Ocean: The second story. He also has smexy blue hair like somebody we know.)

"Dammit Amu! Here's all the freaking fabric you need. Who are you cosplaying with all this material anyway?" Utau's words awoke me from my daydreaming...that seems to happen quite often. Oh well.

"Oh I'm cosplaying Kirakishou from Rozen Maiden...my fans voted for Chii from Chobits or her and honestly...I'm so sick of seeing Chii cosplay. So I chose to cosplay this cutie at Ani-Jam in 3 and a half months. The reason I have so much material is because I'm alternating costumes between three days. So I have to make 3 different dresses." I explained, grabbing another necessary packet of material and tossing it into my overstuffed cart. I quickly let my eyes run over the list I made and noticed that we were finally done. I smiled in relief at that fact.

"Alright Amu, whats the plan after we eat dinner?" Utau inquired in an aloof manner as we meandered up to the check out line in Michaels craft store.

"Well...I was thinking that we could meet Rima, Nagi, and Kukai at that new bar 'The Sapphire Feline'..." I hinted but I had already invited our friends to the bar previously, hoping Utau would agree to going somewhere where our pro soccer player friend Kukai would be. He has such a major crush on Utau and she refuses to give him the time of day. Why? I have no clue.

I heard her sigh in exasperation at the mention of Kukai, no doubt rolling those lovely purple eyes till they fall right out of her head. "Really Amu? Kukai?" She protested in an irritable whine. It was now my turn to roll my eyes. "Really Utau. Kukai. I seriously don't understand what your problem is with him. Not only is he a rad and talented pro soccer player,he's hot. Come oooooonnnn." I urged with a sly smirk. Shit, every single guy Utau set me up with was odd, to say the least. And soooo not my type.

Like Kairi, Yukari's younger brother. We're still friends but still...he's a stalker. Point blank. Albeit a hot stalker and I guess I could tolerate him because he is a nerd as well. And damn, he looked really cute in cosplay.

"Then you screw him." She shrugged, our conversation seeming to make the teenage cashier blush something fierce. UGH! I could just choke the shit out of her sometimes,I swear.

"Not my type. You know what my type is...tall,dark and sexy. And nerdy...lets not forget nerdy." I swooned, picturing one of the many stunning anime guys that I wish I could marry...

"And when, my dear bestie, have you ever dated anybody that fits any of those prerequisites? Maybe nerdy, yes, but not tall, dark and certainly NOT sexy." She paused only to let loose a haughty laugh. "Tadase was a girly little wimp who you turned gay if I don't recall, Kairi was a hot stalker and sadly those are the only two guys I remember you dating since we have been friends. Well I guess there is that little blond kid with the glasses that stalks you at every convention. You know the one who has over 100 autographs from you?"

I merely ignored her as I snatched out my wallet and paid quickly, noticing the cashier staring at us like she wanted an autograph. I sighed softly, reaching into my purse to grab a sheet of Toki Doki stationary and both of us signed a pretty little signature, I even drew her a quick little chibi. The brunette cashier squeed in happiness and thanked us profusely, handing me my receipt.

As we exited the store I chuckled to myself at the image of that weird and nerdy little 16 year old kid who looked like a blond Rock Lee from Naruto...except Lee was much cuter. I helped Utau load my 10 huge bags into the trunk of my Chevy Equinox and hopped into the drivers seat.

"So...you coming tonight?" I questioned, practically begging her at this point because I didn't wanna hear Kukai grill me one more time about why Utau didn't come or why she didn't want to date him. I gave Kukai some courtesy because we have been good friends since elementary school but damn, the guy could be a pain in my ass sometimes.

She exhaled overly loud to indicate her anger. " OKAY FINE. I'm feeling generous today so you BETTER text Kukai and tell him to bring his A-game tonight. He's got one chance, Amu. ONE CHANCE." She conceded in defeat, although it sure didn't sound like it, what with her yelling at me and all. Success! I knew she would eventually give in to my endless nagging demands...and besides...I know she secretly likes him anyway but for some reason she is playing hard to get.

"Excellent..." I replied with an added maniacal laugh, which Utau merely ignored like she always does when I do something nerdy or silly. That's why I love Utau, she accepts me for the weirdo that I truly am.


Dinner went by quickly, considering that we ordered Chinese to our condo, not wanting to deal with the droves of overly obsessed assholes who badger and harass us with questions. Everything from asking if we are lesbians or to what we ate at the restaurant we would have eaten at. God Paparazzi are so damn annoying.

We watched a movie called 'Something New', which is a romantic comedy about a successful black woman who can't find a good 'brotha' but instead falls for her landscaper...which is a white guy. Much to her dismay of course. Well it was the only thing on Oxygen channel so Utau and I partook in something to waste the time.

Getting ready to go out tonight, I decided that I was definitely determined to get laid tonight. It would NOT be some sub par piece of shit only looking to gain fame from sleeping with me or some creepy mouth breathing date rapist. He HAS to be tall, dark and sexy if he wants to eat this strawberry. I have never done a one night stand but Utau has done it many of times and says it's fun. Okay...my idea of fun isn't having random anonymous sex but hey that doesn't mean that I won't partake in it. Since I'm on birth control I don't really have to worry about the aspect of protection I guess...but I won't get 10 different STD s from some nasty bastard.

I quickly showered and toweled off, slipping on a matching strapless bra and panty set. Nothing too over the top, just a black and pink lacy set. Deciding to keep it sexy but simple, I decided to go with my version of the little black dress. The dress is a beautiful halter dress that hugs all my curves to perfection, the back a strappy criss cross of a leather like material which leaves just enough skin to let the mind ponder. The dress being a mini dress just brushed my creamy thighs, which were covered in an intricate flowered pattern woven into the fishnet hose and my feet donned black peep toe pumps which showed off my sugarplum pink painted toe nails. I put on a black leather jacket to complete my desired look then spun in front of the mirror on my vanity. As I suspected...I look totally hot.

Utau strode into my room donning a very provocative and sexy outfit, as usual. The dress was a sinful red hue which fell right off the shoulder, only having one sleeve. This dress dipped deep into the swell of her breasts with an extreme V-neck cut and the length of her dress was the same as mine with less skin showing as the back was not revealing in any manner. The pumps she wore were of the same color of her dress, as was most of her make-up. Her eyes held a smokey and seductive hint to it and her lips were dusted with a lovely red hue and I had to admit, my best friend look drop dead gorgeous. Her long blond tresses fell in seemingly endless waves around her voluptuous body, ending just above her ass.

Without a word she ushered me to sit in front of my vanity once more, to begin quickly doing my hair, which she gave some soft curls and volume as she teased it with a comb. She then swept a bit of my hair up and clipped it with my two red X-clips that I always wore as a good luck charm. She quickly applied light makeup to me and we were good to go. We both snagged our purses and then made our way to the bar/club.

We arrived at the Sapphire Feline in about 30 minutes due to Utau's crazy driving. We slipped in after being carded and met Nagi, Rima and Kukai at the bar. Utau then leaned into my ear, whispering worriedly "Amu...is this outfit too much?"

She was fretting with her hair in nervous manner, twirling a platinum blond strand within her fingers. I merely laughed at her nervousness. "No you loser, you look amazing." I assured her as we approached our friends.

"WHOAH, since when did you two get so HOT?" Kukai exclaimed with a low whistle of appreciation. Nagihiko swiftly smacked him upside his head and waved him off. "What he meant to say was 'you ladies look very nice this evening'."Nagi corrected with a hearty laugh, taking a swig from his drink which appreared to be a rum and coke with Rima close by his side. As always she had an air of indiffernce.

Rima is another one of my close friends, a fashion designer by day and a professional comedienne by night, and yes I know that is hard to believe knowing how overly serious she is but shes actually funny. Not only that, she was beautiful. Her soft blond curls cascaded around her beautiful porcelain face, she wore no make up and her face was radiant. Of course she wore her own brand of clothing, a pair of navy blue hot pants with a soft white ruffled blouse with navy blue flowered patterns across it and to complete her look, navy blue stilettos which made her almost as tall as Nagi...but not quite.

Now Nagihiko is quite an attractive guy, although not my type at all. His long blueish black hair was pulled back into a lazy ponytail at the nape of his neck complimented the simple yet befitting clothing he was wearing. He wore a simple white button down shirt with with a lion in silver print across it and a pair of dark wash blue jeans with a pair of dark blue sneakers.

My eyes averted to Kukai, taking in his casual apparel. He merely bore a black graphic tee with a pair of black and white striped shorts with a pair of matching sliders though he still looked very cute. Kukai was always the more casual type of guy who never really dressed in 'stuffy' cloths or hit the club often. He was often overbearing to girls to cover up his shyness...which unfortunately was a huge turn off for Utau.

"Utau...you look fantastic..."He complimented with a genuine smile, his hand scratching the back of his head nervously. I looked to Utau and to my complete surprise, she seemed nervous as well. I latched my hand onto hers and practically dragged her to stand next to Kukai at the Bar.

As Rima and Nagi mingled for a bit on their own, and by mingle I mean make out, I silently observed the interactions of Kukai and my suddenly blushing and nervous bff. I noticed that she did indeed have some semblance of feelings for him.

"So...how is everything, Utau?" Kukai question in a mildly flustered manner, his light brown depths focused on his prize. "Fine, I guess. Amu dragged me here." She curtly replied, crossing her peach toned arms over her chest,unknowingly boosting her cleavage. Obviously Kukai looked a bit confused by her hostility. "I'm...sorry?" It was beyond obvious at this point that my stubborn bestie was acting like Helga Patake from Hey Arnold, you know the old 'treat the guy like shit to indicate you like him'.Well Kukai isn't that type of guy.

She seemed to get even more irritated at his confusion. "Kukai, stop dicking around and just ask me out already." She quipped, her deep purple hues settling on him. He laughed out loud at her ballsy and blunt nature, a smile beaming on his lips now. That made me smile.

"Well fuck, if I had known you wanted me to be so direct, I would have been. You wanna go catch a movie while it's still early and ditch this place?" He asked in a hopeful manner. Utau shrugged as a sultry smile tugged at her lips. "Sure. Amu I'm leaving." Utau called to me, her eyes twinkling with excitement. "Sure..."I called back over the semi loud rock music which played in the background. I have to admit, I was a little sad to see my best friend ditching me when she was the one who dropped me off, leaving me to bum a ride from Nagi and Rima...who successfully were blocking me out with their make-out session.

Heaving an annoyed sigh, I flopped myself on a bar stool, flagging down a bartender by holding up a finger.

"What can I get you?" An absolutely sexy and silky voice nearly purred, drawing my attention from my fingernails to see where it came from. Kami, I just hoped the voice matched the man.

Holy fuck. It did.

My honey depths met Sapphire laced iris's as I gasped and I swear that I heard angels singing as my eyes took in his full appearance. First thing that I noticed was his shaggy midnight blue tresses that framed a handsome face. Define cheek bones, perfect chin with just the slightest hint of a cleft and that oh so sexy jawline that I could picture my tongue tracing and oh boy, it just got better as I raked my eyes over him. His body is lean and slim...yet fit. Solid. And Kami...he's so freaking tall. Gotta be about 6'2 in height and he is the most luscious thing I have ever laid eyes upon. YUM.

He wore a perfect fitting midnight blue V-neck tee with a black over shirt. And I seriously thought it was gay when I saw guys wearing a v-neck shirt before but he just made it look great. On his neck, he donned a black choker with a sliver cross hanging as a charm and it just keeps getting better because he wore black Tripp skinny jeans with leather straps across the thighs of his jeans and oh Kami it's so hot. To complete his 'jump my bones' attire, he wore a simple pair of black chucks.

I must have looked like an idiot staring at him like this because he is the sexiest man I have ever seen, hands down. He looked like one of my sexy anime/video game muses that I wished desperately were real.

Mcsexy just peered at me, noticing my non response. He let out a throaty chuckle, which made me shiver up and down my spine. Oh yea, I'm definitely taking him home tonight.

"Oh...um...can I have a sex on the beach please?" I finally stammered, my face probably the same shade of red that Utau's dress was. His gorgeous midnight hues twinkled in delight at me, why? I couldn't tell you.

"Sex on the beach with whom? I would partake with you but unfortunately I don't particularly like getting sand in every crevice of my ass." Mcsexy teased, automatically eliciting a soft laugh from me. Wow, hot and a sense of humor to boot.

"Ah me neither. That crap is only for sappy romance movies and bad anime's." I continued to laugh softly, even as I replied to him as I watched him make my drink with an expertise that told me that he was good at what he did. But man, did his butt have to look so perfect in those skinny jeans?

Something I said seemed to have caught his interest.

"Anime? A beautiful girl like you watches anime?" He asked, clearly surprised. I raised an immaculately arched pink brow and pouted. "Definitely. Anime, Video Games, cosplaying are my life...aside from modeling." I replied honestly, my honey depths melting under his intense gaze. A sly smirk crossed his lips as he sat my drink in front of me, not breaking the eye contact that we held. His endless deep blue sea seemed to shine in recognition.

"You are Amu Hinamori aren't you?" He inquired in a rather flirtatious manner, his excitement shining through his words.

"Hai...the one and only." I took a long sip of my drink through a small black straw that was resting inside my beverage and wow, my drink was delicious.

His smile was huge and toothy at this point, chuckling that sexy laugh once again. "I knew you looked familiar. I have actually gotten your autograph at about seven different con's and taken a few pictures with you." He paused only to smile in a sly manner and to introduce himself. "My name is Ikuto Tsukiyomi..."

His eyes were now a prominent ice blue and swirling with some kind of emotion although I had no idea why.

Ikuto Tsukiyomi huh? Sexy guy...with a sexy voice...sexy bod and a sexy name! Plus he cosplays? Hot damn!

"Really? Do you cosplay?"I inquired, interest already coating my already excited voice.

He nodded slightly as he took a sip from a bottle of mountain dew live wire.

"Wow! Who?" I was so elated that this sexyfied bishie seemed to be into everything that I am and to add as a plus, he is also a fan of mine. I always loved my fans dearly...especially sexy fans. His long index finger tapped the marble bar counter top intently as he seemed to be in thought.

"Well I'm more of a video game cosplayer because I am not too keen on being in the same cosplay as another person at a con. But this year alone I cosplayed Ashe the Bloody from Tales of the Abyss, I HAD to cosplay Alucard from Castlevania: Symphony of The Night because I lost a bet...,My personal favorite Albel Nox from Star Ocean Till The End of Time." He paused once again to think then continued. "Anime wise...hmm...Legato from Trigun, Sanzo from Saiyuki and Saiyuki:Reload, erm...Tamahome from Fushigi Yuugi and my most recent was Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez from bleach. I have to admit that I am a bit old school with my anime because I gotta tell you...I'm not digging this new stuff." He recalled, a smile about his lips as he reminisced.

My jaw dropped as I pictured this guy cosplayed as that yummylicious Albel and OH MY GOD...I think I'm in love. It also occurred to me that I had indeed given him my autograph and taken several photo's with him because our cosplay matched or I just saw him around the con and thought he was hot or his outfit was amazing. As a matter of fact...

"No way! You were cosplaying Albel about 2 months ago at a convention I was at with La Carmina and I was cosplaying Rozalyn from Disgaea 2...I saw you and you came to get my autograph...and we took a picture together. And not just then. When you cosplayed Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez I was cosplaying Soifon and we took pictures together..." I said in astonishment, surprised at just how many different times I could have gotten to know Ikuto but didn't. I remember seeing him many times and not only was he the perfect cosplayer right down to the T, he was in character. I recall thinking that he was actually Albel.

"Yea, you have always piqued my interest. Of course it doesn't help that you are uniquely sexy, you also have personality and intelligence." He complimented, his dark eyes smoldering and burning holes through me.

I took a moment to thank Kami for delivering me such a delicious man. I found myself blushing at his compliment, not so happy with how his words were able to turn me on so easily.

:Are you going to Ani-con in 3 months?" I asked, hoping and praying that he would say yes. A hottie of his caliber would be missed. His velvety baritone rang through my ears once more and my skipped a beat.

"Of course. I'm cosplying Mirai Trunks from DBZ on the first day then the last 2 days I'm cosplaying Dias Flac from Star Ocean: The Second Story. I have to admit that I was hoping to catch your eye because I read online that you would be there."

Fuck yes,Ikuto: You are going home with me tonight! This guy was too much and sex on a stick. How did he know that my 2 favorite people were Mirai Trunks and Dias? There is no way and I don't tell people...he must be psychic or something.

"Ikuto..."I purposefully let his name roll off my tongue in a seductive manner, soon after taking a long sip from my drink, successfully draining the glass of it's remaining contents. His oceanic depths descended on me once more, his teeth flashing a stunning smile to me. I noted that his canines were eerily long but who cares? It was most likely a prop anyway.

"Ne sexy?" He purred in return, his eyes watching my every movement it seemed.

Well I figured it was time to turn on my 'sex kitten' if I wanted to lure him into my bed because there was no denying my deep seated lust for this semi stranger. He eyes me in curiosity as I attempted to gain some courage...well enough to do this. I was not normally this kind of girl and normally my timid and shy demeanor got the best of me...but something about this handsome stranger got to me. Got me to truly open up about myself.

"Well...I was wondering if..I could get to know you better." I asked sweetness dripping off my voice with a feigned innocence, batting my long pastel pink eyelashes at him. He took a sharp intake of breath in hidden surprise, letting all his weight rest on his right leg.

"I would absolutely adore that,love." His velvet voice was making me damp and I knew that I had to get out of here soon or I would jump him right here. I squirmed in an uncomfortable manner, as I nibbled on my manicured nail. "Well what time do you get off?"

He seemed pleased with my interest in him cause his dark blue eyes danced with amusement as he waved over a slightly older man. He had long brownish hair who was completely immersed in flirting with...Yukari Sanjo? At this point I chose to hide behind a chubby man seated next to me so she wouldn't spot me but it seemed that it was pretty unnecessary because she was drunk off her ass.

"Yo, Nikaidou, I'm peacing out." Ikuto nonchalantly told the man who merely smiled and gave him the peace sign.

"Wait...are you the manger or something?" I asked curiously, pondering how he could just leave like that. His toothy grin returned in full force as he emerged from behind the counter, taking a gentle hold on my hand.

"I own this bar, Amu." He proudly boasted, gently helping me off the bar stool and to my feet. Once stable, I allowed him to lead me to the exit by my hand. I noticed that he had taken the initiative to lace his fingers with mine. I spared a glance back to notice that Rima and Nagi had already left and I cursed inwardly, seeing how screwed I would have been if I hadn't of met Ikuto here.

Upon leaving the bar I took a moment to reflect on what this would actually entail. Yes we would have sex but since Utau drove and took her car, it would mean that I had to spend the night. I pulled my bottom lip between my teeth momentarily and sighed. Shit, maybe it wasn't as bad as I was making it. I'm fairly sure that he's not some psycho axe murderer or something...I mean I would have gotten that weirdo vibe like I always do.

His body shifted towards mine as he towered over me, gazing at me longingly. Not lustfully...longingly. That's weird.

"Your place or mine?" He questioned in a quite seductive whisper. I thought for a moment, deciding that Utau was most likely at our condo and that was the LAST thing that I needed. So it was definitely his place.

"Yours..." I replied in a meek voice, suddenly feeling smothered by his gaze. He smiled a pleased smile as he led me over to his car which was sleek and indigo. He finally let go of my hand, only to open my door for me. At least some guys still believe in chivalry...

Once we were both inside his car he took a firm hold of my chin with his big hands, forcing me to look into those endless seas of blue.

"I won't hurt you, love." He assured me in a stern yet soft tone of voice, his eyes searching mine for reassurance of my trust in him. Trust that I wasn't scared that he was going to take me to his home and stab me fifty times. I smiled widely in response, wondering why he felt the need to tell me this. I have already deemed him worthy so that was the last of my worries.

"Not that I'm worried about that. What I am worried about is...what if the paparazzi saw us?" I sighed in concern, my brows furrowed. He chuckled faintly before answering. "My bar is never crowded by those leeches. It's sort of a secret dive to get away from all of that. Note how you weren't bombarded by anybody...I mean you and your friends are quite famous."

He softly pecked me on the cheek with a coy smirk, his eyes twinkling in the darkness. His lips were soft against my skin, just like I thought they would be.

"How did you know they were famous?"I mused aloud, catching his interest. "Well Kukai is a good friend of mine and a Professional soccer player, Your other friend Utau Hoshina is an extremely famous pop singer, Nagihiko, who is also a friend of mine, is a world famous chef with his own TV show and Rima is a successful fashion designer." He replied in an amused tone of voice.

I wasn't aware that he was friends with 2 of my best friends and once again, fate smacked me in the mouth for ignoring the fact that this sexy beast was in such a close reach but I never realized. His midnight orbs studied me with a curious lilt to them.

"Well...now that we are better acquainted..."I felt my cheeks redden to a crimson hue at my feeble attempt to be alluring and seductive but hell...he was intimidating. He chuckled softly at me as I heard the engine roar to life, his hand clutching the shifter.

"We aren't quite as acquainted as I would like to be..." Came his deep and silky baritone, lust lacing his words.

I felt a smile tug at my lips and my body trembled in excitement.

Let the fun begin!