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Genre: Yaoi, man on man. Don't like it, then leave.

Rating: M for Mature, 18+, for explicit sexual content including rape. Read at your own expense.

Couple: Tsukune x Gin, some Gin x OC

Other/Warning: I hope you enjoy this! I'm very sorry for any mistakes. ^_^ And also, three warnings about this fanfic:

1. Although this is a yaoi fic there is some straight sex content (or, female sexual content) in it.

2. This contains explicit sexual content, including some rape.

3. This is a dark fic, dark and borderline disturbing (at least I felt that way will writing it.) No fluff here, just rough sex. Not your run of the mill yaoi. Just so you're warned.

-R-O-S-A-R-I-O- + -V-A-M-P-I-R-E-

Chapter 1

Did I warn you?

Under the full moon… my appetites grow stronger.

And when I get like this…

I simply can't control myself!

-R-O-S-A-R-I-O- + -V-A-M-P-I-R-E-

It was the night of the full moon. Despite the clouds that covered the sky, Tsukune could still clearly see the moon, full, bright and beautiful. It was foolish walking around Yokai Academy campus alone, at night, but Tsukune needed the air.

It was getting to be too much, here at the academy. He was blending in with the monsters, but how much longer could he hold this facade? And he hadn't been to the academy long and already he's been in dozens of violent situations, all of which Moka had to deal with.

Tsukune felt a chill run down his spine and realized he wasn't alone. Something had followed him, he realized. It wasn't as safe as he thought it was. Tsukune slowed turned around to face the shadows.

"You had a boogeyman following you…" a deep, scratchy voice said. Tsukune wasn't sure who was speaking to him. "I killed it."

Ginei stepped out of the shadows, his teeth long and sharp, his eyes glowing bright yellow. His hands, up to his elbows, were covered in fur. His nails had transformed into long claws.

The main thing Tsukune noticed about Ginei, though, was the huge bulge in the front of Ginei pants, stretching the front of Ginei's pants, demanding to be let free and jerked off.

Why was Ginei so horny?

"Y – you killed a student?" Tsukune asked.

Ginei just glared at him.

"You killed a student, Ginei?"

"Run," Ginei said.

Tsukune took a small step back. "What is it?"

"The full moon… makes me crazy," Ginei said. "And it's that time…"

"That time?"

Ginei glared at Tsukune. "Run."

Tsukune took two more steps backwards, but he still didn't run. Ginei's entire body was shuddering.

"Do you need help?" Tsukune asked.

"Y-yes," Ginei breathed. His voice became more leveled, and controlled. "I do. Come here, Tsukune."

Tsukune assumed Ginei had found some control. Slowly Tsukune went towards Ginei. Sure, their friendship struggled in the beginning, but they grew to trust each other now, right?

Could he trust that bulging erection? It was kinda scary – Tsukune couldn't have guessed Ginei had such a large penis. Then again he hadn't seen any werewolves naked before. Maybe all werewolves had large penises.

"Wait," Ginei cried.

Tsukune stopped. Ginei's whole body trembled.

"Run! Run! Run!"

Ginei screams sent Tsukune spinning. He whirled around and started running as fast as he could, Ginei struggling with himself. Tsukune wasn't sure what was happening, but he'd have to find Moka quick or he might not live to see the sun rise.

Running as fast as he could, he ran in between the old abandoned cathedral. It was two huge building, with a bridge at the very top of the two 7 stories buildings to connect them. Ginei moved faster than Tsukune could follow. The werewolf was suddenly in front of Tsukune, on all fours, with his fangs bared.

Tsukune jolted, changing direction, and went into the cathedral. He was faced with a staircase, and chose to go up when Ginei burst through the doorway.

Ginei howled and tore at Tsukune's clothes. He ripped the back of Tsukune's shirt clean off. Tsukune didn't slow down. As he went around the staircase he saw Ginei sniffing the cloth. The moon light was blocked within the cathedral, but Ginei was still faster, still stronger than Tsukune, and still had sharp claws.

Ginei let out a frustrated howl and started up the staircase. Without his supernatural speed Tsukune could at least stay ahead of Ginei. They continued upwards. Hopefully the staircase led Tsukune to a lockable door. He needed to hide before he got to the rooftop.

But no doors came. All the way at the top of the staircase Tsukune was faced with the rooftop doors. He turned to go back, but Ginei came rolling up from the staircase, eyes blazing.

Tsukune turned, jerking the roof door opened. He leapt out and shut the door firmly behind him. He started running across the moon lit roof. No cover from the moon's light just opened space. Up ahead he saw the shaded bridge, leading to the other building.

It was covered from the moon light.

Tsukune started running as fast as he could towards the bridge. The door still hadn't opened behind him. Maybe the door somehow locked. Maybe Ginei was trapped. Maybe Ginei regained control. Once Tsukune got to the bridge… at least he'd be out of the moonlight.

He got closer and closer, and he started to believe that he'd make it.

Ginei appeared right before him. Tsukune slammed into the werewolf and fell to the ground. The bridge was only a couple feet ahead of him. He reached out for it as Ginei reached down and ripped his pants into pieces.

Tsukune screamed, but no one could hear him.

-R-O-S-A-R-I-O- + -V-A-M-P-I-R-E-

Earlier that day…

Ginei could feel it coming on. Tonight there would be a full moon, and he'd transform. That wasn't the problem, though – the problem was he'd be in heat. Twice every year, usually without knowing when, Ginei goes into heat.

He hoped to secure a girlfriend before then, but after he tried framing Tsukune, and the Newspaper Club reported the truth, he'd been marked a pervert and no female monster would go near him. He had no one to relieve himself with.

The longer he went without sex the worse it hurt him; by the end of the night if he didn't have sex he'd probably want to kill himself. Masturbation was strongly discouraged – he'd never done it because he'd been warned by others it makes the pain even worse.

No, he had to put his dick into somebody. Some female, any female, would do. During class he found it hard on concentrate, not only because of the upcoming full moon, but because he needed to find a partner, and quick.

None of the girls would give him the time of day. By his last class he was feeling desperate. A young girl who looked like she was 15 didn't give him mean looks when he made eye contact. In fact, by the end of the class, they were smiling at each other.

Ginei could almost taste her vagina.

His penis hardened rapidly, and he cursed his fate. It wasn't that he was thinking dirty, it was just the heat taking its toll. Once he got an erection during his heat it wouldn't leave until climax.

He followed the girl out of the class room.

"Hey," he said.

"Hi," she said.

"Do you know who I am?"

"Ginei Morioka, the pervert," the girl said, and Ginei's heart crumbled. But then she said, "Wanna have sex?"

Ginei looked at her with raised brows.

"Well?" said the girl. "I'm horny, and I really want it… bad. You're a pervert so I don't have to pretend to be meek and shy about it – I just wanna fuck."

Was this a dream come true? Had the planets aligned? Had the fates finally given him some favor? He was about to start jumping for joy. It would have been wonderful on a normal day – the fact that he was in heat made it perfect.

"Okay," Ginei said.

-R-O-S-A-R-I-O- + -V-A-M-P-I-R-E-

Why did he have to go walking? Why didn't he listen to Ginei when he was told to run? Why did he hesitate for so long? Why didn't he go down instead of up?

Why, why, why?

All of this past through Tsukune's head when he was thrown down to the ground and his clothes were roughly torn off by Ginei…

To be continued…

-R-O-S-A-R-I-O- + -V-A-M-P-I-R-E-

First chapter of my story… I've been working on a lot of one shots lately (I'm working on a Vampire Knight yuri one-shot and yet another Ash x Oak yaoi one-shot, by request this time), and this was going to be a quick fuck and end it one-shot, but I decided I wanted some chapters, a bit of a story, and some (little bit, small amount of) romance to this (yaoi) erotica.

I hope you enjoy it! Again, sorry for the mistakes. =_=