So I told myself after I finished "Electric" I was going to hold off on the PruHun fics and post more Persona fics. GUESS WHAT DIDN'T HAPPEN HAHAH. This fic is based off a cute little PruHun comic that's been going around Tumblr. For those of you that haven't seen it, it can be found on pruhunspam's Tumblr! It should be within the first couple pages (if you're reading this on October 3rd, that is). So, without further ado, enjoy and review!

"Did we get apples?"

"They're right there in the basket."

"What about cod?"

"The seafood department is on the other side of the store, we'll go there later."

"Did you finish off the milk yesterday?"


"Well then we should probably get some more—"

"WE WILL, LIZZY. We're getting there. God." Gilbert grumbled a bit to himself as he set a box of crackers into their grocery basket.

In return his wife sighed, adjusting the precious bundle in her arms. Elizabeta had never thought she'd be married more than once, but when Gilbert heard the news of the coming child he found it the perfect time to ask for her hand. There were no politics involved – how could there be when Gilbert wasn't a nation anymore? – just a simple marriage between a man and the woman he knocked up.

And the baby was worth every second of incessant wife-nagging, if you asked Gilbert. Green-eyed Sonia Beilschmidt-Héderváry, with her little tuft of brown hair atop her head. Currently she was wrapped up in a mauve blanket and hidden away in Elizabeta's arms, sheltered from the autumn cold.

Their conversation continued like that, arguing over what brand to buy and whether chunky or smooth peanut butter was better, the dialogue littered with curses and insults unfitting of such a domestic outing. In the midst of their 'discussion' they had gone a tad overboard with purchases, leaving the pair with five hefty bags at the end of the checkout. Gilbert wordlessly snatched up all of them without giving his wife a chance to grab one, which, naturally, was a problem.

"Wh—hey, don't just take them all!" Elizabeta complained, jogging to catch up with him. "I can carry a couple!"

Her husband scoffed. "You're holding Sonia. I'm carrying the bags."

"That's not fair! Just give me one." She stopped walking so she could adjust her hold on the baby, freeing one arm so she could take a bag or two. Once again, Gilbert preempted her actions, stealing Sonia from her arms before she could do anything. Readjusting his load much in the same way Elizabeta had, Gilbert continued on. "Hey, give her back!"

"No, I've got it." He did not 'got it', in all actuality. Gilbert was clearly struggling to carry all the heavy groceries, and holding the baby as well made holding them more difficult. He was just too stubborn to admit it.

Not that Elizabeta was any better.

"Like hell you do! Give me some of the bags at least!"

Gilbert gave a bark of uneasy laughter. "Are you kidding? Of course I've got it! Have you seen these muscles? Hulk Hogan up in here." When he saw Elizabeta's scowl, he went on to say, "Besides, aren't husbands supposed to do all this shit? It's my job."

Elizabeta blushed. Gilbert, with his gruff attitude and immense ego, wasn't exactly wont to saying such sweet things. It was a rarity that Elizabeta cherished, and kindness like that never failed to melt her heart. Her expression was absolutely smitten as she rested her head against his shoulder, provoking a surprised flinch and a deep reddening of pale cheeks.

"Hey, wh-what's this all of the sudden?" he stammered, confused.

She smiled up at him. "Thank you, dear."