Chapter 3: Beginning of a Dream

A/N: I've actually had this typed out for a long time, it just somehow got lost on my computer and I found it buried in a folder with the music files lol. So I went in and went through and edited a few things and here it is. The title is beginning of a Dream which is a song from the OST of Chrono Cross and it means that things turn so surreal and strange to Amu, that it's like a dream but only just the beginning because her ordeal has just started. I really do love this story and I've got so much planned for it. Damn the fact that it takes me forever to type it out after writing it. UGH it irks me. Anyway, this chapter really gets the story going and I hope you guys aren't mad at me for taking so long…I'm actually moving across the country and I've been working and taking care of packing. Anyway, enjoy my darlings!

Shugo Chara! Is copyrighted to Peach-Pitt and The song 'Beginning of a Dream' is copyrighted Yasunori Matsuda.

Chapter 3: Beginning of a dream

"Amu…"There was a purr and some really soft covers but that was all I was aware of. But one thing I was very aware of was that I most definitely needed 5 more minutes.

"Mou…just five more minutes…" Well that was until I felt a pair of velvety soft lips meeting mine. The kiss was so chaste but yet intimate at the same time. Oh sweet Kami above, this is pure bliss. My eyes fluttered open to meet a stunning pair of midnight blue irises, orbs that seemed to stare straight down into my soul and all the way through me. Wow. What a way to wake up…yea I could def. live with this.

Much to my ultimate dismay, however, those plush and soft lips pulled away from me, only to curl into an immensely sexy smirk that after last night I have grown to love. I had to tear my eyes away from this guy or it would spell trouble. We had a one night stand, not a sordid affair, so we shouldn't be gazing into each other's eyes like we were made for each other or something. So, I finally decided to take the time to look around my handsome one night stands bedroom, ignoring his unwaveringly creepy smile. Damn man, he looked like a sexy version of the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland.

Wow, just…wow. This guy was definitely spoiled if he lived like this. The first thing I noticed was the nearly translucent canopy that shrouded us within, royal blue in hue, the same color that was painted along the walls of this magnificent room. The duvet that covered me was a brilliant and rich blue hue and the silk sheets that I felt bunched up in my hands were a navy blue color. I take it that Ikuto really loved this damned color because it was everywhere in this room, varying different shades of course. His walls are a nice royal blue color but the trim is a shade darker, offsetting the colors so well. He had tons of nice furniture; it almost made my jaw drop. The bed we slept in had a nice dark cherry wood bedframe, and the bookshelf at the far end of the room, the side table next to the bed, the vanity, 2 dressers and large computer desk were all made of the same thing. Matching. He also had an armoire somewhere that I saw from the corner of my eye but eh. The comfy yet modern sleek black computer chair he had looked to be expensive.

I looked on the walls, noticing that nothing of any importance hung there besides some nice artwork and then I saw something kind of weird. It was a collage of pictures of different cosplays that he did. Well that wasn't the weird part. The weird part was that he had the same for me. Every different outfit I'd ever worn…there was a picture on that wall…and not to mention all the posters of me modeling and pictures of me cut out from magazines. Even some of me lounging at home…I seriously wondered how he'd got that but I knew the damned paparazzi must be behind it. It kind of freaked me out but I said nothing. What would be the point? He already told me that he was a fan…but he didn't mention that he was some kind of rabid fan boy.

My honey hues scanned the cherry wood desk again which housed a nice looking MacBook and a webcam along with a pile of messy papers. Nothing important there. Then a look to his messy closet truly made me grin with glee. All I got was a small peek at his Dias Flac cosplay, wig and all, but that was all I needed to see. Hell yes! I let my mind drift to gazing at Ikuto as he sauntered around sexily in that Dias cosplay, looking all super delicious and deep and need I say sexy again, in that outfit. Mm…now let's think about him stripping those cloths off slowly as he crawls into bed on all fours purring like a cat in—

My extremely perverted fantasy was cut short by the very man that it was centered around. "I take it that you're pleased with my cosplay, Amu-Koi." He chuckled, his nimble fingers ghosting across my skin leaving goose bumps in its wake. How did this guy manage to sound sultry even while laughing? The sheer volume of his sex appeal should be illegal! But it wouldn't be me to report him to the law.

"Ah yea, that's your Dias cosplay, right?" I didn't want to sound too eager but I'm doubly sure it came off that way. I could tell by the pleased smile that deliberately was slow while crossing his damned perfect lips. Lips that I wanted to claim like now.

"Yep. My sister sews my entire cosplay for me. All I do is pay for the materials." He simply responded, much to my surprise, he eased my body off of his warm and slender one. I chose not to comment or question or complain, but instead to think to collect my clothing and politely ask for a ride home before this hottie gets any other ideas…ideas that were kind of swirling in my head right now. This is just a one night stand after all. I chanted in my head repeatedly…that was until I noticed that I wasn't feeling very well. My head felt light and dizzy and my whole body ached all over. That could be an effect of the sex we had…but I highly doubt it.

"Ikuto…do you think you can take me home? I'm not feeling too well and I have a photo-shoot today and I need to get ready and feeling better." Okay, I lied, there was no photo-shoot…but I said it politely did I not?

A sleek dark blue brow quirked at my question, his lips forming a thin straight line, instead of the easy smirk that was on those scrumptious lips just a moment before. It was like he knew that I was lying but there was no way in Hell that he could know that…right?

"Sure. Must you leave right now? So soon?" His voice held a hint of yearning and a little bit of hurt feelings as well, like he really wanted me to stay. I could see myself lounging in his huge king sized plush bed naked with him all day, chatting about anime and video games and life in general, in between some hot romps between the sheets. That's a bad thought, because we agreed for a one night stand, not a relationship…or friends with benefits. Not that it would be so bad.

"Yea…I'm sorry, Ikuto." I said in an apologetic manner, my fingers twiddling nervously. Before anymore conversation could be had, I finally slid from beneath the heaven of his amazingly warm and comfy duvet and the fantasticness of his tempurpedic bed into the crisp morning air and finally began to gather up my cloths, like I had told myself to do about 10 minutes ago before I got distracted by Mr. hot pants over here. As quickly as my cloths had been removed, they were back on. All the while, I felt Ikuto watching my every movement as I slipped the clothes on. It kind of unnerved me but I managed to ignore him and his gorgeous smile. I turned to glance at my incredibly attractive one night stand with a quirky grin only to see what I already knew; his intense midnight depths focused on me, lust pure and evident by the look on his face and the raw hunger in his eyes.

Those midnight blue eyes…there was something …something alluring…hypnotizing about them…something that I couldn't quite put my finger on.

I was knocked out of my momentary transfixion by his eyes to his lithe body pouncing me, pulling me back to the bed with a soft thud and trapping me beneath his hard body, and yes I mean hard body, and his searing gaze. I felt my body ache with need as he gyrated his hips into my crotch, his erection causing me to moan softly. And then before I knew it, I was absolutely naked as the day I was born, flipped over on my stomach with my little ass in the air. I sighed in contentment. Here we go again…..

"I took the liberty of programming my number into your phone, Amu. We should hang out soon." Ikuto smiled lazily at me, his now ocean blue depths twinkling in the sunlight as he looked at me from his car window. I returned his smile, deciding that it wouldn't be too bad to hang out with this hot stranger…even though I knew we would end up in bed naked and getting it on. But that wasn't so bad. "Yea, totally. We're cosplaying together soon so of course I'll see you soon." And with a wink, I turned and made my way back into my shared condo with Utau, who…was not even there. What the hell?

Jamming the key in the lock in frustration that Utau hadn't come home yet; I turned it and pushed the door open, my honey depths scanning but to no avail. I got chills up my spine, getting the distinct feeling that I was being watched. Slowly, yet cautiously, I turned but Ikuto's car was long gone. But still…this lingering feeling wasn't going away, if anything it was getting worse. It was getting under my skin. Plus my neck now had this burning sensation for some reason…ugh not even my neck, right behind my right ear.

"Amuuuuu-Chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan~~~~" Came a miniature sounding voice that sounded shrill, yet I could somehow hear it clearly, as if someone was talking into my ear. What the…

I whipped around, gripping the mace that hung on the keychain on my Hello Kitty purse, right next to my Sesshomaru and Roy Mustang key chains. Ever the cautious celeb, it wouldn't surprise me if a fan somehow found their way into my condo. I really don't give a shit if they are 4 or 41, somebody is getting maced today! They made the mistake of breaking into my damn home and I would not be nice about it, oh Hell no, Kukai taught me those woman self-defense techniques. Aim for the eyes and balls! But what if it's a girl…well mace it stays!

"Who's there? Who is it?" I shouted, looking around frantically as I scrutinized my condo as best I could in the darkness with a little sunlight coming through. My voice eerily echoed through the condo…damn, I wish Utau was here. "Hey Amu-Chan?" Came another voice, a little less cheery, more somber sounding, but still small none the less. This was starting to get weird. "Is Amu-Chan mad at us, Desu?" And a third voice, completely adorable sounding, asked the other two, I assume. This voice was mini as well, and yet I could still hear them like they were close to me. It was definitely three little girls who were in here…and there was no way I could mace little kids.

"C-come out and show yourselves!" I stuttered, and not as threateningly said as I would've liked either. But, I wouldn't admit that I was scared of a few little kids. Hell, they could be possessed little monsters like children of the corn!Oh noes!

Now I was really spooked and freaked, huddled in the corner of our living room that is right next to where the entrance to the kitchen is and I was looking around like a moron. That was, until I saw the intruders…welp then I just figured I was stone cold crazy. All this anime and cosplaying MUST be getting to my poor little brain.

Like out of some adorable shojo manga, there floated, and yes, I mean IS SUSPENEDED IN MID AIR TYPE FLOAT, 3 absolutely adorable little…chibi things that appeared to me to be little faeries. Considering that I've seen the anime 'A little snow fairy sugar', I kind of had a vague idea of what they look like. But faeries don't actually exist. I KNOW they don't. If that was the case, then vampires and werewolves and even the boogeyman exists. But despite anything…they were still here, still gawking at me with those large cute eyes like I was the one floating or like I have a second head or something.

This first of the three was just so precious and cute with her bright pink hair and eyes, along with her little cheerleader get-up, complete with pink pom poms and a visor. The second was just as charming in her own way; however, she vastly differed from the first. Her hair in a dark blue bob and eyes with a soft pastel blue beret resting on her cute little head with the little artists get-up on, of course donning a sketch pad and she was scribbling away on that thing with a slight smile to her face. And the third, I have to admit, is the most adorable of all. Long blonde front bangs and side bangs with her hair cropped in the back, big deer in a head light type green eyes, a green themed maid outfit and a big green bow on her head. What the hell? Cosplay much?

I was completely baffled and utterly insane, I surmised at this point, and I'm sure my eyes were bugged out of my head like I was doing drugs or something. I'd never in my wildest dreams seen something like this and as much as I hate to admit it, I'm extremely intrigued.

"Oh no, did we kill Amu-Chan…?" Came the sweet voice of blondie, who had a look of worry etched on her cute little face. The blue haired one sighed a suffering sigh, pinching the bridge of her nose in an irritated manner, as if what she was about to say was common sense. "I highly doubt that, Su. HIGHLY." "Amu-Chan is probably just in shock…"Pinky mused, letting a tiny finger rest in her mouth for a moment as she pondered.

I shook my head frantically in a crazed manner several times, as to rid myself of this dream, my bubblegum pink tresses whipping my face in denial at what was in front of me. Apparently, it's not just a river in Egypt. Hell, I even pinched myself! But some way, somehow these…chibi's were in front of me…and even knew my name, which led me to believe that this wasn't just coincidence that they were here. Something has to be going on.

"W-what are you? How do you know my name? How are you just floating like that? What's that sparkly shit behind you?" I was obviously having some kind of nervous breakdown because my questions were coming out in a rushed and very jumbled mess and I'm not even entirely sure that they understood any part of what I asked. Not that I cared in the slightest if they did or didn't.

"Calm down, Amu-Chan! We are your pixies! How do you not know this?" Pinky admonished disappointment marring her voice and candy pink depths. Pixies? WTF?

By my facial expression and lack of an audible response, I think that they were prompted to continue to explain things further to me. Or perhaps it was my uncharacteristic slack jawed look that made them think something was wrong.

"Amu-Chan…you are have finally been awakened and can see us now, Desu." Said the one that the blue haired 'pixie' called Su. Wait…Fae…? No…it can't be…can it? This was all turning a little too True Blood for me and I refused to even entertain the idea.

"My name is Miki, that's Ran and she's Su. We are your guardian pixies. But in a technical sense, we are manifestations of each facet of your personality, here to help you to obtain your true self and discover your powers as a fae. We will now watch over you to make sure you are safe from creatures who wish to harm you. However…if we are now visible to you, that means that you must be in some kind of imminent danger…" Miki explained, leaving the end of her statement unfinished. Her ocean blue eyes were oozing seriousness to a point that I was stunned into belief of the situation. "What Miki was going to finish is, that if you were in no danger, as you haven't been in the past, we would be watching over you without your knowledge like we have been." Ran said firmly, finishing Miki's statement.

"F-Fae? What does that even mean? I don't look or act any different than anybody else, so I think that you're mistaking me for someone else." I was dumbstruck, wondering if I could now fly around and shit.

"Well, Desu, you are like a faerie, but a Fae is humanesque in appearance and not all tiny and with wings and stuff like us. Until you can unlock your Fae transformations with us you will only have the ability to see other pixies like us, heightened senses and inhuman beauty…which you already have. Haven't you ever wondered why you look so different than everyone else? Why you just glow and seem to brighten up a room?" Su inquired, her jade depths sparkling in blatant curiosity.

Now that it was mentioned, she was right. Never have I seen anyone else with pink hair and golden eyes. I mean, I have plenty of friends with amber eyes…but not my sunshiny ones. They are unique. And the glow thing…I've been told I was radiant but I never thought of it like that. Based on all of the anime I've watched and the video games that I've played, I was contemplative that I was borderline psychotic at this point, dreaming up this whole scenario because of how utterly obsessed with anime and video games that I am. Speaking of which…next cosplay is Atelier Merurulince and I'll have Ikuto cosplay Lias for me…yea, I really need to focus on the task at hand.

Somewhere deep within me, my heart knew that what these little pixie cuties were saying rang true. "So…I'm in danger?" My words came out sounding frightened and meek but the stern look on my guardian's faces did nothing to quiet my fears. They pretty much just confirmed it. "Yes, Amu-Chan. That is why you are able to see us now. We have to protect you at all costs." Ran promised me a solemn oath, those cotton candy depths twinkling like stars in an endless pink sky.

"We believe that the Prince of vampires is after you Amu. He is extremely talented with magic use so we wouldn't be able to tell even if he were standing right in front of us, he's that powerful." Miki said grimly, her sapphire eyes contemplative for a moment. Vampire? Really? How more cliché' can this get? "What the hell would some vamp want with me? To suck out my sweet Fae blood like Sookie Stackhouse?" I joked, even chuckling for a moment until Miki's eyes turned to ice at my joke. "This is no joke, Amu. He does not suck blood, nor does he have visable fangs, until he transforms with his progeny. He is not your typical 'Bram stokers Dracula' Vamp. He is an energy draining vampire who also comes to his victims in their dreams. He is very dangerous." She said her voice low with warning. "Energy draining? What's that? Dreams? Shit!" I was confused and afraid at the same time, not a good combo.

"Energy draining translates to subtly draining your body's energy that powers you until they start draining your life essence until you…die. And yes, He can, and does, use dreams to get his sustenance. It's like blood to a normal, clichéd vamp. Got it?" Ran explained a wary smile on her lips.

I gulped loudly at the strangeness of all of this, sweat trickling down my brow and beading at how frightening it is. "I'm a cosplayer and a model! How am I supposed to know who this is when I encounter thousands of people on a weekly basis?" I exclaimed, wringing my hands in worry. All three shrugged. "Pay attention to your dreams from now on, Amu-chan. A reoccurring person could be him." Su suggested.

I tried to digest what was told to me but my dumb mind kept thinking of how awesome it is that I am special. How this is like something straight out of an anime. I couldn't help but smile internally, pondering what type of adventure it would be. Hell, I might even get to meet some hot tall, dark and delicious vampire…if I haven't already. I sighed, opening my mind up to not be a skeptic about what they will tell me.

"Okay…tell me everything that you can…"

A dark haired figure stood in the obscured shade of the trees, completely hidden and out of sight while observing a certain pink haired Fae with his progeny.

"Excellent, Yoru. My princess has finally awakened. I can taste the sweet essence that is radiating from her. It tastes like nothing I've ever tasted. As did her merlot blood when I marked her last eve." Came a silky smooth yet ominous baritone, speaking so low and so deep that his voice was carried off into the slight breeze. Yet his words were still heard.

"Nya, and her pixies have finally come out to play! This is gonna be fun! I've never got to play with a pixie before!" said the man's cat-like progeny, excitement oozing from his eerily bright amber depths, like a yellow moon in the middle of October.

The man's chest rumbled with a chuckle that accompanied the coy grin about his mouth. "Yes, Yoru, Amu will be my bride, whether she wants to or not is of no matter to me. All I have to do is weaken her spirit by draining all of her energy, just down to her essence and dazzle her. Even Fae are susceptible to it." The man with the dark hair explained, his deep and smoldering eyes watching every movement Amu made like a hawk. Too bad she had huge windows.

Yoru merely perched himself on his masters broad shoulder as his master turned away, off to Kami knows where, but he had one thought in his mind; To make Hinamori Amu his no matter what he has to do.