Wow, this chapter was surprising. I know I said it's going to be a long wait but I couldn't help myself. So here it is…enjoy…


It had been exactly one week. Seven days, thirteen hours and fifty three minutes. In that one week one person's life hung in the balance.

That one person happened to be the love of my life.

I had sat by his hospital bed for those seven days, watching, waiting, hoping that he was going to wake up soon and tell me that everything's going to be okay. But deep inside I knew it wasn't true.

Scott has HCM, a genetic heart condition that was passed down from his father to himself. His father who was sleeping soundly on the other side of Scott's hospital bed was fine now. He had relaxed himself and had treatment. Scott however was not.

Scott has been working himself with the band and after last week's performance exhausted himself. This had caused him to have a heart attack, a heart attack that he of course managed to survive. I thanked god every day that he had.

I had never been more afraid in my life then when I thought Scott was going to die. I had never been so angry and confused that I didn't know what was going on with him. I had never felt a so heavy amount of guilt knowing that the last moments we would have spent together would have been of us fighting. I couldn't decide which one hurt the most.

"I'm going to get some coffee, would like you some." Scott's father awoke causing me to remove my trance from Scott's pale complexion.

"I'll get it." I say and receive a thankful smile back.

As I make my way down the bleak, white hallway I see Stella and Olivia sitting off to the side in complete silence. I smile, finding comfort in the fact that they had stuck by me these last seven days.

"Hey." Stella said looking up at me; Olivia offers me a warm smile.

"Hey, I'm going down to the café, do you guys want anything?"

"Actually I think I'm just going to run some quick errands if that's alright with you?" Stella asked.

"Of course it is" I say giving her a quick hug "Thank you for being here."

"Don't mention it" Stella smiles then walks off.

"I'll come with you" my attention is brought back to Olivia.

"Thanks Liv."

We walk in comfortable silence for a few minutes and I thank Olivia silently for not pushing me. I feel like I owe her some sort of explanation though.

"I lost my virginity to Ray." I say quickly.

"I know" Olivia says "It's in all the magazines; I've been uh hiding them from you."

This earns a laugh; "Thank you Olivia."

"That's okay." She says.

"No I really mean thank you, not just for supporting me and Scott but for putting your life on hold. I know you have a lot going on with Wen and-"

"Seriously" Olivia interrupts me "It's okay."

I smile again and flinch when we turn around the corner and bang into Wen. He offers me a smile smile.

"How's Scott doing" he asks quietly.

"I think he's going to be okay." I say and Wen huffs in relief. I knew Wen must have been feeling a tad guilty over his fight with Scott but I had reassured him numerous times that it wasn't his fault. I had left out the part telling him that it's actually my fault.

"Olivia can we talk?" I watched something past between the two of them and I instantly felt uncomfortable, like I shouldn't be here.

"I'm um I'm gonna go." I turn and walk away. Olivia grabs my wrist and I flinch in pain.

"Sorry" she says

"No its find I'm just a little sketchy." I lie.

"Right sorry again, um I just wanted to tell you something." Olivia turns to Wen "I'll meet you outside" she says. Wen nods, gives me another smile that still has evidence of guilt on it and walks away.

"What's up?" I ask.

Olivia looks around as if paranoid "I just wanted to tell you to be careful of Charlie okay"

"Okay…" is all I say.

"I mean it" she says more sternly "I found some things and I think you should stay away from him."

"What things?"

"Just…things." Olivia looks so conflicted that I would have hugged her if my hands weren't pressed behind my back to hide the bleeding. "We'll talk later okay, when Scott wakes up."

"Yeah" Olivia smiles and walks away. Once I'm sure she's out of distance I walk into the nearest bathroom and pull up my sleeve.

"Shit" I say as I grab a paper towel and hold it to my bleeding wrists. After a second I remove it and looked at the result. Six raw lines for the six days that Scott had been in hospital.

I pull out the tiny razor from my pocket and proceed to mark day seven. I watch in pain as I slowly dig the razor into and across my skin. I clench my teeth together and breathe in relief as I watch a streak of blood fall into the sink. Suddenly I feel better.

I knew it was wrong but somehow it eased the guilt. I told myself that if Scott was in pain then I should be too.



I take seven deep breaths before I knock on the door to Cassie's apartment. She had been ignoring my calls all week so I figured now was the time to confront her in person.

I hold my breath as the door opens.

"Stella" my body tingles a little bit. I look straight into Cassie's eyes and smile, feeling a sense of warmness. "What are you doing here?" warmness gone.

"I wanted to apologise and work everything out."

Cassie just stares at me for a few seconds before replying; "I'm not sure we should do that?" she says and I have to keep myself from getting on my knees and begging her.

"Why not? I mean I know I was stupid for not telling everyone but it had nothing to do with you okay. I would love the world to know that we're together and that I have this great girl. I just, I'm scared of what people will think of me." I hoped she could hear the desperation in my voice.

"You're Stella Yamada. You don't care what people think" Cassie begins to shut her door but I keep it open.

"Please Cassie just give me one more chance and I promise you that before I go on tour I'll tell everyone about us." This makes Cassie pause. I bite my lip in anticipation.

"You would do that" she asked.

"I would do anything for you." Cassie offers me her first smile and I mimic it. She opens her mouth to say something when she's interrupted.

"Cassie do you know where I put my bra?" I look past Cassie and see a beautiful brunette in nothing but a towel. I look at Cassie and see the panic in her expression.

"Stella…" she says.

I shake my head and begin walking away.

"Stella it's not what it looks like." She calls after me. I ignore her though as I begin running out the building and towards my car, still not entirely believing what I just saw.

Once I'm inside I let a few tears fall, not in sadness but in anger…and disappointment. The first girl I fall for and she makes me look and feel like a complete idiot. I bang my fist against the steering wheel.

"Fuck this" I say as I open the glove compartment and pull out a bottle of vodka. I always keep it just in case I need a good time, or just to block the pain. It's a good time for both right now.

I take a big gulp and cough as the hard liquid burns my throat. I ignore it though and take another gulp, then another, then another. Seeing that the bottle is already half empty I put it down and lean back against my seat. Feeling better I turn the car on and put it in gear. I look straight ahead, knowing that this is dangerous but I'm Stella Yamada, I live on danger.

So I drive.

I take the back roads and swerve quickly and shakily around the pleasantly empty roads. I try to erase it, the image of Cassie with someone else. The image of Cassie with me. How could I have fallen so hard for someone in just a two week period, one of which consisted of us not talking at all? I blocked out the voice inside my head repeating the L word. Because it's wrong, I can't be in love with her. I won't be.

I continued to speed down the rocky roads and just loose myself in my surroundings. Now wasn't the time to think of how fucked up the band is being, how Scott is lying in a hospital bed, how Charlie is not the guy I thought he was, How Mo and Olivia are heartbroken and how Wen is sleeping with his dads wife.

Now was the time to think about myself. And myself only.

I drive even faster as I turn around the corner but I completely falter when I see a car coming directly towards me.

"Shit." I say as it beeps it horn.

I pull on the steering wheel, just centre meters from dodging the car. I pull on the brake and stop in the middle of the road breathing heavily.

Now I know what people mean when they say that there life flashes before their eyes.

Once I calmed myself down I lose it. I cry and I scream and I punch whatever is in distance. I grab the bottle of vodka and throw it out the window. That wouldn't help me. Nothing would.



"Olivia…" Wen looks at me and I see so much pain in his eyes.

I don't fall for it though; "Whatever you have to say, say it or I'm leaving" I watch as Wen flinches at my cold tone. I feel an ounce of satisfaction.

Wen nods; "I just- I want to know what's wrong okay. You're acting like you hate me, you slapped me for Christ sakes. What did I do?" I just stare at him. Idiot. Asshole. Jackass.

I know I wanted to wear it out and make him wait till he found out that I knew but I couldn't. I wanted to rub it in his face that I knew exactly what's going on with him…so I do.

"What wrong Wen is that you're fucking your dads fucking wife!" I scream. Wens expression is not what I expected. He looks upset and hurt, not guilty. Not like what i expected him to be.

"How did you find out about that?" he asks after a moment of silence.

I huff. Unbelievable. "You are seriously not asking me that right now."


"Well if you must know" I begin "I got front row seats when I walked in on the two of you wrapped up in a oh so loving embrace. Oh and naked by the way because that's a way to make it a hundred times worse in breaking my heart!"

Wen just stares at me looking dejected; "I am so sorry." He says

"Oh great you're sorry, well you can go fuck yourself Wen because I don't need you're fucking apologies! I don't need anything from you! I HATE YOU!" I scream all the anger I had been feeling erupting. I only register Wens expression for a second before I storm off. If I had stayed I don't know what I would have done.

My phone soon goes off and I thank god that I'm now far away from Wen.

I look to see that it's my grandmother calling, most probably about my father. I was about to answer when I saw the time. Perfect. A doctor's appointment.

I pressed ignore then proceeded to the appointment. The nice Pilipino lady had told me to just walk right in, so that's what I did.

"Olivia, perfect timing" I gave Doctor Weldon a warm smile as I sat down on a small hospital bed.

"Thank you for seeing me" I say earning a smile

"No problem, it is my job after all. So tell me…" she says coming over to me "What seems to be the problem?"

"I don't really know. I mean I've been feeling really woozy lately and light headed and I've been vomiting. I mean normally I would just assume it's a bug, which it probably is, but with everything happening with my band I don't want to risk anything."

Doctor Weldon nods; "And how long has this being going on for?"

"Just the last few or so days"

Doctor Weldon frowns, making me nervous.

After a moment she spoke; "When are due for your period?"

"Um-"I stop and think "I was due a few days ago" I say just realising it.

Doctor Weldon nods; "Okay well the first thing I'd like for you to do is have a pregnancy test, just in case."

"Wait. A pregnancy test?" I croak.

The Doctor nods; "Well from what you've told me, you're symptoms are sounding much to the comparison of a beginning pregnant women."

"But I mean I can't be pregnant" I say quickly.

"Have you had unprotected sex in the last two weeks Olivia?"

I take a deep breath.

"Yes" I say to her

Twice, I say in my head.


I waited for Olivia to come out of the doctors. I had kept an eye on her for the past week. After we had had sex I made sure that she didn't say anything to anyone. But more importantly, I made sure she didn't say anything about what she found in my draw.

Maybe if Olivia hadn't been crying her eyes out and talking to Stella, she might have seen or even heard me walk in. But of course girls being girls, oblivious, didn't notice anything at all. I had about a zilch of a second to notify that she was still half naked and that a draw was opened a draw that happened to contain two very important things that I didn't want to be found.

I was surprised that Olivia didn't say anything to anyone, not even Stella or Mo. But still, I watched carefully. Doing so I had discovered some things; The fact that Wen is sleeping with Sydney and that Mo lost her virginity to Ray.

That last one definitely hurt. Not only had she slept with Scott, whom I hate, but she has slept with Ray, who I hate more.

Though I do have some sort of satisfaction in the fact that Ray is the reason why Scott and Mo are having issues, big issues if I might add. This part made me smile.

My smile faltered a bit realising how Mo went off on me. But it's okay, she was just confused and hurt and I don't mind that she took her anger out on me.

I know she loves me as much as I love her.

But just to make sure nothing gets in the way of that, I need to take care of a few things.

And if Olivia hadn't warned Mo of me, then maybe my course of actions could have been prevented.

I watch Olivia as she leaves the doctors in a hurry. I smile as she walks out of the hospital and makes her way towards her car.

I look around. Perfect. It was now seven pm and pitch black. I follow Olivia to the private parking space and breathe a sigh of relief when I see that it's was empty. This is too easy.

No longer hiding I staunch towards Olivia, pulling out my phone from my pocket as I did so.

She must have heard me because she turned around quickly. I didn't give her time to register; I hit the phone across her head and watch her fall to the ground. I look around one last time double checking that no one is around. Realising there isn't I pick up Olivia's body, put her in my car and drive.



Sydney sat perfectly still on the park bench as she waited for Olivia. She had waited all day for the little pest to leave the hospital and walk towards her car which is now surrounded by darkness and an eerie silence. It's the perfect time for Sydney to do something to Olivia, that way she'd stay away from Wen.

Wen. The guy who had been avoiding her all week. The guy who doesn't want to marry her.

She had watched during the last week how early mornings he'd sneak off to the hospital with some lame excuse about being there for Scott but Sydney knew for a fact that they had been angry at each other before Scott feel ill. And it was all over a stupid tour.

Sydney was actually grateful that Lemonade Mouth was in chaos right now and might not be able to go on their tour. This meant that Sydney won't have to sit at home in agony knowing that Wen was on a cosy tour bus with the little pest.

No, Sydney thought.

Pest was too nice, too indescribable of what Sydney actually thought of Olivia.

Little Bitch was more appropriate.

And that little bitch is going to get what's coming to her. Sydney laughed in bliss.

Sydney's laugh dies out however when she sees Olivia walking towards her car. It's now or never.

Sydney got up and began walking over as quietly as she could in six inch heels. She stopped however when she saw one of the band mates, the cute drummer.

Damm it! Stupid Lemonade Mouth!

Sydney hid behind a car and waited silently, hoping that Charlie would just say a few things to Olivia then leave. You could say Sydney was surprised when Charlie pulled out his phone and hit it across Olivia's face before she could even register what was going on.

Sydney couldn't believe it. She couldn't believe that someone had beat her too it.

She ducked quickly as Charlie began looking around for any spectators. After a few seconds Sydney looked back up to see Charlie throw Olivia in his car, get in and then drive off.

Sydney waited exactly seven seconds before she sprinted to her own car, amazingly not tripping at all, and followed him.

She smiled in excitement. People underestimate Lemonade Mouth. They aren't just in chaos; they're burning to the ground.



"I don't understand why he didn't tell anybody." I say quietly, more to myself than to Scott's father.

"He didn't want to burden everyone with his issues. And you know Scott, Mo, he's stubborn and he loves life…" I smile at Mr Pickett through my tears "And he loves you Mo, no matter what the two of you are going through."

I look away and turn my attention back to Scott. He looks so lifeless. Every half an hour I would put my fingers to his neck just to check that he's still breathing, still alive.

"I just- I wish he would have told me." I confess a little angrily.

"I know. But there's nothing we can do about it now." He says and I nod weakly.

I continue to stare at Scott while stroking his hand.

I never saw it. I never saw his energy waste away so quickly. I never saw how late he slept or how early he'd go to sleep. I never saw how dejected he'd look after a performance.

I only saw my happy and confident Scott.

But looking at him now, I see he doesn't look like it at all.

He looks like he's wasting away.

I look at our hands intertwined and have to blink when I see a flicker of movement.

"Did you-"I begin but am interrupted by Scott's heart monitor beeping rapidly.

I don't have time to think before doctors and nurses rush into the room.

"What's happening?' I ask but am ignored "Someone tell me what's happening." I say again.

Scott's father grabs my arm; "We need to leave" he says

"Not until someone tells me what's happening!" I say not removing my gaze from Scott.

"Mo, they need to help him we're just getting in the way." Mr Pickett says and pulls me out of the room.

I began sobbing uncontrollably while Scott's father wraps his arms around me.

"He was supposed to be okay" I sob "He was supposed to be okay!"

I keep sobbing, letting everything out. Mr Pickett just pats my back as I keep mumbling Scott's name.

My sobbing comes to a halt when a doctor comes out.

Mr Pickett and I look straight at the doctor, anticipating what's about to happen. In movies, this is the part where the family is informed that the person they love most in the world is dead.

"He's awake."